Saturn in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Ambition and a lot of work for the sake of money, wealth and position. They earn their living by hard work. Business people, they buy everything for their price. They save money for old age and don’t waste it lightly. These savings can lead to stinginess. The fear of poverty is often the reason for this great caution. Your fears are about money and material security, and you work very hard to feel a solid foundation under your feet. You can be very frugal, even stingy with money, because you are afraid that it will not be enough. You can turn this fear to your advantage and succeed in investment and finance.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person appreciates reliability in things, let them be unsightly, but with a guarantee. He very carefully acquires things and parted with them for a long time, accumulates enough trash that keeps the seal of some tradition, that which is inherited. It seems to a person that he needs to constantly strengthen his financial position. Spends money very wisely. This state of the planet does not mean poverty. A person often achieves a wonderful financial situation, as he is concentrated on this, knows how to handle funds, and plans expenses well. Collects keys, locks, watches, orders, awards, especially old ones; certificates of honor, documents. We need solid food. It is very difficult without her. Increased need for salts, especially calcium. Fasting is not good for him, as it is an extreme situation. He is haunted by a deeply hidden fear of being left on a starvation diet. It does not eat very abundantly. Life energy is always a problem. Man is not completely included in life. He controls vital reserves, is afraid of vampirism, fencing himself off from the circulation of energy.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The hot desert winds dry up the oasis of my selfishness. As a rule, this person’s life in the outside world is uncomfortable. Wednesday is not that frankly aggressive (as, for example, with the defeat of Mars in the II house), but somehow cold and unfriendly and as if tacitly disapproves of a person, hiding in itself a deaf threat. A person can become embittered with fate, (not unreasonably) believing that it constantly puts a spoke in his wheels in his outer life, and even get a neurosis or phobia (for example, agarophobia); he will have a constant uncomfortable feeling from the environment, and he can try to defend himself from it by earning a lot of money, but he will succeed with great difficulty, and most importantly, it will not help much. At a low level of development, this position gives a very selfish and cold person who believes that the whole world owes him; at the same time, he, especially with the defeat of Saturn, will have a difficult external life, which will only strengthen him in this conviction. The study proceeds along the path of deepening into the problems of the outside world and solving them as our own, and then establishing a direct connection between external and internal problems. You need to learn to trust the world, especially in situations where there is no reason for this, and to follow the rule that it is better to be deceived by a person than not to believe an honest person. Then the rigidity of general ethics is eliminated and contacts with the environment are improved, it becomes less hostile and cold. A well-developed 2nd house gives a high level of contact with the environment and its good understanding; the ethics and wisdom of a person become meaningful for all of his environment.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Weak eyes, sudden changes in financial status and anxiety both in the family where they were born and in their own family life. They are in contact with the very wealthy, but must work for their own profit. They make good money in large scale enterprises. Need to control their eating and drinking habits.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Ambition, a lot of work for the sake of money, they earn their living through hard work. Economical; with bad aspects, they are stingy for fear of poverty. The good aspects promise a successful career, money, property, especially in old age.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. The position of Saturn in the 2nd house indicates that your thoughts about yourself are “suppressed”, not too high, so that they can be brought together, concentrated and correctly developed for a long time. You may feel inadequate as a person, feel an inherent flaw, but your job is to create a solid foundation for your self-worth. The challenge is to patiently explore the topic of letting go of harsh judgments about yourself and build a sense of self-confidence gradually, with constant effort throughout your life. Ownership is a very serious issue, a problem often associated with feelings of shame or worthlessness. You tend to resent the difficulty of acquiring and holding possessions or properties. Pay attention to property that can be at your disposal for a long time and is of high quality; fleeting possessions or junk are of no value to you. The challenge is to realize that property is not a gift; you have to earn it and take care of it patiently and carefully. Accumulate property gradually. Money. You must handle money in a disciplined, pragmatic and diligent manner. This does not mean at all that you will be short of money, although this may happen; to a large extent, this phrase is associated with a serious responsibility that you must shoulder; however, this responsibility allows one to acquire great wealth. Don’t waste your money recklessly, but if you decide to buy something, remember – this thing should bring you pleasure. Do not chase after a “long ruble” or a huge bank account – act in a planned manner. The main thing for you is hard work and calculated to the smallest detail, a reasonable strategy of action with an emphasis on such investments that will not fail. Money cannot buy happiness, but disciplined effort can help you achieve your goals in life. Focus on the process itself, on the means, not on the ends. The task is to feel and realize the belief that money is something more than it actually is, and let this awareness guide you through life like a lighthouse beam. Manage your position as well as your money. In general, you are a tireless worker, perfectly suited for work that requires strength, endurance and perfection. You are able to work hard, like the mills of God, gradually, bit by bit, grind almost any Herculean mountain into pebbles. Often there is a “overseer” inside you who only does what makes the “worker” work even more productive. Your position is “I pay now, I fly later,” but very often you pay the full cost without even taking anything in return. Duty is hard to fulfill, you can’t get rid of it, and your despondency can lead you into anxiety and anger traps. The challenge is to work slowly, noticing progress in the work, and reward yourself for it. The quality of the work is important, but the time spent on it also means something. You are so sensitive to physical stimuli that it can lead to sensory overload and dull pleasure. Rejection of bodily pleasures and an excessive passion for purely physical pleasure are extremes that you are capable of falling into. In both cases, you run the risk of falling into the trap of reduced susceptibility. The challenge is to understand that your body really is a temple, and to honor this temple by gradually mastering its capabilities and developing the art of worshiping it; slowly, step by step, increasing the amount of pleasure and pleasure obtained from the touch. Absorb the world slowly, in small portions, because it is this perception that refines the ability to comprehend reality.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person has to earn money only by his own labor, and therefore monetary considerations are always associated with a sense of anxiety and anxiety. A rare rationalism is manifested in solving financial issues. Such a person is gradually moving towards financial success and keeps his money affairs in perfect order. He often spends his childhood in a poor family, and therefore in his mature years he tries to overcompensate, making the accumulation of material values his only goal. He needs to learn to recognize the true values, for peace of mind is achieved not so much by external as by internal factors. The aspect favors real estate investment. Such people always work only for the sake of money and material values. They are very ambitious, but they know how to make a living through hard work. They are specific and businesslike, everyone knows how to buy at adequate prices. They prefer to save money for a rainy day, never spend it frivolously and thoughtlessly. Such savings can lead to stinginess. In this case, a person refuses to acquire the necessary things and cannot invest in the expansion of production, although such an investment could bring him a lot of money. He needs to understand that financial growth is possible if money is put into circulation and brings interest. Often, such people tend to explain great caution by fear of poverty. They regard the accumulated wealth as a guarantee of future well-being. They are cautious and far-sighted in business, inclined to acquire land and a house. Often they receive government orders, or associate themselves with the extraction of raw materials and construction. The development of excessive selfishness and stinginess is dangerous. Often stinginess does not allow such people to correctly place money and make a big profit. They don’t have the confidence to take on risky financial adventures. They are economical and solid, but they tend to allocate capital to receive albeit small, but constant income. They have an excellent sense of profit, but their financial affairs are overly cautious. The money they earn is always less than the amount of effort invested. They are thrifty and economic, successful in bureaucratic work and agricultural production management. When the planet is defeated, trade turns out to be unsuccessful for them, they often find themselves on the brink of poverty, periodically incurring large losses and showing stupid frugality. Profession and work are the only source of income for such a person. They are distinguished by their hard work and hard work, but at the same time they are ready to go to any lengths to achieve financial success.