Saturn in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Decent behavior, taking responsibility, seriousness, endurance at work. They never speak or act without a specific purpose. To a superficial observer, they seem cold and unfriendly. Are fair and think clearly. The conviction that one must take on a heavy responsibility in life leads to the fact that they often mistake a cheerful disposition for frivolity and deny it as a waste of time. Bony in appearance, there are two opposite types: one is squat, dark-skinned, with dark eyes, the other is tall, rough-boned. You have a serious, disciplined attitude towards life, and this leaves an imprint on everything you do. Your virtues are caution and realism, although sometimes you limit yourself by being too careful, shy and fearful, not believing in yourself enough, you cannot be assertive enough. People find it difficult to get close to you, because you tend to keep your distance or turn to the world with a stern, “adult” face.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person believes that the world is arranged incorrectly and unfairly. Sees danger around. He spends a lot of energy on maintaining order, the “status quo”. Usually his forecasts are negative and pessimistic. If Saturn is struck – constant vigilance, does not expect good from people. Little sociability, isolation, a tight border between “I” and the world around. Can make people feel depressing. The oppression of seriousness. Outwardly bony, stooped. Dry, inelastic skin.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

After long wanderings, the pilgrim appears before the holy schema monk. Saturn in the 1st house in a symbolic fall. This is a difficult situation because a person is guided by karma on deep perception, great inner work, long silence and very accurate self-expression. This person needs to say a lot in a few words, and this is simply not given. As a child, he most likely received little love and affection, at least he did not learn what was offered, and he started early in trouble with the outside world, which was in no hurry to hospitably open its shining doors, usually confining itself to a large rusty lock on the decayed ones. but, nevertheless, an impenetrable gate. But the possibility of penetration into the inner world is great here, and with a harmonious Saturn, a person can turn inward with relatively small losses. In general, these are usually silent and serious people with a great sense of inner responsibility for themselves and all their affairs. If Saturn is struck, then a person can try to follow the path of denying discipline and get involved in outer life, but he will not be good at it, because he does not know how to rejoice with everyone. Here a vulnerable psyche and self-esteem are characteristic – as a rule, a person values himself low and either hides it, or it is overcompensated; in the latter case, he pretends that he has not Saturn in the I house, but Jupiter, in conjunction with the Sun.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This indicates a reliable worker, to his credit, who has a certain humility. These people have setbacks during adolescence, and they should expect some kind of marital frustration during their lives. They adapt well to different environments and have a high regard for foreign customs. They are slow and skeptical by nature. They serve people.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Responsibility, seriousness in work. To an outside observer, they seem unfriendly, but in fact they are loyal friends. Another thing is that they consider fun to be a waste of time. With bad aspects – a difficult, joyless childhood. With a severe defeat – selfishness, irritation, intrigue.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. Saturn’s position in the 1st house indicates natural limitation and concentrated self-expression. Conservatism, caution and pragmatism lead to a spontaneous emission outward into something more measurable. What is implied is more important than what is expressed, so the tone of the personality is often critical. Beware of the pitfalls of being cynical or rude to other people. You may feel a very subtle fear arising from time to time, awkwardness when you are ready to prove yourself. It is often very difficult for you to wrap your hands around your personality, as if you cannot lift it at all. It is heavy, it bears the burden of responsibility located right on the surface of the self, like a boulder that blocks the entrance to a cave. The challenge is to let time ease this feeling of heaviness, replacing it with solid maturity. Your natural face is calm and solid, often silent and “cold when touched” – a sculpture made of stone. Your name-label says: “I am a rock of responsibility and strength. Do not think that you can stir me up, but know that I have the wisdom born of powerful inner patience. I will present it slowly, carefully and only when I believe that you respect me. ”Self-awareness. Limitation, conservatism, very pragmatic responsibility and respect for authority reveal to you the existence and meaning of your fundamental inner self. This arrangement of the planet is paradoxical: the less you radiate, the more aware you become. Let your self-expression be frugal and ascetic; put as much of the essential as possible into negligible expression. Be patient and allow your personality to “fill” to the brim before radiating itself out into the environment, and then you will be fully aware of your true inner self. Boundaries. You connect your inner and outer environment with a solid wall of caution and self-control. Unreasonable actions or emotional risks based solely on trust or hope lead to a painful disconnection of the two worlds, and self-denial or fear of authority leads to their painful fusion, resulting in paranoia and imprisonment of the self. The task is to keep your essence perfectly formed, independent and fixed in real life, without slipping into pessimism, alienation or self-flagellation. Remind yourself often that you are in this world, not outside it. Your inner and outer realities are designed to be separate but connected; and if you remember this, you will attain a radiant maturity. The topic of health is especially important when Saturn is in the 1st house, as your natural vitality is probably limited in some way. You may be plagued by minor illnesses such as colds or other infectious diseases, but your worst enemy is psychological depression and an obvious tendency to hypochondria. Life requires you to learn to live in greater comfort, so that you perceive yourself as you are, and not as you imagine yourself. You also cannot exist without discipline, for your vitality is released in a measured flow, not all at once.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a reserved, serious, diligent, patient and very aristocratic person. In childhood, his capabilities were severely limited, and therefore, in adulthood, a desire for power is manifested. Before he was very shy, and after that he wants to compensate for this. He is distinguished by a sense of personal insecurity and inability to adapt to reality, which pushes him to great achievements. He seems to have a great responsibility, and therefore he early strives to be included in the labor process. These people become mature from an early age and throughout life they become younger and younger, regardless of the accumulated experience and everyday adversity. The conjunction of Saturn and the Ascendant indicates a difficult birth for the mother. With the wrong use of energies, such a person believes all his life that he is not loved enough. This can lead to the formation of selfishness and a tendency to depression. Such people strive to always behave with dignity, taking responsibility and showing enviable seriousness and endurance in their work. They never speak or act without a specific purpose. A superficial observer finds them cold and unfriendly. But they are able to be faithful friends and, if necessary, provide appropriate assistance, and in deed, not advice. Are fair and think clearly. They are convinced that they have to take on a heavy responsibility, so a cheerful disposition often seems frivolous to them, and they take any optimistic plot for an empty pastime. They lack openness and a sense of humor. Their childhood is often difficult and joyless. They have to overcome many difficulties before they get on an even path and can find freedom and independence. With negative character development, they are distinguished by immense ambition and flat materialism. They are gripped by a deep distrust of reality, convinced that they should only protect their own interests, since no one else will do this for them. For this they surround themselves with a stone wall, alienate and bristle. If the work allows them to achieve power and respect and assert themselves, they can put all their energy into the process, working hard and long. If the career is difficult and the effort is in vain, they attribute it to the hostility of others. They tend not to open aggression, but to intrigue, they always strive to repay the enemy and defeat him “after a fight”. They need to learn to treat people more lovingly and cooperate with them to achieve happiness and contentment. Otherwise, they will always be shackled by moral limitations and physical suffering. They are thoughtful and quick-witted people, prudent and prudent, diligent and economical, thorough and systematic in any occupation. They strive to achieve an outstanding position at the cost of their own merits, for which they work methodically, persistently, diligently and unswervingly. They cannot be distracted by any project that has not been thought out in advance and carefully planned out. Progress and success may not come immediately, but sooner or later perseverance, practical skills, worldly wisdom and persistence of efforts bring them fame and trust. A tendency to colds, excessive restraint and excessive interest in organizing personal affairs are possible. Often such people spend their entire lives in need, being in sadness, despondency and disappointment. They are slow and melancholy, frugal to the point of stinginess and persistent to the point of obstinacy. They do not like changes and moving, they often turn out to be fearful, malevolent, distrustful, vindictive and envious. Their mental life is weighed down and perceived as hardened and inactive. Secrecy is due to a tendency to self-restraint and innate conservatism. The desire for the accumulation of material values, which are considered as an extension of one’s own personality, is very strong; accumulations are made with desperate perseverance and rare patience. The goal is one – a secure life, a stable job and guaranteed well-being in old age. These people are afraid of poverty, want and lack of money in old age. Their social upswing is slow but steady. In the service they want to be reputed to be authoritative. Think and plan all activities in advance. Life and professional progress is the result of accumulated experience, diligence, chastity, cunning and cunning. In relations with others and friends, they show enviable attentiveness and courtesy. Such a person relies entirely on himself. He is inclined to accurate calculation, responsible choice of place and time, and to the correct orientation in his own capabilities. There may be a lack of physiological energy, which determines the frequent morbidity that such a person tends to ignore.


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