Saturn in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Solitude or work behind the scenes of large institutions, hospitals, trade organizations, administrative buildings takes a lot of time. Work as psychologists in charities. You may have vague but persistent feelings of guilt and fear that are difficult to identify or eradicate. You don’t seem to trust life in general and you are always looking for ways to protect yourself from its dangers and uncertainties. You must learn to overcome your ingrained habit of discouragement and anxiety and see the world as friendly, not treacherous.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person has difficult karmic tasks that pile up at once, and it is impossible to complete them all, so he feels guilty. As a result – trouble with the law. If the planet is defeated from the VIII house, then the person is serving a sentence, is isolated from society. A person does not know his father or is in conflict with him, often the father plays a negative role. In any case, alienation. A person has lost support, support, his place, he is afraid to be alone. Alone, he is tormented by an inferiority complex. He hides insecurity, fears. A painful sense of duty. At the right moment, he knows how to put an end.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Orphanage. This difficult position means deeply working through the themes of loneliness and impersonal service. From a young age, this person will feel the effect of the principle “no good deed goes unpunished”, since his disinterested help or insignificant self-sacrifice will always lead to the need for hard pointless work, black ingratitude and, as a result, a strong sense of loneliness. Every sincere attempt to open his heart to another will end in failure, which, with a harmonious Saturn, will be softened and easily pushed into the subconscious, and with the defeat of Saturn, a person may experience a neurosis or an irrational phobia with a general sense of his extreme vulnerability. On the other hand, having withdrawn into oneself, at first, a person will not feel anything but a dull melancholy and boredom, and will strive to distract himself in one way or another, although the study of Saturn in the house follows the path of profound comprehension of himself, his inner frigidity, consistent selfishness and unwillingness do anything for others for free. Of course, not a single person (even with the struck Saturn and the XII house) can be reduced to these programs, but in this case they are built into the subconscious so that until a person tracks them down and overcomes them, they will not let him get out of captivity. A person must accept many (external and internal) limitations as a given, come to terms with them and carry out his karmic program, looking for his freedom, mainly the freedom of creativity, within these limits established by fate. Here, working out gives wisdom, a deep understanding of life and a vision of external and internal karma, all aspects of the spiritual development of people, but it requires exceptional self-denial, diligence, indulgence towards others and exactingness towards oneself. If properly worked out, this person will one day discover that he can solve the problems of other people by only working on himself, and then after a while he will have a direct connection with a high egregor, and he will be able to work directly there. But at first there is no feeling of support for the Absolute, a person can be a complete egoist and pragmatist, risking completely dead and becoming a puppet of a rigid egregor after 30 years, having lost the remnants of free will.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This leads to significant costs and difficulties in relationships. These people work hard but easily lose their position. They are interested in spiritual philosophy but do not focus on their pursuits. At a later stage in their life, they can become quite ascetic. There are periods in their lives when they are imprisoned, hospitalized or exiled. They usually have problems with their teeth and vision. They love solitude, keep their sinful actions a secret, and work hard for some good cause. RAHU IN THE 1st HOUSE This disposition is usually a sign of a person who is spiritually inclined, has strong feelings and strong sexual urges, has more than one marriage, is well known but eccentric, or is of a fickle nature. At times, he can become critical and act destructively. RAHU IN THE 2ND HOUSE This location is not conducive to financial stability and does not indicate strict nutritional control. These people may talk too much, make debt, and resort to illegal means of making money. One can note a tendency to violate marital fidelity, as well as a tendency to smoke or use intoxicating substances. Classical texts mention anger, diseases of the mouth or face and sensitivity, kindness, as qualities of a person born with Rahu in the 2nd house. RAHU IN THE 3RD HOUSE This is a strong position, indicating considerable courage and tolerance. There can be disagreements in a marriage. These people are tenacious, speak persuasively, and suffer criticism for their opinions. There may be abilities to earn fortune and tension with brothers. RAHU IN THE 4TH HOUSE This person has the power to influence his friends; such people can be influential in educational circles. They have too many materialistic connections and suffer from attacks on their good name. If they are women, then they can be disbanded. Classical texts note that it is easy to mislead these people, they suffer from stomach diseases, they find their place in life away from their parents and from their homeland.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A lot of time is spent in solitude or working “behind the scenes” in large institutions, hospitals, trade organizations. It is difficult to achieve recognition if there is no sextile or trigone to MC or the owner of the house X. Struck – gives loneliness, depression, may be insanity; “Enemies” in this case may turn out to be imaginary.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. You dream of a perfect structure. You want your style of behavior, your path to be planned by a more powerful authority than yours; the fantasy is clearly paternal in color. You dream of lasting power, universal discipline, even limitations. Teachers and social institutions have had a profound impact on your life. However, the search for authority outside of oneself indicates a passionate desire to return to childhood, to free oneself from the real problem of making an independent decision about which path in life to choose. The challenge is to acknowledge the need for structure, not to imprison yourself and humiliate yourself, but to find the stability you need. Defocused intuition. You surround yourself with secrets to spur the development of your own intuition. But the ponderousness of your ambition makes it difficult to achieve your goal. You are concerned about the possibility of misperception. You want to go beyond your ego, but you are very concerned about the lack of security of the person. You can fall into the traps of naive gullibility and harsh cynicism – drowning in the whirlpool of metaphysical husks and pearls of false mysticism and reject real intuitive messages. The challenge is to work hard on developing intuition by studying the process of intuitive perception and its technical features. As your abilities develop, your sensitivity will increase and eventually you will find lightness and sophistication. Distance or solitude. Your work isolates you from others. It can be literal seclusion, as in the case of a scholar or researcher working in a monastery setting, or metaphorical seclusion, as in the case of a person who does not really know what career to take and as a result feels cut off from the world. Your real work is often done behind the scenes, away from the tribune of the social ego. The trap lies in the fact that in some cases the role of the profession becomes so great that a person is suppressed by a career, overshadowed by it. The task is to comprehend all the branches of your work that arise as the waves of your labor penetrate into the world. Selfless help. Selflessness is your duty. First, you fear that your destiny is to sacrifice, to give away the little that you think you own. Curiously, you are also afraid of being selfish. You may even believe that when all is said and done, all the veneer has been removed, your help will be seen as a sham. These extremes of service literally tear you apart, forcing yourself to give, leaving little room for reward. You work overtime on self-cleaning, not always on the level of motivation, but on the level of behavior – no doubt about it. The task is to gradually master the art of selfless help that does not bring suffering; slowly teaching yourself to help in ways that help you and don’t humiliate you at the same time. There is no need to provide help if it harms you; help as long as the help allows you to express yourself fully. “Past lives.” In past lives, you have come into close contact with responsibility and social authority. Perhaps you had a large office, were responsible for other people, or were subordinates. But something happened that made you feel the full weight of responsibility, completely unconscious. Perhaps you, so to speak, “dropped balls” on others, or the ball could be dropped on you. In any case, the unconscious patterns reflect the themes of power, responsibility and guilt. You are probably working on karma with your father or other authority figure right now. It is important for you to reveal the refined rhythms of these relationships – in past lives, at the beginning of this life and now. Look for any signs of indifference, cruelty, or bankruptcy in your way of ruling or displaying ambition. The challenge is to completely forgive yourself and turn into a conscious adult.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is painfully sensitive, and therefore tends to prudently isolate himself from others. If circumstances do not allow him to retire, he lives with the ever-present desire for long-awaited isolation. Able to enjoy being alone. His creativity only flourishes when he manages to work in solitude. True, being too isolated can lead to feelings of loneliness and fear. Since such a person is tightly bound by generally accepted customs and opinions of authorities, he is inclined to hide his problems from others and habitually believes that everyone is opposed to him. He should diligently cultivate an optimistic view of the world around him and bright hopes for the future. You need to avoid selfishness and diligently serve your loved ones and all of humanity. The defeat of the planet could indicate an early loss of the father. Such a person enjoys working behind the scenes (in hospitals, universities, administrative offices, and trade companies). Often he achieves recognition as a psychologist or benefactor. Improper use of energies leads to the formation of persistent feelings of loneliness and deep depression. His life is full of meetings with ill-wishers. However, he often invents his enemies himself and they exist only in his imagination. Serving others and working concretely and practically, he should get rid of numerous and difficult psychological problems. Such a person achieves happiness in solitude and complete silence. The character is secretive, with a tendency to isolate and conceal their own positions. Such a person seeks to work secretly, and live – unnoticed or separately. He is full of sadness, fear and disappointment. Often he is subject to false accusations and even imprisonment and imprisonment. The possibility of placement in a neurological clinic is not excluded. Such a person’s enemies are dishonorable and infinitely persistent. They are not shy about using any means in the fight against him, and therefore he constantly has to deal with betrayal, deception and slander. In addition, he does not have the ability to distinguish friends from enemies. As a result, over the years it becomes restrained, distrustful and fearful. Masters various methods of resistance and rivalry – from ships with neighbors to the art of creating defensive fortifications. His life is surrounded by gossip and quarrels. Friends often become enemies. The tendency towards melancholy is often compounded by significant environmental hostility. The reserves of the will of such a person are very large. He can conquer everything and everyone, but for this he needs to learn how to use the available forces. There is a tendency to chronic diseases and a tendency to quarrels with family members. The life of such a person, in order to be happy, must be filled with peace, justice and work. In a sense, he somehow loses his personal freedom and individual independence. His home is a cross between a monastery cell, an emigrant cabin and a hospital bed. A life partner may be in poor health. Life is full of struggle for existence, and the danger of violent isolation from society periodically looms. Trouble at every step pursues such a person until he overcomes his own jealousy and envy.



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