Saturn in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A sense of responsibility towards friends and team members. Desire to meet important and influential people to develop your career and strengthen your position. A sense of justice that helps you see the interdependence of people. You are generally not a sociable person and do not feel well in clubs, organizations or other groups grouped around some common idea or hobby. If you do enter a team, you may find the rules and procedures adopted in it restrictive – or you may simply feel that you are not getting in touch with others. You enjoy being alone or with older, more experienced people than in the company of your peers.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The man has one friend, but very faithful. When Saturn is struck, he does not understand friendship well, cannot maintain a relationship. Friendship is built on commitment. Loves discreet partners. When everything happens in a confined space, far from the eyes, then everything is “as it should be.” His idea of an ideal world: a well-organized static, stable, stable world, where everyone knows their functions, takes their place. He does not look far into forecasts, but if he is engaged in them, he can build on current trends and make accurate forecasts. Thorough predictions.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Friends are learned in group work. Saturn in the XI house is a symbolic ruler. This person takes group work and group relationships in general very seriously. For him, the most important is the category of duty, which at a low level he applies to others, and at a higher level to himself. The group feels it can be relied on, but unfortunately the price they pay for it is often too high. This is dogmatism, and tough demands, and the irrevocable condemnation of other members of the group for forgivable and understandable weaknesses and shortcomings. This person needs to understand that neither the group nor the people are born perfect, but only become over time, and then not all, not always and only as a result of hard efforts and Divine indulgence and mercy, which are transmitted to all members of the group and to him too (in the latter is difficult for a person to believe). In general, in a group he is often cramped, uncomfortable, he wants to hide in a corner, or, conversely, twist everyone into a ram’s horn; poor understanding with the group and excessive pragmatism in understanding its tasks, which leads to violent behavior. Working out provides a deep understanding of the group and its problems, a vision of group karma and collectively recognized wisdom; The group protects such a person, listens to his opinion and trusts unconditionally in difficult and confusing situations. However, this requires going through many trials, in particular, overcoming the fear of the group and resentment of the abuse from her side, which is usually a reaction to his own behavior, as well as moderate your appetites for the group pie, in particular, the love of the group. which a person gets only after a difficult study. Relationships with friends are not easy, deep down they are often cold, which does not satisfy a person; but, most likely, the latter is repressed into the subconscious, as well as dissatisfaction with their group work and the group’s attitude towards themselves. In these areas, you need to work a lot, first of all, on yourself, not expecting quick results. Working through gives deep understanding and wisdom in friendship, loyal and trusted friends.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This person has yogic strength and has a strong but kind influence on others. These people may leave those close to them and find their luck elsewhere. They make a profit through publishing, imports, agricultural and natural land products. They are able to work for a long time and without consideration for personal gain.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A sense of responsibility towards friends and colleagues. Good Saturn gives a sense of justice. Friendship with serious, elderly people.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. The position of Saturn in the 11th house indicates that you have a great desire to prove yourself in the group. In part, it arises from the fear that you do not belong to any group, that society will reject you. When you are in a group, you should not immediately take on a huge responsibility. Just be in the group, not in the center, but somewhere on the periphery. Then slowly and consistently move towards its center by playing more and more active roles in the group, but you should take on them only when you feel able to play them. Don’t make too harsh and quick decisions. Your role in organizations is to take care of the business. Even in the most socially social groups, there are pragmatic responsibilities. You are perfect for them; You may resent the feeling that you are playing the role of a janitor, but if you are persistent, you can become king. Social agreements play an important role in your life. You can cultivate honesty, directness, to become a true pillar of the community, respected and admirable for your perfect sense of patience, meticulous attention to correct behavior, but above all, you need to remove any fear of ostracism, class or family. You may act like you don’t care what people think about your actions, but in truth, you really care, sometimes too much. Avoid the self-destruct trap for group acceptance. The challenge is to believe that you are capable of becoming a social person, and besides the fact that you are great the way you really are. Friendship, social circle. In friendships, you are serious and discreet. This behavior may be due to the difficulty in making friendships in childhood, which left scars on your soul. Your caution can cause you to close your heart, replacing warmth with a more pragmatic approach, designed for the safety and social position you so desire. However, don’t get too attached to the safety of your social circle. In particular, do not create a clique by convincing yourself that you and your friends are in a prestigious social position. Seeing your social circle as dominating other people will inevitably lead to an abrupt collapse afterwards. Don’t rush into friendship; develop friendships gradually. As you forgive yourself and others, you will find the consistency you need. After all, if you want to have reliable and loyal friends, then first you yourself need to become a reliable and loyal friend. You are very serious about co-creation. You feel the weight of the burden, as if you were doing the job alone. Remember that the members of the group are not aware of this feeling, because you tend to release a stream of anxiety and anxiety in response to contact with them. If the group fails, then you feel it as your own, not as everyone’s failure. When a group is successful, you may not immediately accept the recognition that you feel you should accept. Your personal success is achieved as a result of long-term work, over a long period of time, as you learn to work with other people while still being yourself. Your creative role is to ensure order in the group and the tangibility of group expression, to be a rock of reliability. Acceptance of love. You want love to be accompanied by certainty, confidence, so that nothing is left to chance. The sense of insecurity is deeply rooted, so you repeatedly test people who love you, giving them every opportunity to reject you. And only when they pass all the tests, only then do you really start to relax and trust their love. You fear that your father didn’t really love you, so as an adult, you feel the presence of love when people treat you with authority. Discipline can be confused with love, and in extreme cases even cold-blooded rejection can be misinterpreted as showing love for you. It is a contradiction between love and ambition, between love and duty. Romance can be attractive, but you don’t trust her. What you crave is security, tangible support, and reliable love.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person has many friends for whom he is personally responsible. He is so prudent and restrained that it is not easy for him to approach anyone. He wants to be respected by all those whom he considers equal to himself. This desire sometimes exceeds even his need for love. He tries to compensate for the lack of confidence in his own abilities by hard work and constant employment. Deeply devoted to friends and ideals. If the energy is misused, desires can remain unfulfilled, which will increase the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. Such a person likes to pose as a very important person. Such a person knows how to love, but badly accepts the love of others, preferring the openness of hiding in his own shell. He is very responsible for the participants in the group process and for friends. In order to develop his career and strengthen his position, he strives to get to know all important and influential people. The defeat of the planet tends to use friends for personal gain and for the sake of ambition. In general, such a person is loyal and helpful with friends, and they help him broaden his horizons and grow intellectually. He has a developed sense of justice, which helps him see the interdependencies between people. He sincerely professes the principle of equality in group relationships, and therefore builds the organizational structure of the group so that everyone can benefit from cooperation with everyone. This person loves to make friends with mature, elderly people who have reached high positions and significant posts – communication with them contributes to his maturation. The karma of such a person is associated with those with whom he was forced to deal in past lives. Such a person usually has few friends, but they are very close, very learned, serious and wise. Friends often turn out to be older than himself. Often you have to take care of friends in trouble and provide them with financial support for a long time. This person treats the younger as a father. He loves to broadcast authoritatively to large audiences. The environment perceives him inadequately, the society is often negatively disposed towards him. He has the talent of an organizer and a leader, but lacks education, and therefore assertiveness is combined with intolerance, which leads to serious conflicts. Such a person should not borrow money from others, or give surety for someone – the consequences will be very unfavorable for him. Such people often receive assistance from patrons and sponsors and acquire the patronage of guardians and benefactors. They see friendship as a deep affection that requires intense self-denial. The hopes and expectations of such people are often deceptive and erroneous. Treachery and betrayal on the part of acquaintances are possible, excessive frankness can lead to considerable losses. Throughout his life, such a person should beware of false friends and insidious benefactors. His own self-confident performances are often perceived as hostile by those around him. His nature is complex, his temper is cool, and his character is quarrelsome. Frequent bouts of laziness and apathy are possible.



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