Saturn in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong professional ambitions, desire to be prominent, especially under 29. It is important that ambition and success are not ends in themselves, but are means of a wider social order. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the motives of striving for power. Foresight, organizational talent and the achievement of leadership positions in business and politics. You are very conscientious, responsible and concerned about doing your duty, how you appear in society and your reputation; You are constantly striving for growth. You understand the need for hard work and careful planning in order to achieve anything significant and, having set a goal, are capable of high self-discipline and patience. You judge yourself very harshly if you fail to achieve success, and if the world does not recognize your efforts, you can become cold, angry and cynical.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives organizational talent. If Saturn is not amazed, then the owner of the card is a big administrator, sometimes he reaches the heights of power. If the planet is affected, then a person by hook or by crook seeks to make a career, but runs the risk of getting involved in scandals, legal troubles. Has a strict father, an ambitious family. Conservative views. Aura of reliability. Such people are easily given powers of power by Politics, management. Economist-accountant, military member of the certification commission.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Before other goals, learn to set limits to your ambition. Saturn in the X house is a symbolic ruler. This position is much more difficult than Saturn in Capricorn. Here, a person feels a distinct inhospitableness of the external world: the sensation that all paths (characteristic of Jupiter in the X house) are open to him, he certainly will not, regardless of the aspects of Saturn and other planets in the X house. Life choices, setting specific goals and objectives will be difficult for this person, and will require a lot of concentration and responsibility. At a low level, all this causes strong protest, and a person often tries to supplant these experiences and tries to live easily and frivolously, like everything that turns out badly, or falls into severe melancholy or depression, the basis of which is the fear of the outside world. Harmonious Saturn gives difficult, but feasible situations of choice, in which a person can, if he wants to make the appropriate efforts, accurately and adequately resolve; the same applies to the relationship with the boss and subordinates. When defeated, excessive seriousness and responsibility can prevent a person from doing anything at all, and then he will have a general feeling of a gray mouse cornered. Subordinates of this person should not try to touch his heart with charm instead of intelligently and diligently done work; however, with the defeat of Saturn, he will always be unhappy anyway. The study goes along the path, firstly, of taking responsibility upon oneself, secondly, exactly in the amount in which karma requires it, without replacing God, and thirdly, in developing humility about the imperfection of the external world as a whole and superficiality and lack of conscientiousness of their subordinates in particular. In addition, there will be a too pragmatic attitude to external activities, but if you overcome it, you will have a deep vision of specific karma and a large realizing power, which is achieved by a long internal study. When defeated, a strong complex of power and a subconscious desire to usurp it in order to achieve security from the threatening outside world.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are very capable in their field of work, although their methods are questionable. They are humane, ambitious, persistent in their work. Have several different marriage partners or their spouses die before them. Will be: success in agriculture, helping the poor, visiting holy places, sudden emotional ups and downs. They can spend their time in distant places and be punished for their work or bad company.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Strong ambition, especially under 29. With good aspects – a high position, with bad – forgetting principles and falling, a public scandal.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. You learn how important spiritual development is for a person, not a fantasy of enlightenment, not an onslaught of force, but full responsibility for what is being created. The higher we climb the mountain of spirit, the steeper the climb. The air becomes thinner, you have to spend more energy. But the higher, the more beautiful the unfolding views, as the atmosphere becomes thinner and cleaner. This is the realm where eagles live. Learn to rest when needed and remember that every disciplined effort brings you closer to the top. Don’t rush, don’t run. Do not ask for more than you can handle, but know that you are strong enough and able to fulfill any requirement of life; hope your aspirations are fulfilled. Professional ambition. Ambition is extremely powerful, even if at the beginning of your life, doubt or fear of failure cut you off. Fear can be even more distressing than failure itself. But don’t lose confidence that persistence will be rewarded. No one succeeds without failure. With regard to the profession, we can say that you are committed to tradition, follow the beaten path to success. The risk you take to succeed can sometimes be ethically questionable; it is safer to climb the ladder of success with long and hard work. Quick success takes away your presence of mind, even if you think you want it all right now. So walk towards success slowly, gradually, and learn to discipline your discipline. In other words, teach yourself to be moderate in your work. As the ancient saying goes, “What’s the use if a person conquers the whole world and loses his soul?” Your stubborn determination can lead you to the pinnacle of success, but remember that success, like beauty, is ultimately judged by the audience. Missions and messages. From you, we learn about life’s tough lessons. We see that life really is a struggle, a battle for the survival of the fittest. You teach us the need to work patiently, constantly, even if the reward does not come soon. You show us how important maturity is, not surrendering to frustration or bad thoughts. You are the personification of the basic archetype of ambition, aspiration, regardless of obstacles; you teach the importance of doing what is assigned; we also comprehend the inevitable fact of having to bear our burden even if we do not deserve it. You are the connection between rock and free will, and we realize that all our dreams will ultimately be tested by real life. A parent who is “outwardly connected” with a person. Perhaps your father was a very powerful and formal figure, strict and disciplined. Or he felt coldness and aversion to love. In the first case, your reaction could be respect and awe, in the second, fear and a sense of rejection. In any of these cases, and in any in between, you have become sensitive to patriarchal authority; feeling a mixture of respect and fear. Your father is a copy, a model of what unfolds later in your life around the theme of authority. You probably obey the authorities without asking questions, although, perhaps, resentment lurks inside you. You perceive the world as a hierarchy of power, believing that each person must prove their own worth by executing orders from above and giving orders to subordinates. Discipline and obedience are important. You want to work in a team, to be a player of a united team, but your most important desire is to be in the post of absolute ruler. When you reach this position, remember that abuse of power is a dangerous trap. The challenge is to rule with the dignity your role demands and to treat others with the respect they deserve.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person loves responsibility, always accepts it, because he needs it psychologically and morally. He is ambitious and arrogant, organized, hardy and constant, demands respect from everyone and is confident that he will certainly succeed. In life, such a person lacks the example of a father, or he had many problems with one of the parents. Feels that he bears considerable responsibility for the family and immediately takes on the responsibility of caring for her. When the planet is defeated, such a person is harsh and ruthless when he sets himself the task of necessarily achieving an important goal. In this case, he may suffer from an excessive overestimation of his own capabilities, or lose everything achieved as a result of a strange scandal. Professional ambitions are great, there is a strong desire to occupy a prominent place. Such a person achieves success and authority thanks to moral stability and tireless work. Sometimes, for the sake of ambition, he can abandon ethical principles. Then happiness betrays him and the case ends with a public scandal and overthrow from the heights reached. He always strives for high position, wealth and leadership. However, he should be very serious about the observance of moral principles, for the violation of which he will pay immediately and in full. Ambition and thirst for success should not become an end in itself, but be the means of achieving social peace and social prosperity. Such a person needs to carefully analyze the motives for striving for power and avoid abuse of it. It will be very difficult to atone for mistakes associated with greed and corruption. This person is far-sighted, perspicacious and possesses considerable organizational talent, which helps in achieving leadership positions in business and politics. When the planet is defeated, career advancement is unstable, opportunities are narrowed, and obstacles are significant. Through constant persistent efforts and the desire for power and success, such a person can significantly rise above the familiar environment. It is dangerous for him to fall into depression and indulge in despondency, although there will be more than enough reasons for disappointment. He always advances in difficult conditions and bears great responsibility. Lucky as a government official, organizer, trader, architect, builder, lawyer and scientist. Can be successful as a notary, preacher, gardener, bricklayer and printer. Periods of success and loss regularly alternate. Much can be achieved only through perseverance. It is very dangerous to underestimate others and indulge in self-aggrandizement. This aspect is unfavorable for the accumulation of property, but good for occupying high positions. The life of such a person should be very responsible and orderly. Any impermanence, fussiness and anxiety inevitably end in dishonor and loss. He is bestowed with great power over others, but the newfound authority must be ennobled by spiritual thoughts. Misunderstanding of the social significance of the role played, as well as greed and abuse of power can lead to total life collapse. Activities are associated with high costs, large material assets and huge responsibility. With the successful implementation of the life program, such a person receives many titles and the image of an authoritative politician, which keeps him until the end of his life. If he turns out to be haughty, arrogant and prone to tyranny, collapse is guaranteed. Can be lucky as a real estate businessman, landowner or military man.



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