Sagittarius Woman


November 23 TO December 21

Symbol: The Centaur

Slogan: I Seek, Therefore I am.


The Sagittarius woman is an enterprising and resourceful individual who is constantly searching in order to fulfill her dreams.

Sagittarius is the real adventurer of the zodiac and this girl is forever highly charged with creative fire, ever keen for excitement and the opportunities in order to widen her horizons.

This girl loves travel and will have a difficult time standing still. She can be characterized as one who seeks a goal, reaches that goal and then, is off to seek another goal in life.

Perhaps the biggest problem in her life is the need to balance what is real with the ideal, and to endeavor to accept the current state of her life’s responsibilities in order that she may build a solid future.

Sagittarius is referred to the “philosopher of the heavens” and, in keeping, the Sagittarius is always very keen to expand her knowledge and can often be a perpetual student.

The Sagittarius woman’s basic interest is to learn and, in turn to teach what she knows to others. Problems can arise however because the Sagittarius girl can at times believe that she has mastered a skill before she has really done so. This can result in adverse situations through trying to teach on a subject of which she has insufficient knowledge.

The Sagittarius woman can be quite the visionary and is farsighted in her own way, however, she often tends to lack the patience to perfect herself in the practical world.

Irrespective, Sagittarius is the luckiest sign in the zodiac, and the Sagittarius girl will not only manage to survive but will more than likely prosper.


Ruled by the fun-loving and expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius is not known for her ability to stay within the confines of a budget.

Not one to care about such details as a price tag or a credit limit, Sagittarius will often spend beyond her means.

This can lead to frequent financial difficulties, as her optimistic nature tells her that tomorrow will take care of today.

Sometimes she is quite correct, but not always!

Sagittarius likes to play games and is attracted to speculation and gambling, sometimes doing quite well at it.

But she is a mutable sign, and her financial highs can just as easily become economic lows.

She needs to learn from Libra and use balance and temperance in her financial dealings.


This Sagittarius girl is as much an adventurer in love and romance as she is in everything else. With the sign of Sagittarius often referred to as the

“The bachelor sign,” the Sagittarius woman can often experience some very difficult times when, in committed relationships.

She is a girl who enjoys a great sense of personal freedom and, it is necessary therefore, that she needs to couple with a partner who can allow the Centaur plenty of room in which to move and roam.

The Sagittarius woman is one who is often attracted to the “those in distress” syndrome and she can feel gratified when she is in a position to provide help to another to recover from their emotional problems through the act of loving them.

A Sagittarius woman will commit to and remain with a partner who, is independent by nature, passionately romantic, and one who also possesses the urge to travel and to explore life.

The most compatible signs for our Sagittarius the “Centaur” are those of Aries and Leo and, Libra and Aquarius can also make excellent partnerships with Sagittarius.

Taurus and Cancer relationship are also not the easiest and may require some work and, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo present the greatest relationship challenges for our Sagittarius girl.