Sagittarius Monkey horoscope


Cheerful, energetic Sagittarius-Monkey gives the impression of a happy person, completely satisfied with his life. Does not lose optimism under any circumstances, knows how to defuse the most tense situation. It is not surprising that there are always a lot of people around him. He is talkative, good-natured, has a great sense of humor. He sincerely enjoys any little things, generously shares his positive attitude. In this combination, the eccentric Monkey gives way to the intellectual Sagittarius. According to the combined horoscope, Monkey-Sagittarius is a strong-willed, energetic person, greedy for knowledge and impressions. Differs in a lively mind, curiosity and love of freedom, lives in continuous movement.

Sagittarius Monkey traits

Active, restless Sagittarius-Monkey acts quickly and decisively. Sets specific goals for himself, does not waste time. Thinks carefully about all his steps, thinks rationally and practically. In this combination, the impulsive Monkey plays a supporting role, and the active Sagittarius gets the opportunity to realize all his ideas and dreams. People of this combination of signs are distinguished by their strong character, persistent and persistent in achieving their goals. Thanks to brilliant intellectual data, strong will and endurance, the Sagittarius Monkeys manage to carry out their plans in a short time. They have inexhaustible energy, optimism and firm belief in themselves, therefore they easily achieve success and recognition.

The main feature of the Sagittarius-Monkey sign is independence. This freedom-loving person does not tolerate any restrictions, always on guard of his interests. You can be friends with him or just communicate well, but you shouldn’t even try to impose your point of view. Sagittarius-Monkey is open to the world, seeks to know the true essence of things. Not afraid of change, actively advocates for everything new, progressive. He is an innovator, a revolutionary: always on the move, looking for inspiration. At the same time, he is friendly, open to communication, attracts people with his light, cheerful character. Responsibly applies to business, but no less thoroughly approaches his leisure. This is the soul of any company: always in a good mood, loves jokes and fun.

This cheerful, cheerful person is actually quite serious and even conservative. Although it is distinguished by a positive character, it does not hang in the clouds. Nature has endowed Sagittarius-Monkey with a variety of talents, he knows his own worth and does not waste time. He does not miss a single opportunity to loudly declare himself to the whole world, loves compliments and attention. True, sometimes he needs solitude, he needs peace to sort out his thoughts. However, he never shows his displeasure, he is always friendly and welcoming. Sagittarius-Monkey solves issues in such a way that everyone around is satisfied, has a reputation as a nice, kind person. This is everyone’s favorite, enjoys the trust and respect of others.

Sagittarius Monkey compatibility (love & family)

Sagittarius-Monkey men and women are not too romantic: they do not believe in love at first sight, do not fall for flattery and compliments. They do not trust people they know little, are careful in personal communication. Sagittarius-Monkey is in no hurry to choose a partner, makes high demands and carefully considers each candidate. He is distinguished by a serious approach to love relationships. He will appreciate the efforts of a decent, reliable person; over time, he will definitely be imbued with a deep feeling for him.

According to the love horoscope, Sagittarius-Monkey is an ideal family man. Treats loved ones with great love and care. He does not start intrigues on the side, devotes himself entirely to his family. He has so much energy that he manages to build a successful career and participate in the life of his half and children. Responsive, attentive, generous towards close people. True, sometimes he surprises them with his whims: he does not know what he wants, he is dissatisfied with everything that happens. Fortunately, this is very rare. At such moments, she needs the attention and care of her loved ones.

Sagittarius Monkey business (career & goals)

An active, sociable Sagittarius-Monkey is a leader, an excellent organizer. Knows how to work with people, competently distributes responsibilities. He does not lose sight of a single important trifle, he is able to do several things at once. Differs in a strong character, strong will – always brings his plans to the end. Although sometimes he overestimates his strength and brings the team down. In dealing with subordinates, he is polite and tactful, has a reputation for being a progressive and talented leader.

Sagittarius-Monkey has a lot of advantages: creative thinking, rich imagination, analytical mind, purposefulness. Able to achieve success in any field of activity, he is an adherent of bold ideas and new technologies. With ecstasy he experiments, dreams of making all mankind happy, for example, to make some grandiose discovery. Although he can be quite happy and satisfied, doing his usual business. The main thing for him is to enjoy life, including work.

Charming Sagittarius-Monkey men are able to find a common language with any person. Always surrounded by friends, their life is a real holiday. The most boring, ordinary event can be easily turned into an exciting adventure. They are excellent organizers, they can find a way out of the most difficult situation. Every woman is pleased to have such a gallant and courteous boyfriend as Sagittarius-Monkey, but one should not expect a violent manifestation of feelings from him. This is undoubtedly an addicted person, an emotional and passionate person. However, he values ​​his freedom too highly and is in no hurry to part with it. But a woman who managed to win his heart will be amazed at how sensitive and loving her husband is, and most importantly – a wonderful father.

Women of this combination of signs are distinguished by a thirst for knowledge, they are ready to learn all their lives, regardless of family circumstances. Even if Sagittarius-Monkey took place in the profession, her name is well known, this is not a reason to stop at the achieved result. Often, her irrepressible craving for creativity negatively affects her personal life. Sagittarius-Monkey women are not particularly inclined to create a family. It is much more important for them to take place in the profession and leave a significant mark after themselves. They love to communicate, travel, spend time with family and friends with great pleasure. They live an interesting, eventful life, they cannot be called unhappy people.