Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius — two signs that consider freedom the highest value. Their elements — fire and air respectively — fully exist only in a space that does not have external borders. Meeting, flame and oxygen can ignite an incredible conflagration that sweeps everything in its path. Both signs are in constant motion, they try to conquer as many peaks and absorb all the new and unusual. Due to their similarity in views, signs are comfortable in each other’s society: for many things Sagittarius and Aquarius look the same and easily find common ground. Successful interaction awaits them in almost any sphere of life.

Sagittarius has a lot of energy, a good heart and ambition. His nature is very changeable, which helps him to adapt successfully to various life situations. But also this quality contributes to the fact that the sign of fire often clings to several cases at once and does not bring to end any of them. It happens because of his impulsiveness: today he likes one thing, and tomorrow he admires the other. Driven by feelings, and not by reason, he often creates around himself chaos and confusion. Aquarius refers to fixed signs, so there is more stability in its behavior. He is more often guided by the principle “a better bird in the hand than a crane in the sky” and will not rush from one project to another.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Sagittarius and Aquarius

The high compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius also favors the successful interaction of their planetary leaders. The first is governed by Jupiter, giving his wards a philosophical mindset and a craving for knowledge. The second is influenced immediately by two planets: Uranus responds in Aquarius with creative thinking and creativity, and Saturn helps him not only to build incredible plans, but also to persevere in the business to the logical end. Thus, the inquisitive Sagittarius finds inspiration in the partner and takes over the ability to complete, and the sign of the air draws in the partner strength and energy for creation.

Compatibility horoscope of Sagittarius with Aquarius promises them interesting and harmonious relations, in which both give and take the same. A fire sign loves life in all its manifestations: thanks to natural optimism, he often does not notice the problems and difficulties encountered on the way. Together with Aquarius, he is the initiator of realizing the ideas that his partner abounds in. The signs mutually admire each other, while remaining independent: no one claims the freedom of another, respecting his personal space. Loyalty to each other, mutual respect and the absence of conflicts allow them to create a strong, long-term alliance in any hypostasis of human relations.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius in work is simply ideal provided that they are colleagues of the creative department. Together, they can create a valuable idea that is different from non-traditional and non-standard. It is not exactly recommended for them to conduct an independent joint business, since both slopes are in the clouds and are not particularly diligent. There is a high probability that the joint idea will remain in the plans, while the partners will be shirking their work, shifting responsibility for each other. For the success of a joint venture, they need a third person who has good organizational skills.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Aquarius in friendship is also good: representatives of these signs can be friends from childhood to old age. They will always be interesting together, and this is important for them. The ideal picture can destroy Sagittarius: he is overly sociable and can get carried away with new friendships, forgetting about the old friend. But there is also the possibility that the sign of fire will remember the comrade’s past after a long time and resume communication with him.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius in love is at a high level and gives them the opportunity to build a favorable relationship. As a rule, signs attract each other and physically, because they are endowed with good external data, and intellectually due to their versatile development. A similar way of thinking and living, a desire for adventure and impressions contribute to their rapid rapprochement. At first, Sagittarius and Aquarius literally can not depart from each other: they learn so much interesting things about each other and share their experience. They are romantic, so their meetings are rarely ordinary dates. Most likely, they will try to in every possible way to surprise the chosen one, making non-trivial deeds for him and presenting amazing gifts.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Aquarius in a relationship is favorable even for the reason that partners have non-conflicting characters. Even if contradictions arise between them, the lovers will be able to solve them on the spot. And if they can not, they will not become angry with each other for a long time and will soon be together again. In their pair, Sagittarius is more likely to approach each other after a quarrel, since it is completely unblamable. By the way, he is also the unofficial leader in their tandem: Aquarius often listens to his advice because of lower energy and, as a consequence, activity. Both signs recognize the right of a loved one to individuality and interfere with his personal life only on request. For the cheerful Sagittarius, the sign Aquarius is the ideal partner — not controlling, not limiting and causing burning interest.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius in bed is also harmonious: under the blanket they find complete mutual understanding. Both signs love sex and refer to it not only as a source of pleasure, but also as another way to creatively manifest themselves. Sagittarius is a skilled and experienced lover who knows how to give the highest pleasure. His fervor and energy gets any partner. For him, the most important in intimate relationships is diversity, which is the basis of an endless interest in a partner. If the latter is clamped and does not differ in fantasy, the sign of fire will not waste time on it.

Aquarius is great for Sagittarius as a lover, because his imagination is boundless, and he, too, does not accept boredom and routine in the bedroom. Young representatives of signs in pursuit of special sensations and emotions practice sex in the most unusual places.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Going out of the doors of the wedding palace, partners acquire each other in the person of not so many spouses as many like-minded people and associates. They will always have many grandiose joint plans, to the embodiment of which they will strive, supporting their beloved. The favorable compatibility of Sagittarius with Aquarius in marriage contributes to their long and happy life. Their relationship is so deep that over time they learn to understand each other with half-looks and half-words.

In their relationship there is no place for betrayals, treason and jealousy. Full trust, mutual admiration and respect contribute to the highest level of compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius in family life. They have many common friends and good acquaintances, so that their house is seldom empty. They are not burdened by the pursuit of material values: between the expensive purchase of a household item and the trip to an unknown country, both will choose the second. By the way, money by itself is not their main goal. Spouses work just enough so that they can afford to live in comfort and satiety. Saving and saving for a rainy day is not in their style, they are accustomed to living here and now. That’s why Sagittarius and Aquarius are not worried about the future, do not be sad about the past and are happy about today.