Runes: amulets and charms to find love and successfully get married


How much we do to attract love and a happy marriage into our lives! Ancient magical symbols are excellent assistants in love affairs. Talismans, amulets and charms from the runes of love for a successful marriage and love affairs can have a great impact on life, so it is recommended to treat the rituals with caution.

Love rituals, amulets and charms to attract love and marriage

The use of runes to attract love cannot be compared with love spell rituals, since in this case there is no focus on a specific person. In this case, we are talking about preserving existing relationships or for correcting love affairs, attracting a suitable person into life.

Much attention is paid to the wording of the request; in order to get married, it is necessary to ask for a partner for marriage or marriage. It is not recommended to formulate “I want love”, this request is difficult to fulfill due to its abstractness. As a result, you can face unrequited love or an all-consuming passion that cannot last long.

It is necessary to form an image strictly before the ritual; at the time of applying the runes, the image must exist in the subconscious. It is not recommended to set the characteristics of appearance, the image should not be overloaded with details, there should be a clear confidence in the head that the runes will provide a meeting with the person who is needed.

Runes to attract love: how to use them as a talisman and amulet?

Any rune is not just a symbol, but a very strong talisman, talisman and amulet that allows you to change our reality, attract desired events, and influence the behavior of people around you. And it is quite natural that runes amulets to attract love were used in ancient times to achieve personal happiness. But how do you work with them today?

There are several ways. Firstly, applying an image of a separate rune to your own body, photograph or object that will be used as an amulet. This method allows those who have not yet met their other half to speed up their acquaintance with her. Such runes are amulets for love and a successful marriage – a real find for single women and men.

The second way to work with symbols that help in love affairs is to use special formulas – bundles of several runic signs. A similar ligature can be applied to your own body, to a photograph (of yourself or your couple, if you are in a relationship), or to an envelope where something related to the person whose love you want to attract (for runic love spells, and their use in love magic.

The runes attracting love can be applied with a red marker on your body in the area of ​​the Svadhisthana chakra, you can also make an amulet that you always need to carry with you. For the manufacture of a talisman and amulet, it is recommended to use any natural material; you can embroidery on a scarf. It is forbidden to use live tree branches, in this case only dried ones will do.

There is an opinion that it is necessary to apply rune symbols as an amulet, talisman or amulet on rose quartz, although in this case the runes play the main role, and not the material on which they are applied.

The amulet and amulet are charged by passing through 5 elements:

  • An amulet or amulet sweeps three times over a burning candle, smoke, after which it must be sprinkled with water, sprinkled with earth and blown.

Runic amulets, talismans and charms to attract love, and to successfully marry

There are many different formulas for attracting love and a successful marriage. They all have their own magical powers. It is recommended to apply the runic formula of a talisman, talisman or amulet from the bottom up so that there are no obstacles to its development.

Symbols of a talisman, amulet and talisman for runes of love and love affairs

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are designed to preserve relationships and conquer a person, consists of runes:

  • Gebo (helps in choosing a partner for marriage),
  • Mannaz (attracts the attention of a person),
  • Uruz (promotes the conquest or preservation of love),
  • Feu (responsible for physical intimacy).

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are intended for the “flame of love” runes. The combination of symbols is applied to fuel passion. The formula includes runes:

  • Gebo (helps in choosing a partner for marriage),
  • Wunyo (mutual feelings)
  • Kano (passion).

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are designed to search for true love, consists of:

  • Kano (passion),
  • Laguz (randomness management, female intuition)
  • Gebo (marriage).

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are designed to return love:

  • Eyvaz, Uruz, (combination gives impetus to action)
  • Kano (passion)
  • Gebo (assistance in finding a partner for marriage)
  • Turisaz (enhances the effect of all runes)

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are designed to attract great love into life, runes are used:

  • Gebo,
  • Berkana,
  • Feu,
  • Laguz 
  • Vunyo.

The symbols of this amulet and talisman are intended for harmonious relationships.

In order for the existing relationship to become more harmonious, you can use a ligature of two Gebo, Algiz, Otala, Vuno.

    • Gebo is responsible for equal partnership and mutual understanding
    • Algiz  enhances the intuitive feeling of each other’s needs
    • Otala strengthens the existing bond
    • Vunyo  gives the couple a feeling of happiness

Runes for love and marriage


Perhaps the most popular rune for love and marriage is Kenaz. This wonderful symbol activates the inner energy of a person, awakens in his soul the willingness to love and be loved, makes him attractive, beautiful, sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex. If you wear this rune on an amulet, then you can be sure that very soon you will meet your real other half.


The symbol of the winner – the Soulu rune – is capable of transforming any person for the better. What makes us attractive? Not only good looks, but also self-confidence. This is the quality that Soulou develops. With the help of an amulet with this ancient sign, even the most humble person is able to turn into self-confident and sociable, thereby attracting the attention of the opposite sex.


Inguz knows how to fulfill our cherished desires, so those who have not yet met their other half can use her help. The rune of Hyera works in a similar way.

Ingushetia – Berkana

Separately, it should be said about the combinations of runes to attract love and marriage. Inguz and Berkana are considered to be the strongest such pair. This combination works great for those women who are already in a relationship, but for some reason, the case does not reach their official registration. Inguz will bring relations to a more serious level, and Berkana will bring motherhood closer, which many women dream of.

Gebo – Otala (Odal)

Single people who dream of a strong family should use an amulet with the symbols of Gebo – Otala. These magical runes will speed up the meeting with a person who will become their reliable and loyal partner.

Gebo – Laguz – Vunjo

A bunch of three symbols is also considered to be runes of love for attracting a man: Gebo, Laguz, Vuno. They can be used not only in a situation where a girl cannot meet a worthy person in any way, but also when there is already a relationship, but it is impossible to call them bright and passionate. These three symbols will make your personal life richer, more interesting, and happy.

Runes to attract the love of a specific person

Runes to attract the love of a particular person – how to use them to achieve reciprocity.

Evaz – Otala

If there is a relationship, but at the same time you feel the cooling of the partner’s feelings, try applying a bunch of Evaz with Otala to the joint photo. This combination will rekindle the fire of past passion, make the feelings of your chosen one or chosen one more vivid. These runes can also be used to attract the love of a particular person during a quarrel with a spouse, or when a marriage hangs in the balance.

In principle, it is allowed to draw them in situations when a loved one left you, but they will work only if he still has feelings for you.


In life, there are times when a woman feels interest in herself from a friend, colleague or new acquaintance, but for some reason, the matter from the man does not reach further interested views. If something like this happened to you, make an amulet with three Laguz – these runes to attract the love of a particular person to yourself will enhance your feminine attractiveness and push the gentleman to action.

The formula can also be used in existing relationships, where the young man does not listen to the opinion of his beloved, does not pay enough attention to her.


Inguz can radically change his personal life. She can be “called for help” when you are waiting for global changes on the personal front: for example, you cannot decide whether to continue relations with your current partner or leave him, since you have been waiting for a marriage proposal for a long time, and your beloved keeps silent.

The rune of love and love affairs Inguz turns subconscious desires of a person into real actions, pulls them out, which allows you to quickly clarify the situation. So, for example, in the case described above, thanks to the action of the symbol, the girl will very soon hear from her beloved a marriage proposal, or a confession that he is not ready for family life – it all depends on what he really wants.

Gebo – Without

Also, to harmonize relations with a loved one, you can use a single Gebo or a single Ansuz. Gebo makes relationships more harmonious, creates conditions for equal partnership, in which both people give and receive love, care, support. Ansuz takes personal relationships to the next level, opens new horizons inside lovers.

Improving intimate life

Three runes are included in becoming to improve intimate life:

  • male Uruz,
  • female Berkana,
  • Inguz.

This formula destroys problems in the intimate sphere, makes partners more sexually attractive to each other, allows them to receive more vivid emotions from intimacy.

Reunions after a quarrel

The popular formula for reuniting lovers after a quarrel or conflict includes runes to attract love from Turisaz, Kenaz and Soulu.

  • Turisaz removes all obstacles that hinder the couple’s happiness
  • Kenaz makes relationships warmer, more harmonious
  • Soulu enhances the effect of the first two runes and stabilizes the connection