We live in a society where problems abound, the house, studies, children, the economy, work, social life, love and a sum of problems that generate discomfort, stress and anxiety; reaching a time in life when we say; Enough, I need peace! Big or small, black or white; regardless of age, sex or social class, most people have the same goals in common; achieve happiness, their economic wellbeing, emotional, inner and spiritual peace, these goals will get you to achieve success.

In many ways you can call this a spiritual period, which is the opposite of stress and producing intimate wellbeing, it’s definitely a good that is not achieved just around the corner, you can’t buy it, but you can look for it. No need to retreat to a monastery, convent or temple, only requires evaluate yourself and applied these simple tips that we are going to give you.

Start by searching for a guide, someone with whom you can let off some steam, who listens to your problems; some people go to a psychologist or therapist, others prefer to speak their fears with a good friend or counselor, either option is valid as long as you feel comfortable. Achieving internal wellbeing requires knowing how to control yourself and counteract negative emotions, not to mention those who remain, those that contribute nothing to your life, stay away, make them disappear!, change your thoughts, behavior and vision.


It is extremely important give to your body the orders that everything is going well, all you have to do is breathe deeply, relax a little and count to ten. In every circumstance or inconvenience try to think of a possible solution, remember that optimistic thoughts are miraculous. Another important point is sleep and rest. If you have a few spare minutes do not rush to watch TV or connect to the Internet. Relax, give yourself the opportunity to make positive and different things; learn to think, to mentally rest, to admire the life and activities that make you release stress; in fact yoga is great, try to practice it; you will love it.

Simplify your life, be generous and selfless in your actions, avoid criticism in any circumstances and increase your self-confidence. A key exercise is to close your eyes and imagine beautiful scenery, pleasant moments and extraordinary memories. This is no easy task, we must be realistic, we will not succeed in this overnight, you must have patience and confidence in yourself; more than a goal, inner peace is baptized as a philosophy of life.

Say goodbye to the fears, only pay attention to situations that inspire positive energy, do not waste your time on things that are not worth it. Live peacefully, get rid of worries, life is one, live it to the fullest; practice the exercises and it will reach you when you least expect it. Do not let anything or anyone invade your positive thoughts, only you are the master of your peace, go forward!