Ritual to attract prosperity and abundance – 3


If you want to turn the dried leaves of the herbs into dust, you only have to grind them in a container, but it must also be made of wood.


  • – 1 small spoon of ground cinnamon
  • – 1 spoon of laurel mill
  • – ½ tablespoon ground basil
  • – Water
  • – A small white cloth
  • – A container for boiling
  • – A glass jar
  • – A rubber band
  • – A wooden spoonКартинки по запросу hierba es buena para artrosis


Mix the ingredients in the water and simmer in a bowl for twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. After these minutes it is removed from the fire, the liquid is poured into a glass jar and covered with a cloth, fixing it well with the rubber band. Then you have to leave the potion to rest in a dark place for three days along with your three nights.

After three days you can uncover the potion and pour the contents in the garden of the house forming a circle, or if you do not have a garden you can also do it inside the house adding a part of the potion liquid in the pots that you could have in the windows or the interior; or if you do not have pots you could also distribute inside the house bowls with earth where you could go distributing the liquid of the ritual.

It is convenient to carry out the first ritual with the New Moon. But if you start it in another phase different from the Moon, like the Full Moon, you would also have to wait for the corresponding days of the lunar cycle that you have chosen and return to carry out the same ritual as many times as you see fit. You do not need to save the leftover mix because to carry out another new ritual you will need to use new products.