Ritual to attract prosperity and abundance – 2


This ritual is more effective if it is practiced with the full Moon and can be repeated also making it coincide with the same phase of the Moon.


– 1 sheet of green paper with your name written on it

– 1 green pen, pen or pen with green ink

– 1 deep plate that resists the heat

– 1 Green candle

– 1 green bird feather


The green candle is lit. On the green paper, the name of the petitioner is written with a pencil or green pen. The paper approaches the flame of the candle and while it is burning we repeat three times:

“Money comes alive and grows. Prosperity comes to me and stays in my house. ”

When the paper starts to burn it is put in the deep dish and when it is totally burnt the candle is extinguished (never blowing, remember that the air is life and it should not extinguish anything, but it must be extinguished with two wet fingers of the right hand ), put the feather with green colors, or totally green, next to the base of the candle, and leave the small altar for three days with its three nights before thinking about dismantling it.

Or if you prefer to keep that altar until the Moon is full again you will only need a new green paper and you could use the same candle and the same feather as in the previous ritual.