Ritual to attract prosperity and abundance -1



  • – All the lavender seeds that you can collect in Autumn when they start to fall on their own from the plants. Only the ones you pick up from the ground will serve, not the ones you start the plant.
  • – Some coins (in progress or old) silver
  • – Some coins (in course or not) of copper


If you have a garden bury a silver coin and another copper, singing (as if you were going to put it in a piggy bank), in each corner (North, South, East and West, four in total) and after covering them with soil scatters seeds of dried lavender covering all the part of the earth that you have removed.

If you do not have a garden, but you have pots inside the house, he buries (of song) a silver coin along with another of copper, in the earth of the pot and then covers that earth removed with the lavender seeds.

If you do not have indoor or outdoor pots, you can put bowls of wood, or mud, inside the house full of earth and bury (of song) a silver coin and another copper covering the soil removed with lavender seeds.

We must frequently moisten the land where the coins and seeds have been planted so that they take root and new plants are born, to the same extent that prosperity and abundance will continue to increase in your life. If you have not managed to get the seeds to grow or prosper after a month of having carried out the ritual, then it would be good to repeat it until you can verify that the seeds have caught well and therefore new plants will be born afterwards.