Who does not believe in the good or bad luck? Many people say that if they perform rituals or spells, they will leave behind everything negative; attracting what is good and prosperity. Practice these wonderful rituals so that flow all the energy of the universe on your life.

Aries: Prepare a bath with different flowers, which must contain abundant petals of red roses, a sprig of fern, star anise and three grains of pepper; as well as abundant florid water, blessed water. Then light a green and a red candle.

Taurus: The spiritual bath must be prepared with a dose of mint, geraniums, cinnamon powder and black sugar. All this mixed with water and drops of your favorite perfume and burn incense of roses.

Gemini: Prepare a bath with yellow flowers, water of roses, flowers of pumpkin and cinnamon powder. While bathing talk with God, forgetting and forgiving the bad things.

Cancer: The symbolic cleaning is burn a paper in which you have written everything sad and frustrating lived. You must have in your home a cup or glass of water. Take a dip with extract of sea water or river (purifying it with fire), two “trickles” of your favorite perfume, honey, and white rose petals.

Leo: The bathroom of Leo for prosperity and good luck contains flowers such as sunflowers and gladiolus, cider or champagne and three tablespoons of black sugar. Try to do it on a day Sunday.

Virgo: You must make an incense of spikenard, rosemary and vanilla, and pass through the whole house. Then light a candle of silver, which symbolizes the money and prosperity.

Libra: Your bath of flowering should contain daisy petals and pink roses. Add rue, rosemary, a sprig of toothpick, and at least three on eucalyptus leaves.

Scorpio: Using lily-white flowers, lilies or gardenias. Add white sugar, honey and a little milk. While bathing lights a white candle.

Sagittarius: Your spiritual bath for good luck should have sage leaves, basil, mint, and all the medicinal and sacred plants that you can get. Let it dry some of the plants that excess, and prepare an incense, adding flower petals.

Capricorn: Your bath should have coconut water, water from river and sea; perfume of your preference and red carnations. You must light a candle of yellow or violet color, in order to improve your spiritual evolution and material.

Aquarius: Prepare your own incense with myrrh, spices clove, powder cinnamon, powder nutmeg, dried petals of roses, and sandalwood powder; then pass the incense ignited throughout your home.

Pisces: Fill the bathtub with water; add 2 tablespoons of salt, a bit of seaweed, petals of chrysanthemums and immerse yourself for a while closing the eyes, meditating and visualizing what you want.

Catch the good luck! Focus your mind in the faith and the positivism! Practice the spells, for which the fortune will smile.