Psychic Reader – What are His Extrasensory Abilities?


A psychic reader is a gifted individual that possesses the uncanny ability to look into other people’s minds. He is also able to predict future events. There are times when they can inform people on the significance of past-life occurrences on their lives. Psychic readers are becoming popular via the Internet. This is the reason why the debate exists on whether online psychics are authentic. As it is, a lot of psychic readers are quick in claiming that they possess extrasensory abilities. Such psychics might practice their abilities in certain areas, like Tarot card readings, palm readings, psychometrics, aura readings, astrology, and even past-life readings. A lot of psychics are able to do their exceptional abilities even without using any tools. There is a distinct psychic reader, known as a psychic clairvoyant, which can perform face-to-face readings at the place of a client and psychic parties. A psychic clairvoyant can even do distant psychic readings on the phone or via the Internet.

Palm Reader

There are categories of psychic readers, and the various types of reading that they do. One is the palm reader. He is seen at carnivals and fairs. The reading that he does involves foretelling the future of the subject, based on his appearance or the lines on his palms. Palmistry is known to be a learned ability. An individual does not have to possess clairvoyant ability to become good at it.

Tarot Card Reader

There are psychic readers who utilize Tarot cards in order to know the future of an individual. The deck of cards is laid on the table, and the reader simply interprets what it says. Again, tarot card reading does not require an unusual psychic talent. A reader only needs a Tarot deck of 78 cards, and he is ready to predict one’s future. Such reading might involve events related to the person’s job, relationships and health. Readings from tarot are based on combinations, as well as symbols that bear specific meanings. While many reading can be fairly accurate, two readers may provide totally different readings even if looking at the same spread of Tarot cards.

Distant psychic reader

This psychic reader performs readings remotely, without meeting or talking to his client. In such a reading, the reader asks his client some questions about his life. From the client’s answer, the distant psychic reader formulates the best answer, or solution, to the client’s problems. While such psychic reading is hardly credible, it puts to rest all doubts about the ability of the psychic if his reading is correct.

Aura reader

Another interesting psychic reader, however, not quite popular among clients seeking psychic services, is the aura reader. The reading of an aura is done with the unique interpretation of cascading outlines and hues on the body surface of the subject. The aura reader sees the immense significance of these auras, which differ in color, size, intensity and shape. A number of psychic readers claim to know forthcoming events by observing a client’s aura.