Prepare for a Tarot Reading


Prepare for a Tarot Reading

Now that you have your Tarot deck and you know how to protect it from negativity you may feel ready to give a reading. Here is what you should know before you read cards to another person.

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have brushed up on your tarot basics. You will need to know the 78 cards as well as the major arcana and the four suits. You will basically need to know what you are doing before you give a reading.

You will need to decide if you will be using reversals and the reversed meanings. You will need to be consistent in this so decide beforehand.

In some tarot tradition the reader will select a card that will represent the Querent which is the person you are reading for. This card is sometimes referred to as the Significator card, which can be selected based on age and maturity level or even personality. You do not need to assign a Querent if you don’t want to.

Having the Querent shuffle the deck is a good idea as the cards can pick up on their energy. If you do not want the Querent to shuffle then you can ask them to cut the deck into three piles. When they cut the deck they should ask a silent and important question for the focus of the reading. If you feel the Querent has negative energy you can cleanse the deck after the reading.

You will then need to decide on the layout you want to use. You will start at the top of the deck and place the cards in the order that is dictated by your spread. When you turn the cards you should flip them from one side to the other. Place the cards in your chosen layout in front of you before you read them. Put the remaining deck to the side once all the cards are laid out.

Look over the spread and look for any patterns.

  • Many Swords: indicates conflict
  • Many Wands: indicates big changes
  • Many Pentacles/Coins: indicates financial problems
  • Many Cups: indicates love and relationship problems
  • Many major arcana: this could indicate that the Querent’s question might not be controlled by them.
  • Many 8’s: shows a change and progressive movement in life
  • Many Aces: shows powerful energy of the suit’s element

Once you have given them the once over you can begin your reading.