Pluto – Rahu conjunction


(Natal. Pluto → Natal. Rahu)

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

The special gift of guessing the dominant direction, energy and will help them to use this to their advantage. The ability to intuitively grasp the forces that shape these directions, but more thoughtfully and calculated than under Neptune. They can make capital from this ability, disinterestedly or not, the aspects will say. At worst, a dangerous tendency to manipulate social forces that are very dangerous. This may turn out to be a trap, or the force will destroy the one encroaching on it, then the person will lose control over himself, a collapse will occur, in which area depends on the house and where he is the master.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Deep intuition, the gift of guessing the dominant direction in culture and society. Ability to use this knowledge. For the benefit or harm of others – other aspects will say.


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