Pluto in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Striving for divine, supersensible union with a partner. More often than not, life does not present such opportunities. A man bows to strength, he is irresistibly attracted to what he fears. He strives for merging, but in his soul he remains alone. Emotions are intense and close to extreme, but the person keeps them under control. He is capable of rage and jealousy, which he drives inside. The task is to get to know oneself better through trust and intimacy with a partner. Intuitive understanding of internal processes, special abilities in physics. Extremes: All or Nothing. They take life seriously. They only do essential things. They often find themselves in situations where it is about life and death, forcing a sharp change in the course in the way of life and views on morality. They do a lot of things in secret. You are a person of immense depth and are seriously interested in all the hidden, dark sides of life. What others fear attracts you and you strive to experience everything. You are intrigued by the use and abuse of personal, social and political power. Death is also a topic that you are fascinated with and that you can deeply explore. You may have many situations that force you to burn your bridges and start over.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– associated with dramatic social collisions. If a person is socially active, then he is an extremist, a party leader, if he is antisocially active, then a mafia, a criminal, a gang leader. Takes part in terrorist attacks and other dangerous activities. Rarely dies alone. Danger from mass death: during earthquakes, floods, fires, explosions. You should also beware of dungeons, insects, predators, and poisonous snakes. Increased ability to self-renew. Collective activities promote self-transformation. High chances of getting rich. A person is connected with world financial processes (unofficially, secretly, through dummies, he controls large funds). Maybe a banker, a big businessman, a nuclear physicist, genetic engineering, reanimation.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Feeling your death as a global event, you should behave accordingly. Pluto in the 8th house is a symbolic ruler. It is necessary to move from one egregor to another correctly: having fulfilled all your duties to the first and assuming a new program of service with full responsibility. This is exactly what Pluto is watching in the VIII house, therefore, having this position of Pluto in the natal chart, one should say goodbye to the idea of the possibility of taking his feet out of a difficult, tense, but unfinished situation for free. Developing humility of this kind is very difficult, since the average person does not think in terms of his duties to the egregor (although he is not alien to the idea of his rights in him), namely, Pluto will demand their fulfillment, forcing a person to pay alimony to the last penny even before divorce. And since this often turns out to be technically impossible, a person has to put up with and drag the hateful strap in an unloved family, work, social circle without the hope of change, or these changes turn out to be so painful and destructive that it is not clear whether they should have been desired. Another option – Pluto makes a lazy or unscrupulous person pay the bills when the time of service to the egregor has already ended, and his tasks have not yet been completed. Then a more or less cruel, but completely inevitable execution occurs, and the person is forcibly transferred to a tougher egregor, where it is almost impossible to evade service, and creativity succeeds within very limited limits (examples: a breakdown in a marriage with a soft partner and subsequent marriage “under the thumb “Or transfer from a high position to a much lower one). The study of Pluto in the VIII house makes it possible to accurately see and correct the mistakes of people at critical moments in their lives, which means great magical power and a vision of the most difficult places of karmic programs. Another option is a black teacher of the lowest kind, a tormentor and executioner, endowed with a very tough egregor, whom he serves, and possessing great power; such people rarely die a natural death. Psychological crises can be associated with the frustration of the desire for power over the world, as well as with numerous irrational phobias, the general meaning of which is the fear of God in its most destructive form. The way out of the crisis either occurs on its own, and (sometimes) is accompanied by great changes in the psyche and perception of the world, or requires taking a responsible life position for everything that a person does in his life, it does not matter whether people see it or not. The relationship with the team is complex; often it seems to a person that the team is pressing him (psychologically or in fact), and a psychologically understandable, but karmically wrong desire to subordinate him to his will and power arises, which should be overcome by finding ways of constructive cooperation with the team based on the balance of personal and group ethics. A person has a great deal of power to criticize collective morality and an ability to see its flaws, which rarely makes a person positively popular.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. You steadfastly reject intimacy with some people, while others you are attracted manic, in their presence your sensitivity becomes extremely powerful. Your behavior boomerangs back to you: people often react to you in the same way – either everything or nothing. You are fascinated by the subtle power of intimate relationships, although you are often mistaken about the source of this power, believing that it comes from another person. This is not true. Its source is a joint relationship, fueled by something mysterious within you. The main trap is trying to control the power of the subconscious, which usually leads to disaster. The challenge is to be receptive to unconscious energy sources. Power will still be present in the joint relationship, but no one will dominate or obey. And then the whole will become greater than the sum of the parts, and the mystery will reveal itself. Transformation. You simultaneously love and fear the tension of joint relationships, for you are fascinated by the mysterious sides of life. When you finally surrender yourself to these relationships, your personality can literally change. Old habits, old ways of thinking and feeling will disappear completely, so it will be quite difficult for you to even imagine that they once existed. However, don’t forget who you were just now. Real transformation requires a gradual transition from one state to another, rather than a one-time leap. The challenge is to embrace change without resistance. Transformation has its own special laws that differ from the laws of ordinary life. Let the death of the ego take place in its own way and in due time. Sexual fusion. Sexual relationships, surprisingly, can be normal most of the time, despite the manic desire for them. You suffer from “insipid” intimacy, but subconsciously you are preparing for a deep process of basic liberation. Suddenly you enter the rhythmic tension of sex, you explode like a volcano. Once you find the relationship you want, there is no return for you. You can only subordinate your will to something deeper and more powerful, respecting the force that erases your past and reveals a new sense of self. The trap, as usual, is control. Do not suppress yourself or seek to dominate your loved one. The challenge is to believe that once you are consumed by the “black hole” of sexual union, you will be reborn renewed, just as a chrysalis is reborn into a butterfly. Focused intuition. Invisible information is constantly being absorbed by your subconscious. It is there in a frozen state, like water in an iceberg, nine-tenths hidden in the depths of the ocean. Then, at some point in time, some experience of a joint relationship will release all the information at once. You enter a phase of unimaginable sensitivity, with enough strength and pressure to tear life apart – sometimes the lives of other people, sometimes your own. Trap – reckless resistance to the deep currents of intuition, causing earthquakes. The challenge is to let your understanding of the universe change as you hand out what flows through you. You are prone to extremes in relationships and behavior when money and partnerships connect with each other. You can be a greedy gold digger, interested only in what you can get out of partnerships, and not wanting to pay attention to everything else. But you can just as easily be selfless, giving other people such powerful support that exceeds their wildest dreams. It is not submission to duty, but an incentive for recognition and wealth. Explore these motives, otherwise they can ruin your life and destroy partnerships. It is a trap. The task is to learn how to transmute the desire for gold, to understand the alchemical processes taking place both in the field of money and in the field of psychology. Learn to transform what has no value into something that is of great value, and, using doubled knowledge, transform yourself into something cleaner and more refined. “

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The thoughts of such a person are often completely occupied with the problems of the outside world. Religious life and occult pursuits are of great importance to him. The body is adapted to the rapid recovery of strength and structures, and therefore this aspect is often found in centenarians. An analytical mind allows a good understanding of complex financial issues, thanks to which such a person has great authority in solving relevant problems. Research success is possible, especially in the fields of physics and medicine. The profession of such people is often associated with death in one form or another. The defeat of the planet inclines to excessive sensitivity and narrow-minded fanaticism. Such a person does not want to stop at anything in order to fulfill his selfish intentions and prevail over potential victims, who are blissfully ignorant until the due date. He has a keen interest in the problems of karma, astrology, yoga and meditation. He himself has a powerful occult influence on others. Capable of instant intuitive comprehension of internal processes, which makes him irreplaceable in research. Strong will is combined with clairvoyance and the gift of prophecy. Such a person not only comes out victorious from dangerous life situations, but also helps others to restore their depleted energy sources. He takes life seriously and is prone to radicalism – either all or nothing. He does not like platitudes and emptiness, he is inclined to do only essential things. The emergence of the question of life or death when in extreme situations forces him to dramatically change his lifestyle and transform ethical views. It is at critical moments that such a person shows special resilience and ingenuity. He prefers to do a lot in secret, often tempted by the possibility of abuse of the gift of suggestion and the ability to occult influence on others. The defeat of the planet creates a number of serious problems in connection with insurance, taxes, inheritance and partner money. In this case, lawsuits can end disastrously for a person. Death can come to him in a secret setting. Life is in danger quite often. Working with a marriage partner or business associate can bring him great profits. Often, an occult gift helps him earn big money. Such people are very power-hungry and tend to demonstrate their power in front of others. They tend to engage in psychoanalysis. Often hypochondriac and suspicious due to extreme sensitivity. They are distinguished by increased sexuality, or, on the contrary, a complete lack of interest in eroticism. Death may be premature and overtake a person under mysterious circumstances.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Neptune has a strong effect in the 8th house. VIII the fixed house creates a difficult environment for this “supersensitive instrument”, leaving little room for spontaneity within rigid social structures. Neptune adapts to this by assimilating the ideals most appropriate for a given culture. Literally with mother’s milk, he absorbs her inherent ideas of ideal love. A little later, in fairy tales, myths, legends, classics, he finds heroes who embody ideal love for him. These Neptunian concepts are highly abstract, stylized, and combined with a great intolerance towards all those who hold different beliefs. Penetration into ancient symbolism can enrich our lives, but it can also limit thinking to stereotypes that become our only guide. As a result, we perceive the world in terms of black and white, considering ourselves good, and all others – bad. VIII – a house of prejudice, especially in connection with Mars and even more with the Moon. Neptune in the 8th house cannot be called intolerant in the usual sense of the word, because it does not give rise to aggression, but it gives clear beliefs in which all other views are rejected by definition.



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