Pluto in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Marriage, partnerships, and social connections are life-changing. They attract strong-willed partners. A sense of justice, a harsh reaction to omissions and deception of others. Your one-on-one relationship is characterized by emotional richness, indefatigable attraction, a sense of the presence of rock or fate. You just can’t have an easy, superficial relationship; they are inevitably deep, strong in feel, and reveal your depth to you. You may be drawn to powerful, influential, strong-willed people who challenge, go against, and ultimately awaken your own strength and power. Your marriage is probably the foundation for significant growth.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a fateful partnership. As with Neptune in this house, a viscous relationship that is difficult to get rid of. Marriage is determined by social processes. There is no choice – a person is placed in such conditions that he cannot have another partner. The partner is “plutonic”, unusual, extraordinary, dangerous or rare profession.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Where do I see the meaning of my life? To know oneself and then not to strangle oneself, but to die a natural death. This Pluto position was in Persephone. But even this heroic woman endured the company of her husband Aida for only 6 months a year. The defeat of Pluto gives a dark subconscious feeling that the hostile world wants to kill a person, and each enemy is viewed as a potential and ruthless killer who only dreams of actualizing his intention. A person pretty soon begins to perceive his enemies as fatal. His attitude to this fate can be different: from complete unconditional acceptance to attempts at a desperate struggle, ending, as a rule, with the complete defeat of a person, and sometimes his enemies too. Here, the study of Pluto in the 7th house consists not only in developing humility in front of specific irreparable losses as a result of battles, but also in curbing one’s own destructive aggression towards the enemy and the outside world as a whole, often accompanied by a (subconscious or explicit) desire for power over them. This person’s relationship with partners is not easy, a gloomy, overwhelming beginning is manifested. His indications of shortcomings can be accurate, but just as unpleasant, and a person does not seek and does not consider it necessary to mitigate them, especially if there are no harmonious aspects or elaboration of Pluto. Partners, however, will also rarely be cheerful, but joint work will bring great success if you learn to focus the action of Pluto exactly where it is required (what exactly, its aspects will indicate).

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Marriage, partnership and some kind of social connections will dramatically change life. These people attract strong-willed, dominant partners with occult inclinations. Pluto is here in exile: the desire to command the weak or obey the strong himself. With good aspects – an intuitive understanding of other people and the motives of their behavior, a good position for psychologists, lawyers, judges.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. Your guide through the depths and nooks of your subconscious, helping you to bring to the surface the hidden contents of your past – interactions with other people. You can meet with someone and instantly feel that your deep self is revealed, or vice versa, for a long time you may not recognize yourself in another person. The trap is not recognizing that. that what you observe in other people is a reflection of your subconscious. A wide variety of false beliefs can lodge in your head – from the “positive” feeling that it is your partner who embodies the amazing qualities that you observe, to “hammering” into your head the opinion that your partner is the source of all conflicts or painful feelings and therefore should be blamed for all disharmony. The challenge is to be ready to see yourself in other people and regardless of this willingness to allow yourself to change. Equal relationship. You need to understand the influence that you have on other people, especially intimate partners. You are a power station that generates often violent emotions, and it is when you enter into partnerships that these emotions rise up from underground storage facilities. Your passion bursts out like a volcanic eruption. The pitfalls are control, the tendency to dominate in partnerships, or vice versa, to obey them. Partnerships represent psychological peaks in your development, marks of high and sometimes low “level” of your emotional life. They are watersheds in your development. Some of your relationships die completely, some go with you through various stages of your development. The challenge is to honor the best relationships and hope that they will evolve with you. Contracts, commitments. Commitment is a deep topic. You either give yourself completely to the agreements, or do not participate in them at all; there is no middle ground. The disharmony of agreement between you and your partner is a serious issue, and the main pitfall is the tendency of one partner to demand excessive assurances of agreement from the other partner. The challenge is to recognize that agreement is the vehicle for the deepest change. Do not enter into a relationship that does not possess powerful magnetism, and equally, if a contract is made, fulfill it completely. Each agreement is an opportunity for growth, cleansing from the old and accepting the new. Your desire to collaborate comes from your depths, but real collaboration is a difficult process. Focus on your deepest intentions. What do you really want from your partner? Have you investigated what your partner is touching within you? Are you aware of how partnerships are changing your motivations? Are you ready to study your own demons? If so, then give all your strength to cooperation, knowing that it will ennoble your own dark world. If not, examine your readiness again and again. Don’t rush into battle with yourself based on the choices the other person has made. The challenge is to understand that driving out your demons is entirely your business and your responsibility, not your partner’s. If you do this, you will free yourself from inner bondage. Partners or partnerships. Your natural partner is a person whose emotional tension shines like a beacon during a storm; this is a person who understands the streams of feelings that periodically cleanse the space of personality development. The partner affects you deeply; He is the divine finger, pointing to the highest desires and the most terrible sides of partnerships, revealing the light and dark sides of partnership. Natural partnership encourages a change in the essence of your self-understanding. They are tense even when you and your partner are involved in the most social activities. Relationships force you to explore your motives, to cleanse and renew yourself. The image is a smoking volcano, not yet erupting, but still active, cold outside, but bubbling inside.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a dynamic, active, temperamental and very attractive person. By his activity, he has the same strong influence on others as the people around him. A life partner can be attracted by him from a different cultural and social environment, and therefore significant efforts will be required for mutual adaptation, manifested on both sides. Often these people enter into forced marriage and divorce due to circumstances beyond their control. Often the partner leaves them for unknown reasons of a higher order. With the correct use of energies, such a person is able to pave his way in life and form a positive public opinion about himself. Such a person can gain wide recognition and become very famous, especially if he tied his fame, destiny and success with a partner. When energy is misused, many legal problems arise, and in the absence of proper tact and diplomacy, a person can make many enemies for himself. Marriage and responsible partnerships profoundly and dramatically change the person’s life. He tends to attract strong-willed dominant partners with pronounced occult inclinations. He is characterized by a keen sense of justice and violent reactions to dishonesty and deception of others. He must learn to cooperate constructively and develop tact and diplomacy sparing no effort. Has the ability to intuitively understand a neighbor and the true motives of his behavior. The aspect favors psychologists, lawyers and judges. There is a tendency to command the weak or obey the strong. Such a person needs to learn how to share responsibility and initiative with others. The marriage is usually late and not too romantic. Celibacy is possible. There is a tendency to jealousy, there is a danger of a sudden divorce. The marriage life of such a person is full of coercion, violence, or, on the contrary, powerlessness, due to the impossibility of influencing the course of events. Such a person is forced to control his relationship with a partner and joint affairs with colleagues and companions all the time. It is especially necessary to monitor compliance with contractual obligations in co-authorship and the conclusion of serious contracts. More than one marriage is possible or a hidden secret connection that exists in parallel with the official family life. Widowhood and complete bankruptcy are not excluded in the event of the collapse of the joint venture. The life of such a person is accompanied by strong and bright enemies, and forced emigration is possible. All the blows and vicissitudes of the partner’s fate will by themselves be reflected on this person.