Pluto in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

They want to set the tone within their own four walls. It is often possible, thanks to ingenuity, to make home life easier. The connection with the earth is expressed in love for nature, interest in ecology, nature protection, geology and other methods of exploring the earth. In your childhood, there was a lot of hidden or secret in the house, and you absorbed a feeling of shame or a feeling that you need to hide and protect yourself from others. One of the parents was especially strongly connected to you and had a deep influence on you – perhaps, invisibly dominated or controlled you. Your task is to reveal the secrets of the past, as well as learn to be understandable and close to others, without controlling yourself and without control from the outside.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person likes to change everything in the house, often make repairs, renovate the home. The house is threatened by crooks. We have to make efforts to preserve the integrity of the home, safety. Family relationships are authoritarian. There are disputes “who is stronger” between family members, among parents among themselves. If Pluto is struck, it is an incomplete family. External circumstances force you to move from home. Change place of residence (a village in the reservoir zone).

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Arbiter. In addition to very high levels of elaboration of this Pluto position, in the depths of this person’s soul there is a hopeless darkness, which, fortunately, is usually completely supplanted by a life position: “the world is going to destruction, and I need power over it so that they do not perish first”. Here, to a constructive life position is very far away, in a person’s soul there is some kind of fanatical gloom, and it is easier for him to pretend than to really be imbued with life-affirming attitudes. Working out gives the desire for power in order to destroy in life that bad that prevents the world and people from living, including in themselves. At a high level, a person can greatly change and rebuild himself, but usually the black fire coming from the bottom of his soul burns its living pieces too, so that inner work often smacks of self-torture. But on the other hand, a person is inclined to ask, respectively, what he should get out of the habit, remembering that everyone works out his karma in his place: Zeus on the blooming Olympus, Hades in the kingdom of the dead, in the interfluve of Styx, Cocytus and Acheront. At a high level, this person destroys karmic knots, acting as the supreme arbiter of destinies, but this requires a complete study of IV and X houses and the map as a whole, and not least, the realization that all power in this world is from God, and man is only her guide, more or less perfect. Only after the complete elimination of the deep complex of power does a person develop a religious feeling and a feeling of his karmic program, which removes the mystical fear of annihilation and gives solid ground under his feet – a feeling that was completely unknown until then. At home, this person causes a gloomy, oppressive feeling in loved ones; his criticism tends to be destructive; when working out it can be very accurate, but even in this case, members of his family can be given a medal for living with such a person. With a weak energy, Pluto can, on the contrary, put pressure on the person himself, for example, through one of the family members (in childhood, this may be the father). Here, karmically, it is required to develop humility before the inevitable fate, in the form as it manifests itself in a person’s home and family. This is not at all necessarily a serious illness or death – much more often disorder and deprivation of an insignificant order, but with a clear taste of hopelessness. From the point of view of personality astrology, a person dies for you not when his soul leaves his body, but when your contact stops (joint meditations) and you become hopelessly bored next to him.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

He wants to set the tone within his four walls. Love for nature, interest in ecology, geology, in general to earth; often related to mining. With bad aspects, one of the parents will die early. At a later age – occult studies, mysterious affairs for the sake of the family. The danger of a power struggle within the family or wider community.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. Your inner sanctuary is a dark and mysterious place. It can be comfortable or generate misgivings, but in any case, it contacts the unknown. Your inner self is a mystery located in the realm of psychological whirlwinds, in the crucible of transformation, and not in a safe Paradise. The trap lies in the possible absorption of your conscious self into this unknown space, while the task is to use the inner sanctuary in the same way as the caterpillar uses its cocoon: to promote fundamental changes in consciousness. Personal safety. Personal safety comes from the depths of your self. Home as a place in physical space is meaningless, but home as a psychological construct is omnipresent. You are often unable to appreciate the complexity of your relationship with your family by stating that you do not need safety, even if you try to find a safe place in your own depths over and over again. The family is a channel of opposition to a tremendous force, the force of the unconscious, and the trap is to let yourself be consumed by this force or to let it dominate you. The challenge is to revive a more gentle and noble form of family security, in which there is no need to control others or subordinate oneself to others. Your imprints are by nature the deepest. For you, there was no difference between events and emotions, for everything was mixed with each other in a deep, sealed chamber located in the depths of your “I” below the level of consciousness. You may have always had an almost infallible sense of family involvement, but it is more likely that you did not know why you ended up in this family, what your function was in it, or how you were connected with family members. None of the planets, except Pluto, indicate a gigantic need for the disclosure of imprints formed in the first years of life. This is a case of classical psychotherapy, when the light of awareness, which is the result of many years of painstaking work, is able to completely transform the understanding of your environment. A parent who is “internally connected” with a person. Pluto, even more so than Mars, indicates the existence of power conflicts between mother and child. These conflicts can form an unshakable internal connection, but curiously, the depth of this connection is often not visible or denied. Perhaps you felt the dominance or leadership of the powerful love of your mother, who tried to realize her life with your help, however, any resentment is often hidden under the sugar cover of feigned love and respect. Even in the happiest and most joyful childhood, you cannot but be taken care of without a certain amount of compulsion. you will comprehend all the feelings that you experience. If in the end you comprehend all the feelings that you have for your mother (and she for you), get to their very bottom, then you will discover the hidden relationship of all mothers and children. Private intuition. Somewhere within you is hidden a source of boundless power and knowledge, which is like a secret weapon used only in very important situations or in case of great danger. The trick is that it is usually invisible to the conscious mind: you have to hunt for it, keep an eye on it until it discovers itself; you chase him until he catches you. The function of personal intuition in this case is the destruction of outdated, old-fashioned games of life, a radical change in your emotional orientation from the inside out. You are rarely admitted to your supervisors, but they will let you know when this meeting will take place. They are like spiritual surgeons with very sharp scalpels, unresponsive to superficial details. They pierce the very heart, the essence of phenomena and events.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is able to change very deeply, right up to complete transformation. The house is the center of his existence, and he wants to enjoy absolute authority among the household. As a child, he was prone to quarrels and scandals. Serious family discord, the early loss of one of the parents, or life with tyrannical relatives are likely. In the last decades of his life, such a person can become seriously rich, especially if he is engaged in science or real estate trading. The defeat of the planet inclines towards open protest against generally accepted values and a strange distance from society. Such a person wants to set the tone in the walls of his home, which, when the planet is defeated, does not like the home. With perseverance, insight and ingenuity, he can seriously make life easier for his family. Loves nature, is interested in ecology. Curious about minerals and earth history, possibly dowser talent. Such a person loves to relax in the mountains, is inclined to engage in occultism. His family life is often imbued with a spirit of secrecy; renewed power struggles and serious, sometimes even dangerous conflicts are possible in the house. Such a person openly strives for freedom and independence from the family, he is inclined to lead a secluded lifestyle, as well as to change his place of residence and reorganize his home. Accidents due to falls during childhood and drowning risks are possible. The relationship with the father is assumed to be tense and conflicting. The end of life can be spent in poverty and loneliness, with the defeat of the planet. In the parental home, such a person is prone to aggressive and violent behavior. The home environment can facilitate the development of paranormal psychic abilities. The supernatural strangely invades all areas of life and home. Often such people are professionally engaged in psychotronics, suggestion and psychotherapy. They love to undertake all kinds of research, satisfying their thirst for the unknown, delving into the secrets of the brain and space. They tend to train animals and work in the secret services. In natural disasters, their homes are the first to be destroyed. Emigration and serious unfavorable changes in connection with the fate of the home are possible.


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