Pluto in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The acuity of the mind, able to understand the fundamental laws of being. Very specific views that are often expressed very loudly. They do not agree to deviate from their opinion even one step, unless the indisputable facts will pin them to the wall. Thanks to the richness of ideas, they easily find friends and partners who help in the foundation and improvement of ideas. Rich in spiritual capabilities and scientific talent. You have a shrewd mind and highly developed analytical, critical thinking. A job that requires research, uncovering secrets, hidden causes, or deep study and analysis is very suitable for you. Your speech is persuasive and you make others advocates for your point of view through the intensity of your beliefs.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the ability to concentrate on one thought, intolerance to other people’s statements, in a conversation – pressure. A person has a tendency to abuse, slander, strong expressions. He has an insightful mind that analyzes any phenomenon to the “atomic” level. Speech defects are possible: poor diction, stuttering. Difficulties in primary education – school change, poor relationships with fellow practitioners.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

What is a black teacher? The person who points out my flaws too accurately. In communication, this person looks gloomy, although, of course, not to the same extent as with Pluto on the Ascendant. In people he tends to see small and large flaws, while ignoring extenuating circumstances; with Pluto worked out, he is usually right. Working out consists, first of all, in the awareness and correction of personal internal imperfections that have caused defects and vices visible in external life. This position of Pluto requires the development of humility in front of any unsatisfactory social situations in which a person is powerless to do anything constructive, and first of all, humility in front of the fact that he will not be everyone’s favorite, as with Jupiter or Venus in the III house, and also not will receive full power over the people around him (of course, with the best intentions to eradicate all their obvious shortcomings and burn out the vices that remain after that with a hot iron). In a harmonious version, people will respectfully accept his criticism. In case of defeat, destructive conflicts with the environment are possible with the background of the destruction of everything that is possible. With a strong inclusion of Pluto – obsessions that people want to avenge him for some terrible sins; that there are wars of a planetary scale in the lower strata of the astral plane, the content of which is not a struggle for justice, but the destruction of the living. During training, plots with a strong mental impact from the teacher, destructive criticism are possible; probably the development of an educational inferiority complex with a fatal theme: “my black rock still won’t let me understand and learn anything.” When Pluto is defeated, psychological games with teachers are accompanied by a gloomy and oppressive feeling of their hopeless superiority. In these games, the student cannot win, but if he even simply does not break, he will receive a strong channel of power over the world, which he will not necessarily use for good: in fate, a variant of practical black teaching is possible, the details of which will show aspects of Pluto. Harmonious aspects give the ability to thoroughly analyze the material under study, see and correct weaknesses in it. Working out gives you the ability to learn all your life, never ceasing to see your (and others’) flaws and karmic obstacles, while not getting tired of overcoming them and not losing enthusiasm.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. Pluto’s position in the 3rd house indicates that your subconscious mind is talking to you through your immediate environment. Such a conversation is like hunting for bird eggs in the East or searching for a hidden treasure. What turns stimuli and movement in the real world into positive or negative experiences is the presence or absence of a “soul map” of the environment. Activity for its own sake is meaningless; what matters is the ability to see signs and signposts at critical moments. The trap is blind submission to your need to explore, to seek out the chained but hidden treasures that are everywhere, often right under your nose. The challenge is to keep your activities deeply focused and remember that reality is often completely different from the one that appears before your eyes. The complexity and confusion of your thinking is inexpressible. The mind makes its way from the depths to the surface very slowly, like volcanic magma, but this process goes on incessantly, because with all the fibers of your soul you feel the power that knowledge gives, and strive for it. If you are able to harness this power, then it will work wonders for both you and the people around you. The trap is not to notice the intensity of your brain, and the task is to master control over your thinking resources by learning the rules of logic. For you, curiosity is a probe, a drill, penetrating the surface of life in order to reach its hidden spaces. Never satisfied with the facade of life, you want to contemplate electrical wiring inside the walls, water pipes laid under the floor. At times, you will probably be bored with other curious puzzles, but you will not hesitate to throw them away from you in search of what you believe is below the surface or somewhere in the distance. Your curiosity is mentally tense, but sometimes emotionally blind. The trap is symbolic vivisection, while the challenge is to respect the mysterious integrity of life. Here, for the first time, a child encounters something that is bigger and more powerful. It can be the authority of teachers, a sudden attack by a group of peers, surprise caused by the learning process itself. But in any case, these early years can dramatically affect life in one of two ways: either life will be psychologically open or closed. Basic education again and again makes itself felt and repeats itself in the adult life of a person. Fundamental learning is the foundation, the key to human life. Communication. Your speech directly comes from the deepest spaces of inner experiences, spaces that are often unknown to your consciousness. The key image here is invisibility. Words and feelings boil together very deep below the surface, gradually creating an alloy that is neither fish nor meat in itself. For a long time you can be silent, as if you have taken water in your mouth, and then suddenly spew a stream of words. It should be said that this verbal explosion is inherent in irresistible power. Your statements about people can carry such a color of teaching that you did not intend to create, so be prepared for harsh criticism of your words, for they often cut the living. Other people should not expect self-criticism from you, but if this happens, then the statement will be direct, harsh and all-encompassing.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a very determined and decisive person, always striving to be on everyone’s lips and persistently expressing himself in oration and writing. Education is of great importance for such a person, and sooner or later he will achieve the diploma he needs, but the path to it is not easy, perhaps even expulsion from school or university. He often has to meet face to face with setbacks and troubles, which serves him as a good lesson. At some point in life, he can safely go for a radical change in the entire structure of existence. If the planet is defeated, it can lose a child, quarrel with neighbors or get a serious mental disorder. A keen mind helps him to comprehend the fundamental laws of being. Such a person expresses himself extremely categorically and likes to talk very loudly. He does not want to deviate from his opinion a single step until the indisputable facts will not pin him to the wall. Thanks to the wealth of ideas, it is easy to find friends and partners who help him in putting forward and improving ideas. Scientific talent, spiritual ability and interest in the study of occult sciences are possible. Often such people are responsible for very important classified information. If they divulge anything they trusted, they would be in serious trouble with it. Such people like to travel secretly for the same business and reasons known to them. On these trips, strange events occur, accidents are possible. The defeat of the planet inclines to quarrels with relatives, clashes with employees and public organizations. Such people are highly versatile and inclusive, intelligent and resourceful. They are prone to fragmentation of forces and to attempts to independently implement what should be implemented by a whole group of people. There is a tendency to deceit, self-deception and outright cynicism in allies. The character is restless, the behavior is fussy, if the interests of such a person are deeply affected. He has a gift for finding application in the most unexpected conditions and unusual areas of life. His great passions can be realized in phenomenal abilities in literature, science, journalism, traditional medicine, and in esotericism. Such a person is prone to risky, bold and daring ventures. Mental relaxation is achieved by them through strenuous physical work, walks and long hikes, as well as by meeting the public and communicating with like-minded people. The defeat of the planet leads to the fact that the destructive forces of the environment unexpectedly fall on the person himself. Danger may lie in wait for him during a move or flight, on the street, transport or in a public place. The protection against accidents is simple – deception and self-deception should be avoided.


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