Pluto in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

An ambitious pursuit of money and material possessions. A person’s financial ambitions include other people’s money. Probably, for you money, wealth and material resources are a “fix idea”. You can either completely reject material desires and possessions, or you can be completely captured by possession, possessiveness and accumulation. Your attitudes towards owning, saving, and co-owning will undergo significant changes throughout your life – and you will be either extremely lucky or completely unlucky.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is looking for things with a hidden meaning, unusual, collects objects of antiquity, antiquity, stones, metals, maybe the remains of some objects, drawing the whole in his imagination. Social cataclysms are dramatically changing the resource situation. This is one of the strongest positions for the second house. If the horoscope is stable, then the person controls huge funds (which cannot be used directly). Can connect to the global banking network. Deals with the energy of the nucleus. It is not excluded that the body can work on these energies. There is a desire to work, is able to connect deep resources, in critical situations to spread oneself without a trace.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If the hut is not red in the corners, then the pies are hardly baked in it. The sensation of this person is not very pleasant, although this feeling can be repressed; he feels as if he is being X-rayed, looking for rotten spots. A person is addicted to his environment and is inclined to see (often quite perceptively) negative aspects of it. At a low level, this can give general nihilism or lust for power in order to destroy everything that a person does not like, and this usually turns out to be quite a lot. If Pluto is defeated, there can be many hardships in a person’s life, in particular financial disasters, but also quick enrichments. This position of Pluto develops humility before the imperfection of the environment in which he lives, and is also called upon to expose the shortcomings of the ethics of human behavior in this environment. As usual, Pluto acts painfully and destructively, but at first very minor manifestations that should be monitored, constantly adjusting your non-specific ethics and views on relations with the outside world in general. Perhaps Pluto will cross out more of the external world than we would like, and direct (thereby) a person on the path of internal development; and this should also be accepted with humility. Working out gives a great magical, and sometimes real power over the outside world, the ability to accurately see and carefully burn the karmic knots and evolutionary tails of civilization, forming people with a qualitatively different ethics of interaction with the environment.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. Your potential for self-esteem is enormous, but your personality is too small to contain such a vast feeling, therefore, its development is carried out outside the sphere of consciousness. You can lose contact with yourself for a long time, allowing other people to dominate you or use you, but after a long process of internal transformation, you explode into a volcano of self-worth. The challenge is to let the transformation process take its course and take place in due time. During the hibernation of the volcano, you can claim that you have a value as a person, justifying your claims only with your own memories, however, do so even if you feel how easy it is for you to go through the tests of motives. Your money-grubbing can sink into the depths of childhood selfishness, but it can also ascend to the heights of dedicated stewardship. For you, the most desirable types of property are those that are inseparable from psychological influence or social domination. Craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to you – property items must be of the best quality. Generosity and stinginess alternate each other, naturally reflecting your psychological perception of wealth, but in this case, these features, being immersed in a dense material environment, are brought almost to the point of absurdity. Possessions must be acquired, maintained, renewed, or even destroyed as the requirements of subconscious self-esteem change. The challenge is to view property as a perfect mirror of inner feelings and make sure that both are consistent with each other, reflect each other. Money has to do with expanding the perception of the world and expansion into this world, and it is sometimes difficult for your ego to grasp the whole picture. Personal wealth and social dominance are linked to each other. The negative use of money is using it solely to increase the power of your ego in manipulating other people. The positive use of money – they can be a source of spiritual rejuvenation, can help you more fully experience the meaning of being. Capital often either promotes or counteracts real maturity – does the money belong to you, or do you “belong” to it? The task is to become a “money magnet”, but attract money to yourself without falling into delusions of grandeur. Self-organization. At work, you are capable of great emotional focus; as soon as the task comes into your field of vision, then you have a genuine sense of purpose. However, for you, this sensation may be nothing more than a common occurrence, because it comes directly from the depths of the subconscious, completely bypassing your consciousness. You have a subtle sense of the hierarchy of power, having a craving for extremes in leadership and subordination. You can be either a sovereign steward, imposing your own ideas about the job, or a perfect executor, following instructions with blind obedience. Do not hesitate to stop work if you feel unproductive, and equally do projects, even if their value is questionable. The challenge is to unleash your true power through work, while channeling your efforts into collaborative work. Your ability to receive sensual pleasures is enormous, but it must “stew” for a long time in the depths, under the surface, within you, before it can serve your conscious mind. When this ability is revealed, then you greedily swallow pleasure, as if you have to fast for a long time. Like Saturn, Pluto indicates a tendency to periodically overload the senses, but if, in the case of Saturn, there are fuses to protect the pleasure apparatus from combustion, then there are no such fuses, and the emotional heat of pleasure can be so strong that your personality will simply melt. The task is to let the stream of pleasures wash over you, cleansing, rejuvenating and ultimately freeing you from old sensual imprints. ”

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Anything can be beneficial to such a person. Often he has several sources of income, wealth comes to him unexpectedly and immediately, and financial abilities allow him to successfully manage it. He likes to accumulate material values, but he should not consider his loved ones his material property. Such a person is successfully involved in taxation, monopoly projects, financial corporations and banking. Often such people become very rich. With negative development, such a person becomes very greedy and does not shun anything to achieve narrowly selfish financial or political goals. He is ambitious and passionate about collecting money and material property. His financial ambitions involve the possession of other people’s money. He has an excellent instinct for secret ways to get money, easily identifies new ways to earn it. The defeat of the planet leads to the development of superegoism and animal greed. Then he breaks up with his friends, binds himself to legal disputes and completely plunges into speculation, more often associated with financial troubles than with profits. Incorrect development leads such a person to property disasters and spiritual fall. He tends to act covertly and organize systemic combinations of business and financial relationships. The main thing for him is to preserve moral purity and remember that “not by bread alone …”.


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