Pluto in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Deepening yourself and the makings of a strong will. Often such a person comes from a poor family and has been struggling for existence since childhood. This does not pass without a trace, later he will be a loner and want to isolate himself. The physique is rough, piercing, closed. Difficulty cooperating with others. The ability and need for regeneration through internal energy sources. They take care of their health, but they need to remember that the body serves the spirit, and not vice versa. You are a strong personality, inclined with all your heart to be passionately involved in what interests you at a given time. You easily go to extremes and thus cause inconvenience to more confident, good-natured people. You may have an unusual gift for influencing other people, and you yourself may be strongly influenced by powerful, powerful people whom you then imitate. You should learn to use personal power to the advantage. The negative side of this is that you can manipulate others, compulsively strive for self-aggrandizement. On the positive side, you can be the bearer of the power that leads to change, growth and healing in the world.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person sees continuous transformations around. Poorly distinguishes the middle of the cycle – only the beginning and end are visible to him. This arrangement of the planet gives two types of people: some, crushed by Pluto, relate to life with fear and fatalism, go with the flow, without changing anything; others have a powerful will, like a battering ram, pave their way in life, sweeping away everything in their path, suppress someone else’s will, impose their views, feel the interests of the collective well, speak on behalf of the masses, at socially significant moments they are excited and become uncontrollable. Pluto imposes gloom on the facial features, gives a heavy penetrating look and a sense of the flow of energy coming from a person.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Death is not the final, but the reverse side of life. This person will often have a gloomy, oppressive look in their eyes. He carries with him rock, the final cleansing, and this is not the most pleasant procedure. The vision of the world can be quite ordinary, with one difference: in some cases it becomes surprisingly detailed, and the person himself becomes insightful when a situation arises of opening one or another abscess and the need to cleanse dirt and debris. This person literally highlights what people seek to hide from others and themselves; in his presence, it is difficult to lie and engage in self-deception, which is manifested when Pluto is worked through in the 1st house. At a low level in his subconscious there may be a program of total self-destruction, shaped, for example, in the form of black pessimism, or fatalism of a pessimistic sense, sometimes combined with sufficient insight. This personality is unlikely to be cheerful or warm, even with a strong Jupiter. However, a person needs to try to accurately limit and direct his impact on the world, otherwise destructive destruction will touch him personally, not leaving first of all hopes inside and light outside. When working through, this can be a very high-level psychologist, but in general the main lesson of Pluto is the development of humility, which in this case should neutralize the (often repressed) thirst for personal world or, at least, regional domination.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Deepening into oneself, the makings of a strong will. With strong aspects, clairvoyance is possible. Interest in modern technology. Often comes from a poor family, struggling for existence since childhood. Closedness, boring eyes. Power seeking, individualism: inability to cooperate with others.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. Pluto’s position in the 1st house indicates a deep intensity of self-expression. As if all the power of the unconscious is located right on the surface of the “I” for everyone to see, and this power has a great influence. People tend to sympathize with you bluntly, or, conversely, to express their dislike, sometimes doing so in spite of themselves. In some cases, people love and hate you at the same time, simultaneously feeling attraction and rejection for you. This is because your natural radiation requires psychological confrontation between you and other people, although to a large extent this is a demand and unintentional. The energy you radiate is mysterious, promising more than meets the eye, with a hint of danger. The curious thing is that you are often reckless about the irresistible nature of your self, and then wonder why other people are doing so incomprehensibly to you. Your natural face is difficult to read, but impossible to ignore. There is something dark and overhanging in him, indefinite, invisible, but felt very clearly. Your name-label says: “I am not what I seem to you; I am different in one direction or another compared to the image you imagine. ”Self-awareness. The calm intensity of self-expression and the powerful release of subconscious energies promote awareness of the inner self. You own deep emotions waiting in the wings within you, below the surface, and when they are released, it leads to a deeper awareness of your essence. However, when emotions are at the stage of “preparation”, the awareness of the inner “I” is like a blank slate; you simply exist without knowing anything about your current state. But when these intense feelings burst upward through your outer personality, they create such a sublime sense of “I” that this awareness remains with you for a long time after the eruption subsides. You are using the memory of “I” until the next explosion of a deep volcano. This process is similar to finding oil. An oil gusher is rare, but when you find one, it reimburses all of your costs of drilling empty wells before you hit the next fountain. The magnetism of powerful and purposeful emotions creates contact between your inner reality and the outside world. Superficiality, blockage, or “frozenness” of expression destroys the lens of communication, and all forms of covert manipulation – such as emotional dominance – link the two worlds together in a chaotic bundle and subject them to silent terror. The challenge is to find a way to fuse your inner and outer worlds without destroying any of them. You have remarkable restorative powers, although it should be noted that psychological disturbances are more troubling to you than physical ones. You are the object of all sorts of intense and obsessive habits, but the desire for life in this case is emphasized much more than the symbolism of position in this house of any other planet. It is imperative for you to learn how to mitigate the tendency to burn your body with the love of intense excesses. If you have to “revolve” around something, revolve around your positive vitality. Feedback techniques can be extremely powerful in this case, so remind yourself often that Life wants to express itself through you. If something negative still exists, clean up. “If your eye is giving you trouble, pluck it out.” However, remember that such extreme measures should only be used when all other means have been exhausted. “

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person is very strong and decisive, creative and assertive. People always take him seriously, he tends to get things done and is capable of powerful resistance. Prone to infectious diseases, but recovers quickly. Very attractive and often power-hungry. It is multifaceted, ambivalent and indefinite, it is difficult to recognize it to the end and comprehend to the limit. He is passionate, energetic, often anxious and restless. Has a strong ego and powerful drives. The defeat of the planet leads to a loss of direction in life, excessive hot temper and scandalousness. In this case, the person turns out to be uncommunicative and is not perceived by others adequately. There is a tendency to self-penetration, the will is very strong and tense, the ability to clairvoyance is possible. Such a person is always interested in ultra-modern technology, often he comes from a poor family, and therefore has to fight for existence since childhood. This makes him a proud loner, relying only on himself and striving for isolation. He is closed, rudely complex, his gaze is bright and boring. It is difficult for others to understand. He is initiative and resourceful, but has difficulty communicating with others. It is capable of regeneration due to the presence of deep energy sources. He prefers to take care of his health, but tends to dwell on body problems, forgetting about the main thing in a person. A desire for power and a desire to subordinate thoughts and feelings to rigid control of consciousness are expressed. Extreme individualism prevents him from finding his place in marriage, at work, in the home environment. Active, self-confident, strong, life is full of changes, trials and upheavals. Rude, prone to cruelty, deeply insecure. Has considerable potential for destructiveness. Strong feelings and passionate emotions often have a detrimental effect on health. Such a person easily releases superhuman strength in the body, reveals deep supersensitivity and strengthens subconscious power up to magic. Such a high potential of psychic power cannot remain hidden for a long time, and therefore always looks for a way out and application in creative outbursts and real deeds. This energy must periodically be discharged, and not over-accumulated, otherwise there is a threat of self-destruction and explosion. The potential of primitive animal instincts is great, requiring an exit. If such a person does not express himself and does not discharge himself periodically, this can lead him to neuropsychiatric disorders, serious illness, accidents, violent actions and self-destruction. His work must be related to the audience, audience and crowd. Dealing with the masses, he is ready to create and create and serve people with faith and truth, renouncing selfishness and self-interest. The aspect is favorable only for spiritual people who are ready to give their strength and skills for the benefit of others. It affects ordinary people negatively and dramatically, inciting them to violent demonstrations, revolutions, putsches, wars and violent actions. Such a person is inclined to create the future at the cost of destroying the past and present. He paves the way through violence, mercilessly, blindly and fanatically. The life of such a person always requires significant human sacrifices and is associated with many material and spiritual losses. Such a person very often and very abruptly changes his views and beliefs. He makes irrevocable changes and drastic reshuffles. In addition to his will, he is involved in violent events of a mass nature. He needs the strongest worries and experiences, as he experiences a deep inner anxiety due to the conflict of idealistic and egoistic aspirations. Ambitious, confident, arrogant, arrogant and arrogant. The defeat of the planet tends towards a violent style of problem solving. Often such people die due to an accident or become victims of criminals.