Pluto in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in psychology and mysticism. Able to perceive the thoughts, feelings and motives of others. A penchant for solitude and secret intrigue. You are deeply interested in secrets, the underworld, the unconscious, everything hidden and mysterious. You are very interested in psychoanalysis, dream study and other methods of uncovering secrets. You can be extremely sensitive, intuitively or mentally. Your emotions and subconscious energies are complex, and periodic transformations and personal crises are common in your life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the most severe karmic tests. We have to make great sacrifices associated with the deep restructuring of society. When movement occurs in society, a person often finds himself in desperate situations. He is looking for opportunities to rise above society, to find a way to regain power. Is engaged in introspection in situations associated with loss, destruction, on the verge of life and death. Alone, a person falls into the grip of fears, remorse. It is advisable to analyze the correspondence of the position of the planet to the character of the house from the arrangement of the Sun and Moon or a powerful stellium, if it is in the map. The houses where the luminaries are located necessarily leave an imprint on the general background of life, largely determine the perception of parents, health status, and so on. The affairs of the house where the moon stands are the least conscious, difficult to adjust, and highly dependent on childhood experience. A person is drawn here, here he is most sensitive and relaxed, especially if the Moon is not affected. Problems at home are solved intuitively, often a person acts by imitating his parents or some influential figure in his environment. The house where Jupiter stands is a source of pride. A person feels that this is his strong place, from here most often comes support. Solving the problems of this house, a person most easily achieves the respect of others. Here foresight and breadth of thought, meaningfulness and purposefulness of action are manifested. The house where Saturn stands makes a person solve many problems, puts him in uncomfortable situations (checks, exams, performing heavy duties). Here a person most often feels his guilt, isolation from other people, responsibility to the environment. All problems at home are resolved thoroughly, but with significant delays.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

John the Baptist. Fate will test the unselfishness and selflessness of this person, which is good to warn him about in advance. He will be overwhelmed by a feeling of severe loneliness, when he sees vices, shortcomings and shortcomings in the world (including his own, especially if Pluto is close to the Ascendant), it will seem to him that those around him are not eradicating them as they should, and he would have done it quite differently. At a low level of human development, the strong inclusion of Uranus gives the victim of fate or epileptoid jailer for his loved ones. The study proceeds, first of all, along the path of searching and transforming one’s lower programs of the subconscious, especially the thirst for power, hatred for all living things as deeply vicious, irrational fear of the world and the desire to destroy it. With harmonious Pluto or its weak inclusion, these programs themselves may practically not appear, but, nevertheless, they will leave an imprint on human behavior. It will be difficult for him to sincerely feel sorry for the orphan and the disadvantaged, because their obvious vices will be too conspicuous for him, and, therefore, his own guilt in his misfortunes (this “therefore” is very typical of poorly designed Pluto). Here, the study consists in separating the misfortunes of another person from his sins, as well as evil from the carriers of evil, and the ability to pity and help in trouble a person who is not complete perfection in all respects, without closing his eyes to his shortcomings and not despising him for them. As for the sacrifice, this primarily refers to the lower programs of the subconscious described above, which should not be burned in the fire of hatred, but gradually replaced by an expansion of your consciousness and a better vision of the evolutionary process, which in many cases gives an understanding of evil as the lowest degree of good. and imperfection as one of the steps to perfection. Working out this position of Pluto gives amazing results, an accurate vision and deep understanding of human nature, its temptations and falls, the ability to untie the most complex karmic knot with insignificant impersonal criticism, leading a person or a whole society to a new round of evolutionary development.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. It often seems to you that in ordinary life your influence is negligible, so you dream of omnipotence. You imagine how sheer power flows through you. There are two traps. First, you can defend yourself on control dreams by using fantasy to satisfy frustrated ego urges. The result is that this power turns against you if it manifests itself in real life. Second, you can use fantasy to avoid contact with the power lurking in your subconscious mind. If it’s so easy to have fun with daydreaming, then why work to improve real life? The challenge is to clear your ego through fantasy. Then, having sanctified the energy, consciously manifest it in the real world. Defocused intuition. Pure intuition is powerful, deep and mysterious to you. There is the energy of the god Shiva, who destroys the sphere of the manifest, erases all records, sweeps away what has become obsolete. The trap is using this intuitive power for personal gain. But this energy simply cannot be brought under the control of the ego. It will destroy you like a dragon eating its own tail. The task is to let this energy flow wherever it wants, to the outside world or to some layers of your personality. Something must be destroyed. If this is done gracefully, then new viable forms will arise in the place of the destroyed one. Distance or solitude. You retreat to get in touch with the origins of your power. However, isolation can also be compulsory, covered with a veil of secrecy, although there may not be any reasons for such behavior. You are a very secretive person, even if you do not intend to be so, because your feelings are hidden from other people and from yourself. Loneliness is a giant vortex of tension. If you withdraw from life without sufficient preparation, then you can release so many powerful archetypes that you face the danger of self-destruction. The challenge is to acknowledge that even then you are standing before God. Take courage and destroy the dragons that live in your subconscious, and transform the dark energies lurking there into gentle light. Become an ardent explorer of your soul and celebrate the victory of your transformation. Selfless help. Selflessness can be fearsome. When it takes over you, it bares your ego like an earthquake. You will feel the presence of boundless power if in your actions you will not proceed from the motives of survival. But be aware of the pitfalls. Occasionally you refuse to help. This granite rock disobedience compresses your need to release from the ego cage, ultimately causing a powerful explosion of destroying suffering. Or you are helping without internally experiencing this process. This behavior distorts your development, because it makes you feel selfish when in reality it is not. The challenge is to cleanse yourself by offering people your deepest power completely, without hiding, and thus free your spirit from the prison of the ego. “Past lives.” In past lives, you have been fascinated by the coexistence of good and evil in human affairs. At times you have been virtue itself, using all your power to improve the life of the world. At other times, you submitted to a deep evil, manipulating people, subordinating them to your will. The duality of dominance and submission is sealed in your karmic past. Such a powerful struggle can no longer be avoided, so this pattern has been transferred to real life. You must unite two polar forces into one whole, become neither good nor evil, but just a whole person. Angelic and demonic – all this has already been in the evolution of your soul. Now is the time to take a central position, to embrace all extremes. There is neither black nor white, but only people striving to live in harmony.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person should free himself from all his fears and purposefully extract complexes from the subconscious. For this he will need a lot of patience and thoughtfulness. He must radically transform his inner judgments and opinions, although for this he will have to change the whole course of his own life. He works best when his work is hidden from prying eyes, this allows him to see the limitations of others and seek unexpected opportunities. Defeating the planet can contribute to mental health problems and make others feel like their own pain. Such a person experiences an urgent need to clearly understand the content of his subconscious and decipher it. He is persistently interested in psychology, esotericism and mysticism, has the gift of deep understanding of others and the ability to clairvoyance. He is able to effectively help the unfortunate, is talented in meditation, knows how to unravel occult secrets and improve his intuitive ability. At times he perceives the thoughts, feelings and motives of others almost telepathically. Such sensitivity makes him retire, and therefore, in order to achieve his goals, he is forced to intrigue and act covertly. If such a person is completely immersed in his own problems and ignores the views and concepts of others, he will not advance a single step in his work. Active secret enemies are possible, the constant danger of a neurotic breakdown and the threat of coming into contact with destructive psychic forces. Such a person needs to avoid suggestion, drugs and magic, that is, everything that contributes to the establishment of contact with lower astral entities. Often these people suffer from serious illnesses and accidents. They may be forcibly imprisoned or a connection with the underworld that does not depend on their own will. Such people are prone to liberal professions or work in closed secret institutions. Perhaps cooperation with counterintelligence, membership in a secret organization and love to work with top-secret documents. The development of occult abilities allows one to achieve great success in the arts of astrology and palmistry. High achievements are possible in artistic crafts and applied arts. Secret enemies periodically poison the life of such a person with their intrigues. The tests that he undergoes are not noticeable to an external observer. Often he is burdened by deep moral problems, which makes him, at first glance, very unhappy and as if deprived of fate.