Pluto in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Reform aspirations in friendship and group associations. A person’s motives are of paramount importance here, as they decide whether his allies will support him or not. There may be fluctuations in health and employment and household conditions. But fruitful collaboration with others will lead to successful alliances and rich personal experiences. Inclination to be a member of secret organizations and have secret friends. You may have a deep disgust for collectives, associations, clubs or organizations of any kind. If you are nevertheless involved in a group, then it probably sets as its goal either intensive personal growth, change and improvement or social change and improvement of society in some way.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The most socially active groups that set the task of changing the existing system. A person participates in terrorist, fighting squads, creates very strong groups that can upset the balance in society, or has powerful friends who suppress his own will. Hard self-programming. An ideal society in his view: one-man rule (depends on the strength and defeat of Pluto) – from the presidency to the dictatorial regime. Predicts fatal scenarios.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

It is easy to blame humanity for stupidity; to prove it to him is a task worthy of a philosopher. Pluto in the XI house is in a symbolic fall. This is a difficult situation for Pluto, because in group work and relationships with friends, constructive moments are primarily valued, and this person best sees the shortcomings and vices of both the group, its individual members and just friends, and group activities. The vision that Pluto gives is merciless, and at a low level in a person there appears an open disgust for groups and group activities, which seem hopeless to him, and relationships within the group and with friends are the height of hypocrisy. Therefore, he sees no reason to stand on ceremony with them, and can be very harsh and even cruel, especially in moments of discontent and criticism, and explain to him that in addition to the bad in the group and in general in friends there is something good or, according to at least not hopeless, it can be very difficult (if Pluto is poorly aspected, such sensations can be supplanted, but the characteristic plutonic gloom and mistrust still remain). You need to learn to see the shortcomings in the group and friends accurately and not to deal with cheap promises, only then the criticism can be recognized in the team, and he will be able to adequately respond to it, sometimes solving his significant problems. This position of Pluto requires the development of humility in terms of his requirements for group work and friends: here he will face hopeless losses, disappointments and losses, with which he will need to come to terms and not spread his sad experience to all groups, all friends and the rest of humanity. In general, this person will hardly have many friends; he will suppress his girlfriends and criticize destructively (with harmonious Pluto, it is completely fair, but this does not make his comrades much easier with him). With a strong Pluto, fatal friendships and fatal collectives are possible, which will bring destruction (not only illusions) and disappointment, or the person himself will play a similar role. Working through gives a good vision of group karma (and karma of friends) and the ability to untie heavy karmic knots with light, almost imperceptible influences, sometimes sacrificing oneself.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. You want to belong to a group, work for a collective goal, but your social course is difficult to control. At times you are not doing any work, as if all the groups have given up on you. At other times you find yourself at the very heart of the group’s activity, working with fanatical intensity. Your natural role is to give the group more challenging tasks. It can mean sowing the seeds of destruction to clear the way for new values and new coalitions. The challenge is to act with maximum efficiency and minimum ruthlessness. Let your ego be outside the group; otherwise you will incur disaster. Appropriate behavior. You tend to overlook your holistic impact on other people, especially in social interactions. As a result, you may feel quiet and detached, believing that you are invisible to others. Believe it is not true. Otherwise, you will turn into the proverbial “elephant in the china shop,” bringing demeanor to the point of absurdity, sharply criticizing the monotony of people with your power. Other people strongly oppose your social behavior, but you do not understand this for a long time. It seems to you that they do not react at all for a long time, and then suddenly their reaction manifests itself over-storm. Avoid the trap of social insensitivity when analyzing other people’s feelings by protecting your own feelings. The challenge is to first see your strength, and then use it in interaction. Friendship, social circle. Friendships are tense, passionate, and surprisingly prone to misunderstandings. Relationships that are too long become fake. Friends turn into enemies and vice versa. One of the reasons for this change is that friendships have a special purpose. When their goal is fulfilled, then either you or your friend can break off the relationship. If you do this, you are surprised by the chagrin or hostility you face; when your friend breaks up the relationship, you cannot believe in the insensibility of the former friend. To avoid this trap, you need to work with your friends through all stages of the relationship, from start to finish. Friendship could last a lifetime, but it must go through numerous deaths and rebirths, and you must be ready to fulfill this task throughout the journey through the deepest spaces of your own soul. You are present in the group in order to awaken, bring to the surface previously unconscious energies and give them one of two forms of expression: the destruction of the old and the disclosure of a new vision of the creative goal to the group, or the destruction of the group itself, if the corresponding creative form cannot be found. In any case, your energy promotes profound change, whether you intend to do it or not, whether you are aware of your influence or not. Your creative role is to be the source of the group’s fertility, its fruitful work and uprooting the obstacles that arise in the way of expressing the group. Acceptance of love. You will be surprised if love finds you at all, you may even despair to experience such a feeling at all. But love periodically finds you, and when this happens, it shakes you to the roots of your hair. You realize that you are loved only when your essence is affected. Love is like an emotional tidal wave, a waterfall of passion. Your lovers don’t have to be pretty, they don’t have to be athletic or graceful. However, they must possess a powerful power of radiation, radiance, be able to pierce your every cell with their charismatic energy. They can be gentle or kind, but they are more likely to be ruthless and highly emotional. You need to be influenced very powerfully in order to feel loved. A weak impact will get you nowhere. Love consumes you, destroys you, revives you, and ultimately changes you forever.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

A very loyal, sociable and inventive person who strives for serious reforms, and therefore builds many plans. He actively participates in renovation movements and by all means contributes to raising the standard of living of society. Friends are of special importance to him, he often helps them, but tends to fall under their strong influence. When the planet is defeated, he must very carefully select his colleagues, since the wrong choice can cost him a lot. Often this aspect indicates the possibility of loneliness. Such a person enters the group, guided by the motive of joint reform of reality. He must be convinced of the purity of the motives of his friends and of the sincerity of their desire to achieve humane lofty goals. Such a person needs to be constantly monitored to show respect for the rights of others. Such a person must give his will for the benefit of cooperation, otherwise he will not be able to work creatively in a group. If the motive of such a person is selfish, he will suffer incessant losses and disappointments. There can be serious fluctuations in health, work and household chores. Only fruitful cooperation with others will be the key to a successful union and the accumulation of useful personal experience. Such a person can be a successful dynamic creative team leader. He tends to make secret friendships and join secret organizations. Has an extraordinary intuitive understanding of the essence of a conversation or the process under study, and therefore can be a genius communicator or researcher. If, for the sake of satisfaction of ambition, he spends excessively on friends and pleasure, he will not avoid betrayal, quarrels and serious financial losses. Such a person should emphasize love for his neighbor, loyalty in friendship and sacrifice of actions. Fake relationships and alcohol abuse can lead to colossal losses that inevitably overtake such a person. Like-minded people, sponsors and well-wishers of such a person are extraordinary, extraordinary people, they help him not so much materially as with their skills and knowledge. often his friendship is fatal and fatal, completely independent of his own will. Connections with others can bring both happiness and harm, and therefore he must responsibly choose his friends and connect with others on his own initiative. Instincts, intuition, the gift of foresight, secret patronage and secret recommendations of close friends and acquaintances play a special role in life. Widowhood, divorce and separation due to unknown reasons are possible. Such a person should be wary of fake friends, such wolves in sheep’s clothing.