Pluto in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Highly developed will, strong desire for success. They are spiritual leaders and guiding minds in the natural sciences. They know how to deal with the powerful, understand their motives. Good for people involved in politics and other social activities. You have a very strong sense of destiny and can have extraordinary, even ruthless, ambition. You persistently and tirelessly strive for a career or pursue other important goals in life, as a result of which you are likely to win both loyal fans and strong opponents. You are characterized by radicalism, and you may want to somehow significantly alter or change the world. Depending on other astrological factors in your chart and your own choices, you can represent either a very destructive force or a powerful healing force that produces positive changes in the world.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person can be employed in regime secret services: the army, security services, intelligence, military research (nuclear physicist, chemist, biochemist, developer of weapons of mass destruction). Otherwise, this situation indicates but a person who cannot stay in society. Pluto in this house gives social, revolutionary activity. If a person becomes a politician, he seeks dictatorial powers, he cannot get enough of power. This position of the planet is also often found in the maps of people of the following specialties: oncologists, gynecologists, radiologists, speleologists, plumbers, stokers, human rights activists, organizers of public events.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Vices of bosses and laziness of subordinates are the facts of your inner life. This person must learn the principle of responsibility for their life choices; Pluto will punish him for mistakes, sometimes very harshly, and as a rule, with insignificant, but completely hopeless losses and losses in external life and career, on which a person (karmically) must develop humility in front of the force of external karma, which, of course, according to the teachings of the ancients Hindus, is illusory and ghostly, but while a person is within its framework, he needs to learn to see its laws and respect them. In relations with superiors and in general in external life, especially in his own elections, a person will feel fate, which will make him be very accurate, but this, as it turns out during development, will not save him from a certain amount of disappointment and hopeless hardships. In relations with the boss and subordinates, there will be some gloominess and a feeling of pressure: both on the person and from him, not always motivated by external circumstances. This person can (in any case, should) be very responsible for his choices, then it becomes possible to work out this position of Neptune and the karmic meaning of his choices. His advice also smacks of some gloom, but what not to do, he often sees very well. Working out gives the post of director of a karmic crematorium, and this person will cope with his work perfectly; although one should not expect from him optimistic views on the current external reality.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Will, striving for success. Leading figures in the natural and occult sciences. Good for people involved in politics and other social activities. They are not easy to understand; they are considered “controversial personalities”. Career crises can force them to drastically change their field and profile. With bad aspects – dictatorship, selfishness, they themselves often suffer from oppressive responsibility and alienation from people.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Collective responsibility is like water surrounding a fish; it is present everywhere, but never seen. You spend a lot of time looking for ways to visualize it, looking for a successful form, passionately wanting to grow and improve. And suddenly you find yourself in a situation where all your power is brought to the surface. Which have not be avoided. What has to happen will happen. Let your ego’s interests be washed away by the flow of involvement in larger tasks. You are a reserve force that is used only when the battle is at its peak, but the outcome is still in doubt. Then, to save the battle, they call you, throw you into the fight; you are a cavalry charge, a secret weapon, an ace up your sleeve. The task is to be always ready. Professional ambition. Your ambition is powerful but challenging. You can wander for a long time, wander, realizing the tension of ambition, but not finding a form of expression suitable for it. Or you are able to take the post of a boss in an area for which you have not deliberately prepared. You are also able to dramatically change your profession at critical periods in your life. You may find that you have burned all the bridges behind you. However, the feeling that you are still committed to your inner, deep vocation, that you just had to destroy the old forms in search of better means of self-expression, does not leave you. The bad news is that you are capable of being ruthless, secretive, using behind-the-scenes methods to satisfy your ambition; you must fight against the tendency of despotism. These behaviors can not only provide you with tremendous power, but they can also sow the seeds of damage to your reputation that you may not even notice. The challenge is to harness power, not abuse it. Missions and messages. Your life points us to the existence of deep energies flowing through our personalities; they are more refined in comparison with the well-known and. energies controlled by us. In your example, we see that emotions can control us, images can haunt us, and ideas can subdue. We see that power is hidden in every person, and we are reminded of the importance of releasing that power in ways that will transform us for the better. We see the presence of deep virtue and terrible evil; we are taught to make conscious decisions and devote our lives to serving the good that exists within us, even if we must acknowledge and sometimes submit to darkness. Finally, in your example, we see that life can be completely changed. We are able to rid ourselves of those who have fulfilled their function, from the outdated, and continue to live renewed. A parent, “externally connected” with a person. Your father was a powerful social force. Perhaps he ruled with an iron fist, without enduring any wrangling over his authority. Or he was reserved, absorbed in work and professional responsibility. In any case, you didn’t know him well, or perhaps you didn’t know at all. He could have changed fundamentally, become a completely different person during the several years of your childhood. Its influence on you is mysterious. There are huge spaces in your subconscious that have not yet been explored. As soon as you grow up, you should bring your father’s imprints to the surface, unearth your memory; the imprints are so vast that even in old age you can still continue to discover this person and their influence on you. Managing and controlling other people is a painful topic. Your personal authority is emotionally very deep, and everyone with whom you come in contact is tested and sorted: either the person is hypnotically attracted to you and fully obeys you, or he resists you with all his might. In either case, your influence is powerful. Understand that this power is real, even if it is invisible to you. Subconscious power can indeed harm even the best of us, so work diligently to clear your motives, refine your emotions, and control your behavior.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is very persistent and extremely decisive, he is ready to fight with any authorities, if necessary to achieve his goals. Strong, courageous, enduring, can successfully play the roles of dictator, innovator and inventor. The defeat of the planet determines the persistent desire to have the right to have a decisive vote in all issues, which can border on megalomania. This is a leader and leader in a professional environment and in the field of life. It is difficult for people to ignore him, he is certainly either loved or hated. He intensely and selfishly strives to be the best and passionately longs for admiration for himself by others. In everything he strives for absolute perfection, because of which sooner or later he drives himself into a dead end. He knows how to eloquently and smoothly express his ideas, when the planet is defeated, he becomes cunning, deceitful, vindictive and extremely cruel. Willpower is very developed, passion for success is strong. When reforming the power structures, such people take the place of spiritual leaders. In natural science and occultism, they tend to lead the minds of others. They can become famous for their ability to foresee, heal and predict events. They know how to deal with the mighty of this world, as they perfectly understand the motives of their superiors. They are successful in the political field and in any social activity. Thanks to the gift of foresight, they become successful leaders. Their striving for a better world order brings them powerful friends and gives rise to powerful enemies. They are very complex as individuals, and therefore many hold directly opposite opinions about them. Serious career crises can force them to change careers. The defeat of the planet inclines to dictatorship, tough selfishness and thoughtless ambition, then responsibility crushes them, and people turn away from them and alienate them. Such people unconsciously generate crises by the very fact of their participation in group activities. They are very entrepreneurial, hard-working, determined and prone to radical, large-scale changes and improvements. The aspect contributes to the disclosure and development of all mental and spiritual forces of a person, up to their practical application and the achievement of real results. The profession of such a person is chosen seriously and carefully, according to the calling of the soul. Such people are predisposed to a brilliant social take-off and a vibrant career. They are unusually productive and can make ingenious discoveries, however, nothing protects them from the danger of being overthrown from the pinnacle of fame and honor. Such a person goes to extremes in everything, reaching the limit of his strength and capabilities. He infinitely strives for authority and power, as if inspired by the transpersonal world forces. His fate is almost always amazing and unusual. He can become the idol of the crowd and the idol of the masses, gaining fabulous popularity and unlimited authority. His mind is agile, his hands are dexterous, his eyes are crafty, and his ability to assert himself is limitless. He is able to work simultaneously in various fields and continuously improve them so that others only envy. This person is really “seven spans in the forehead”, he is really capable of doing the impossible. When the planet is defeated, competitors and envious people, opponents and enemies annoy him, he has negative fame, now and then choking on the crisis and chaos of others’ opinions about him.