Pluto in Astrology


Pluto is maybe the smallest planet of our Solar System, but his astrological importance is huge. The planet was discovered in 1930, while it was just recently categorized as a dwarf planet by the astronomical community.

Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, which was, until the planet’s discovery, ruled by Mars. Still, the red planet is considered co-ruler of the sign. In addition, Pluto is considered the ruler of the 8th house, and a full circle around the zodiac lasts for about 246 to 248 years. One can easily understand that during an average human life the planet will have traveled less than one-third of the full cycle. This makes the effects of Pluto’s transit long-lasting and even permanent, as there is no way to experience a similar transit again.

Pluto’s name represents the roman god of the Underworld, equivalent to the Greek Hades. Indeed, the planet rules everything connected with death and rebirth, both on a physical and a metaphorical level. Pluto is a synonym for transformation, and this can even apply to the relinquishment of matter or the re-creation of matter through the process of incarnation. As a planetary force, it requires from us to “let go” of unnecessary things, symbolical sacrifices of whatever is old and useless so that we regenerate as a new self.

Pluto is responsible for all the things we leave behind, and any problems connected with him are mostly outcomes of our inability of letting people, objects or situations go, and to which we are emotionally attached. Yet, through such necessary transformations, we become stronger and wiser. When someone co-operates with the planet, he gets rewarded; Pluto does not really intend to hurt someone, he just demands us to empty some space in our lives for new things to come.

Yet, as every planet, Pluto also does have his dark side. His distance from the Sun and his inability to be seen from Earth give a rather secretive and obscure nature to a lot of things he governs. Taboos and sexuality are strongly connected to his powers, as he governs the instincts and drives of domination and conquest.

The reproductive organs fall under his rulership, and curiously enough all forms of destruction are linked to the planet too. This is quite natural, as both are just the two sides of the transformative procedures that the planet triggers.

Other things ruled by Pluto are strong instincts such as obsession, jealousy, subversion, and intimidation. Whatever falls in the category of power struggles and power games has a strong Plutonian flavor. The underworld, crime, politics, and other hidden activities are also under his rule. The planet is generally connected with activities and things that happen secretly and under the surface; it even rules the growing mushrooms or the discovery of gold and other precious things by digging underground.

As we can see, the words “below” and “under” are frequently used to describe most of Pluto’s rulerships. Indeed, even atomic power and nuclear research are strongly connected with the planet. And as we know, such type of forces can be used both for the benefit of humanity but also for its total destruction. One must understand that Pluto is not a negative planet, in fact, it is rather neutral. It is the way we use his powers that defines the outcome, and unfortunately, the humankind finds it easier to use such tremendous powers in a bad way.

Pluto is a generational planet, which means that it stays for long years in a sign, thus defining a whole generation. Depending on the sign that it transits, it takes him from 12 to 30 years to go through it. It strongly influences subconscious currents, defining mass phenomena and trends.

In one’s birth chart, planet Pluto is showing the life area where the native will seek power. That placement is a really strong one, as the individual might even become obsessed with obtaining control over the house matters.

Every individual should research his natal Pluto placement in order to understand its functions better. Many times, Pluto is operating as a “malefic” just because we are unable to understand the lessons he requires from us to learn. Find in which house Pluto is located in your natal chart, and read the respective article to uncover more about its functions.

Find in which house your Pluto is located in your natal chart, and read the respective article to uncover more about its functions:

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