Planets in the signs of the zodiac


Sun in Aries

It means the beginning of an action, a new cycle in personal development. Motto: initiative, activity. They are not afraid of obstacles, they act almost blindly, without covering the rear, they are directed forward, exposing their chest to the blow. A gust that overturns everything in its path. A great future is assured.

They don’t think about losses, sometimes even in old age. They always prefer direct paths, they don’t have enough patience for roundabout ones. Therefore, the highest peaks in life are rarely reached, since the straight paths are too steep.

Energy is spent sparingly, as if its excess, are quickly charged with energy again, therefore, they always achieve something in life, or stand out from the general mass at least once in their life.

Reckless courage, concentrated blow, suppression of emotions and doubts, unshakable self-confidence, fearlessness. Aries’ favorite word is “I”. It all depends on the level of internal development of Aries. Some may hit below the belt just to get their way. But most Aries are chivalrous, especially if they won. But until the obstacle is broken, they do not know pity, sparing neither themselves nor others.

Aries never looks around, sees only what lies in the field of vision. You cannot convince him, he simply will not listen to you. There are also quiet ones, but they never lose the goal and always in the end achieve it. Aries attracts attention with their speed of action and quick wits. He has no business with the lower classes, if there are some obstacles, he can immediately turn to the big boss to eliminate them, he knows how to work well with his elbows for personal advancement, but, moving forward, he does not notice the enemies that he himself created, considering himself strong.

He chooses professions that do not require patience, stability, obedience, reasoning, sitting in a room. At work, he burns, not feeling sorry for himself, but their boss must remember that Aries can take his place.

Love for Aries is a burning passion, he chooses a partner and conquers him (her). The beginning of love, the first onslaught is intoxicating, this is spring with summer heat, but if the relationship is long, then Aries can become a despot. Love will last a long time if the partner manages to maintain interest, not allowing himself to be conquered entirely. Aries (both men and women) and in marriage continue to maintain relationships with their acquaintances, friends, without being closed in a narrow family circle. Their children will not be weak, but they will not be as strong as their parents.

Aries’ disadvantages are a continuation of his merits. Aries are intolerant, stubborn, overestimate themselves, they lack patience, they are prone to quarrels and cannot give in. They should learn to ask for forgiveness, to be more tolerant of others, but they are not able to listen to other people’s advice, which leads to difficult situations. They have many envious people who act on the sly. Wounds accumulate over time, but Aries do not see their defeats, and therefore trouble for them always comes unexpectedly, the world collapses and often this is associated with serious illnesses. There is only one way out – you need to learn patience, friendliness, the ability to analyze your actions.

You are a person willing to meet difficulties. Often you think that you need to take life in battle, not depending on anyone, relying only on your strength, intellect and courage. You believe in absolute honesty, stay true to yourself, your views and beliefs, even if you end up alone. Honesty, adherence to principles, the desire to be yourself – these are the gods you worship. Therefore, you do not sympathize with the weaknesses of the character of other people. You yourself value freedom above all else, the ability to do everything the way you need it.

You work very well on your own; cooperating with other people or completing someone else’s tasks is not your lifestyle. You either lead or do something yourself. You love action, and as soon as your life seems to become pleasant, comfortable, cozy, routine, you are ready to stir everything up, start something anew, change everything, “renew the blood”. Routine and monotony are like death for you. You are not afraid to take on what no one else has done before. And although sometimes they look at you like you are crazy, you still do things that only later will your rivals try to surpass.

Taking risks and being faithful to your star is life itself for you, the very breath, the very pulsation of life. And if this is not possible, you lose heart or, not knowing what to do, fall into anger. Starting to act instantly, you are impulsive, straightforward, spontaneous, enthusiastic and not afraid to say directly and unequivocally what you think. You believe in the power of positive thinking and positive action, and think of yourself as a strong, even invincible person. You don’t like to get sick, don’t like situations when you have to depend on others. The very thought of the need to recognize the limitations of your human nature, that the emotional side of your being needs attention, often seems unbearable to you. By your mindset, you are mostly a man, less capable of female art in communicating with people, of the perception of subtle hints and nuances,

Often you are so excited by your own ideas and goals that, without noticing it, you come into conflict with the feelings and interests of other people. If you learn to treat them with great attention, appreciate their ideas and feelings more, then you will make life much easier for yourself and others. Your impatience in pursuit of the goal leads to the fact that you unnecessarily cause alienation to yourself. It’s bad that you sometimes try to achieve your goal by raising your voice, banging your fist on the table. Learn to take your time, relax. Let the events go by themselves. It is a pity that because of your energetic, restless nature, you rarely succeed.

Sun in Taurus

Means possession of material values. Motto: possession, practicality. Strives for spiritual truth, striving to master material values. Appreciates pleasure, convenience, emotional and material security. The food should be enjoyable, the wine should be good, the beloved woman should be beautiful and elegant (and the beloved man too), and art should be liked. It’s not a pity to pay money for all this. In general, life should be pleasant, beautiful and reliable.

Therefore, Taurus tries to be pleasant, polite, due to his special charm, seems natural and makes a good impression. But all this is just an appearance. In their hearts, Taurus are rather skeptical about people, they need guarantees in life. They have a kind of fuse inside, and if their safety and comfort is threatened, they burn out like light bulbs. They cannot be driven out of themselves, they have very strong nerves and a sense of humor, they often laugh at themselves.

But God forbid touching their inner core, then they become enraged like bulls. Their anger is terrible, there will be no condescension – after all, anger has been accumulating for a very long time and finally broke through, it can no longer be stopped. But this must very much annoy Taurus, in fact he is patient, especially when he goes to his goal. Taurus moves towards his goal slowly but surely, although he does not set very high goals for himself. Stingy, but on the occasion of the holiday he can go to waste, although he will not allow himself to be gutted. In politics, he does not like radical transformations, rejects unrealizable plans like dreams and charlatanism, values ​​tradition and conservatism, as well as practical meaning. Some may regard this as stubbornness, while others may see it as loyalty to ideals.

Their word does not differ from their deeds, in their deeds they are characterized by order, cleanliness, discipline, self-control and a sense of duty. They never complain, they are ready to bear any hardships, but they expect this from others. They do not like to change their place of work. They work diligently, of course, for a good salary, so that they can become someone and enjoy life. Take on hard work that others refuse. Their professions are very diverse, they can be associated with art and, in general, with everything that makes life beautiful, pleasant and convenient.

Taurus prefer real love with all its joys to platonic. They rarely write letters, prefer to hug their beloved (beloved) tighter, perceive him (her) with all the senses. They love a clean and clean relationship, harmony begins with the appearance, they do not like an unshaven partner or a partner in curlers. The main thing is joy, pleasure, a partner must be within reach, princes and fairies are not needed. As a rule, they enter into marriage, already knowing the merits and demerits of the partner.

Taurus is jealous, although they can endure for a very long time, but if they can not stand it and explode, then do not expect reconciliation. Children are brought up according to tradition, for them an example is their own home. Dangers for Taurus: Persistence can develop into stubbornness, inability to understand others. Long hesitation can lead to the loss of chances, because absolute reliability is difficult to find. It is bad when they cannot contain their anger, because they completely lose control over themselves. They can’t stand it when others laugh at them, they can jokingly answer with assault, and then don’t expect good.

You are persistent and patient, capable of incredible affection, dedication, endurance and constancy. One of your greatest strengths is your ability to be consistent and not back down until it’s over. Having determined for yourself a plan of action, you stubbornly follow it until the goal is achieved, stubbornly resisting any attempts to turn you off the intended path. You are practical by nature, you need to see concrete, tangible results of your efforts. You are not one of those who are carried away by unnecessarily daring dreams, the likelihood of which is small.

Most of your “unnecessarily daring dreams are connected with the achievements of the material order, with prosperity, with funds for tomorrow and in general for a rainy day. All this because you value the material world and strive to enjoy it to the fullest. Along with the willingness to work long and persistently, you are also strongly developed sensuality, love of comfort, the desire to use what you worked for.

Oddly enough, but sometimes you can indulge in extreme laziness, overly carried away by all sorts of gastronomic wisdom and other earthly joys of life. You love the beauty of nature and quite possibly prefer seclusion in a sparsely populated area to an urban lifestyle. In fact, your needs are simple and easy to please. You rarely go to changes, unless only being forced to do so, are not very demanding emotionally, although you desperately need physical intimacy and shared love.

Because of your dedication, emotional constancy and your inherent soft power, people often seek and find support in you. You hate any drastic changes or unexpected changes, but when they come, you remain calm and calm. You also have an inner sense of harmony with nature, as a result of which events develop and unfold on their own schedule. You have the patience to painstakingly deal with everything that is associated with gradual growth, be it growing a garden, raising a child, working on some creative idea. You make an excellent mother or father, especially if you follow your instincts more often than the advice of “experts”.

You have three main drawbacks. You are as stubborn as a bull. You do not like any experiments in your own safe, well-ordered life. You always stand on real values ​​and underestimate the importance of the imaginary, the fantastic. In other words, you lack the ability to play with ideas and possibilities, the ability to open up to new things.

Sun in Gemini

Means spirituality, quickness of thoughts and actions, absence of conventions. Elusive character, opportunistic, curiosity with temperament, irritable and capricious (like teenagers).

They are so mobile and fast that they can become superficial, since they do not have time to process what they perceive.

They are very sociable, interested in everything, quickly navigate, read a lot and are always ready for new impressions, ability to speak languages. They have oratorical abilities, they love to speak, but they do not know how to listen, they perceive only the essence, and the rest is ignored.

They don’t get bored, they just don’t have time for this. They do not like loneliness, hence a lot of contacts. They easily get to know a variety of people, they always have something to say, although their stories are only half true. If you make a mistake, they quickly get out. They consider themselves irreplaceable, they can occupy society for hours, where they appear – the end of peace. When real problems arise, they become diffuse.

Order is not their strong point, they are always looking for their things, which always disappear somewhere at the most necessary moment. They are very inclined to imitate others, good parodists, they quickly recognize the weaknesses and funny sides of others and use this in life. Very modern, that is, they follow the fashion for anything. They love to gossip. But at the same time, they know how to support and offer their help to those who are lost in life.

They are diligent, but they do not always bring the matter to the end, since they are already carried away by the following ideas. They are very fond of traveling, and they like to have everything at once – the mountains, the sea, and the forest, and not just one thing.

It is better to choose professions related to mediation, collection and transmission of all kinds of information, with the search and implementation of various inventions, talents and ideas, both our own and those of others, these are good translators, commentators, merchants

They are very amorous, especially if the partners are serious or mysterious. They explain their love easily, they don’t need to say “yes”, they quickly marry, often for the sake of the ceremony itself and the honeymoon trip, and just as easily and quickly get divorced, tend to have connections on the side, because they are looking for an ideal partner and are very curious. It is difficult to love them, since they themselves are not very capable of love, but they want to be loved.

In marriage, they play an active role, they like to receive guests and they themselves willingly go to visit. It is better for living together if they have a common job or common interests with their partner.

Troubles in life can arise as a result of absent-mindedness, superficiality. A mess of money, big expenses take a toll. They rarely have real friends and partners.

We must consciously train concentration, learn to keep our mouths shut. The state of constant alert attention does not give spiritual and physical rest. They need to learn to discipline themselves, learn to respect conventions, since they are a guarantee of cooperation with other people.

If they learn to overcome their shortcomings, then their excellent abilities will lead to lofty goals. Self-doubt, hence neurasthenic disease. They are prone to diseases of the lungs, bronchi, respiratory and nervous systems. In many ways, you are an eternal child. Your intellect is receptive, sensitive to all kinds of changes, flexible, full of curiosity, play. You always strive for something new and often you simply cannot hold your attention for a long time.

You grasp ideas quickly, but once your initial curiosity is satisfied, you are tempted to move on to something else. You need frequent changes, variety, new situations, meeting new people.

A lot of interests prevent you from understanding what your real talents are and what you really should be doing. You do not accept the very idea of ​​self-restraint and concentration on one thing. Your curiosity and anxiety throw you into many different new life situations, and you want to try everything in the world. Doing the same thing over and over again, even if you do it successfully, is good – hard and tedious work for you. To a large extent, you “live with your head”: you read, observe, think, “suck” ideas; You cannot live without intellectual stimulus. Oddly enough, if you had to choose between a good book or movie and a good dinner, most likely you would prefer the former.

You have a creative mind, and you often live off the sharpness of your intellect. Sociable, sociable person with a highly developed need to interact with people, you like to joke, play with words.

You have a genuine flair, a talent for conveying ideas in an interesting, clear form – what constitutes the talent of a writer, lecturer, orator. You have a rather light and mischievous sense of humor, but often you lack seriousness. Although you badly need emotional responsibility, emotional surrender of yourself, it is very difficult for you to do this, because often you do not want to take on anything, limit your personal freedom, the ability to move from place to place, move from one case to another.

Happiness in your life is associated with the use of your creative potential, your talent for using words. Your intellect is not prone to one-sidedness. Usually you can offer a fresh, clear, clear approach, non-standard solution, research direction. Your flaw is the lack of consistency and perseverance. Plus, you tend to overlook or ignore the emotional problems and feelings of others.

Sun in Cancer

Those who have the Sun in Cancer are both mobile and constant, your problems are understanding the need for movement, but unwillingness to part with the tried and tested traditions. Hence the typical movement of Cancers – one step forward, two steps back.

Their essence is directed inward, first they need everything to settle down and order inside, and then only they come out. They need protection. Pushing from the outside does not help, as they master the art of passive resistance.

People who have the Sun in Cancer always create some distance between themselves and others, due to a feeling of inner shyness. They reveal themselves only by getting to know a person closely and being confident in him. Very vulnerable. Internally, they are ready for big sacrifices for the sake of the one they trust. But they are contradictory: conservative and progressive at the same time, friendly and at the same time keeping a distance. They better understand the historical problems and affairs of bygone days, everyday life with its ever-changing fashion is contradictory, and therefore their actions often seem illogical, strongly dependent on mood.

These are really people of mood, very impressionable and judgmental, with excellent intuition, they understand everything without words. By nature, they are peaceful people, unless their feelings are hurt. They have an exceptional memory, although they may confuse dates and names, but important memories of basic moods and actions are not erased from memory. Intuition is highly developed. They love music, are sentimental, they can burst into tears over trifles, but with really tragic events they do not show themselves in any way outwardly. In everyday life, they are petty, little things are very important for them.

They harshly judge the shortcomings of others, but if others admit it, then Cancers can melt. They love affection, but not excessive tenderness. Strong bond with family. They are very touchy, afraid of ridicule. They rarely put money on the card, they do not like to take risks, so they do not let those who trust them. They are friendly and diplomatic if not offended.

They can only be managed in an amicable way, they do not like other people’s advice. They are afraid of responsibility, but they do important work accurately, reliably, punctually and successfully. The professional path is uneven, there are ups and downs in a career. They prefer professions that require intuition and help (art, various types of social assistance – orderlies, visiting nurses, insurance, raising children, charity). They can get used to someone else’s fate (artists), have a strong sense of justice (good arbitrators).

They love to patronize, but they do not pamper children, they are even harsh with children – outwardly. Cancers are couch potatoes, although they are attracted to travel, but they always strive to return home as soon as possible, if for some reason this is impossible, settle in a foreign land and feel at home. In love, they are receptive to beauty and sex, but the most important thing for them is feelings. If there are no feelings, then a long union will not work. Passive, prefer to be fascinated, not they. The family is everything for them, the home for Cancer is his fortress, it can even become a home tyrant.

In public, Cancer is quieter than water, below the grass, and houses are transformed. The house is cleaned to his taste, he also sets the order of life in the family. But this tyranny of the household is often discovered only on the day of the silver wedding. He is very demanding to a partner (partner): he is looking for loyalty, equality, mobility, modesty – in no case should anyone, even close friends, be told about his relationship, a careless word can jeopardize everything.

Dangers stem from vulnerability, resentment, overestimation of one’s own personality. If others do not recognize him, he feels resentful and abandoned, his pride suffers. A tendency to exaggerate the suffering that befell him. He is cruel if his partner disappoints him, and he suffers the most from his cruelty. A weak physique, from diseases – digestive disorders and diseases of the digestive organs are frequent. You have a strong emotional attachment to the past, to your family, to childhood, to those places with which you have a sense of security, no need to worry about tomorrow. It is very important for you to keep in touch with your family and cultural past, to strengthen family foundations.

You are characterized by devotion, affection, sentimentality, responsibility to everything that is dear to you – be it a person, a thing or familiar places. You are a good educator, you treat people with compassion, you are always ready to help them both materially and spiritually. You like it when people need you, especially those you love. You are attached to the home where you live; You need to be understood and accepted here. You are more concerned with people and their feelings than with power, career, position in society.

Kindness, caring, tenderness make a bigger impression on you than any worldly honors. Basically you are a person of emotions. Your views are determined by feelings and personal subjective experience rather than reason, logic and abstract principles. It is difficult for you to judge life situations impartially, objectively, because personal sympathies and affections are usually intertwined in your judgments. You take life very personally, sometimes you build a wall around yourself to protect yourself from painful contacts, from the possibility of being rejected by someone. In the depths of your heart, you are shy and vulnerable, you have a tendency to mood swings, emotional ups and downs.

In life, you need time and a place to withdraw into yourself, reflect on life, dream and recharge. Otherwise, you become irritable, unhappy with those around you. You act instinctively, without resorting to reason, love to surrender completely to the power of creativity, where you can express your feelings, imagination.

You love to cook – and here, too, your creativity manifests itself, your natural ability to educate, to take care of the human stomach. You also love music – it evokes feelings in you that are difficult or impossible to convey in words. Your strongest qualities are compassion for people, sharpening of feelings and imagination. Your shortcomings are your inability to leave the past and go forward; You are limited in your circle, full of prejudices, and tend to indulge in self-pity when life confronts you.

Sun in Leo

If the Sun in a person’s horoscope is in Leo, then this person is the embodiment of self-awareness. Lions are always on the throne, even if they work as shoemakers. They always feel like the center of attention, even if in reality they are not. Even the most shy of them think they make a huge impression.

They are proud, strong, calm, even if they are insecure. They demand attention, everyone should listen to them. They love honor, which is sometimes bought with a rich treat. Always generous, but do not forget themselves. Their affairs seem to go by themselves, so their self-confidence hypnotizes the environment. There must always be someone who worships them, otherwise there is a feeling of their own uselessness and bitterness may develop (although it is not shown).

They have extraordinary ingenuity, strength, decisiveness, royalty, organizational talent, love of freedom, striving for independence. You can’t bind a Leo, it’s better not to try – there will be a lot of noise, they obey only of their own free will. Their love of freedom knows no bounds. Arrogant, but for them it is natural.

Everyday worries are too low for them, but they are willing to take responsibility for their actions, take responsibility and give orders. Generous, can protect. They overestimate themselves, they have extraordinary authority, they know how to make an impression, words and gestures are wide, it is difficult to argue with them, they are always right, pride prevents them from immediately changing a false opinion. Then they can change it, but as if of their own free will. They are brave, they like to enjoy life, they don’t like to work, but their laziness is majestic. Pronounced pride, offenses forgive, but do not forget.

They do not tolerate criticism, but they have a sense of humor. In life, they necessarily occupy a high position, at least once. They prefer professions where they can lead (they have organizational talent and know how to make others work). The work associated with painstaking work is not for them, otherwise an adjutant is definitely needed.

In negotiations, they are magnanimous and generous, they concede in trifles. With subordinates, they are generous, they easily advance in the service, they do not cringe before the authorities, they keep themselves on an equal footing, or even make it clear that they themselves are higher. They are ambitious, although this is not connected with the case, but with the position. They love the audience, they love to shine and they know how to do it better than others.

They cannot be deprived of a place under the Sun, they will not sit in a cage, at the first opportunity they will pounce on the one who placed him there. They do not need to give them great powers, since they will definitely use them to the end, they like to make decisions and do not regret what they have done. Their weakness is timing, punctuality, they consider it a shame to work like a clock, that is, a technical tool. They have many enemies.

They like to keep themselves waiting. In love, they quickly ignite, from words they quickly pass to deeds, they care ardently, but those who do not immediately submit are not loved, because in case of refusal, their pride suffers. With great passion, they retain their pride. They are very sensitive in love, food, drink, love beauty, shine, a partner must have a beautiful appearance.

In marriage, they demand unquestioning obedience, they do not differ in loyalty: family – family, and hunting – hunting. But God forbid, if another predator enters the family! Children are not pampered. Dangers: overestimating oneself, a feeling of offended dignity, inability to discern enemies in time, vanity, being surrounded by flatterers parasitizing at the expense of Leo, thirst for pleasure, lust for power, intolerance, arrogance, narcissism. Too gullible.

They have a strong constitution, are resistant to diseases, they are characterized by heart disease. Often these diseases and diseases of the blood arise from excesses and affect the pharynx and excretory system. The person is proud and purely individualistic, you strive to be an outstanding person, to show yourself to the limit, to achieve recognition and high appreciation of what you are doing.

You cannot bear the very thought of being in the last row or carrying out other people’s orders, or just being an ordinary employee. You need to leave the stamp of your personality on everything you do, go your own way in life, shine, be creative and be on the captain’s bridge. Your dreams are ambitious, and you do not take the determination, strength of character, energy and enthusiasm to implement big ideas.

You also have a noble, romantic heart and love for the dramatic, bright, extravagant. You completely agree that the world is a stage, and secretly (and perhaps not so secretly) you wanted to be an outstanding actor, the protagonist of the play. You need the adoration of the audience, a standing ovation, even if the audience consists of one person who is dear to you, who would believe in you and your dreams. Although outwardly you radiate self-confidence, in reality you are highly dependent on the support, love and acceptance of people.

It is unbearable for you when you are not noticed or appreciated. In love, you are generous in heart and are not afraid to show your loved one how dear he is to you. You appreciate the magic of being in love, and you know how to maintain that heat in a relationship. A devoted person, you will protect those you love and stand up for them like a mountain – unless they offend your pride, betray your trust. In relationships with people, you like the role of the strong, and it is very difficult for you to give up leadership.

Ideally, you need to find a person with the same strong will as yours, but so that he does not strive to stand above you, to be your rival. The strong side of your personality is represented by a keen interest and love of life. This is your creative energy, warm and generous heart. And the main disadvantage is that you are self-centered. Being preoccupied with the impression that you make, your own creative self-expression, you forget about the existence of another, larger world that does not revolve around your person.

Sun in Virgo

For people who have the Sun in Virgo, the main life principle is order and reason. They are always looking for knowledge to bring matter to the control of the mind. You can rely on them, their inner strength gives peace and reliability. They have a sense of healthy realism, they decide to experiment after careful thought, according to plan, with tests. Having finished one thing, they start another, it is not easy to confuse them, they are tenacious and accurate.

Often not always a conscious feeling of fear of life, which is why they try in every possible way to protect themselves and insure themselves. Contributions are paid on time, work without further ado. They work more than others, not disdaining dirty work. They are modest, but they know their own worth, silently and calmly do their own thing, which is very necessary for others. They always reckon with reality, hence the sharp criticism of others, logical and reasoned, but without tolerance. They do not know how to put themselves in the place of another, everything that does not lie on the surface of things is considered fiction

Inborn conservatives. The attitude to the pleasant sides of life is cautious, for them life is, first of all, a duty. True, for show they can afford some luxury, but at home, when no one sees, there is nothing superfluous. They do not indulge in unrestrained fun, they celebrate according to a system, everything is planned in advance. Business acumen combined with sober observation and registration.

Many people from birth have a built-in computer in their brains. As a rule, they don’t get into debt, they buy cheap good things. They are sensitive to criticism, especially if it is not fully reasoned. Hardworking like bees. Many take advantage of their willingness to sacrifice themselves. Among them there are many grumblers beyond measure, petty truth-lovers, eternal envious people. In a professional sense, they always feel in their place.

Everywhere they work thoroughly, they will always go into the heart of the matter. They are attentive, diligent, economical, if they are leaders, then they are exemplary and work a lot themselves, they are the first to come to work and the last to leave. They do not like to entrust work to others and do not know how, because they are sure that no one can do it better, and this can scare people away. They are very patient.

The attitude to love is very practical. For them, love is compatibility and mutual support, and extraordinary love is only in the movies. The main thing is “if a man would be good.” Sex is also not the main thing, because life is so difficult, and it is easier to survive together. Their addiction is often accompanied by material gain. In love, they demand order, fidelity, clarity. They are ready for anything that makes sense and is paid for, and in case of conflicts, they go for divorce if they consider it reasonable.

Dangers: harsh criticism of anyone who does not know how to work as they do; misunderstanding of others, which creates enemies for them. Pettiness, secrecy, disappointment in people. There are few happy moments in life, they do not know how to use them, hence the envy.

Health effects: weakened intestines and digestive organs. Tendency to constipation, colic, dysentery, diarrhea, heartburn, belching, vomiting. Deep down, you are humble and non-repugnant, rarely striving to be the center of attention or occupy a position that gives you power.

You have a keen analytical mind, attentive to the details of the eyes. You prefer to observe, analyze and study life from a distance. You are conscientious and conservative, you can be relied on, entrusting you with work: you will be attentive, efficient and accurate. A job well done is your pride. Perhaps you lack self-confidence. But you often make up for this deficiency by honing your skills, gaining experience, knowledge and competence in a particular field.

You have golden hands. Your strength lies in meticulous attention to detail and meticulous execution. Some would say that you are too meticulous, prone to excessive criticism, worry about what other people consider insignificant and unimportant. You love to organize, categorize, and logical things. And often, when something doesn’t fit a clear and precise paragraph, you definitely feel out of place.

Lack of organization annoys you. You probably would like not to be so punctual and meticulous – after all, even the smallest detail takes a lot of time. In others or in yourself, you tend to focus on mistakes and shortcomings with a desire to correct, improve, improve.

You adhere strictly to the facts, are truthful and scrupulously honest in assessing yourself, self-critical, but often do not value yourself enough. You tend to be meticulous and possibly fastidious about diet, hygiene, and health. You have high aesthetic criteria, sensitivity to little things. In everyday life, you are worried about things that others do not pay attention to (disorder, tobacco smoke, etc.). Your tastes are simple, oversized, but sophisticated. Rudeness, tactlessness, vulgarity insult you to the core.

Sometimes it is difficult to live with you because of your fastidiousness, sensitivity, because of your strange rules regarding food and cleanliness. Although you seem rather reserved and withdrawn, you enjoy helping. It’s in your nature. And you enjoy helping people. The role of helping, assisting You prefer the role of leader, quietly devoted to those you care about. You are considerate, careful in your attitude to life, realistic, practical and not inclined to take risks. Before you act, you analyze, sometimes too seriously. It would be helpful for you to allow the element of play and the possibility of error in life.

Sun in Libra

Diplomatic, elegant, soulful. Behavior is emphasized by reason and intellect. With an abundance of feelings, they do not allow passions to prevail, they try to maintain balance. For all their sensitivity, they follow the culture of its manifestation; the form of relations is very important for them. Communication with them is pleasant, harmonious, they love and develop art.

The sense of beauty is strongly developed. Dress up tastefully. They love big holidays. They don’t like anything vulgar. Aesthetics are given great importance, uncivilized excesses are rejected. A highly developed sense of form often leads to a reluctance to get to the essence, hence frustration, superficiality, something vague, formless remains.

Slippery politeness, they always keep their distance between themselves and others, with all the contact there is a danger of loneliness. The character is receptive, interests are varied, very sociable, they like to argue, they are cold in communication, which attracts them, since behind this coldness one can feel a restrained feeling. If the feeling breaks through, the balance is disturbed, which is difficult and dangerous for them, therefore they prefer love in general, live with illusions. Over the years, they can become pretenders, talented actors.

They know human weaknesses and the need to overcome them, so they can educate themselves. They admit their mistakes, find the strength to obey, and are the first to reach out for reconciliation. Witty and interesting conversationalists. Their purpose is to balance, negotiate, represent. Art, music, everything that adorns life and requires good taste is their business, from a hairdresser to the head of a cultural institution.

Due to the strong need for harmony and their sociability, they always create a good working climate around themselves, it is easy and pleasant to work with them. They present their company on the side with brilliance. The successes of others do not hurt them, they just watch them to take an example. They do not like only if they belittle their dignity.

By nature, they are unsure of themselves, since they see two sides in everything at once and hesitate, trying to maintain balance, and for this they must be praised. But the authorities should remember about the absent-mindedness of Libra, they do not notice trifles, their mind is mobile, lacks concentration. True, they apologize immediately for the mistakes they have made – this is required by their sense of harmony. They are very entrepreneurial, but they need good employees, since they cannot complete the work they have begun. They have a strong sense of justice. They are hardworking, especially after 29 years of age. They are looking for knowledge, spiritual interests.

The basis of alliances is love, in the first place is true unity (the embodiment of the dream of an ideal). But they also love to flirt, flirt, and flirting does not always lead to intimacy and does not indicate readiness. Eroticism alone is not enough for a union, common interests, love for art are needed. Absolute fidelity is not to be expected, curiosity and malleability, albeit restrained, cultural, interfere. Children are brought up with taste and independence.

Dangers: when the balance is violated for some reason, they lose their line of behavior, their face, and they feel ashamed of themselves, a chain of mistakes begins without end. Another danger is increased claims to a partner in business, love, friendship, they are looking for an ideal and are unlikely to find it. Insecure and unstable, which leads to vanity, smartness. They are vindictive, although they rarely give vent to their anger.

Harmony and balance are the main keys in the music of your life. You instinctively understand the need to adapt to the interests and desires of people, you are always ready to meet them halfway. You are tactful, a good diplomat and do your best to avoid conflicts and disagreements. A spirit of cooperation and compromise emanates from you. Thanks to charm and care, you achieve the desired results where it is impossible to achieve it straight and ahead.

Getting along with people is too important for you, because you run the risk of being overly dependent on the approval and opinions of others when making your own decisions. You will rarely take action without consultation and support. You prefer cooperation and your share of the reward for success over independent action.

Loneliness is felt by you as something very unnatural. You have a great need for a partner and a close relationship with him. You give most of your energy to the person you love. A great idealist and romantic in terms of marriage or marriage, you are looking for a partner who would be equal to you intellectually, as well as physically and spiritually. You become a serious, caring friend or lover and enjoy the traditional attributes of love – courtship, flowers, etc. Relationships of this type seem to you to be art, for which you do not mind time, attention and creative efforts.

You value subtlety and sophistication in your partner. It shouldn’t be boring, rude, or harsh. You maintain a noble objectivity and provide the person with whom life confronts you with equal opportunities both in your personal life and in the big world in which you do not take personal part. If you are fighting for something, then very often it is objectivity in relation to a person. Balance is extremely important to you. You believe in the middle ground, avoiding bigotry and extremes of any kind.

You have a strong need for beauty and harmony of the environment. Natural sense of style, taste is reflected in the way you dress, how you organize your home, workplace, etc. – everything should caress the eye. You get the satisfaction of working with people as a lawyer, counselor, consultant, negotiator, and in the art world, such as design or photography.

Sun in Scorpio

A very strong sign. It always makes an impression, a special force of attraction, although it often inspires fear. Simultaneously revived, but also mysterious, viable, but also full of premonitions of death. Strives for self-improvement. He fights all his life with his passions, this struggle is harsh and does not pass without leaving a trace for health (nerves). Racks, holds to the end. He despises his own and others’ weaknesses, but can be generous, compassionate.

Strong personality, passion, unconditionalness, which makes life with him (her) exciting and difficult at the same time. The partners are tormented, but they do not feel relief from this, everything is boiling in their souls. They do everything with enthusiasm, emphasize their originality, do not want to put themselves on the same board with others. Comparison with someone is offensive to them, so it is difficult to communicate with them. They are always belligerent. They love to delve into their soul and their feelings, which can develop creativity.

When they are interested in something, they do not spare themselves, spend their energy like no other. Even if outwardly they may seem calm, their nights are often sleepless, despite the tiring days. And sleeping pills will not help here, it affects the internal tension. They know that everything in the world has an end, and they resist it with all their might.

If someone in their presence takes life easily, they lose patience. Constant fun can make them sick. Their reaction can be harsh, their language is rude and angry, they know how to quickly and deeply offend, they sharply, almost impolitely defend their opinion. They are either admired or not accepted at all. With enemies they are cruel, ruthless, and they themselves do not expect mercy from the enemy. They are capable of deceit, they take any risk. They have amazing energy, especially if they are in a difficult situation.

They do not give a glimpse into their souls, they are always contradictory, agitated, tense. Not finding a suitable partner, they are torn to pieces – and discover creative interests and harmony that seemed unthinkable before. At work, you need to use their energy, courage, they are not afraid to do what others doubt, so there are many good surgeons among them.

They are interested in secrets – from the secrets of the universe to the secrets of the underworld (they can be scientists engaged in fundamental science, detectives, intelligence officers, all kinds of researchers). They need work that requires all the strength, not half. They are brave. They should be used where intransigence in the struggle is needed, as well as magnetism and passion, which can save a deadlocked business or negotiations. But in positions where subtlety is needed, they will not cope.

Passionate lovers. Unions are strong and indissoluble, and the stamp in the passport does not play a role. If they part, it means that nothing can save this union. But having said “yes”, everyone will endure: diseases, storms, and disappointments. Only deception is not forgiven. They are despotic, capable of rough abuse, quarrels, followed by a passionate, erotic reconciliation. One should not expect a quiet life with them. In all pleasures and pleasures they do not know the measure.

Very jealous. Children are forced to be independent early. Dangers: passion for quarrels, irascibility, unbridledness, cruelty, unwillingness to reckon with others, opposing oneself to everyone and overestimating oneself. They do not know the measure in anything. They generously spend their strength – material and physical. They do not know self-restraint, which must be learned, otherwise life will be on the edge of an abyss.

Possible diseases: hemorrhoids, fractures, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, diseases of the heart and pharynx, often alcoholism. You are calm, deep in your feelings. Your emotionally complex nature is closed, you value the opportunity to be yourself. You are not the kind of person who is easy to get to know and easy to understand. Being sensitive to everything, you are nevertheless not inclined to show it, allowing only a select few into your inner world.

Like a wary animal, you are suspicious and distrustful of those you don’t know until you “sniff” them. You have highly developed instincts and intuition. You react energetically and decisively to the actions of the people with whom you are involved, although, perhaps, you are not able to clearly explain why you are doing this and not otherwise. More often than not, your feelings and sensations are deeper than words. You have strong emotional beginnings. You give yourself intensely in love and affection.

You have a developed sense of ownership in relation to those who are close to you, and you are often very jealous of who you see as a rival, wary of anything that can worsen relations with loved ones. When you give yourself to someone or something, you give yourself with all your heart and expect absolute affection in return. And if you have to break off relations, then you experience it very, very painfully, in a stormy, deeply emotional form. In these situations, you are not the most pleasant person.

If you are offended, then you are not inclined to turn the other cheek, and at the first opportunity you pay with the offense for the offense. And, of course, you will never forget the wound inflicted. Often you remember grievances and harbor evil for a long time. It is very difficult for you to forgive. Whatever you do, you show passion and zeal in everything, going to the extreme.

You are either showing an ardent interest or extremely cold. But the definition “neither fish nor meat” does not suit you. Either you are one hundred percent passionate about something, or something potentially interesting does not exist for you at all. Rarely are you emotionally impartial and objective. There is no doubt that a good fanatic is sitting in you. A strong will, persistence in achieving goals often border on obsession. You have pride, courage, intensity of emotions.

You love the mysterious, show a deep interest in the hidden, secret, secret sides of life. You are not content with superficial knowledge; you always strive, having overcome the shell, to penetrate deep into personalities and events in order to establish what is really happening. You are more prone to cynicism than idealism.

Sun in Sagittarius

Those with the Sun in Sagittarius are filled with a sense of responsibility for society and for themselves. They like to penetrate into new areas of knowledge, travel, have abstract thinking. Most often they are idealistic, and, as a rule, they are just, honest and generous.

Outwardly, they are very helpful, friendly, like to patronize. They know how to listen, love to meet the wishes of other people, love and know how to educate, serve as an example. They are very self-confident, pride cannot be hurt, it makes them angry. They need to learn patience, as they often lose their composure and cannot restrain themselves, however, they have a sufficient sense of humor to catch themselves in time and pass off their impulse as a friendly manifestation. They love to give advice. They can find a common language with anyone, from a janitor to a minister. They may seem naive and sincere, but they will not let themselves be fooled.

They always have a goal before their eyes, which they pursue with ambition, striving upward, which they succeed. They treat others in a fatherly way, but demand respect for themselves (if this is not met, they will warn them a couple of times with a laugh, and then they can hit the table with their fist), remember the good, are devoted to those who helped them once, tolerant, easy forgive others for their mistakes, are generous. Interest in religion, literature, new forms of art. Natural-born leaders, but they do not forget the pleasant sides of life, love to go out, drink and eat, not caring about their figure and health, but they can also become an example of asceticism.

They are generally characterized by the desire to be an example for others, they love to excel and want to shape others. A strong desire to learn as much as possible about the world around us, to understand the connections in it, but the information received, without being processed, is immediately passed on. At work, they cannot be overwritten, they must have their own area of ​​work, where they themselves can make decisions and be responsible for them.

They know how to represent, organize, balance. The profession must necessarily provide opportunities for growth, career, then they will try. They do not abuse power. They are good leaders who can understand not only the interests of the business, but also the problems, performers, judges, educators, teachers, religious leaders and preachers of ideas. They love to be judged according to their work. They often dream of a different, wonderful country where they would like to work.

If some business is interesting to them and seems important, they can work for free. They know how to support a wrecked person, to restore his faith in life. Their love is hot, but restrained. Until they find a partner, they choose for a long time, hesitate, experience a lot of adventures, but when they choose, they carry the banner of the union high. If they meet a new partner, they immediately confess, since they cannot deceive for a long time. They don’t want to share a partner with anyone, they try to work together, travel, argue. Many unions do not break up, even if love has died, since friendship, mutual assistance, and patronage grow out of a love union. But if their vanity is offended, love ends.

Criticism from a partner is not tolerated. For the rest, they are friendly, generous, tolerant of small weaknesses, children are good with them, as they are an example for them. Dangers: vanity, which is often stupid, sensitivity to criticism (may flare up), passion for excesses – revelry, drunkenness, gluttony, any Sagittarius is subject to something of this, knows no boundaries; megalomania, bragging, often promises more than they can deliver. They can make a fortune, but they can squander it.

Overeating, excessive alcohol consumption can cause osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, salt deposits, lesions of the lumbosacral spine. There are also possible wounds, cuts, dislocations of the hip joints – during sports, diseases of the lungs, liver and nervous system. In general, the constitution is strong, the body’s resistance is strong, the blood and the nervous system are weak. In the depths of your heart, you are a gambler and adventurer, love risk, love to discover and explore new worlds. Choose roads that no one has walked on, preferring them to roads that are safe and reliable.

You have an independent, restless character, a desire for freedom. You need a lifestyle in which you can travel, be on the move. You need changes and opportunities to meet new people, the prospect of expanding your horizons. You hate constancy, routine. You are confident in your future, if only you do not deprive you of your freedom of action. Life for you is a journey, an adventure, interesting and rich in possibilities, and it is difficult for you to decide where to stop your attention and efforts. Before making a choice, you may have wandered around the world, tried a variety of roads. Or you can move from one big topic to another – this is also characteristic of your character.

As soon as you begin to understand that you are able to solve a given problem, it ceases to be of interest to you. The ability to do something to the end, self-discipline, the ability to concentrate on something are not the strongest traits of your character. You can be irresponsible, do not rush to take on the burdens and limitations of an adult’s life.

An incorrigible optimist, you dream of something big, you hope for the future. Usually you are pursuing some distant goal, have a large supply of faith and confidence that life itself will take care of you. Failures cannot overwhelm your spirit. Like a rubber ball, you escape from disappointment, often with another big dream or project in your head. You have a sporty attitude to life, and you are philosophical about mistakes. You have the ability to predict the direction in which the future will develop, to see events in close-up, without drowning in trifles.

You like theorizing, thinking, but you will not go into all the details in order to put the theory into practice. You show yourself openly, directly and even straightforwardly; sometimes you are impudent and tactless. Since you do not take yourself too seriously as a person, it is quite possible that you often do not understand how your frank statements can hurt more sensitive souls.

In fact, your unconscious insensitivity and lack of understanding of people’s feelings is one of your worst flaws. No doubt you enjoy friendship and companionship, but you also need freedom. Therefore, you do not get along with those who crush everyone under themselves, with people who are not able to maintain a distance of relations, with partners who are overly demanding in terms of attention to themselves. You yourself are generous, with all your heart you hate pettiness in people. The person with whom you want to spend most of your time will only be the one who shares your ideas, your appetite for life and has a sense of humor.

Sun in Capricorn

Not content with today. They have a feeling that a great future awaits them. Want to do something special. Their ambition is striking, while they rely on reality, but often choose unusual paths, seemingly roundabout, and come first. Their tenacity is amazing, which cannot be imagined from their appearance. Strong competitors, principled. Having survived the blow of fate, they want to avoid the next, for this they arm themselves with knowledge and patience and rise from one peak to another.

Soon they find themselves on the peaks, but in loneliness, with which they resign themselves, loudly complaining, but this loneliness cannot make them come back. Obstacles on their way not only overcome, but destroy them. They are very diligent, always ready to learn, they accept criticism, try to rework it and draw conclusions. They have great intuition, which they use in the struggle for their independence and economic security. Reason is considered the highest commandment.

They believe in themselves, are careful, modest, economical, including in the manifestation of feelings. They take care of their nerves, and the stomach is smaller, as they eat a lot and tasty. They avoid unnecessary disputes, save time, since it is not enough, but there is a lot of things to do. They are true and accurate, rarely change their views. Children’s experiences determine their entire path. Persistent in achieving the goal. They think clearly, but the sense of humor is not enough, too serious. When teased, they become suspicious.

They hate omissions, omissions, ambiguities. Outwardly they are severe, but inside they are very soft, sensitive, sentimental to the point of indecency. We are always ready for difficulties and trials. The works are not afraid, they can be used anywhere. Usually they are not seen or heard, they calmly and silently do their job, but once the business goes badly, then Capricorn will appear on the stage, figure it out, find an unexpected way out of a familiar situation, a new idea that will save everyone. Nobody can take away what they have achieved, only ill health, but in this case Capricorns quickly recover their strength. The spoilers of fate do not like them, as they are very observant and like to criticize.

With lazy people, demagogues and braggarts, they can be cold and arrogant. As a rule, they are not envious, but want to be appreciated by others. They love money very much, since they were born under the sign of centenarians and are afraid of an unsecured old age. They get sick in childhood, but they can hope for a long life. They take good care of their condition, but they themselves are suspicious.

You can deceive them only once or twice, at the beginning of life, but then this does not happen. In love, they are also sober and practical. Feelings should not interfere with the path of life, if necessary, feelings are suppressed, and with such force that it may seem as if it has become a completely different person. The experience of passion and selfless love comes quickly or never, after which there remains criticality, clarity, and emotions are hidden deep inside, but they are there, and they are very strong.

Marriage is concluded for life, ready to forgive, but often suspicious. If a suitable partner is found, the marriage will be unshakable. For a woman, children and their well-being are in the first place, for a man – work. Duty always comes first. Children are brought up soberly, on hackneyed truths. Dangers: selfishness, stubbornness, intransigence, tendency to loneliness. Weak constitution, a tendency to diseases of the digestive system, intestines, colds, poor nutrition, constipation and melancholy.

You are serious, disciplined and reasonably ambitious. You are characterized by a desire to prove that you are, what you are, a desire to achieve material success. Work and position in society are very important for you. To achieve the goal that you have set for yourself, you will persist in overcoming all difficulties, disappointments and often sacrifice a lot in terms of personal relationships and family life. With a thoughtful, quiet, calm and restrained character, you are very reluctant to show what you feel deep in your heart. It seems that you are managing to control events.

A capable employee, a strong personality, you are the person on whose shoulders in the family or at work falls the greatest responsibility (and most of the work). Even as a child, you already possessed maturity, sobriety and worldly wisdom, which in general are not typical of children. Basically you are a pragmatist and a realist. And although you may have all kinds of dreams, goals of an ideal order and vivid theories, you consider the ultimate justification of the concept to be its practical usefulness. You have a natural cunning and business skills – and some more cynicism.

You always think clearly, independent in your opinions and objective in judgments. Dramatic details at the level of feelings are not able to take you away from the essence of the matter. Very often you are a domineering person, purely fair, but ruthless. Traditions are sacred to you, and even if you do not agree with some laws, you will obey them or work towards changing them, but never allow them to be criminally neglected. Cautious and discreet, in any game you play by the rules. You are a calm, quiet person, a supporter of thoughtful actions.

They are not inclined to harsh, careless actions, do not express themselves openly to the end. It is not easy for you to penetrate the soul. You are humble and sometimes overly self-critical. It is not easy for you to allow yourself (and the people with whom life confronts you) to surrender to the will of feelings, play a game, do as you please. You cannot mindlessly enjoy, be weak, vulnerable. The strongest traits of your character are depth, accuracy, patience, tenacity, loyalty to your obligations. Your faults are conservative tendencies, inflexibility and excessive seriousness.

Sun in Aquarius

Those with the Sun in Aquarius are distinguished by eccentric temperament, determination, stubbornness. In an effort to update the environment, they can go so far as to seek change for the sake of change. The desire for spiritual renewal in them often coexists with buffoonery, charlatanism. In order to demonstrate something as best as possible, they may go to the wrong means, as a result, the desired is not achieved.

They often feel that people do not understand their ideas. And in fact, it is difficult to say whether they are really obsessed with the idea of ​​the new, the idea of ​​reform, or they are joking and mischievous. After all, they are really spiritually developed, impressionable, and active, and their ideas are really good, but the reputation of a frivolous person prone to profanation causes caution among others. And not without reason, as sometimes they ruin the best reforms because of their embellishment and too many promises.

They have a lot of ideas, but they lack the strength and seriousness to consistently fight for them. Preaching idealism, in decisive situations, they may not show such an example. They dream of influential posts, but for the sake of them they may not want to leave a cozy apartment. This can lead to Oblomovism. They always puzzle everyone, it is possible that bluff is their essence.

And yet they are not only pranksters, but also wonderful inventors and geniuses (which they consider themselves to be). Keeping pace with the times. They are always in search, but not systematic, but impulsive, their inventions are not the result of long and painstaking work and observations, but instant insight. They often react unexpectedly, intelligently, but not logical. Everyone questions, criticizes, but they themselves do not react to criticism. They seem contradictory and capricious, they may even seem to be disbelieving in the business they are engaged in and proclaim, but this is because they know people and know that they should not be subject to increased demands.

They are very humane, they are great in their tolerance. Dressed casually or super-elegant, or bright and catchy. They have a developed intellect and communicate in a friendly manner with all people. They make a varied impression. Interests are more in the spiritual field. They work better in a team that sets as its goal the realization of the ideal, then all their talents and tirelessness are manifested. They are attracted by technology, in it they are very inventive, as well as everywhere where it is necessary to find out something, re-register, re-classify, use intuition (in medicine – psychology), as well as in all new areas of science. They have the ability to discover talents.

Their activity is great, but not uniform, now they are like a storm, now not a breeze. They need original work with ideas, they quickly get up to speed, can fill any position, quickly navigate in an unfamiliar place. Connections through unusual acquaintances. The partner must be original, conspicuous. There should be no boredom.

They are loved for unexpected ideas, unpredictability, you will not get bored with them, but whether the partner can withstand this eternal change of moods, the unexpectedness of actions is another question. Usually it is better than others think, since Aquarians have a sense of responsibility: the family makes sense for them, and children are the goal of human life. There is mutual help in the family, children are brought up using very progressive methods, there is a pleasant atmosphere in their house. Dangers: The pursuit of originality can become mania, unusualness can alienate others. Individualism, poor concentration, lightheadedness in communication, frivolity.

You are freedom-loving. You have a strong will. In assessments, you rely only on your own mind and persistently strive to build your life as you see fit, even if you violate generally accepted rules and traditions. In personal relationships, you are not able to give yourself up to anyone else. And although you acknowledge that when you receive something from a person, you need to give in return a part of yourself, it is not easy for you to accept this emotional balance of close, intimate relationships. Although intellectually you are an open person, in individual communication, one-on-one, you are extremely stubborn, incapable of perceiving someone else’s opinion, inflexible.

You have strong beliefs about what is fair and what is not about equality in relationships, and you strive to live up to your ideals. But your ideal ideas of how people should relate to each other do not always take into account human weaknesses, differences, and needs. You probably don’t like the sentimentality, the traditional distinction between gender roles and the “games” people play. You are fair, smart, objective and often give preference to your head over your heart. The impression is that emotionally you do not need anyone but yourself. You are detached from people, but you are able to set aside your personal feelings in order to see things impartially. But once you have made a decision, you will not budge: you can be quite dogmatic.

You have large-scale thinking, a serious concern with what goes beyond your personal sphere: the life of your city, country and even planet. Perhaps you will become involved in municipal affairs, the affairs of public organizations, various groups and show a keen interest in their activities. You enjoy participating in mass events and often find yourself an organizer, administrator, head of various associations.

You are a person of progressive convictions, you have high hopes for the future, closely follow all the changes in the world. You react vividly to different trends in modern culture, to new ideas and changes in the way of life. In your youth, you easily succumbed to the influence of your peers, group pressure, followed the latest fashion. Your experimenting mind has always responded to new things. Your Strongest Traits: You are concerned with making people live better, so that society functions better.

You have a developed sense of justice, democracy, the ability to look ahead. Your shortcomings are stubbornness, inflexibility, insensitivity, and even dullness when it comes to personal feelings and human needs.

Sun in Pisces

Empathy, versatility, renunciation. This is a hypersensitive sign that reacts very strongly to the thoughts of other people. They are always on the verge of the real, ready to get lost, submit to fate, eternal dreamers, even sleeping in reality. They just want to live, but this desire almost never comes true, as they yield to other promises and vows. They try to do what is necessary, but their will is weak.

They are often so naive that the struggle in life is torment for them, therefore they always prefer to go into the world of illusions than to face real life. Hence the danger of substituting real life – tobacco, coffee, alcoholic beverages, drugs, a strong need to love can lead to debauchery, and if nothing helps to get away from life’s problems, they can turn to the occult.

They are naturally strong mediums, and, starting with yoga, they can end up with memories of their previous lives. Here lies the danger of getting confused in your feelings, becoming a toy in the wrong hands, or going crazy. It is easier for them when they have a strong patron, so they often have a strongly developed religious feeling – indeed, who can be stronger than God! It also helps them if they wear a mask, hiding their sensitive soul under it. And here again the danger – the mask can grow, become a second “I”. Dual. Their aversion to arguments makes them timid. But if they run out of patience, they can get very angry.

They are very compassionate, know how to help, instill courage in others. They are so sensitive that they are often ready to burst into tears, they are very soft that they try to hide behind external severity, they get irritated, defensively, but in general they always present themselves. They are attracted by art, they have a talent for music, singing, good actors. The profession should be chosen very carefully, it should be special, give vent to their artistry. A strict regime and discipline are contraindicated, these are free artists – designers, fashion designers, graphic artists, musicians, professions that require sympathy and compassion.

Love for them is destiny. They are skilled in love and always want to love. If this fails, they are capable of sublime selfless love. They are very gullible. Their feelings are tender and sincere, they turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of their loved ones. They need someone to whom they can pour out their love: if there is no partner, then they are looking for children or parents who need care, if there is no one, then they have a cat or a dog. They die of heartlessness, for the sake of love they are ready for anything, but then they themselves do not forgive their partner for their humiliation. The measures do not know. Children are raised in love of art and tolerance. Weak constitution, tendency to tuberculosis.

Dangers other than those listed above are credulity, compliance, instability, false severity. They need to be more decisive. By nature, you are a very gentle, impressionable, receptive person, a dreamer. The world of your imagination, feelings and intuition is as real to you as everything that belongs to the outside world. It may be difficult for you to convey, explain your inner experiences so that others can understand them.

You are prone to mysticism, artistic creativity, musical, emotional. You have a highly developed imagination, a rich inner life, although outwardly you must give the impression of a modest and quiet person. Usually you keep aloof. Thanks to a highly developed sensitivity, you deeply penetrate into the essence of your relationships with people. Often, the first intuitive impression is subsequently confirmed.

You are tolerant, you know how to forgive, you are not inclined to judge people, you accept them as they are – with flaws and mistakes. You sympathize with every living being and often experience someone else’s pain as your own. You understand people who are flawed, losers – they do not push you away. You are capable of a selfless gift, of a life dedicated to serving people, of the role of a doctor, priest, healer.

However, you tend to give yourself to people blindly, indiscriminately, allowing your kindness to be abused, allowing the weak to remain weak and become your dependents. You have a poorly developed sense of the moment when you have to say “no”. Confidence and self-discipline are not your strongest qualities. You tend to love people and be a peacemaker.

You are not a fighter, not a supporter of active actions, you strive to avoid an open confrontation. It is easier for you to ignore the difficulties of life, to distance yourself from them in the hope that they will disappear on their own, and not to meet them face to face. There is a noticeable lack of inclination to active struggle, which is sometimes necessary to overcome difficulties; there is no firmness in you. You are an open person and somewhat passive. Your actions are careful, non-aggressive, often not obvious.

It is possible that your talents lie in the field of creativity, fine arts, music, because you have a highly developed sensitivity, inspiration and a rich imagination. You are touched by the beauty and love that you see in front of you. Your disadvantages are that you tend to be lazy and do not pay enough attention to what is happening to you.

You would rather enjoy self-pity than take vigorous action to change the situation for the better. You also tend to isolate yourself from your immediate surroundings and live in a state of complete, chaotic disorder. But this worries your loved ones more than you yourself.

Moon in Aries

Due to your fiery temperament and impulsiveness, you are prone to emotional outbursts. You express yourself directly, openly, so no one needs to guess what your true feelings are. However, you do not like to demonstrate your weakness or need for support, comfort, care.

You are often impatient with yourself and with other people. You hate emotional dependency and hate whiners. You encourage people to take action with your enthusiasm, your readiness to face everyday difficulties. You are attracted to people of an adventurous warehouse, courageous, independent. The person is quite domineering, you do not like to communicate with people who immediately obey. Sometimes you are happy to enter into a violent quarrel.

The ideal of your relationship with people is communication based on mutual respect and at a certain emotional distance. You become irritable if you stop doing enough physical activity. From time to time (and quite often) you need to fight on a tennis or badminton court (or take part in some other competitive sport).

If you do not have enough control over your words and actions, then those around you may consider you as a fickle, emotional, impulsive nature, which is characterized by haste and little thoughtfulness of your actions. You are characterized by a thirst for recognition, and in order to achieve it – excessive zeal. Most often you are an independent person, persistently going your own way. You may suddenly flare up, as you often take the reactions of other people to heart, and do not tolerate the interference of outsiders in your affairs.

Moon in Taurus

With a balanced temperament and not prone to conflicts, you are not the kind of person who is easily pissed off. Increased emotionality is not typical for you. You have a calming effect on people who are more nervous and more emotionally mobile, you have emotional stability that calms those around you. As a gentle person, it is not easy to provoke you to an explosion, but you are extremely stubborn and will resist any changes that require you to change your psyche (including changes in family life, in marriage).

In love, you are looking for a devoted partner with whom you do not need to be nervous, worry about the future. You are devoted to those you love, you create an atmosphere of warmth and care for them. However, you tend to stay close to the coast, not change what exists, and seek to dissuade the people with whom life confronts you from changing. For you to feel good, you need physical manifestations of love: to be hugged, kissed, caressed; You need closeness, the ability to touch a loved one.

You tend to cross the line in comfort and sensual pleasures. Sometimes, when you lack emotional comfort and love, you replace them with something tasty. The need for material security and a reliable home situation. Love for art, singing. Light hand in handling plants. Good relationship with the mother. Laziness, inclination to pleasure, licentiousness are possible. Tendency to tonsillitis and tonsillitis.

Moon in Gemini

You do not come across as overwhelmingly emotional or sentimental, and you are often unaware of your own deeper feelings and emotional needs than usual. Tears and outbursts of irritation of other people baffle you, and you feel rather bad in such situations. You would rather resolve differences through reasonable and logical conversation. If a situation arises when it is necessary to plunge into the depths of feelings, you strive to turn everything into a joke.

You avoid complex, multidimensional, emotional behaviors. You are careful and do not take on unnecessary responsibility. You have a strong need for an environment of intellectual competition or cooperation and feel a sense of closeness to people with whom you can share thoughts, interests. It is very important for you to be able to talk.

You avoid strong, taciturn people. Iridescent feelings, quick grasping, richness of thoughts. They say incessantly what they annoy the listeners with. They are very restless, nervous, looking for changes, scattered, do not bring the matter to the end. Good scent thanks to emotion. Departures, change of apartments (exchange of apartments). Women with the Moon in Gemini are graceful, slender, cunning and fickle.

Moon in Cancer

You are more sensitive to the emotional tone and the atmosphere around you, on which your sudden transitions from one mood to another depend. Often people see you as an irrational person because you cannot always explain the reasons or source of your feelings. Those living with you should calmly accept your mood swings and understand that sometimes you need to withdraw into yourself. You also have compassion and understanding about the unspoken feelings and needs of people.

You are hurt by disrespect for you or a sharp refusal, and although you can forgive this sin to the person you love, you will never forget it. Deep, intense feelings, strong affection for home. Longing for maternal affection, for motherhood, strong affection for the mother, so much that they can repeat her life path.

Good cooks, nannies, parents. Home comfort and marriage are a must, this is a cricket behind the stove. Greed. They are easily offended and withdrawn into themselves. Popularity and the need for protection. Diseases are caused by digestive disorders, swelling, imbalance in the body’s water balance, gases in the intestines are possible.

Moon in Leo

With your warmth, love and nobility, you excite in those who love the feeling of affection and devotion. This is very good because you will never settle for anything less! You need to be adored, to be worshiped, and in return you bring down your care, warmth and attention. You have a strong sense of pride, you need to be recognized and appreciated. The deepest wound in your heart is inflicted by those who do not pay attention to you.

You are an open, sincere, decent person, and you cannot stand any kind of game that dishonorable people resort to. Pride, a penchant for theatricality and a desire to be the center of attention. A thirst for admiration, recognition, romance and sympathy. They love children, parties, art, sports, entertainment.

They love to command, especially at home, can become unbearable. The desire to love and be loved makes you radiant and courteous. There are many failures on their way. Physical ailments: heart disease, convulsions, scrofula, skin diseases, poor blood circulation, blood poisoning.

Moon in Virgo

You are very careful, shy, and anxious to discover your true feelings. While you can love and take great care of people, you rarely show these feelings openly and freely. Love will often manifest itself in the form of help, something tangible and useful.

It is difficult for you to believe that you are appreciated, that they are attached to you and that you are loved. Often you feel that you simply did not deserve it, or that all these are “words-words-words”, so you can look quite cold, reserved, detached person, even much more than you yourself feel.

The critic sits deeply in you, which makes it difficult to communicate with you. You must learn to be gentle with people, to lower your maximalist criteria in relation to others and in relation to yourself too. Ability for accurate and directed work, scrupulous in food and diet, take care of their health, everything is clean inside and outside. Accurate, shy, do not like first plans. In the manifestation of feelings, they are pedantic. Very punctual. Cunning, fussiness and timidity are possible. Colic, constipation, dysentery, indigestion.

Moon in Libra

Your desire to have a well-balanced environment around you is so strong that you avoid clashes even on a personal level. Avoid any strong emotion. You are an idealist and would prefer to see the world in pastel colors, to live with people in peace and harmony. You know how to be friends with a variety of people, show attention and care. You have a genuine talent for this.

The people you communicate with feel understood and appreciated. Deep down, you are often tormented by indecision, which you will never guess, seeing your calm, even character. Sensitive to the words and reactions of loved ones, especially a partner or coworkers.

They are disgusted with vulgarity, they can easily be pissed off by disharmony. Their looks and gestures can be charming and elegant, the house is tastefully furnished and can be a meeting place for a variety of social occasions. Art work or interests. Partnerships with parents, especially with the mother. If you are dissatisfied with yourself – insomnia. Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, blood poisoning, acute back pain, stomach pain, headaches.

Moon in Scorpio

You are secretive and prone to painful silence. It is difficult for people to understand what is hidden in the depths of your soul, because you trust and open yourself to very few. You do not allow yourself to be vulnerable and lose control of your relationships with others. Love and hate you intensely, passionately, you are a jealous friend, treat your friends like children. As an enemy, you must be afraid.

You have an unpleasant habit of remembering the past, when you were hurt, when you were offended, falsely accused. You keep all these feelings in yourself. It is very important that you learn to forgive and forget. It will be better if you begin to show your feelings openly and directly, without hiding or suppressing them. External visibility does not satisfy you, you strive to penetrate the external in order to understand the hidden motives, and you yourself have a great depth of feelings. Lust held back by will. Quick subconscious decisions and inability to substantiate sympathy or antipathy. Inexplicable fanaticism, sensuality, constant conflict in feelings.

Exaggeratedly serious attitude towards personal affairs, which leads to greed of possession and extreme jealousy. Grudges are not forgotten. They are sarcastic, mocking. They often want to change the family and home situation. They are willful and reckon only with their desires. Children are brought up with the carrot and stick method. Diseases: swelling, tumors, diseases of the bladder and excretory system, diseases of the genital organs, menstruation failures in women.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are an open and generous person. You have a lot of friends and acquaintances. You succeed in communicating with people, are adventurous, perceive life as a game. You are freedom-loving and always ready to hum and play.

You rarely get spoiled by obstacles and difficulties. Belief in an optimistic future helps you overcome them. However, when faced with everyday problems or emotional pain, you often try to encourage those who are in pain, to give them general philosophical advice, not paying attention to the feelings that are affected. Friendship plays a huge role for you. Perhaps even more than physical and romantic love. For your happiness, it is essential that the one with whom you are intimately close to be your best friend and support you in your expectations and goals of perfect order. At the same time, you need a lot of emotional freedom and mobility. Extravagance, idealism, emotionality.

Striving for high goals, often out of this world. Attachment to traditions, philosophical and religious views, which are instilled from childhood. Belief in a good outcome, longing for distant worlds, love for all living things (people, animals, plants). They love travel, change of places, often settle in other countries or far from their place of birth. Cheerful and optimistic. Possible diseases of the blood, lungs (tuberculosis), nervous system, sciatica, weakness of the hips and buttocks. Accident propensity.

Moon in Capricorn

You are a serious and responsible person, you are trying to carry the whole world on your shoulders, you do not want others to notice that you yourself need help and support. You either deny the existence of the emotional sphere in yourself, or do not pay any attention to it, believing that people will not perceive you the way you want if they see your weakness.

Your dependence on someone in the emotional sphere is unpleasant to you, and you say to yourself, to everyone (and even to children): “Don’t be a child.” You should understand that there is no absolute independence. You should be more gentle with your “childhood” emotional needs and desires. In the eyes of the people with whom life confronts you, you may look quite stubborn and tough, extremely businesslike, but in fact they have no more faithful friend. Your feelings and attachments are deep, but often you don’t let people know.

You need to learn to relax, enjoy yourself, sometimes take life lightly, like a fun game. Restrained, careful, cold, unapproachable. Take life seriously. They are interested in the material rather than the spiritual. They are ambitious, strive for money, power, which can lead to abuse of material position, susceptibility to mental illness, disappointment. The family is dominant, with the mother rather hostile. Weak vital regenerative forces, a tendency to gout, salt deposits, constipation, back pain.

Moon in Aquarius

It is not easy to shake your emotional sphere. And curiously, you can distance yourself not only from the emotions of other people, but also from your own. It seems that you are able to turn them on and off at will. It is good that your switch does not stay turned off too often, otherwise you are in danger of becoming too cold a person. Family ties and affection are not as important to you as they are to other people.

Friends are often closer to you than blood relatives. Your sympathies and concerns extend far beyond your own family. In personal relationships, you insist on a certain independence and freedom, on friendship with many people, both men and women. You cannot value someone you love if they are jealous and bossy. You feel best in an atmosphere of openness and experiment. Do not love and do not recognize customs and traditions. They are very rational, cold, talkative to the point of loquacity, adapt well, love to receive and transmit information.

They demand complete freedom in the family. Impulsive behavior, does not correspond to generally accepted norms. Their home is a meeting place for friends and group events. Negative sides – perversion of feelings, perseverance, the need for freedom at any cost, fear of emotional, personal attachments, as this threatens their personal freedom. Typical diseases: anemia, fainting, general weakness.

Moon in Pisces

You are unusually light-hearted, full of sympathy for people, and this understanding of their feelings and needs borders on telepathy. You cannot stand it when a living creature, be it a person or an animal, suffers in front of your eyes.

Knowing your kindness and compassion, people suffering from mental pain or being in a confused state often turn to you for help. Sometimes they abuse your kindness. You have a poetic soul, you love and feel music. Many of your sensations are vague and vague, so you cannot easily convey what you think about life. It looks like music is your natural language. In love, you are romantic, often in love not so much with a person as with the relationship itself, with this pleasant state.

Supersensitivity, receptivity of the thoughts and feelings of other people is like a sponge, a vivid imagination that manifests itself in poetry, music. Love to travel. Courtesy, compassion, shyness and mental vulnerability often feel offended, suffer from persecution mania, and if upset, then lack of common sense and a sense of humor. Melancholy, absent-mindedness, disdain for one’s appearance, the threat of mental illness and isolation. All diseases begin through the legs.

Mercury in Aries

Determined and ambitious way of thinking, quickness of thought and ingenuity, willingly argue and argue, keen observation and therefore irrepressible thirst for criticism, many original ideas, but can be too impulsive if you need to make a decision.

Impatient diligence in learning foreign languages, nervousness if the material is not immediately grasped. Consider themselves smarter than they really are. They are biased, impatient, do not always bring the matter to the end. You are a direct person, always willingly, clearly, without undue shyness. Express your ideas and opinions. You like to go against the majority opinion in order to create a little whirlwind.

You have fresh, original ideas and a lot of enthusiasm for everything new and untried. But as soon as the novelty disappears, you begin to be interested in another new idea or topic. It seems that you do not have enough time to do everything you want. You are an honest and frank person, speak about what you believe with determination and conviction. You are incapable of feigning agreement and have some difficulty in speaking and behaving tactfully with people.

Mercury in Taurus

A practical mind, you are a business person with organizational skills. Your thinking is characterized by caution, methodicality, you do not like when they rush you, demanding to express your opinion. First, you need to carefully consider the idea being discussed, chew everything thoroughly and assimilate.

If you have already made a decision, then it is difficult to change it. Do not like disputes and disagreements, a conflict is possible only to protect your monetary interests. Good science aptitude. When it comes to quickly learning new ideas, mastering new skills, you are slower than others. But you are patient and persistent. Oddly enough, you often become a great connoisseur of everything that you would not put your hands on.

You achieve success not so much because you have a great head, but also thanks to the ability to concentrate your attention and not be distracted until the work is completed completely. You have the ability to sing and draw. With colds and throat diseases, hoarseness.

Mercury in Gemini

Fast response and receptiveness. Journalistic ability, good art critics, ability for mediation and agent work. Eloquence of the highest brand, but also talkativeness with witty statements. Brilliant ideas, the ability to sharp scientific thinking. Extremely sensitive nervous system, inability to isolate oneself from external stimuli, the ability to think twice (yes and no at the same time). They need occasional solitude to calm their nervous system.

Curious, do not follow through. You have an exceptionally fast, lively, broad-minded mind, an impressive range of interests. You have a greedy, inexhaustible interest in life, are impetuous in assimilating new ideas, but as soon as curiosity is satisfied, your interest dies out just as quickly. The ability to concentrate and methodically, step by step to do something is not among your strongest qualities.

You have a restless mind, which may be why you often change jobs or places of residence, or work where movement, relocation, diversity is required. You just have to taste a little of everything. You have a highly developed sense of language, style, you feel a play on words, speak interestingly, write, teach. They listen to you and read you. You are willing to meet new people, talk to them. You have a good rapport with your audience.

Trade, advertising, all kinds of contacts, journalism, work as a literary agent or impresario – these are the areas where you will be successful. The ability to master a word, communicate with people is one of your strongest sides. Typical diseases: nerve pain in the shoulders, arms and hands, bronchitis, defects in the respiratory organs.

Mercury in Cancer

Unconscious impulses and desires force us to close our eyes to a lot, which can lead to bias and non-business approach. Excellent memory, intuition, interest in psychology. Gentle soul, thoughts revolve around their own family, home, food. Insincerity, greed, cruelty (small) are possible.

Work can be related to psychology, psychiatry, can be psychotherapists. You are deeply interested in internal, subjective and personal matters. Your thinking is based more on sensation, intuition, personal experience, and prejudice than on reason or logic. Intellectual abilities and achievements play an insignificant role for you, if there is no heart, no soul.

You know how to be attentive, able to listen in confidence, you can become an excellent consultant. In addition to psychology, you are attracted by art, poetry, music, mythology. You are, perhaps, afraid of a large audience, but you easily reveal yourself among a small number of people you know well.

You intelligently and with great pleasure keep a diary or notebook, recording life, events, incidents. Typical diseases: spasms, colic, neuroses.

Mercury in Leo

Strong-willed, purposeful thinking, concentration on one thing, the desire to be an authority, a strong theatrical vein. Optimists tend to do things in bulk without going into details. Opinions about people arise slowly and are reluctant to change. Good teachers, educators.

Pride. Great organizational skills. They do not forget themselves. You are a person who is called categorical; you express your views energetically, often with great drama. You are an interesting speaker, an interesting storyteller, able to embellish your speech in order to achieve the desired effect, even if the stage on which you are speaking is a school or university auditorium, or even a dinner table.

You do not like work, wherever you can express yourself creatively, where you have no voice in making decisions. You can turn out to be a politician, a press representative, a leader of a tourist or any other group, a boss, a coach. Possible diseases: palpitations and heart cramps, fainting, pain in the nerve parts of the back.

Mercury in Virgo

Analytical mind and practical thinking. Insist on the smallest details. They need an orderly world around them, effective methods of work. They are eloquent in speech and writing. Interest in research, mathematical ability, calculating the chances of survival, keen observation, criticality, but the danger of grumbling and limited angle of view. You are a meticulous person, will finish what you do until you get full shine.

You have a clear, logical, analytical mind, the ability to work, which requires meticulous attention to detail and perfect organization. You are firmly on the ground, you are a pragmatist, you usually acquire special skills and technical experience in some practical field. In fact, science, ideas, theories do not interest you, unless they bring real, tangible benefits. You tend to analyze, measure, put everything on the shelves, while not losing the subtle shades of sensation and meaning.

Your strength lies in precision thinking, accurate craftsmanship, and technical skill. And if the work performed by the people with whom you work together does not meet your high criteria, then you are critical of it. Colic in the intestines, worms are possible.

Mercury in Libra

An insatiable curiosity about the thinking and behavior of others. Good understanding and good human relations are important. They love to work with others in good spiritual collaboration. Strongly expressed sense of justice, sincere and objective. Elegant, polished language, confident demeanor, good reaction, deep understanding of art, sense of form.

One of your greatest strengths is the ability to see both sides of the coin, to reach a compromise by trying on sides holding opposite points of view. You are tactful, prudent, easily communicate with people, both at work and in personal relationships. You are an objective person, you will make an excellent consultant, a skillful mediator, literary agent, impresario, press representative. You always stand for honesty and strive to establish harmonious relationships between people, or at least peaceful coexistence.

Your diplomacy bears visible results both in business terms and in communication with others. With a subtle aesthetic sense, you can be successful in art or culture. Possible diseases: neuralgia of the kidneys, blockage of the ureters.

Mercury in Scorpio

Insight. They speak harshly, not sparing the feelings of others. Plans and projects are being carried out on the sly. They are biased when it comes to them personally, as emotions interfere. They are distinguished by decisiveness, dedication and a wealth of ideas. Suspicious and merciless, cunning and critical mind. Capable of overcoming overwhelming resistance.

Good detectives, investigators and researchers. You have the ability to fully immerse yourself in work. It seems that you understand everything you need intuitively, without words. Prefer visual teaching from master to apprentice, rather than through books or lectures. You have the ability to copy, light, skillful hands. You can make a good sculptor, potter, carpenter, stained glass master. You are also interested in biology (and related fields).

You intuitively establish contact with animals, and sometimes it is easier for you to deal with them than with people. You tend to lock yourself into a narrow professional circle, and you become an interesting interlocutor, unless the conversation goes beyond your specialty. Diseases of the genital organs, neuralgia are characteristic.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Serious philosophical thinking, great interest in religion, often act like missionaries. They love to pass on knowledge, love to learn and dream of foreign countries. They pay little attention to facts, but they can be clairvoyant, reveal the fate of the masses. They express themselves accurately and say what they think, but their thoughts rarely coincide with traditional views and generally accepted morality, therefore they are respected in the team. But this can lead to hypocrisy. They love to work in universities, churches, government.

Their goal is to achieve authority and position. They tend to read sermons about common truths. Sometimes they tend to build castles in the air. You have the ability to see and foresight. Your mind, often occupied with big ideas, plans, goals, is directed towards the future. You are interested in what is possible, what is on the horizon, not what has already been done.

You are interested in philosophy, religion, politics, education. You are more interested in theories and ideas than in their practical application. You are not inclined to focus your attention on any one practical, specific area; you are bored with details and subtleties. You have the intuition of a gambler. You take pleasure in venturing into a previously unfamiliar field. Private business, advertising, the work of a literary agent or an impresario – these are the areas where you can show yourself. Typical diseases: sciatica, neuroses.

Mercury in Capricorn

Ambitious thoughts, discernment, orderly thinking, the desire to secure a place of honor through material achievement. Ability for positive concentration as well as organizational talent. They pursue a goal for a long time before reaching it. The speech is well delivered. Writer’s talent.

Conservative, interested in ideas that have practical meaning. Greedy and somewhat harsh. They learn from their mistakes, are always active, always on guard, they are not easy to overwhelm. Always dissatisfied with something. Hardworking, careful, sober thinking. You think clearly, objectively, realistically and don’t buy into exaggerated salesman promises. In response, you will demand confirmation of the facts. Your natural skepticism often borders on cynicism.

By approaching business with clear and rational criteria, you remain confident and efficient even under criticism. A person seeking advice from you can be sure that he will receive a rational, without any emotions and any subjectivity assessment of the situation in which he finds himself. Therefore, you make yourself a business chairman of an arbitration court, an experienced judge. You have a disciplined brain, the ability for private entrepreneurship, for administrative and organizational work. You also know how to think large-scale, in strategic categories, outline realistic plans and patiently, step by step, move in the chosen direction.

You are a serious and diligent person. When you think about something or read something, love silence, loneliness.

Mercury in Aquarius

An open mind, truth is the highest criterion for them. Understand things that seem terrible to others. Humanists. The ability for spiritual synthesis. Strong interest in mathematics and technology, are engaged in the promotion and implementation of inventions, innovations, reforms. They love to work in a team.

Bad students and good academics. They do not recognize traditional systems of education and upbringing. Observant. Inclination to black humor, buffoonery and deliberate attempts to deceive, superficial judgments, instability of mood, theatrical behavior. Dreamers. You are closely following the progress, especially technical advances, new decisive discoveries in the field of science.

You are confident that the problems facing humanity can be solved by creative intelligence, an inventive mind. You are annoyed with those whose conservative, imaginative view of the world is unable to see a progressive perspective of development. You also like to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of interstate relations.

As a humanist, you are convinced that what happens in one part of the world influences another part of it. You have organizational skills and you like to take part in any undertakings on a cooperative basis or in private enterprises that are on a par with the times and are distinguished by originality.

Mercury in Pisces

Lively imagination, passive mind, good memory, ability to telepathy. They easily succumb to other people’s influence, as they unconsciously merge with the thoughts and feelings of others. The actor is on the inner plane. The influence of the subconscious is strong. Propensity for neuroses and drug addiction. Inconsistency in decisions and attitudes towards people, as well as a tendency to dreams and absent-mindedness, cunning, insincerity, imitation, since there are few of their own ideas.

Sacrifice in the name of an idea. Silent, shy, touchy. They should be more objective. You are more of a poet than a logically minded scientist. The language of music, art, poetry is easy for you, without difficulty. You have the ability to think in abstract and symbolic ways. Sometimes the translation of your thoughts and impressions into a substantive, everyday language can be difficult for you, as a result of which you can make a lesser impression than other less intelligent people. Especially often this situation occurred in your childhood. You’ve probably been daydreaming a lot.

Thanks to developed intuition, you easily grasp what other people think and feel, even before the moment when they say something to you. Often, the idea of ​​a person or a situation is born in you without actually getting to know them in detail. And usually it turns out to be true. You can be distracted, so deeply immersed in your thoughts that you do not notice what is happening around you. Your mind is open to everything, you believe that nothing is impossible. Intangible or spiritual forces are as real to you as anything else in the material world. You have two of your greatest gifts – imagination and a benevolent understanding of the people with whom life confronts you. Possible speech defects, constipation, cold feet.

Venus in Aries

An impetuous and aggressive expression of feelings. Crazy love, readiness for instant seduction, obsession, persistence in courtship, strong sexual attraction, especially in youth, tactlessness, too much activity in love, consumption of feelings at the first call. Militancy in art. High cost of embellishment.

Romantic feelings and desires arise easily for you, but they are not durable and disappear after the first emotional period of “courtship and victory”. You like women (and, accordingly, men) who are active, lively, with a strong and independent character. And you don’t like it when romantic relationships become calm and predictable. You need sparks to fly from a love fire from time to time. Even if for this you need to start a quarrel.

Venus in Taurus

Constant lasting feelings. Fidelity in love, but can be possessive and jealous when their confidence is in doubt. They have a very developed sense of touch, they love physical intimacy with their loved ones, they are very sensual, but in a passive manner, they love to be conquered.

Simple pleasures of love, natural eroticism. A hospitable cozy home. They love luxury, beauty, comfort, money is very important for them. It is desirable to have a profession related to art. Propensity for gardening. In love, you are constant and faithful, especially if you feel the warmth and love of your partner. You are very sexy, you need love for you to be manifested in touch, so that it takes on physical, tangible forms. You like it when you are pampered with delicious food or erotic massage, or other pleasant things.

You are great in bed, attentive to the fact that your loved one is comfortable and pleasant with you. You are supremely receptive to all beauty. The physical attractiveness of someone you are romantically involved with is very important to you. Typical diseases: mumps, goiter, abscesses and abscesses.

Venus in Gemini

They love variety in love and social relationships. Thirst for events and curiosity about people prevent them from going into long-term relationships. Players in love, possibly multiple marriages (multi-family) or a young wife in old age. They are witty and eloquent. They need freedom of movement, devote a lot of time to public affairs and pleasure.

They write poetry, satire, do not like rudeness, are prone to flirting. Good relationships with family and friends. They love dances, banquets, outfits. They want to feel everything and everywhere. Possibly shortness of breath due to carelessness in clothing. In love, you are more attracted to the sense of humor and intelligence of a loved one than her or his physical data.

You like women (respectively – men) intellectually lively, forcing you to constantly be in some uncertainty, in the unknown, what else can be expected from her or from him.

You fall into anxiety, you get bored with a woman (respectively – a man) who (who) never asks questions, always remains the same (the same), does not surprise you with anything. To feel like a happy person, you need to talk with your loved one, exchange thoughts with him, walk together, go on business or for walks, learn new things together. You need society. Sometimes you like to flirt. You enjoy having a lot of friends of both sexes. You are suffocating from communicating with a tyrannical jealous woman (respectively – a man).

Venus in Cancer

Sensitivity in love affairs, vulnerability. They need constant proof of love, otherwise they lose confidence. Committed to marriage and family. They love their home, even if they are alone. They love fun, but indoors, and preferably in their own home. Selfish, patient, sentimental, prone to secret love affairs. Craving for the beauties of distant countries, the art of the past, they like to visit architectural monuments. Craving for water bodies, lakes, and then home again.

You are sensitive and sentimental, deeply attached to your family, to old friends, to familiar places, to the past. You are romantic and tender in love, always remember about birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays and other similar days. This is very important to you. In love, you are looking for caring, emotional support, protection from loneliness. You love when you are in need, when you need to care and protect those you love. By loving, you exercise your power over them. Typical diseases: indigestion, overeating, nausea, breast thickening, irregular menstruation in women.

Venus in Leo

The ability to love strongly and lastingly, but feelings are somewhat for show, while jealous and capable of selfish love. They are in love with everything beautiful, they judge art correctly, they are brave, they occupy a high social position. Messy, wasteful, prone to idleness. Often a dramatic talent, many artists, connoisseurs of art, painting, sculpture. Kind, helpful, affectionate, love children. They often marry early. Family life promises to be happy.

In love, you are cordial and noble. You do not tolerate pettiness and greed in your beloved. You need a hero with a capital letter, a prince, a princess, you need to worship her or him, adore her or him, you need someone whom you can admire with all your heart, be proud of. Having given your heart to someone, you are faithful and devoted to that person.

You cannot imagine life without love, adoration, attention. You hate being ignored. Love flattery, love to feel that you are different from the people you encounter for the better. You love when something dramatic, something bright happens in your romantic relationship. Wide romantic gestures, extravagant displays of generosity make a great impression on you. Possible diseases: palpitations and heart cramps, fainting, pain in the nerve parts of the back.

Venus in Virgo

Feelings are strictly and critically analyzed. Often they are single or not married, since the requirements for a partner are very high. A natural feeling of love for order and cleanliness. Good nutritionists, fashion designers, but sometimes lacking in imagination and inspiration. The ability to behave in society is often a screen to hide shyness and an inferiority complex.

They love to go to work, intellectual activity, they love animals. You are loyal and loyal to those you love, but do without emotional outbursts. You often become a kind of servant of a loved one. You feel more confident doing something for the people you love, creating something for them, or just getting ready to help.

You do not show your love romantically, sentimentally, you are embarrassed to express too strong feelings, too strong emotions. And you underestimate your attractiveness, the ability to be loved or loved, doubt your own worth. And in vain. From diseases, worms, intestinal disorders as a result of improper diets, as well as bad eating habits are possible.

Venus in Libra

For those with Venus in Libra, marriage and harmonious relationships with others are of great importance. The attractive appearance provides many possibilities for this. For you, manifestations of rudeness and tactlessness are unacceptable, since you have strict guidelines for social behavior. In contacts with the environment, spiritual communication is of great importance.

In love, you expect your loved one to become your intellectual companion, equal partner, friend. You are attracted to people with a certain subtlety, delicacy, diplomacy. You appreciate good manners, sophistication and you are not at ease with rude, impudent people.

Money is not a goal, but a means of acquiring beautiful things. They can involve a partner in risky earnings, but their money is not delayed. They have powerful friends. Propensity for a marriage of convenience. Often talent is in the arts, especially in music. They do not like disputes and disagreements, from this they can get sick. They love recognition and success. You are tactful, polite, attentive. You have a strong desire to do something pleasant, to understand what your loved one wants.

You highly value the harmony of relationships, in order to avoid any disagreements or conflicts, you are ready to give up in many ways. You do not like anything controversial, emotionally difficult, you are afraid when these difficulties threaten to be insoluble for a long time, and therefore you are trying to smooth over the difficulties, so to speak, sweep the troubles under the rug. Possible kidney disease, eczema.

Venus in Scorpio

Strong sex drive, passion, jealousy, secrecy. There is not enough intelligence and tact, there is a lot of tension in love affairs, excess and intemperance, which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of the bladder, in women – to diseases of the uterus.

Colorful personalities, capable of secondary marriage or risky relationships, but can give examples of asceticism, purification of sexual aspirations. Relations with blood relatives are tense. Desire to dominate in marriage, cooperation, which can lead to conflicts. In love, you strive for a deep, intense, passionate union with your loved one and establish strong bonds and affections. Even before marriage (marriage) and without marriage, you are already getting married. This happens on a deep emotional level.

Often you turn out to be an oppressive owner, a dictator who claims full rights to a loved one, intolerant of any threat to your union. You can be very demanding of your loved one.

You tend to be somewhat suspicious or suspicious in cases of purely platonic, friendships that a loved one establishes with others. If you have been betrayed at least once, you are capable of hatred of the same strength and intensity with which you loved before. You are attracted to people surrounded by mystery. At the end of life, heart disease is possible.

Venus in Sagittarius

They are guided by ideals and spiritual principles. They love religious art forms and classics, rituals, outdoor sports, long-distance travel. Often marriage with foreigners, people of a different origin, race. Contacts with influential people.

They are friendly and sociable. Profit in marriage. Striving for self-improvement. They can be prophets and fortune-tellers, and they can also be hypocritical, pious for show. In love, you are looking for communication and friendship with someone or someone who appreciates a joke, who perceives life as a game, who easily gets involved in adventurous adventures and is open to everything new. You enjoy traveling together, meeting new people, making new friends.

You should enjoy your honeymoon away from where you live. And you are attracted to foreigners or to people with a past completely different from yours. When the question is whether to take risks or make significant changes or not change anything, you support your partner who proposes change. You also really want to have a partner who supports your confidence in the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.

Spiritual and intellectual understanding between you and the person with whom you have a love relationship is very important for you. Perhaps mutual understanding is more important to you than emotional and physical bonds. You are not very inclined to show your feelings, your partner may find that you are too everyday, not romantic enough in a love relationship.

Venus in Capricorn

They need wealth and a high standard of living, for this they need to marry money. The emphasized inaccessibility is explained by the desire to feel superior. Thanks to restraint and culture of behavior, they know how to please.

If they marry early, then to the older and more mature, if late, then to the young, who in exchange for love are given support and confidence. Loyal to a partner, as a sense of responsibility and fair play is developed. Developed sense of composition and structure. They love the classics. You are definitely not one of those who do not know how to hide their feelings. You are very concerned about the opinion of people with whom life confronts you, you crave their love and respect. But, perhaps, no one will think about it, looking at your calm and indifferent face. Formal, superficial relationships do not interest you.

In love, you are careful and serious, you want a deep, authentic, lasting relationship. In courtship, you are old-fashioned and remain faithful to your loved one in both happy and difficult times. You may be attracted to people older than you, emotionally more mature, reliable, who will give you confidence in the future you aspire to.

Venus in Aquarius

They are popular, have a large circle of acquaintances, and are very charming. Their views on social and sexual customs, they want to decide for themselves what is right and reasonable for them. They do not like uncouth manners, although they themselves do not always adhere to generally accepted rules.

Often love at first sight, but weak and short-lived. They are drawn to eccentric and witty people. Most of all they hate boredom and monotony, jealousy and possessive instincts. Love for modern forms of art. They make acquaintances easily. A love marriage after a long courtship.

In romantic love, in sexual relationships, you are an open person, not inclined to follow traditional ways. You love society, you love to introduce people. You have many friends, both men and women. You value friendship highly and, in fact, prefer to be a friend rather than a lover. You strive for an intellectual understanding or spiritual bond with a loved one. Intimate relationships and emotional connections are not easy for you. The role of husband or wife in the traditional sense of the word does not appeal to you.

You hate jealousy and being commanded. Considering that people in marriage do not belong to each other, you value in your partner the ability to give you freedom, not to make demands on you emotionally. They often suffer from anemia.

Venus in Pisces

They marry only for love. A special gift to understand the feelings of others. They are sensitive and romantic. They often seem to be martyrs to themselves, which can cause neurotic reactions, mental illness. Creativity in the field of fine arts, poetry, music. Impeccable taste, inner understanding of beauty.

They do not dare to reveal their feelings, hide them, so they often miss the possibility of romantic relationships. Oversensitiveness, tearful compassion. They tend to fall under the influence of others in love. Strong feelings can make it difficult to perceive reality objectively. Profitable business thanks to blood ties. Work in jurisprudence. A person with an exceptionally soft heart, you give to those you love all of yourself. And often this leads to the fact that they begin to sit on your neck thoroughly. More than a strong romantic feeling, you tend to have empathy, therefore, it is possible that you enter into a romantic relationship because the other party needs love, and you want to help her, and not because you feel pleasure from mutual communication, and You are attracted to each other.

You are attracted to people with heightened sensitivity, developed imagination, with a soft heart – poets, musicians, dreamers or those with whom you have a deep spiritual relationship. You idealize love. You have a wonderful, romantic idea of ​​what love can be. Weak feet, diseases arise as a result of intemperance.

Mars in Aries

Overflowing energy, enterprise, creativity. Responsibilities are recognized only by those who voluntarily accept. An ebullient temperament, a warlike spirit, anger, anger, excessive zeal, impulsiveness, a desire to be the first, unrestrained ambition. Their interest and enthusiasm does not last long to see the case through.

Headstrong and independent, they do not tolerate opposition and interference. They love to compete, they often break their heads in competitions. Have a high fever for colds, but tolerate it more easily than others. They need to learn to be tolerant and respectful. You have the nature of a warrior – you are decisive, courageous, brave, the desire to do something never leaves you. Even when waiting or doing nothing (time itself will solve all problems) would essentially be much more efficient and effective.

Passivity, patience is not your area. It seems to you that it depends only on you to take proactive steps or not, and thus with greater aggressiveness you strive to achieve your goal and fulfill your desire. You are self-sufficient, do not depend on other people, do not expect assistance, help from them. When you are given advice, directions, you often get annoyed. You work with great difficulty in conditions where cooperation is needed. As a strong-willed person, you are able to largely neglect the desires and feelings of the people with whom life confronts you. You are always ready for competition, you enjoy the difficulties that require maximum exertion of your forces, you like a serious fight, sometimes you just climb into it.

At the beginning of any new venture, you are full of energy and enthusiasm, and so that your interest does not fade away, you need a positive reaction, encouragement. If this undertaking does not give a relatively quick success, you tend to abandon everything and start something else and do not return to the old, do not redo. You have a very strong desire to be a pioneer, a pioneer, to do what no one has done before you – in your own way. But even here endurance is needed, and you are impatient. Often your plans remain plans.

Mars in Taurus

Strong greed for money, so a lot of time and effort is spent “raking in” money and material property. Practical, energy is spent on useful things and tangible results. They act slowly, however, they are hardy and purposeful, if they decide on something. Non-aggressive, but strong and unyielding in the fight. Skilled artisans and handicraftsmen who work with great care and precision. When trying to pressurize, they react sharply, but they can be weak-willed. Hooligan tendencies are possible.

They are very stubborn, they are unmanifest leaders, although they know their place. Once you have made a decision, set a goal for yourself, you give it all your strength. You achieve your goal with all decisiveness and responsibility, stubbornly strive to implement your ambitious plans, stubbornly refusing to give in, to allow the passage of time to resolve many difficulties. Refuse any help until you get what you want, or until you are convinced that nothing is working out.

In the service you are a reliable, solid person, you work with high productivity. Often you take on more shoulders than others, but don’t complain. You often get a thankless job that requires a lot of attention and patience. In everything, you love the schedule, the set hours, the clearly delineated responsibilities and tasks. In fact, the creation of the scheme, the procedures are very important for your success, it is easier for you to follow the known path to complete completion.

The hardest part is to start. You are characterized by laziness, love of convenience. Often, before starting to do something, you need to overcome inertia, but as soon as you pick up speed, you find yourself at a level where your energy manifests itself with strength and constancy. You are primarily interested in concrete, materially tangible, practical results. In order for you to agree to the expenditure of your energy, you need to show something tangible, real, where the work is invested. You are not content with spiritual rewards. Material well-being, not having to think anxiously about tomorrow is also a significant factor in determining what you do.

Your strength is in endurance and perseverance, but they can work against you too. Routine can swallow you. You will be giving up real opportunities. You are not inclined to take risks, sometimes preferring to limit yourself to what you have. Possible diseases: stones in the gallbladder, erysipelas, throat lesions.

Mars in Gemini

The activity and aggressiveness of the mind, the sharpness of thinking, the ability to technique and mechanics, a tendency to dispute and polemics. A spirit of contradiction, irritability is possible, resourcefulness and a wealth of ideas are typical, but endurance is lacking. Reporters, critics, journalists, sports commentators, the military. Ambitious.

Endless change of occupation. Often sarcasm, angry tongue. You are a hardworking bee, an energetic personality, restless, always on the move. Your active brain is overflowing with ideas. Sometimes you find it difficult to sit down and rest, switch to a slower speed, take your time to think about your life, recharge yourself. You tend to live on nerves, you can achieve a lot by giving all the best for a short time. But it is not easy for you to implement plans that require responsibility, endurance, constancy, perseverance.

Often you direct your energy in several directions at once, on a variety of things and cannot finish, complete some of them. You need variety, change, challenging tasks that require maximum effort and the opportunity, if you are lucky, to be proud of yourself. You have a sharp, greedy mind, you love games and competitions, or rather, competitions of minds. You often achieve the goal due to your eloquence, ability to speak clearly, energetically, convincingly.

Your insatiable desires are associated with the manifestation of intellectual, not physical energy. You are given a lot by intelligence, quick wits, the ability to communicate with people, the environment of the right people. You are sober in your own assessment of the situation and the people with whom life confronts you. Travel misfortunes, death by human hands, injuries to hands and feet are possible. Typical diseases: pneumonia, blood poisoning.

Mars in Cancer

Creative energy, intolerance towards others, but also energetic help and protection of others. Capriciousness, zeal is replaced by laziness. Inharmonious relationship with parents. If the discontent is restrained, then this leads to psychological disturbances, and as a result, alas, an upset stomach, aggressiveness towards loved ones.

Strong parental instinct. Unrestrained in sex, pliability. Emotional bullies. They are cowardly, strive to hit on the sly. They often choose the military profession. Danger from secret enemies. Possible diseases: gastric inflammation, biliary disorders, typhoid fever, stomach bleeding, fever in women and miscarriages.

Whenever possible, you try to avoid direct confrontations, feel bad when faced with aggressiveness, with the need to enter into competition, and exercise personal power. The manifestations of your “I” are not very powerful, and you are not particularly ambitious, do not strive to break through to the top. Perhaps in situations that require strong energetic action, you are uncomfortable.

The only time you are truly ready to fight is when those you love, what is dear to you, are under threat. Then you become a fierce protector warrior. You have a strong desire to protect. You act impulsively, instinctively, tend to attack the one in whom you see a threat to your home, your family. However, only in rare cases will you go to the conflict yourself. Your goals in life are centered around loved ones, family members, aimed at inner satisfaction, and not at worldly success. You have a heightened sensitivity to stress, you cannot stand the environment of pressure, as well as competition.

You are very sensitive, irritable, especially when demands increase at work, a tense situation arises, then it is difficult to live with you. Your energy is subject to fluctuations, to a greater extent depends on the desired emotional climate (or lack thereof) in the house. A partner who will support you will help you achieve your goals and desires.

Mars in Leo

Energy, will, pride, creativity, enterprise, firmness and determination. Natural talent of the leader. They want to be famous. They wait a long time, keeping their distance, the possibility of great accomplishments. They always want to be the very first, are unshakable in their faith, which causes resistance from dissidents. Men radiate strength and courage, often balding early.

Lust for power, omniscience, vanity, disappointment from satiety, selfishness, arrogance, shamelessness and posturing are possible. Typical diseases: cardiac hypertrophy, malaria, aneurysms, syncope and pleurisy. You are a proud and ambitious person, you work hard to be the very best, to be advanced and recognized for who you are and what you are. You have a highly developed “I” and you like to be the very first.

It is difficult for you when you are commanded, it is difficult for you to be in the background. You don’t like being wrong. As a person of impetuous, strong, energetic, decisive, you have a highly developed spirit of competition. You play tough, you play for a win, not for life, but for death, you don’t give up easily. In fact, you look at life as a sports competition, or as a performance on stage: you also appreciate admiration, applause.

You have a developed concept of honor, you do not compromise. You tend to be overconfident, even cocky, and by believing in yourself, you are capable of great achievements. But if your self-confidence is shaken at least once, you become shy, go into active defense and are ready to hit back with a blow. Perhaps you even become pugnacious.

Mars in Virgo

Energy and dexterity in any work and manual labor with sharp tools. Success in medicine (surgery). They do nothing without good reason. Nothing comes to an end. Serious philosophical mind, thirst for knowledge, success in work. Love and instincts are strong, but they can be sidelined for important things. There may be disagreements with superiors and subordinates.

Earnings can be life-threatening. Possible diseases: peritonitis, intestinal inflammation, hernia, acute and chronic diseases of the small intestine. You strive for perfection in everything, you have a high demand for the work that you do yourself. Are you sure that in order for something to be done properly, you need to do it yourself. High quality is very important to you, and you can sweat over subtle details that others don’t bother at all.

You get very annoyed when something is done wrong. On the other hand, fighting for excellence, criticizing others and not trusting them, you are not even trying to do many things and carry out many plans. You think that you do not have enough strength for this.

The person is humble and realistic in assessing what you can achieve, often you underestimate yourself. Of course, with practice, you can achieve excellence, gain confidence, gain practical skills, and become an expert in your field. You value your energy and do not intend to waste and dissipate your efforts. A reluctance to take risks or take new steps off the beaten track can sometimes limit your options. If this habit becomes permanent, then your aspirations will gradually be limited.

Mars in Libra

Strong need for joint affairs. They love art, good diplomatic skills. Thirst for respect and recognition. The sense of justice is quite subjective, hence the inflexibility in adhering to the rules of social behavior, difficulties in marriage and cooperation due to quarrels. Fighters for justice, but they act on the sly. Sensuality is distracting and can lead you far, while impulsivity can upset your balance.

You hesitate between persistence and willingness to go into conflict in order to insist on your own and the desire to please others, without having a clear and definite goal for yourself. You work hard for a balance between independence and confidence on the one hand, and business collaboration and interaction with people on the other. Sometimes you get upset that you cannot just do what you want, that you always have to adapt to the circumstances, desires of other people. Your decisions depend on the support and approval of people, and if there is no approval from the outside, you often hesitate, not knowing what to do. You achieve your goals in collaboration with other people through team play.

You attach great importance to the concept of justice and are indignant, raise your voice if you think that someone is sitting on someone’s neck. Avoid extremes and consider a balanced and moderate approach to life best. It is unlikely that you will strain all your strength, that you will overwork, or that you will be seized by a fanatical desire to achieve your goals. Possible inflammation of the kidneys, acute pain in the lumbar region, a tendency to fever.

Mars in Scorpio

Great intensity of feelings, iron courage and fortitude. Both the highest peaks of spiritual success and the abyss of moral fall are possible. It all depends on wisdom and motivation. A wealth of ideas, courage, energy, especially in difficult situations. Strong sexual urges, magnetism. Benefit from marriage. They only recognize friendship or enmity in a relationship. It is difficult to reach a compromise with them. Silent and secretive. Roughness and cruelty are possible. These are dangerous enemies. Legal troubles, loneliness or imprisonment, unsuccessful travel, accidents, activities against will are possible. You have an extremely strong will, in pursuit of your goal, you fulfill your desires with passion, persistence and determination. You are capable of absolute concentration and amazing self-discipline. Once you have made a decision, you are unshakable. You can’t get through. You are obsessed with your desire. You have a highly developed intuition, and sometimes you do not even know why you are acting this way and not otherwise. However, you are quite secretive. Others may not see at first glance the intensity of your intentions, desires, so calmly and restrained you act. Often you manipulate people, forcing them to do what you need more than them, but at the same time you do not show aggression. You do not like clashes, conflicts, but if you are faced with active resistance, then you are a dangerous enemy. Here something primitive, primitive opens up in you. Typical diseases: hemorrhoids, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, stones, gout, blood poisoning, nits, streptococci, abscesses, illness is hard, fever. and not otherwise. However, you are quite secretive. Others may not see at first glance the intensity of your intentions, desires, so calmly and restrained you act. Often you manipulate people, forcing them to do what you need more, and not them, but at the same time you do not show aggression. You do not like clashes, conflicts, but if you are faced with active resistance, then you are a dangerous enemy. Here something primitive, primitive opens up in you. Typical diseases: hemorrhoids, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, stones, gout, blood poisoning, nits, streptococci, abscesses, illness is hard, fever. and not otherwise. However, you are quite secretive. Others may not see at first glance the intensity of your intentions, desires, so calmly and restrained you act. Often you manipulate people, forcing them to do what is more necessary for you, and not for them, but at the same time you do not show aggression. You do not like clashes, conflicts, but if you are faced with active resistance, then you are a dangerous opponent. Here something primitive, primitive opens up in you. Typical diseases: hemorrhoids, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, stones, gout, blood poisoning, nits, streptococci, abscesses, illness is hard, fever. what you need more, not them, but at the same time do not show aggression. You do not like clashes, conflicts, but if you are faced with active resistance, then you are a dangerous enemy. Here something primitive, primitive opens up in you. Typical diseases: hemorrhoids, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, stones, gout, blood poisoning, nits, streptococci, abscesses, illness is hard, fever. what you need more, not them, but at the same time do not show aggression. You do not like clashes, conflicts, but if you are faced with active resistance, then you are a dangerous opponent. Here something primitive, primitive opens up in you. Typical diseases: hemorrhoids, fistulas, sexually transmitted diseases, stones, gout, blood poisoning, nits, streptococci, abscesses, illness is hard, fever.

Mars in Sagittarius

Strong philosophical and religious beliefs. These are knights, patriots, eternal defenders. Their weakness is parades. Able to act from idealistic motives. They want to set the tone in matters of law, religion, philosophy and higher education. At the same time, they adhere to traditional views and can brutally conduct lynching. Many noble and discerning friends. Repeated alliances, an unprofitable risky profession, a tendency to exaggerate, caring for the health of others. You are ambitious and adventurous, forever following some bright and separated star of a new business, exploring new opportunities. Without a doubt, you are one of those who are moving up the social ladder, materially or spiritually (or both). You set high goals for yourself, do not accept a calm, secure existence. You like to go beyond the established boundaries, you want to see how far you can go beyond them. Risk is your area, but you are an optimist, expect success and take a philosophical attitude towards failure. The person is flexible, you quickly forget about disappointments. Here a new idea comes to your aid, which you also want to try. Your enthusiasm and confidence are infectious and attract people who provide you with the help and support you need. However, sometimes you promise more than you are able to accomplish, and this is a consequence of your excessive optimism, insufficient attention to the practical aspects of what you are doing. You also tend to get distracted by doing too many things at the same time. Although this is difficult for you, sometimes you simply have to make a commitment, show perseverance, perseverance, otherwise, you will not fulfill your dreams and plans. Too often, you fail five minutes before success, unable to overcome difficulties. You enjoy the competitive environment, although you don’t take it too seriously. Sports or entrepreneurship would be a good use of your ebullient energy.

Mars in Capricorn

Strong energy professionally. Materialists who care about tangible results can support a family. Slowly but surely they go to the goal. Politicians. Organizer and leader talent. Military. They despise bohemia and do not understand their children, who lead an idle lifestyle. Can use other people to achieve their goals, wasting humanity. Super economy, stubbornness, cruelty. You take full responsibility for achieving your ambitious plans. You are a disciplined, persistent, energetic person and your goals are material, concrete. You want to be a big leader and have great influence and authority. You like to command. You are capable of working without rest, giving up the momentary for the sake of long-term plans. In your passion for work, you can easily cross the line, for which this passion becomes painful. You are an extremely responsible person, your conscience does not allow you to leave your job without fixing the smallest imperfections. An excellent strategist, you succeed by creating a realistic and workable plan and executing it step by step. Here you do not take risks, do not succumb to excitement. You rely on your efforts, perseverance, not luck. You have a natural wit and an instinctive understanding of private entrepreneurship, the ability to manage large enterprises. not luck. You have a natural wit and an instinctive understanding of private entrepreneurship, the ability to manage large enterprises. not luck. You have a natural wit and an instinctive understanding of private entrepreneurship, the ability to manage large enterprises.

Mars in Aquarius

The desire to act independently and willfully. They do not like to work under authoritative leadership, they should be allowed to work in their own way. Constant readiness and striving for new ideas, interest in technology, reforms, new methods. Revolutionary thinking with a lack of concentration, they want to overthrow the existing system without renewing or improving it. Trouble with the bosses. Benefits from parents or relatives or benefits from community service. Death in a foreign land or among strangers is possible. You easily communicate with people and you work well in cooperation with them. You can team up with those who have similar ideas and intentions to work towards a common goal. You tend to believe in progress and democracy, you are not interested in moving up the administrative ladder, the ability to command people. You are a born team player who plays not for yourself, but for the team. You are attracted by everything new, non-traditional, including ideas related to people getting to know each other and collaborating together. Striving to make the working conditions in a team more fair, you are interested in any forms of interpersonal exchange (quid pro quo, you to me, I to you, blat), the distribution of income, the load on everyone, etc. You are also interested in new technology. You have a large supply of energy, but it is not always directed in the right direction. You are impatient, rebellious, fickle in pursuit of a goal. Typical diseases: varicose veins or leg ulcers. to make the working conditions in a team more fair, you are interested in any forms of interpersonal exchange (quid pro quo, you to me, I to you, blat), the distribution of income, the load on everyone, etc. You are also interested in new technology. You have a large supply of energy, but it is not always directed in the right direction. You are impatient, rebellious, fickle in pursuit of a goal. Typical diseases: varicose veins or leg ulcers. to make the working conditions in a team more fair, you are interested in any forms of interpersonal exchange (quid pro quo, you to me, I to you, blat), the distribution of income, the load on everyone, etc. You are also interested in new technology. You have a large supply of energy, but it is not always directed in the right direction. You are impatient, rebellious, fickle in pursuit of a goal. Typical diseases: varicose veins or leg ulcers.

Mars in Pisces

Strong emotions from the depths of the subconscious, very vindictive, do not forget offenses. Self-confidence and determination are not enough, therefore they act from around the corner. Oversensitivity interferes with decisive action. Periods of rest and rest are needed. Financial profit from friends. Dreamy. Possible postponement of marriage, over the years, disappointment in love. Work in secret organs or in a shelter (they seek to provide assistance). Trouble from relatives. There is no fighting, competitive fervor in you. You are more of a pacifist, a peace-lover, more likely to give in than to fight. Perhaps you seem weak-willed and incapable of much, because you are not ambitious and do not strive to make a career, make money or win at someone else’s expense. It doesn’t really matter to you whether you will be the first, whether you will be the best, at the highest step, and you are quite happy with the second roles, working for the cause you believe in. You are a gentle and impressionable person and are driven by considerations that are less earthy and tangible than most people. You may find it difficult to formulate clear, clear goals for yourself and to pave your way in this world. You are a big dreamer, inspired by lofty ideals. You have a strong mystical or religious, creative imagination. You can successfully prove yourself in the visual arts or in music. You have poor health, which must be constantly monitored in order to be strong and resilient. Often humpbacked, stooped, chrome, a tendency to tuberculosis, infectious diseases, tumors as a result of intemperance. it is difficult to formulate clear, precise goals for yourself and to pave your way in this world. You are a big dreamer, inspired by lofty ideals. You have a strong mystical or religious, creative imagination. You can successfully prove yourself in the visual arts or in music. You have poor health, which must be constantly monitored in order to be strong and resilient. Often humpbacked, stooped, chrome, a tendency to tuberculosis, infectious diseases, tumors as a result of intemperance. it is difficult to formulate clear, precise goals for yourself and to pave your way in this world. You are a big dreamer, inspired by lofty ideals. You have a strong mystical or religious, creative imagination. You can successfully prove yourself in the visual arts or in music. You have poor health, which must be constantly monitored in order to be strong and resilient. Often humpbacked, stooped, chrome, a tendency to tuberculosis, infectious diseases, tumors as a result of intemperance.

Jupiter in Aries

Ability to lead, update parenting philosophy and other spiritual issues. Provides energy and inspiration. A negative feature is self-importance, emphasizing your Self, which causes suspicion and other unpleasant feelings. The need for social improvement depends on the level of understanding and stage of development. Confidence in the ability to win and develop gives courage to undertake many things that others would not dare to. The capacity for constructive effort contributes to evolutionary development. But hasty judgments, intolerance, fanaticism, distrust of others are possible, they take too much upon themselves, or carelessness and gullibility lead to losses and losses of friends. We must learn patience and caution. Possible addiction to gambling. You passionately believe in the power of confidence, and in the ability of everyone to achieve everything they want in life through their own efforts and initiative. The more you rely on yourself, the better you feel, and it is difficult for you to allow outside help or ask for it. The joy of competition (especially victory) lives in your heart.

Jupiter in Taurus

The ability to use money and other material resources for the common good. They understand that money is given for our loved ones and for the general welfare, social and physical environment. They know that they are only confidants to dispose of earthly goods for the preservation and development of all living things, to share with everyone, especially with partners. Money and material resources are considered as material energy flowing from person to person and necessary for the preservation and development of life. What a person gives to others in the form of money comes to him in a different form. One must not only be generous, but also circumspect. As a rule, wealth. Gourmets, lovers of luxury. Musical. There may be a tendency to waste, effeminacy, pampering and indifference to the needs of others. Business people, they know how to plan for a long time. Sometimes expansion projects are stranded by lack of resources as a result. This happens if success has dulled their vigilance or because of the greed that has arisen as a result of wealth. Pride in a position can lead to ruin. They should know that honor or dishonor does not come from money, but from its use. Their religious values ​​are highly orthodox. The highest spiritual values ​​are appreciated if they are related to finances and other practical matters. Pragmatism. Extended business contacts, contacts with abroad. Work in a bank or in a cooperative, possibly on the stage (singers, dancers, musicians – but not classics). Award victims love to dine in a restaurant. Diseases are caused by overeating, metabolic disorders and an increase in the content of uric acid in the blood. Material comfort is very important for you, security and well-being; You are not one of those who hover in the clouds when financial affairs and future well-being are at stake. Your strength lies in practicality, in your love for the earth, and in your ability to receive deep satisfaction from the sensual pleasures of the physical world. Also, when you feel financially secure, you are probably very generous and welcoming.

Jupiter in Gemini

An inclination towards philosophy and the study of authoritative ideas in religion, law, philosophy. Curiosity, mental development, often higher education. Many friends and many contacts. Helpful. They can often grasp many trends in social, political and historical development. They want to be with the people, and not lead a lonely life in a palace, behind-the-scenes leaders. Intellectual snobbery and amateurism are possible. Ability for teaching, journalism, inclination to scientific research. Thirst for travel. They are very friendly with subordinates, they love them. But difficulties are often underestimated. Accidents play a big role in life. At the same time, they are life-burners and beggars of a large scale. Typical diseases: pneumonia and blood diseases. You have the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or worlds and connect them together. You shine in any activity that requires clear intelligence, word handling, and connections. You have an insatiable curiosity and can read or watch TV incessantly to satisfy your need for mental activity. Your mind knows no respite.

Jupiter in Cancer

They create a pleasant atmosphere at home, take care of children. They would like to take care of the whole world, and the people love them. They are kind, truly, and sincerely serve their ideas. Everyone is prepared in silence and then performed in public with brilliance. Wealth of feelings and creative powers, mercy. They love to eat well, good cooks. Often a tendency to revelry, which is harmful to health. Business interests are often associated with land plots, apartments, food, gardening, and household goods. Idealism, utopian dreams devoid of practical considerations. Relatives often help these people. They can inherit money and property several times, so in the second half of their lives they accumulate noticeable wealth. Sentimentality, oppressive maternal love, too much attachment to parents, love for material amenities and values, greed are possible. Diseases can be the result of a lack of vitamins, it is possible for fluid to accumulate in the cavities. You create situations for others in which they can feel good and comfortable. You have the ability to nullify feelings of alienation and make others feel included in a collective activity. You are characterized by love for people, the desire to protect everyone and take care of him. One of your strengths is the ability to create a supportive atmosphere that is beneficial for you and for others. Your home and heritage are also important to you, and you maintain close ties to your past. You have the ability to nullify feelings of alienation and make others feel included in a collective activity. You are characterized by love for people, the desire to protect everyone and take care of him. One of your strengths is the ability to create a supportive atmosphere that is beneficial for you and for others. Your home and heritage are also important to you, and you maintain close ties to your past. You have the ability to nullify feelings of alienation and make others feel included in a collective activity. You are characterized by love for people, the desire to protect everyone and take care of him. One of your strengths is the ability to create a supportive atmosphere that is beneficial for you and for others. Your home and heritage are also important to you, and you maintain close ties to your past.

Jupiter in Leo

Striving for development, optimism, self-confidence. Ebullient energy and strong constitution. Generosity, magnanimity, quick reaction, ambition, benevolence, but for this they require admiration and appreciation. A penchant for luxury, religious ceremonies, theater, parades, rituals. They love the feast, social events, if they are rich and can participate in the events, this gives them a sense of significance. They have the qualities of leaders: the ability to inspire trust and enthusiasm. But delusions of grandeur, vanity, bragging and arrogance, passion for gambling and speculation are also possible. Parental qualities are highly developed. The profession is related to art or education. Obesity and apoplexy. You cannot stand anything small or insignificant and tend to exaggerate. You have amazing dramatic talent. You must live bravely heroically – otherwise it seems to you that you simply exist and are wasting your talents. You crave recognition, even fame, you need to do something that you think you can be proud of. You also have an extraordinary ability to play and have fun.

Jupiter in Virgo

They value work and provide people with the necessary services, honesty and good cooperation. An active example of diligence. Good chefs or obsessed scientists, masters of their craft, inherited from their fathers. They joke badly, but they work well. The need for improvement. Little things can lose more. There may be instability in work, a tendency to move from place to place, unwillingness to work, dissatisfaction with working conditions. You should understand that interpreting ideas is not enough to achieve spiritual goals. You have a highly developed ability to think carefully, analyze and understand the smallest details of any plan. You are humble by nature and care more about the success of your project or work than about personal exaltation. You love to work and are happy that you are doing it productively, using your time efficiently.

Jupiter in Libra

In matters of marriage, partnership, personal relationships, justice and moral principles are in the first place. They choose a partner who is interested in religion, education, philosophy. Partnership is based on spiritual interests, not sex, long marriage, happy family life. The ritual is very important, only because of this they can get married. The principles of philanthropy are based on love for one’s neighbor, which is why they are popular. They love art, try to develop it, are diplomatic, tend to compromise in difficult situations. But there is also a tendency to make moral decisions for others, want to please everyone, double standards, promise more than they can do. They are prone to gambling, in case of loss they bear losses with dignity, without losing their good style of manners. There can be many marriages and love relationships. Kidney disease is common. Your merits are your ability to cooperate, diplomacy and the fact that you know how to behave in the social situation in which you find yourself. You also have a strong sense of decency, the ability to listen to opposing opinions and points of view, and the ability to be (or at least appear) impartial and moderate, not one-sided and prone to extremes.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Gravitate towards matters related to general funds or finances, insurance, wills, interest in the occult sciences, the mystical side of religion. Uncompromising, willingness to argue and fight, hence the secret enemies. Love for big business, struggle for social tasks. Confidence in their absolute righteousness, for convictions will go to death, hence the irreconcilability in matters of principle, insistence on their principles. They tend to collect information about other people, often make strange friendships. Receive an inheritance as a token of gratitude. Litigation, incorrect contributions of money, attempts to use the occult for personal purposes are possible. Susceptible to diseases of the genitourinary system, dropsy, abscesses, accumulation of pus in the tissues. Your virtue lies in your inability to be superficial or petty in any area of ​​your life. You are not afraid to go to extremes and dive deeper. Everything mysterious and unknown is very attractive to you. You also have a highly developed individual understanding of the inner motives and impulses of other people.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Addiction to philosophy, religion, education, travel, foreign cultures, interest in issues of social principles, often their own philosophy and system of thinking, on which they build their lives. Narrow views and a desire to be shared by all are possible. Love of justice, noble disposition, they are always ready to help, even if they know that they just want to be used. They do not think about material reward, but they value suggestions in this regard. Contempt for material things can lead to losses, but ideal aspirations are usually justified. They can confuse their heads, in a conversation they seek to lay out all their knowledge on this issue, and this knowledge is extensive. Often successful officials and academics. They can be subject to superstitions, false teachings. Your dignity lies in your ability to see the whole, not just the parts. You need to explore the world, create your own philosophy of life, and develop a sense of personal worth. You oscillate between open-mindedness, tolerance of different points of view on the one hand, and dogmatism, an overly zealous attitude towards your own point of view, on the other hand. Typical diseases: swelling of the legs, gout, sciatica. Gamblers.

Jupiter in Capricorn

You have an innate discernment, as well as the ability to develop a clear strategy and follow it relentlessly in order to achieve your goals. You also have an innate sense of order, structure, and self-discipline. You tend to interpret laws and regulations formally rather than in meaning. You are characterized by a sense of responsibility and you will surely succeed, both due to your ambition and because professional work is very important to you – no matter what field it is and no matter how important the task is. The inviolability of morality, but stinginess and economy in trifles are possible.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Striving for democracy regardless of class, race, religion. Tolerance, respect, cooperation. Interest in occult sciences, philosophy, astrology, laws of karma, reincarnation. Pioneers of religious and social concepts, a serious and judicious search for the new. Humanism, peacefulness and contact. Negligence and non-binding, utopian ideas are possible. Activities for the development of personality and the manifestation of each citizen of their abilities. Your dignity lies in your ability to perceive new things, to be open to new progressive concepts, to be ready to experiment and reject customs and traditions when they cease to play a positive role in life. In addition, you have a broad outlook on the world – it embraces all of humanity, and not just your own little personal world.

Jupiter in Pisces

The depth of feelings, especially sympathy and empathy. Help the poor. Often the profit is thanks to friends. Often marriage with subordinates. Good-naturedly disposed towards their enemies. Exaggerated worship of the teacher (guru) and passion for cult, living at the expense of friends and religious charities, instead of finding their own way in life are possible. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves to our beliefs. Great love for art, the power of intuition (ability to clairvoyance). Prayer or meditation is needed. Your ability to empathize and identify with others makes it impossible for you to take advantage of yourself or hurt anyone. You care for the oppressed, you may also be unusually impressionable or have highly developed psychological sensitivity.

Saturn in Aries

Circumstances force one to acquire initiative, patience and self-confidence in order to arm oneself for the practical needs of life. The need to mobilize your sources of strength forces you to develop will and strength of character. Stubborn pursuit of selfish goals. It’s hard to be objective about yourself. They introduce new peaks of experience and do not have enough time to become familiar with the consequences of their actions. Therefore, even the consciousness of social justice and responsibility is often lacking. This position means a wealth of ideas. They often invent new working methods. For the developed, discipline combined with initiative often leads to brilliant creative achievements in their chosen fields. But they often try to adhere to a defensive position, they are always on guard and are afraid of everyone. Therefore, it is difficult for them to understand others, to enter into contact with them, to cooperate, possible baseness and intolerance towards subordinates, emphasizing their own I. They are their own judges, so busy with themselves that they do not notice the needs of other people. Their tendency is to pursue exclusively personal goals, to spoil cooperation, and therefore success. They are not diplomats, they prefer to act alone, they only care about their own needs. They do not expect help and do not give it. And in the profession they prefer to be masters of themselves, which they do not always succeed in. It is difficult for you to defend your desires and aspirations directly and openly. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive anxiety are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. They are their own judges, so preoccupied with themselves that they do not notice the needs of other people. Their tendency is to pursue exclusively personal goals, to spoil cooperation, and therefore success. They are not diplomats, they prefer to act alone, they only care about their own needs. They do not expect help and do not give it. And in the profession they prefer to be masters of themselves, which they do not always succeed in. It is difficult for you to defend your desires and aspirations directly and openly. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive concern are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. They are their own judges, so preoccupied with themselves that they do not notice the needs of other people. Their tendency is to pursue exclusively personal goals, to spoil cooperation, and therefore success. They are not diplomats, they prefer to act alone, they only care about their own needs. They do not expect help and do not give it. And in the profession they prefer to be masters of themselves, which they do not always succeed in. It is difficult for you to defend your desires and aspirations directly and openly. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive anxiety are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. and therefore success. They are not diplomats, they prefer to act alone, they only care about their own needs. They do not expect help and do not give it. And in the profession they prefer to be masters of themselves, which they do not always succeed in. It is difficult for you to defend your desires and aspirations directly and openly. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive concern are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. and therefore success. They are not diplomats, they prefer to act alone, they only care about their own needs. They do not expect help and do not give it. And in the profession they prefer to be masters of themselves, which they do not always succeed in. It is difficult for you to defend your desires and aspirations directly and openly. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive concern are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive anxiety are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted. You can also suppress your anger and aggressiveness. The important tasks for you are the development of self-confidence, courage and self-confidence. Headaches, excessive anxiety are possible, since the normal blood supply to the head is disrupted.

Saturn in Taurus

Only hard work can achieve material well-being, and they need financial and emotional security. They do not find a place for themselves if their practical affairs are not in order. They are patient, hardy, principled, have organizational skills in business. At the age of 29, they are looking for a solid position in the profession in order to have reliable finances and a home. In the profession you can rely on them, they have endurance. Being economical, they buy only valuable and useful things. They save money for all sorts of accidents and for old age. They need to be more even about material goods. Excessive materialism is possible, in the worst case, stinginess (Plyushkin) or vice versa – the accumulation of values ​​that burden, greed, isolation, lack of communication, late disclosure of artistic abilities or money in old age. Possible diseases: loss of voice, deafness, inflammation of the larynx mucosa. You either overvalue or underestimate your property and property. You are also prone to extremes in terms of bodily needs and desires – you are either a hedonist or an ascetic. You can deny to yourself sensual pleasures or the joy of the fruits of your labor. You can be stingy, it is difficult for you to just give something away. It often seems to you that something is lacking in order to feel safe – no matter how financially you are. You can deny to yourself sensual pleasures or the joy of the fruits of your labor. You can be stingy, it is difficult for you to just give something away. It often seems to you that something is lacking in order to feel safe – no matter how financially you are. You can deny to yourself sensual pleasures or the joy of the fruits of your labor. You can be stingy, it is difficult for you to just give something away. It often seems to you that something is lacking in order to feel safe – no matter how financially you are.

Saturn in Gemini

Practical and logical mind, discipline in judgment, thinking, writing and problem solving. Ideas are evaluated based on potential or already proven benefit. This discipline in any mental work, especially in mathematics, natural science and in concrete application and formation of ideas, makes it possible to withstand formal training. For them, everything must be precisely articulated, organized in detail and recorded. They pursue particular clarity in contracts and agreements. The need for contacts. For them, frankness and reliability are of great importance, so their efforts will be crowned with concrete success. Discipline, poise and practicality are inherent in intellectual activity. Strong sense of duty. Secretaries, stenographers, accountants, bookkeepers, teachers, researchers, as well as those working in mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics, literary work, a penchant for analysis and psychoanalysis. But there is also a tendency to be tormented by doubts, expressing them, to be suspicious, restrained and critical. But they know how to flexibly adapt to the practical requirements of situations and be very inventive if they need to find a new solution to a problem. They love to do everything themselves, with their own hands. Typical diseases: pneumonia, rheumatism of the hands and feet. Their children are in poor health. You question your intelligence and mental ability and can practice very hard to compensate for this deficiency. You are often very serious and not interested in light, superficial conversations. It is difficult for you to communicate easily, get acquainted and exchange news. be suspicious, reserved and critical. But they know how to flexibly adapt to the practical requirements of situations and be very inventive if they need to find a new solution to a problem. They love to do everything themselves, with their own hands. Typical diseases: pneumonia, rheumatism of the hands and feet. Their children are in poor health. You question your intelligence and mental ability and can practice very hard to compensate for this deficiency. You are often very serious and not interested in light, superficial conversations. It is difficult for you to communicate easily, get acquainted and exchange news. be suspicious, reserved and critical. But they know how to flexibly adapt to the practical requirements of situations and be very inventive if they need to find a new solution to a problem. They love to do everything themselves, with their own hands. Typical diseases: pneumonia, rheumatism of the hands and feet. Their children are in poor health. You question your intelligence and mental ability and can practice very hard to compensate for this deficiency. You are often very serious and not interested in light, superficial conversations. It is difficult for you to communicate easily, get acquainted and exchange news. pneumonia, rheumatism of the hands and feet. Their children are in poor health. You question your intelligence and mental ability and can practice very hard to compensate for this deficiency. You are often very serious and not interested in light, superficial conversations. It is difficult for you to communicate easily, get acquainted and exchange news. pneumonia, rheumatism of the hands and feet. Their children are in poor health. You question your intelligence and mental ability and can practice very hard to compensate for this deficiency. You are often very serious and not interested in light, superficial conversations. It is difficult for you to communicate easily, get acquainted and exchange news.

Saturn in Cancer

Delayed expression of feelings and alienation from family members. This position leads to neurotic reactions. Early childhood and relationships with parents (with the mother) are often cold, strict and problematic, later this is reflected in mental complexes and shyness, but still they take family ties seriously. The need for respect in front of an individual and family, a deep secrecy of their feelings from the public in order to keep the peace. Often their sensitivity and need for recognition forces them to create a closed shell around themselves that prevents them from expressing warm feelings in personal relationships, hence the danger for a reliable family. They are cruel with subordinates and dependent people, but they also protect them. Bear the burden of responsibility. Trying to have their own home and property, they fall into financial difficulties and domestic constraints. Often poor living conditions (small apartment). Dependent, an abundance of complexes, suspicious, depressed, they see everything in black. They try to work from home. Sometimes metabolic disorders, leading to fullness and accumulation of water in the tissues. Others, on the contrary, have emaciation up to the skeletal appearance. Gastritis, colitis, uterine diseases in women. Emotional hypersensitivity, defensiveness, and a very strong bond with material possessions are possible. You are intimidated by the possibility of becoming emotionally dependent on others, and you keep your distance or deny your need for closeness and intimacy, thus becoming immune to breakdown and rejection. On the other hand, you may cling excessively to your loved ones and family, need constant assurances of love. Important tasks for you are developing a deep inner sense of security,

Сатурн во Льве

The need for respect and recognition, an instinctive desire to control the immediate environment. Dictatorship and dogmatism are possible. The inner need to protect your Self can lead to stubbornness, self-exaltation, striving for reliability, on the other hand, they require respect and reverence. Refusal to shine. Parents are very strict with their children, demanding absolute discipline. Interest in organizational tasks in transactions and speculative deposits. Physical ailments are often in the form of heart disease and back stiffness, jaundice, and gout. Disappointment in love, problems with children and losses in speculation are possible. Gloom, painful resentment, all abilities sit inside, people of art (for example, actors) often have a late disclosure of their creative abilities. For women, widowhood or secondary marriage is possible. There are many obstacles in life. You are very shy and in dire need of self-affirmation and recognition. It is not easy for you to express yourself freely, openly and naturally. You try too hard to play and have fun instead of relaxing and acting naturally. An important task for you is to develop love and attractiveness regardless of your appearance.

Saturn in Virgo

Practical, precise and hardworking. They are interested in details, punctuality, accuracy and expediency, especially in work. There is a tendency to teach employees, bosses, subordinates. Themselves and others are brought to overstrain, and in pursuit of trifles they miss the main thing. They are harsh with subordinates, they squeeze all the juices out of them for a meager reward. Often they work in medicine, health care, natural science, or are engaged in registration work in accounting and the library. In scientific experiment and analysis, the results are accurate and patient. They are often strict, gloomy, melancholic, as they are oppressed by excessive workload and endless responsibility. They need to rest periodically and develop a sense of humor. From worries and processing they get sick, nervousness and digestive disorders appear. Tendency to grumbling, not understanding the thoughts of others. Lack of sense of humor. Your sore spots are order and precision, unquenchable attention to detail. You are often overcritical and can be so demanding on perfection that you discourage yourself and others, even from trying to do something that you know cannot be done the way it should be. You are often too analytical, taking things piece by piece. You may also have some degree of hypochondria. You must understand that not only what you can rationally comprehend has a right to exist, but also learn to relax and not approach everything with your strict standards. Diseases: bedsores, constipation, intestinal obstruction, poor nutrition, intestinal catarrh, colic. You are often overcritical and can be so demanding on perfection that you discourage yourself and others, even from trying to do something that you know cannot be done the way it should be. You are often too analytical, taking things piece by piece. You may also have some degree of hypochondria. You must understand that not only what you can rationally comprehend has a right to exist, but also learn to relax and not approach everything with your strict standards. Diseases: bedsores, constipation, intestinal obstruction, poor nutrition, intestinal catarrh, colic. You are often overcritical and can be so demanding on perfection that you discourage yourself and others from even trying to do something that you know cannot be done the way it should be. You are often too analytical, taking things piece by piece. You may also have some degree of hypochondria. You must understand that not only what you can rationally comprehend has a right to exist, but also learn to relax and not approach everything with your strict standards. Diseases: bedsores, constipation, intestinal obstruction, poor nutrition, intestinal catarrh, colic. You may also have some degree of hypochondria. You must understand that not only what you can rationally comprehend has a right to exist, but also learn to relax and not approach everything with your strict standards. Diseases: bedsores, constipation, intestinal obstruction, poor nutrition, intestinal catarrh, colic. You may also have some degree of hypochondria. You must understand that not only what you can rationally comprehend has a right to exist, but also learn to relax and not approach everything with your strict standards. Diseases: bedsores, constipation, intestinal obstruction, poor nutrition, intestinal catarrh, colic.

Saturn in Libra

They understand how to cooperate in order to do something and in general to live, and this cooperation must continue in order to achieve the goal. And this is possible only with a fair attitude towards the parties involved in the project, and this justice, in turn, presupposes rules and obligations that are acceptable to both parties. Everyone should try to do their job and feel responsible for the whole. Discipline and responsibility derive from mutual responsibilities in marriage, business, and service. Good lawyers, judges, mediators. All contracts, including marriage contracts, often have the nature of karma, i.e. arise as a result of meetings and relationships that in the past have taken on responsibilities and moral guilt. Covered by business relationships, organizational planning, formation of legal contracts, distribution of responsibilities in cooperation. They also have the special ability to plan and organize group events. They keep a confidential secret. Often a late marriage or marriage with a prominent person who bears great responsibility in business or profession. The marriage itself is often associated with a burden, hard work, a test of patience. Social scent and social responsibility. Great wealth or honors are possible due to the ability to cooperate, which requires subtlety, tact, reliability, and good organizational skills. Sometimes the penchant for making big claims against others is the slave driver. Lack of love, condescension, responsibility, a tendency to observe the letter of the law, forgetting about the meaning. The justice that one strives for is colored by subjectivity. Stubbornness, anger, capriciousness, false ambition are possible, prompting to take on too many responsibilities, which can only be dealt with as a result of elaboration. Hence the risk to the position and reputation. Dress neatly. The sense of form is strongly developed. Possibly late disclosure of abilities in art. You take your personal relationships so seriously that they seem more like work, constant effort, compromise than free and joyful coexistence. You may feel that the relationship as a whole requires more of you than it can give, and you enter into intimacy carefully and deliberately. You are afraid of being cheated in intimate relationships. Typical diseases are headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, blood diseases, urinary retention, and women have cycle disorders. Possibly late disclosure of abilities in art. You take your personal relationships so seriously that they seem more like work, constant effort, compromise than free and joyful coexistence. You may feel that the relationship as a whole requires more of you than it can give, and you enter into intimate relationship carefully and deliberately. You are afraid of being cheated in intimate relationships. Typical diseases are headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, blood diseases, urinary retention, and women have a cycle disorder. Possibly late disclosure of abilities in art. You take your personal relationships so seriously that they seem more like work, constant effort, compromise than free and joyful coexistence. You may feel that the relationship as a whole requires more of you than it can give, and you enter into intimate relationship carefully and deliberately. You are afraid of being cheated in intimate relationships. Typical diseases are headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, blood diseases, urinary retention, and women have a violation of the cycle. and you enter into an intimate relationship carefully and deliberately. You are afraid of being cheated in intimate relationships. Typical diseases are headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, blood diseases, urinary retention, and women have a violation of the cycle. and you enter into an intimate relationship carefully and deliberately. You are afraid of being cheated in intimate relationships. Typical diseases are headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, blood diseases, urinary retention, and women have a cycle disorder.

Saturn in Scorpio

Responsibility, efficiency in financial affairs (associations, societies, taxes, inheritances, insurance, etc.). Stubbornness in business. Seriousness to the point of melancholy. Overestimating oneself, leading to stubbornness. Indifference to religion. As a rule, friends are older in age, friendship brings success. Possible quarrels about inheritance, taxes, joint finances are often the subject of litigation, ending in losses. They love to teach at work. If you go too far, they will be known as strict employers. They do not tolerate lazy people and parasites. The lack of zeal is not forgiven either to themselves or to others. They are very energetic in achieving concrete successes. Success comes after hardship. Responsibility is taken so seriously that it becomes a burden. We must learn to calmly and methodically treat our responsibilities. Solidity, perseverance, decisiveness are qualities, necessary for success. They adore authority and are ready to fight for the satisfaction of their ambitions. In this case, illegal means can be used. If you get around them, they are vindictive, they know how to fanatically adhere to the principle. Intrigue, an inability to forget long-standing grievances, an instinctive need to take revenge are possible. A sad experience of love, death is unexpected and under mysterious circumstances. You both strive and are afraid to be open to others, to be in close emotional contact. You have a hard time trusting others, allowing you to know yourself deeply, and as a result, you can have difficulties in your sex life. You are constantly concerned with how to protect yourself and can be very secretive. An important task for you is to learn not to control yourself in personal relationships, to be completely open. From the side of health – constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse,

Saturn in Sagittarius

Serious engagement in religion, philosophy, pursuit of higher education. A strict moral code, often associated with a religious or philosophical system. They defend the views of morality and adhere to the principles of justice. Great lawyers who are not interested in pickpockets, but advocate the reorganization of public relations, but not canceling the existing ones. Small steps for a big goal, so as not to commit reckless actions. Always looking for the truth and underlying ideas for their own behavior. In old age they turn to religion. They prefer an intellectual direction of activity, differing in discipline, consciousness, the ability to concentrate. They love old authorities, recognition. Glory and honor come over the years. Whatever they learn, they put everything into practice. Achieve honors and recognition through tireless efforts. The desire for recognition is directed towards the fields of religion, philosophy and higher education. They have a deep need for a special intellectual or philosophical achievement that would secure recognition. Proud, afraid to dislike, take offense when people talk about them or think unfairly. They care a lot about their reputation. They can arbitrarily impose their philosophical or religious views on others. You are characterized by a critical, cynical attitude towards many religions and philosophies. Without understanding this, you are not able to appreciate a new point of view, a new approach. You are tougher and more dogmatic than you realize. You can approach everything morally or too intellectually. You are very serious about your own spiritual, philosophical and political views, you are worried and tormented, if everything is not clear to you in any idea or theory. Predisposition to bronchitis.

Saturn in Capricorn

Ambition, desire for power, position, authority, manifested mainly in business, scientific and political spheres. In their careers, they want to particularly excel. Nothing is done without practical intention. Good organizers try to develop ambitions on the one hand, and to strengthen security on the other. Thus, they reach the highest position without risk. Other people are coldly impressed by their severity and seriousness. They know how to listen to orders from authorities, and upon reaching the position they expect the same from their subordinates. In business and politics, they are conservative. In their view, traditional power structures have the necessary foundations for existence that should not be questioned. The struggle for reliability and independence, which they withstood in their youth, helps later in the development of practical conservative patterns of behavior. In their opinion, no one has the right to advise others or take on greater political or economic responsibility until they are successful in their affairs. They know that everything has to be paid for and that everyone has to contribute to the structure of the world. Everyone should get what they deserve through their personal efforts. Therefore, having reached heights, they support others in the opinion that everyone should help themselves. But in old age they forget the hard struggle of youth, when they themselves started without means and help. They can use their wealth to control others. They strive to gain authority. They have a developed sense of family tradition and family honor. Often come from a wealthy and prominent family, so they may not understand human values, because they themselves did not know the struggle, having no means. They tend to take advantage of the weaker socially and economically, unless the intelligence and compassion inherited from past incarnations come to the rescue. They can reach the heights of the spiritual or the depths of materialism and egoism. If adolescence passed in conditions of poverty and an unfavorable family environment, this will give an incentive to overcome difficulties and achieve a prominent and strong position. For such people, life is an important issue and a struggle. Things are often evaluated according to the criteria of price and appearance. You need to develop a sense of humor and rise above materialism and social status. Otherwise, the pursuit of position will be an end in itself, and not a means of establishing public order. Often these people are distinguished by honesty and decency, but sometimes they do not disdain any means to obtain a position, power and wealth, making them terrible dictators. There is also a tendency to gain benefits through literal interpretation of laws. Using unseemly means, they themselves fall into a mess, experience shame and loss of position. Arrogant self-confidence is striking. They need to try to be more flexible. You are eminently capable of forgetting about yourself in pursuit of a long-term goal. You are capable of working hard, but you may lack lightness, ease. You often feel the burden of responsibility and life demands and may be jealous of those who, in your opinion, achieve what they want in life without significant personal effort. There is something harsh, strict, uncompromising in you, and this can greatly interfere with you. You should avoid being a hard, cynical, life-wise person,

Saturn in Aquarius

Good concentration ability. Unbiased and abstract thinking. The main thing is truth, higher spiritual development, all social and scientific issues are considered from the point of view of the highest universal laws. The ability to collect and concentrate. After a series of trials, the tireless struggle for reform. Ambition, recognition through sensational scientific discoveries or new technical advances. Modest. Good sense of space, love of geometry, mathematical ability. Have a sense of justice and responsibility towards others. Friends and co-workers are treated loyally and with a sense of responsibility. They often join secret societies. Usually balanced and can help in word and deed. They value public relations. Selfishness, lust for power, the requirement to dance to your tune, to serve your interests are possible, coldness of feelings in intimate relationships, formalism, the predominance of intellectual and spiritual arrogance. You have an innate distrust of collectives, and maybe a cynical attitude towards society, which can give you a feeling of falling out of the general stream, make it impossible for you to participate in activities on an equal basis with others. An important task for you is to overcome feelings of detachment and alienation from others.

Saturn in Pisces

Forgotten in the memories of the past. Overactive, frightening imagination, leading to all kinds of fears and neuroses. Can’t cope with the demands of life. Often, the imagination draws them grudges and difficulties, which in fact do not exist.

Strong intuition, humble, eager to help those in trouble. With a clear mind, great psychological abilities. The ability to deeply pray and meditate is observed, which pacifies their souls, but excessive anxiety and a bad mood are also possible.

The tendency to remember the mistakes and failures of the past, which can lead to neuroses and psychopathy and placement in a nervous clinic. Sometimes neurosis manifests itself in organic diseases, leading to the hospital. You need calmness, loneliness to reveal the inner sources of strength, but also active participation in the affairs of the world in order to avoid introversion and grief.

They tend to feel sorry for themselves. Painful memories of the past can lead to mental cancer, making happiness, creativity, and productive work impossible. You need an objective approach to yourself, awareness of your abilities and mistakes in order to overcome difficulties. They love to work behind the scenes, in hospitals, nerve clinics, universities, ministries. Ability and diligence in the study of the secret sciences. Serious obstacles due to strong attachment to something. Your spouse or partner helps you build your career. At the end of life, misfortune, tragic death is possible. Their work is considered more difficult than that of others. They get lost easily. They are prone to confusion, dreaminess, cruelty and deceit. They often struggle with non-existent obstacles. Superstitious.

I often have nightmares. You often have a feeling of longing for something that you cannot name or define; You can be very attracted and at the same time frightened by mysticism and parapsychology. An important task for you is overcoming hypersensitivity, feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, loneliness. Diseases of the legs (feet) as a result of getting wet.

Uranus in Aries

They pave new paths in science and social reform. The most important thing for them is freedom of independent action. They are brave, courageous, initiative, inventive. Spontaneous rendering and recognition of any help. The use of all kinds of technical means. Often rude, unrestrained in language, hasty and violent. As a generation, they want to transform the world and do not want to live in an old-fashioned way.

They love adventure, they are constantly looking for new experiences in order to be happy and contented. Impulsiveness and irascibility are their negative traits. They need to learn to cooperate with others and be tactful. If individualism is pushed to extremes, it blinds us to the social bonds on which big plans depend. You belong to a group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These are people who are independent, self-confident, have a strong will, and are rebellious by nature.

You as a group are a kind of hooliganism, people of your generation, your age group have ceased to observe many venerable traditions and rules. The age group you belong to has been the pioneers of many new ideas that have remained relevant over the years. For example, rock and roll has become a part of the culture thanks to people in your age group.

Uranus in Taurus

New ideas for the use of money and other aids. Unexpected income from new methods, speculation on the stock exchange and with mortgages. They question the values ​​of the old times. Striving for reforms in the economy. Demand for humane principles, love for practical actions, great determination and invincibility in their plans.

The striving for freedom and creative self-expression is hampered by the forces of gravitation towards material things. Difficulties can also arise due to the fact that they want to change material conditions too quickly. An unexpected change in material well-being – they may find a treasure, or they may lose a whole fortune. Their close ties to home and family can also blur the individual’s ability to express. Often, spiritual interests are difficult to combine with traditional economic and state organizations that embody the material foundations of the dominant system. There may be extraordinary talents in the visual arts and music (in music, playing power tools, possibly using computer technology). Often interest in computers and their implementation in administration, accounting and other matters.

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These people are very receptive to new ideas in the field of private entrepreneurship and in matters related to practice. They put scientific ideas at her service, bringing more comfort to her everyday life. Many of the modern conveniences in your home have been enhanced and expanded to a wider market thanks to the people of your age group.

People in your age group are also quite sexy, romantic, and have no difficulty in expressing romantic feelings. They opposed sexual repression, promoted the wider display of sex in films, music, etc. Diseases of the vocal cords are characteristic.

Uranus in Gemini

Development of new forms of thinking. Agile, sharp mind, creative intuition, ambitious, energetic. Skirmishers of new concepts in science, literature, education, electronics and the media. Restless spirit, lack of patience to carry the idea to completion. You need to be able to discipline yourself. Because of their restlessness, they often travel to conclude new public contracts and explore new ideas.

A broad outlook, as well as (after all, with our thinking we determine fate) the ability to see other possibilities and break with the usual lifestyle. Often fragile relationships with siblings and neighbors. Original but often confusing thoughts. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These are people who think about progress, creative thinkers.

Compared to others, your age group has high scientific achievements and higher scientific standards. You are a curious and meticulous person, you own many discoveries and cunning guesses. The passion for learning, the desire to learn never dies in your age group. Curiosity and meticulousness do not diminish with age, as often happens with other people. Travel misfortunes are possible. Cramps in the arms and shoulders.

Uranus in Cancer

Unorthodox views on household and family life, striving for independence from the strict authority of parents. They want to be friends with their parents. Accelerated growth and early puberty. Leaving the house, leave a free return path. Perhaps the new places will disappoint them. Many have left their homes to find freedom.

Эти люди ведут домашнее хозяйство нетрадиционным способом, увлекаются современной архитектурой или вычурной, оборудуют свой дом электронными приборами и бросающимися в глаза декорациями. Неожиданная смена настроений, большое самомнение и обидчивость. Их дом – место сбора друзей и групп. Часто заинтересованы коммунами или другими нетрадиционными общежитиями. Часто друзья становятся членами семьи. Здесь налицо ментальная восприимчивость. Часто оккультные занятия составляют часть домашней сцены. Вы принадлежите к возрастной группе, где возраст колеблется в диапазоне 7 лет. Здесь сильная потребность в свободе от семейных уз и от прошлого семьи на протяжении ряда поколений.

Люди, принадлежащие к Вашей возрастной группе, считают, что личные отношения их слишком ограничивают. Они склонны считать себя чуждыми, далекими от семейных уз и забот и с большим трудом устанавливают длительные личные отношения. В Вашей группе высокий процент разводов. Однако, ее люди и эмоциональны, и способны к проявлению чувств. Иногда они болезненно переживают свою неспособность к прочным семейным узам. Личная свобода от людей, с которыми сталкивает Вас жизнь, и в то же самое время близость с ними – вот идеал, которого Вы желаете более всего. Возможны судороги, желтуха, опухоли желудка.

Уран во Льве

Freedom of love and romance. Their ideas about courtship and sex are very far from traditional morality, they are for free love. Strong will and creativity in art and science. Ability for original leadership, inclination to innovate. They have a special form of expression that attracts attention. Can develop new ideas in visual arts, music and theater.

They love to create their own scales, and not adapt to the scale of the society in which they live. The danger of selfishness. They should try to care less about themselves and more about public and universal interests. They can be very crazy and unable to compromise and cooperate with others. Stubbornness, insistence on one’s own are possible.

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These are people with an extraordinary strong will, proud and narcissistic. You belong to an age group where you do not obey anyone’s authority and stubbornly go your own way. Parents and school teachers have a very difficult time when people in your age group need to be kept tight. Governments that resort to repressive measures of self-expression and personal freedom face strong resistance from your age group. You tend to rebel against any form of tyranny or oppressive rule. Diseases include heart spasms, cardiac arrest, or sudden death.

Uranus in Virgo

Gives original, but practical ideas for labor methods, especially in the field of health care (treatment and self-medication), science and technology (electronic inventions, computers that revolutionized trade and industry, transistors, etc.). You can develop unique and original methods in industry, technology, in employer-worker relations, in environmental protection and health care. It is possible that you will have to work hard on solving practical problems in order to achieve your goals.

You have a special talent in business and an innumerable wealth of practical ideas regarding the organization of work. But we must count on repeated changes and disruptions in activities. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These people actively use their knowledge and creativity to implement specific reforms in education, health care and other similar areas of social activity. The innovations you propose are not radical or unusual, but they usually turn out to be very effective.

The people of your generation are a curious mixture of conservatives, ethically principled people, and rebellious, restless personalities. It seems that in this age group there is nothing in between, some extremes and you move from one of them to another. Conservatives strive for the triumph of strict moral principles, want to immediately punish all manifestations of criminal behavior, in every possible way emphasize the importance of Christian values ​​in our life, in laws, in all manifestations of our “I”.

On the other hand, the rebellious representatives of your generation are actively dissatisfied with the established order and declare this in a defiant, rude, harsh form. Unexpected health problems are possible: respiratory and intestinal cramps. You need a diet.

Uranus in Libra

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These are people who strive for equality in relationships. To a much greater extent than representatives of other age groups, you see in parents, children, wives (respectively – husbands) – friends. Many of you are experimenting with different types of marriage relationships that involve greater freedom and equality in the relationship between partners.

Attempts at new forms of community life: communes and other new social groupings. Good intuition helps you understand the motives of other people and build relationships with them. In art – new unusual forms of music, apparently with the use of electronic technology.

Unexpected encounters that change lives overnight, but also cause uncertainty. Difficulties in marriage and other partnerships are possible, unreliability in relationships where mutual responsibility is needed.

Uranus in Scorpio

An unexpected reaction, manifestations of passion. Break and new connection at the same time. A spontaneous struggle for your individuality. Courage, speed of decisions, principled intervention, assistance in critical situations. The intensity of feelings, belief in decisive action, cannot stand inactivity and laziness. Strong outbursts of anger are possible, a desire for change with fierce determination, despite the destruction.

A lot of ideas, talent in technical and scientific inventions. Strong occult knowledge about later life after death and the perception of superphysical dimensions of energy. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. People here break with all the customs and prohibitions that are associated with death, sexual relations and any other personal, private or simply difficult for others.

Your group is less sexually shy than other age groups and often engages in casual sex. You like emotional intensity. There are many extremists and fanatics in your age group. Possible diseases: spasms of the bladder, tumors of the reproductive organs, in women, deformation of the uterus.

Uranus in Sagittarius

New ideas in religion, philosophy and education. The need to introduce into religion the principles of natural science and the occult. It is possible to adhere to eccentric religions and social philosophies as dogma, or to reject all religious concepts as skeptics and agnostics. Interest in foreign peoples and cultures. Long trips for the love of adventure, unusual experiences in foreign countries and in communication with other people. Adoption of foreign religions and philosophies, and the change in views occurs unexpectedly.

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These people have exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to look into the future. They are optimists, people of the finest hour, in the literal and figurative sense of this expression. As the people of your generation are rapidly, violently, energetically striving for something new, space exploration is taking on new frontiers. People in your age group are characterized by cheerful youthful optimism.

Your share will also get the great discoveries and dreams that men indulge in while sucking a pipe in the area of ​​smoke. There will be many discoveries, great contributions to human progress and disappointments, but more than enough has been done to make up for the disappointments. Cramps of legs and hips are possible.

Uranus in Capricorn

An unexpected goal in life’s struggle. New ways to reach the top. Incorporation of technology into everyday life. The desire to change the current state of affairs for the sake of ensuring the future. But the new carefully adapts to the old. Despite the desire for constructive change, it is difficult to finally leave the past. Strong ambition, drive for success.

Original ideas in science and business, but efforts are aimed at achieving a career and position. They manage to find new areas of application of old ideas. Too much professional ambition and excessive ambition can become a source of problems in relationships with management. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These people are active, transforming private property enterprises, reforming the structure of governments, carrying out large social undertakings, various reorganizations. Most of all this activity leads to the improvement of the well-being of the people and takes different forms in different countries. For example, in some it is a great socialization of the service sector, while in others they strive to ensure that the service sector is in private hands.

In any case, the people of your generation are concerned about increasing labor productivity, the efficiency of any kind of activity, as a result of which unproductive labor is noticeably eliminated both in industry and in the government structure.

Uranus in Aquarius

Strong mental acuity, intuitive understanding of hidden connections. Great scientific and inventive talent. Strong will and independence of mind. Independence of decisions and conclusions, avoiding the interference of others. An independent mind that allows an open-minded inquiry into the truth. Ideas and methods of yesterday are being worked out if they are scientifically unprovable or contradict the facts. Testing by practice is the strongest proof of truth. Intuition and observation lead to clairvoyance. Caring for the welfare of all, faith in the brotherhood and dignity of people.

Sensitivity to new ideas. Striving for a new social form and work in groups and public organizations. Sometimes, under the guise of freedom, unrestraint, willfulness, impractical eccentricity and the denial of all discipline and experience are manifested. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. A great contribution to science is associated with these people. Thanks to the efforts of your age group, technical progress is being made at a faster pace than the previous generation. You create gigantic research institutes for intensive research and for the development of new technology. Growing international cooperation and connections are driving the progress of the business you are doing, as its development is largely driven by large-scale collaboration rather than the efforts of individuals.

Your age group has an interest in removing barriers between governments and industry partners. For example, between workers, on the one hand, and directors and engineers, on the other. You work vigorously to improve the relationship between partners.

Uranus in Pisces

Intuitive abilities, scientific curiosity about the action of the subconscious, mystical religiosity, for example in the form of an interest in meditation, the philosophies of the East or the yoga system. Guiding ideas can come in a dream or as a result of inner insight. Sometimes it may seem that you are helpless, but if necessary, you will be able to pull yourself out of the swamp by your hair.

The tendency to free oneself from the spiritual influences of the past, the spiritual struggle to overcome materialistic tendencies, the search for a higher spiritual correspondence. Materialism divorced from life, insecurity and maneuvers to mislead in relationships with friends are possible. Avoiding unpleasant situations. You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. There is great creative potential here in art, music, literature, philosophy.

People in your age group are enthusiastic themselves and inspire others. From many different styles, they synthesize something different, refreshing. The creative enthusiasm of people in your age group is highly sophisticated and emotional. Often during your lifetime, your work does not find a worthy evaluation, recognition comes much later. Working, creating, people of your age group do not think about selling or conquering the market for their labor.

Neptune in Aries

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born with an independent and individualistic approach to religious and spiritual issues. Your generation is attacking church doctrine and dogma, and virtually all organized religions are undergoing some kind of significant change in their philosophy.

Your generation is also testing other long-term ideals in society and looking for alternative ideals, hopes, and aspirations. Your age group is also a pioneer in radically new concepts and styles in art, music and literature. The avant-garde is popular with you, and the classics give way to fresh, new styles.

Neptune in Taurus

The dominance of idealism in financial and material matters. An attempt at the practical use of visions. Feeling delusional in art. They are very sensitive to the financial situation of their neighbors. Financial affairs are complicated, there is an opportunity to put together a lot of capital, they will be able to help with money. Negative trait: Commitment to money and material values. Uncertainty about everyday worries. Desire for happiness without struggle and work.

You were born in a 14-year period, when people were born who were distinguished by practicality, down-to-earth in religious philosophy and spiritual views. Your age group brings their ideals and views into everyday life and invests more time and energy than other generations in decorating projects, creating parks and recreation areas, nature reserves that preserve beautiful, unique wildlife.

Building construction is also done by your generation with care and attention to the aesthetic side of things, and you find it difficult to understand how others can build buildings with so little space for aesthetics. Your age group pays little attention to spiritual and metaphysical issues. You are more concerned with using imagination and intuition in practice, in art, than in research of a metaphysical nature. Some of the pieces of music and art of your generation are among the world’s masterpieces.

Neptune in Gemini

Creative and intuitive abilities in literature and poetry. Active, mobile imagination and the gift to convey ideas of higher forms of consciousness symbolically and figuratively. Instinctive contact with others. Negative trait: exclusively engaging in the world of dreams and shimmering values.

There may be confusion in practical thinking and the exchange of thoughts, overestimation of one’s own ideas, underestimation of intelligence. Tendency towards spiritualism. You were born in a 14-year period when people with intense imaginations were born. People in your age group have a strong interest in poetry and fiction. Some of the world’s most talented and imaginative poets and writers belong to your generation.

People in your age group have a strong interest in parapsychology, astrology, and other supernatural sciences. People belonging to your generation have a rational, unemotional attitude to religion. They instantly notice the logical flaws in religious doctrines. Weak respiratory system.

Neptune in Cancer

Strong ties with home, family, native land. They are empathetic, sensitive, and have a strong religious feeling. Parapsychological and mediumistic abilities, clairvoyance are possible. Sentimental representations passed off as the wisdom of life. We are ready to donate for phantoms, mirages. Non-traditional methods of raising children. Negative traits: tearful sentimentality, one-sidedness of emotions towards one’s own family.

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born with highly developed intuition, emotional, with heightened sensitivity. People of your generation have an emotional and loyal attitude towards religion. They think less about different dogmas and doctrines than people belonging to other generations.

People of your age group are very impressionable, they keep precious and remarkable moments of their lives in memory for a long time. Propensity to binge, excessive concern about their health, fear of contracting an incurable disease, hypochondria.

Neptune in Leo

Great talent in art, music, interest in theater. A certain share of creativity is inspired by the higher planes of consciousness. Rich intuition, but an overestimation of one’s own strengths. Delight and self-deception. A penchant for romance and idealism in love. Negative traits: self-deception in love, extravagant spending in search of pleasure, unrealistic treatment of children. Financial ruin and business stagnation are possible as a result of unwise speculation.

You were born in a 14-year period when people with a vivid, vivid imagination were born. They have a great love for color, for fashion, for drama. The people of your generation have had a tremendous influence in America in the growth of the Hollywood film industry and other spectacular arts.

Most people in your age group have fantastic, naive, childish ideas about film actors and other idols in the entertainment industry. Needless to say, this ability to create idols for oneself can lead to great disappointment. And those of you who marry at an early age transfer your fantasies to your husband or wife. Over the years, fantastic ideas about family life do not stand up to the collision with reality. Suspension of cardiac activity is possible as a result of taking sedatives.

Neptune in Virgo

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born, conservative and moderate in their spiritual aspirations. People in your age group avoid supernatural ruminations. Interest in parapsychology is considered very strange and incomprehensible among people in your age group. You also have a strong sense of fairness and unjustness. In religious matters, you tend to attach the greatest importance to ethics and morality.

The atmosphere of conservatism and pedantry, which is created by people of your age group, gets on the nerves of people with a developed imagination. And they eventually rebel against it. The influence of Neptune on your personality: openness to new ideas and plans; inspiration, premonition, power of imagination, idealism, penetration into the essence of other people; ability for mathematics; interest in mental phenomena and mediumistic inclination; intelligence, constancy and patience; painful sensitivity, confusion, lack of plans and goals, self-disappointment, selfishness, cunning; doubt or denial of intuitive impulses; exaggerated materialism; underestimation of reality and departure from reality; an attempt to seem more stable than it really is; lack of clear concepts about morality; bad eating habits and food,

It is possible that creativity and imagination are crossed out by material circumstances. Difficulties may arise in finding a job, as well as problems with relationships with subordinates or working conditions. Possibly a penchant for growing plants and a love of fish and pets. Health disorders: bowel diseases (tuberculosis, cancer), food poisoning, nervous disorders due to over-emotional concentration on incoherent little things and hence the tendency to psychosomatic diseases; possible danger from the use of drugs and drinks.

Neptune in Libra

Chaos of marriage, devaluation of mutual obligations. The instinct for emotional and social adjustment can cause the blind to see the blind. They float in the clouds with a strong bond with others. Unclear notions in art. They give in to temptation, give the impression of insecurity. A sense of material support from a partner is important.

Thoughtless adherence to the mainstream leads to drug abuse, rock music, and psychedelic culture. Positive points: the intuitive preservation of social relations, the concept of mutual social responsibility is based more on the internal sense, and not on the letter of the law. Development of new forms of art.

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born who share a highly idealized understanding of universal brotherhood and worldwide cooperation. These concepts, among other things, fill the movement for peace and freedom. People in your age group are also interested in the spiritual philosophy and cultural traditions of other nations. They are devoid of dogmatism in relation to religion, absorbing these concepts.

People in your age group tend to be eclectic, adopting elements of many systems (for example, Eastern and Western). They find it difficult to follow the practice of religions that have become ossified in their tradition. Gullibility and inability to make decisions makes people in your age group easily deceived. As a result, many ideals and goals, conceived with the best intentions, fail completely due to the lack of a clear purpose and direction. Disease is possible.

Neptune in Scorpio

You were born in a 14-year period when people with very strong psychic sensitivity and imagination were born. Your age group is attracted to everything unknown, supernatural and unusual. You have a strong sense of something creepy, strange, and this is vividly reflected in the music, art and fashion that are typical for your age group. Also, you are popular with books and films full of secrets and horrors.

Your age group has higher rates of drug addiction, suicide and emotional depression than others. You have a deep mystical feeling, and Eastern religions and meditation are very attractive for your age group. Strong individuality, striving to realize himself in a team; sense guidance, refined senses that provide a broader outlook and inventiveness; subconscious impulses; clairvoyance ability; medial phenomena, interest in parapsychology; perseverance, secrecy, mystery; some propensity to inherit.

Depression, confusion, irascibility, overestimation of oneself, self-deception, self-disappointment, strange sources of income, irritability, fickleness; love of sensation and luxury; search for new revelations; promiscuity of sexual relations; alcohol and drug abuse; exposure to slander or reproaches, as well as loss of inheritance due to betrayal; fanaticism for unclear reasons; the ability to instinctively feel the weakness of others, but ignore their own weaknesses. Possible health problems: – weakness of the lower body; obsession; drug addiction and alcoholism; venereal diseases; mental illness.

Neptune in Sagittarius

The need for higher spiritual and religious values: a return to God and the need for a new moral order. Strong intuition, struggle for ideals and faith. But ideals can be vague, unclear. Music and art forms are permeated with spirituality. Many travels, lively exchange of thoughts with other peoples. Enhanced meditation practice and the use of the intuitive faculties of higher thinking. Dangers: aimless vagrancy (hippies), adherence to erroneous unrealistic cults, false prophets, gurus. But many recognize the presence of God in all things.

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born extremely idealistic, unstoppable dreamers. Your age group is very generous, open-minded, and the church under your influence becomes more flexible, more eclectic in its approach. Religions that are not adapted to the expanded perception of your group simply cannot arouse your interest and entice you.

Your group is characterized by reflections on metaphysical topics, as well as a strong interest in all kinds of psychic phenomena, UFOs, prophecies, etc. This interest will bring you many new thoughts and insights, but often it is accompanied by an excess of imagination and different ideas, taken more seriously than they deserve.

Neptune in Capricorn

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born conservative, committed to traditions in spiritual aspirations and religious views. Your age group is returning to traditional foundations in religion, as well as traditional styles in music and art.

Classical music and literature are given new life in your age group, and you are inspired by the works of outstanding representatives of art, music, literature and philosophy of the past. As far as religion is concerned, your age group is in a position of contemplation and reflection; you approach religious issues objectively and logically.

Many are cynical and critical of spiritual and metaphysical ideas. Other age groups criticize yours for lack of warmth and compassion. Sometimes this is true, judging by the extraordinary cunning, manipulation and deception that exists at the highest levels of society – in government and big business.

Neptune in Aquarius

You were born in a 14-year period when progressive people with broad views of religious philosophy and spirituality were born. You cannot be called an ardent adherent of mysticism, but you also do not belong to the skeptics or cynics. However, in general, you follow the path of religious philosophy only when it corresponds to your logic and common sense.

The most ancient religions, based on intuitive understanding, are of little interest to your age group; in your time religions have undergone significant “modernization”. Your generation is blurring the distinction between science and mysticism; Your scientific discoveries are accompanied by a sense of awe and wonder, and the discoveries themselves serve only to enhance this feeling. Dry, academic approach to science in your time fades into the background.

Science fiction is very popular in your age group. Also popular are abstract art styles that reflect your progressive imagination.

Neptune in Pisces

Peaceful time, development of spiritual abilities, perfect forms of music and art. Great progress in the art of healing. This is the flourishing of culture, when the high creative achievements of the last century of Pisces will be used. Many great musicians, artists and spiritual leaders will be born during this time.

You were born in a 14-year period when people were born very intuitive, receptive, with a rich imagination. Art and music are very important to your age group and they thrive on your support, talents and contributions. Your band is replete with artistic and musical talent. All kinds of religions and psychic research are also developing. There is tremendous interest in fundamental questions and answers, as well as in phenomena that seem inexplicable from a scientific point of view.

Mysticism in your age group is at its best. Spiritual qualities such as participation and sacrifice are also highly valued in you, honored and extolled more openly than in other age groups. Your spiritual and emotional sensitivity is so high that there is a danger of addiction to alcohol and drugs; their consumption is increasing in your generation.

Pluto in Aries

People who are confident and fearless overcome the hardest obstacles in order to win freedom and establish a new lifestyle. Strong desire for power, claim to dominance, use of strong means. You were born in a 28-year period (1822-1850), when people were born who had the courage to throw away the usual ideas and methods, to explore new possibilities.

Your generation is driven by a deep sense of individuality, freedom and independence. You are a group of free thinkers and individuals who cannot stand the oppression of authorities, and sometimes you resist even moderate authoritarian pressure. The desire for personal freedom and self-determination is deeply rooted in you, and many of you stubbornly resist the customs of society, becoming rebels and outspoken critics of long-held beliefs. You, without hesitation, attack sacred doctrines and attitudes, and the world after you becomes completely different.

New concepts of science and art, state and public organization are coming out of your generation. Only a few of your generation will remain in history as followers of radically new ideas or supporters of new methods, but each of you is engulfed in a flame of innovation and discovery. Radical changes and new ideas are not easily implemented, and many of the ideas brought by your generation will not be implemented or will fail in order to find practical application in a few decades. However, some ideas will be immediately used and applied in practice. Some of the concepts and views suggested by your age group are rather simplistic and one-sided, especially in areas such as politics, sociology and psychology.

Very often, representatives of your generation follow some ideology with fanatical zeal, refusing to take into account all aspects of the issue and not taking into account the wisdom and knowledge accumulated by history. Your generation has a youthful excess of strength to destroy the old and lay the foundations for the new, but as is typical of youth, it may lack the wisdom and experience to develop a comprehensive and adequate plan of action. Some representatives of your generation will become the heralds of its aspirations and goals. Others, on the contrary, will try to avoid being caught up in a general fever. The best way out for them is to “do their homework” and then push forward.

Pluto in Taurus

Expansion in the economy, industry, the victory of materialistic thinking. The desire for monetary power, the acquisition of possessions, striking greed. You were born in a 32-year period (1850-1882), when people were born who attach great importance to practice. They have a very strong psychological need to feel that there is a solid foundation and a solid foundation in a person’s life. They have an ineradicable need to have confidence that there is no need to worry about the essentials. And that everything in life has a solid foundation.

People belonging to your generation spare no effort at work, strive to raise the standard of living, strive to ensure that everyone is well fed. They build roads and buildings. Measures are taken to increase labor productivity. They strive for progress in the creation of various kinds of enterprises, which are an essential basis for a healthy, developing economy.

People in your age group have a very developed tendency to measure the importance of something with a utilitarian value. For example, in education and research, people in your age group are guided by ideas that have practical value. And they provide very little support for research that is more theoretical. The people of your generation are pragmatic and cannot sit around. They are consumed by the need to build and DO. This concern for earthly things often becomes extreme. And with people in your age group, it often happens that they throw themselves into extreme materialism, paying too little attention to humanistic, ethical and spiritual values.

People in your age group have a strong desire for everything earthly. And you attach great importance to the physical comfort of your home, delicious food. People in your age group emphasize the romantic side of love, and physical attractiveness is also very important to them. Only a small number of people in your age group tend to feel out of place in the practical and materialistic atmosphere of their era. And stay alien to the social norms of their time.

Pluto in Gemini

New ideas and inventions, scientific discoveries, attempts to understand the foundations of the universe, new technologies and new inventions in the field of communications and means of communication. Propaganda gift, destruction of values ​​through the word. You were born in a 31-year period (1882-1913), when people were born who take life lightly and carelessly. Your subconscious and emotional needs are not as great or as difficult to fulfill as those of people of other generations.

You take life lightly. You are an agreeable person. You know how to have a good time. And don’t take life as seriously as members of other generations. You are curious and inquisitive. Love all kinds of riddles and word games. Some people belonging to your generation are completely and completely surrendered to this interesting call of their nature. They make amazing discoveries in the fields of linguistics, mathematics and logic. These discoveries highlight the importance of education and the benefits it brings with it.

Therefore, people belonging to your generation are highly interested in improving the education and level of knowledge of all people. You make a tremendous effort to ensure that all people are literate. So that people own words and numbers. So that fewer schoolchildren drop out of school due to academic failure. Needless to say, these are noble goals supported by people of all generations.

But people of your generation attach much more importance to these goals. The generation of people following you is significantly more emotional and sophisticated than people of your age group. However, many people forget about the emotional support and affection your children need. They most often belong to this generation.

Pluto in Cancer

In personal feelings, affairs at home, homeland, land, environment, in food production, revolution in rural industry (chemical fertilizers, pest control agents, irrigation systems, watering canals). Conservatism, they betray themselves all the time. Intolerance towards others.

You were born in a 24-year period (1913-1937), when people were born with a highly developed sense of home and homeland. You are a refined person with heightened sensitivity. You are deeply attached to your family and homeland. You hold on to what you know well. You are distrustful of other cultures – they scare you. Therefore, racial and national prejudice among people in your age group is quite common. Of course, some members of your age group are able to come to the perfect understanding that “the whole world is my family.”

While this may sound like a trite and hackneyed idea, it is very important for the people of your generation. Most, but not all, people of your generation eventually come to this understanding. Men in this group need to learn how to be gentle and sentimental. And do not seek to suppress these qualities.

You have a deep need for closeness, a great desire to be together, so you feel a sense of closeness to family members and old friends. Because of this, you are also inclined to participate in mass movements and in all kinds of groups united by a common interest, because they support to a large extent the subconscious need for acceptance of you by the people with whom life faces, and for support from them. Unfortunately, people in your age group are easily influenced by unreasonable public opinion. You often lack the conviction and courage to think and act independently and rationally.

The people of your generation are very emotional and kind-hearted. You donated a lot to help your children or other family members. Whereas people belonging to other generations do not show the desire to give as much as you do. Gentleness and concern for the welfare of others can push people in your age group to donate to the hungry, to care for the homeless, to help those in need, especially children and mothers.

You belong to a group of people with a caring heart and a generous hand. Many of you have parents or children who are not so easily ready to support others and come to their aid. Much of what you do for the people with whom life confronts you is not appreciated at all or even goes unnoticed.

Pluto in Leo

You were born in the 20-year period (1937-1957), when people who are called the “I am the first letter of the alphabet” generation were born. Its representatives are proud and self-confident people who attach great importance to self-expression and inner integrity. The struggle for the rights of women and for the rights of national minorities is of deep interest to your generation, which corresponds to the interest in respect for the individual and dignity.

People of your age group understand with all their hearts that everyone, both men and women, should have equal rights and opportunities to fully develop and fulfill their inner potential. However, it is precisely for your age group that it is difficult to be a member of a team, where the results of work directly depend on the joint efforts of all its members. Your highly developed egoistic principle hinders collective cooperation.

You tend to believe that the individual is more important than the team, do not like the boss, believing that no one has the right to specify what you should do. The active movement in defense of those who refuse to obey the draft is one example of the importance that you attach to freedom and human rights. But although you have made great efforts to ensure that the idea of ​​personal self-development became known to wide circles, made a great contribution to the protection of human rights, however, people in your age group have a tendency opposite to the withdrawal in themselves.

Others may be surprised by your ability to devote a lot of time to yourself, taking it away from your family and loved ones. Each generation has its heroes, idols, but your generation has a special need for a personality that would personify and embody some idea or feeling, a personality that would focus their interests. Perhaps the most striking example of what this is about is the idea of ​​the Guru, which has become famous and popular thanks to people in your age group.

Pluto in Virgo

You were born in a 14-year period (1957-1971), when people were born, driven by the need to find an ethical standard, to clearly feel what is true and what is false. There is a subconscious desire in you to eradicate all evil in the world and bring perfect order everywhere. You have a disgust for anything ugly, dirty, or ridiculous. But oddly enough, you are often fascinated by exactly what is tasteless, and often there is a feeling of hopelessness and despair about the way the world works.

These inner emotional conflicts are reflected in the attitude of your generation towards the way of life. Most people in your age group are conservative and ethical, and only a few are the opposite extreme – they like to be strange, unusual in manners and appearance, even sloppy, ridiculous. It seems that there is no middle ground between these two extremes in your generation.

Usually a rebellious type of behavior manifests itself in youth, and then gradually disappears, and at an older age, your age group is rather simply conservative. Your age group does not easily compromise and tends to have strict criteria as to what is right and what is wrong. You have a strong feeling that you must destroy the evil in the world. Of course, good deeds are highly commendable, but a categorical and one-sided approach to difficult issues is unacceptable.

Your age group has undergone a significant revision of its attitude towards Good and Evil and is rushing from one extreme to the other. Your generation will make a significant contribution to the fields of medicine, ecology and education. On a personal level, it stimulates analytical skills, criticism, the desire to get to the roots. Rethinking your mind, subordinating it to mass opinion. Changes are coming through social structures, attention to unemployment, national minorities, and to personal and public health. A generation of reformers of everyday life.

Pluto in Libra

You were born in a 12-year period (1971-1983), when people were born who were deeply interested in personal relationships. Your age group has a deep-seated desire to see people connected and communicating effectively and harmoniously. You have little selfishness – rather, a willingness to hear the opinion of another, to compromise and reconcile different points of view. Your need for peaceful, harmonious relationships is so strong that you tend to overlook existing differences, focusing only on similarities and trying to bring the parties to mutual harmony.

In your age group, there is a strong interest in psychology and sociology, a high awareness in the field of social systems. Your age group is experimenting with different forms of marriage, family relationships, and even business relationships, trying to ensure that people bond fairly and effectively. You also have a strong interest and respect for other cultures and work hard to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of all ethnic groups.

Your desire for equality and harmony is also reflected in significant advances in the agreements on trade, arms control and international cooperation that your generation concludes and implements. These agreements, these policies create a much safer environment for all, an environment of cooperation, although there is also a tendency on the part of some individuals to benefit from the atmosphere of universal reconciliation and turn the situation in their favor. In short, you are from a generation of those deeply interested in other people – a group of humanists and scholars. You will fight for the harmony of personal relationships and experiment with them, creating new models of relationships between people based on friendship – in the family and the nation.

Pluto in Scorpio

You were born in a 12-year period (1983-1995), when people were born with emotional complexity and depth. Your age group is fascinated by the mysteries of life, and members of this group will make incredible breakthroughs in understanding life processes: significant advances in the biological sciences will open up new technological opportunities. Intensive introduction into the genetic structure and cellular processes will give new perspectives.

Your generation is also researching the mystery of birth and death, and members of your age group will even set up laboratories to find out what happens at birth and death. Breakthroughs will be made in understanding animal behavior and sexual activity. Archaeological research will open up extensive new material on human history, and ocean exploration will receive a new impetus from unusual, interesting finds on the seabed. Behind all this work is a deep, indefatigable interest in the mysterious.

You are deeply concerned with sex, power and the occult. Hypnosis, karate, and other mental and physical training techniques are probably very popular with your age group. The love of mystery will probably give new life to novels and horror films: your age group will make horror a fashion and style item. Your group is emotionally difficult and you may have some rather strange behavior. You are worried about intrigues and secrets, and this is not your best feature, because it makes you act cruel or ridiculous.

The rates of crime, violence and emotional distress are likely to be relatively high in your age group, and it would be good if your interest in the mysterious, the unusual and the gruesome did not manifest in this way.

Pluto in Sagittarius

You were born in the 13-year period (1995-2008), when people have a strong need to feel free, not constrained by anything. As a group, you are inclined to ambitious plans, with a zeal to explore new opportunities. Your age group has tremendous interest, enthusiasm and initiative.

Religious fanatics and philosophical minds are not uncommon in your age group, and many of them are very successful in influencing others and gaining followers. Your generation has a deep-rooted sense of the limitlessness of life and endless possibilities waiting to unfold. Your age group conjures up majestic images of the future, and you create grandiose schemes and plans.

You are very attracted to exploration and travel, you strive to look beyond the horizon. This astrological phenomenon will occur at the end of the XX – beginning of the XXI century, and those people will uncontrollably strive for the exploration of outer space, they will try to do so that much that seemed fantastic becomes reality.

[10.10] Pluto in Capricorn

You were born in a 15-year period (2008-2023), when people were born who had a pronounced practical, realistic attitude to life. You are also ambitious and work hard for achievement in business, commerce, and other practical endeavors. When your generation takes the stage, it seems like there is a huge amount of hard work to be done, and you are ready and able to do it.

Your age group is notable for its “maturity and seriousness.” You seem to be deprived of many inner feelings. Most members of your age group have too little left of their child, and you tend to have a colder, more detached attitude towards life than members of other age groups. You are ethical, but you lack warmth and cordiality.

Looking at many of your age group, you might think that they have lost their deeper, emotional side. Naturally, it is important not to let this tendency prevail, as it can lead to rudeness, insensitivity in relationships, and give a tendency to vicious, unethical activities.

Pluto in Aquarius

You were born in a 20-year period (2023-2043), when people were born friendly and sociable, but not as sentimental and emotional as in other age groups. Your generation does not cling to the past and tends to maintain closer ties with friends and colleagues than with members of your family. Many of you will leave your home, and as a result of increasing urbanization, you will flock to places where there is more crowds, bustle and social activity.

Your generation has a strong emotional need to connect and connect. You are all one team and place great value on joint action. Businesses, organizations and companies grow to enormous proportions, and many advances in science are made possible by this enormous combined effort. Governments are expanding, political boundaries of nations are expanding, and some people are beginning to worry about the increasing power of companies, industry, and governments.

During the activity of your group, clashes of political ideologies intensify, and, unfortunately, as we know from history, clashes between large organizations or governments cause significant damage and harm. There is some irony in this – after all, your age group created these huge social structures, based on their deep, rather subconscious need to bring people together.

Pluto in Pisces

You were born in a 23-year period (2043-2066), when people were born intuitive, with a strong imagination. Your age group has a deep, inner desire for a more idyllic life, and your lofty imagination suggests many ways to achieve your equally lofty goals.

Striving for a more perfect and wonderful world sometimes leads you to disappointment with the real state of affairs. This is especially difficult for those of you who have had a difficult childhood or who lack the inner strength to adequately face life situations, resulting in alcoholism and drug use.

Your generation makes unique contributions to literature and music. Your spiritual and religious aspirations are high. Unlike others, your generation is driven by less tangible things. Spiritual aspirations, artistic inspiration, hopes and fantasies are the driving forces of your age group.