Pisces Horoscope


Pisces Horoscope
Date range: February 19 – March 20
Day: Monday, Thursday
Color: Sea Green, Violet, Purple, Lilac, Mauve
Element: Water
Most compatible with: Scorpio, Cancer

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – The greatest strength of a Pisces is the imagination, Pisces has great imagination and intuition, most of the time Pisces actions are determined by his intuition. Pisces is able to adjust to various kinds of situation, they are creative and social plus it is easy for Pisces to get a lot of friend. Pisces is also a dependable friend because they are patient and sincere; Pisces is also dedicated and compassionate.

Weaknesses – Pisces can be very pessimistic due to their nature of relying to their intuition instead of logic, Pisces is also prone for being exploited because they are usually submissive against other. Their reliance on their feeling also makes Pisces prone to indecisiveness and confusion, due to this; it is not uncommon for a Pisces to run from a problem that he cannot solve. Other negative of a Pisces is that they can be over emotional over something.

Pisces Relationship with People

As a friend, Pisces cares so much for his/her friend and is very passionate about their friendship. Pisces is also a dependable friend who is always trying to help his/her friend whenever he can; it is not that difficult for a Pisces friend to open up; which is also the reason on why they are able to get a lot of friend. One major problem for a Pisces is they believe in their friend so much that they can be exploited by his/her friend easily.

As a father, in a family Pisces father is very affectionate of his kids, Pisces father loves his kids very much and will not afraid to show his loves through gifts and giving the kids a lot of freedom. A Pisces father also treat his kids as friend and loves to hang out with his kids, he often invent new way to bond with his kids and always be available whenever his kids need his help. A Pisces father usually is not going to force his children to do something, but rather using new and unique method to teach his kids new lesson.

As a mother, Pisces mother is one of the most caring and loving mother. Pisces mother loves to spoil her children; for whether if it’s good or bad, and will not demand a lot of things from her children. Pisces mother has a very tight bond with her children and it can sometime be exploited by the children, but in the end, all a Pisces mother ever want is to see her children live happily.

As children, in a family Pisces is very loving of his parents, Pisces children are obedient and sincere, they are honest and usually will not do anything that can resulted in them getting scolded by the parents. Pisces children have great attachment to their family and home and will do anything to help their family, Pisces children respect the family value and rule even though he/she disagrees with that, but dislike being forced to follow it. Pisces children have a lot of imagination which in turn will makes it difficult for them to decide for their own future, which is why Pisces need their family to help him/she decide.

Pisces Sex and Love

Pisces is creative, imaginative, and intuitive; they excel in careers which require a lot of creative skills. Some of the best careers for a Pisces are artists, musician, game designers and architect. Pisces is also very caring and passionate towards other, they are willing to do a job which pay less money but in turn will help a lot of people, in which careers of being a social worker or a veterinarian are also suitable for them. Pisces is a little bit difficult to control if it’s about money, for something that they are greatly fond of, they will not afraid to spend money. But Pisces is also known for being stingy, especially for things that they are not really interested in; even though that thing is probably important.

Positive Qualities


Pisces cannot bear to see others in trouble; they will always try to help if they see someone else is in deep problem.


They are not relying on calculation and logic for their act, Pisces action is overly reliant on their feeling.


Pisces major trait is their imagination, they are creative and love thinking about new things, they can think outside of the box and came out with new ideas.


Pisces is kind and will always try to treat other as they way he wants other to treat him.


Pisces reliance on feeling makes them very sensitive, this is not a bad thing as Pisces will always be grateful if someone helped them and will always think deeply about their colleagues.


They will always try to please others first before themselves. Pisces is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others.

Negative Qualities


Pisces is also known for running away when he is faced with a difficult problem that he could not handle.


Pisces has an ideal which should not be confronted, Pisces will not back down for his ideal and it makes them stubborn about it.


If things are not on their importance, Pisces will not care; they only care on things that they think are important.

Over Sensitive

Pisces sensitivity can be annoying as they usually make small things looks like a major problem.


Pisces can be de-motivated very easily if things are not running the way that he thinks it should be.

Weak Willed

They are also can be demoralized easily by difficult problem or situation and gave up easily.

How to Make Pisces Women Attracted to You

Pisces women longed for a romantic relationship; they demand a lot of compassions and bonds. You will need a good sense of humor to attract a Pisces woman; a Pisces woman is very sensitive and will express her feeling for you easily. You need to be honest and loyal to her, if you have bad intentions and is not looking for a long term relationship, she will be able to figure it out easily because Pisces woman has good intuition.

How to Make Pisces Men Attracted to You

To attract a Pisces man is not to play secret and express your feeling to him, you should also try to make him laugh and be ready for being a good listener. Pisces man is also very sensitive and will not forgive betrayal and dishonesty easily. But if you do able to attract a Pisces man, he will be able to give you what you want before you even ask; they have great intuition and will always trying to please their lovers.