Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Pisces and Libra can create a completely harmonious union, despite the fact that their elements — water and air — are considered in the astrological world as unfriendly. Pisces has a subtle emotional organization, are very sensitive and acutely respond to any changes.
They have a well-developed intuition, and such a quality as empathy helps them to penetrate deeply into the souls of people, feeling their true intentions. Libra — a sign with developed intellectual abilities, seeking to expand their horizons by gaining new knowledge. They are kind and pretty, they achieve what they want with a smile and eloquence, avoiding aggression in any of its manifestations. The air sign all his life is at variance with himself — fluctuates in the situations of choice. His main need is the acquisition of inner balance and agreement with his self.

Both signs differ in conflict-free behavior: in a hot situation, Pisces will take advantage of the gift of persuasion, and Libra hastily leave the battlefield. This feature of their characters, on the one hand, has a beneficial effect on their union. On the other hand, there is always an understatement and distrust between them, generating tension. Therefore, they need to talk more heartily and more often express mutual claims. An air sign that avoids aggression, wanting to achieve its own, manipulates the partner’s feelings. And in the case of Pisces, it’s easy to do: they have low emotional stability, although not as simple as it may seem. Both signs are easy to forgive and forget grievances, so destroying their relationship is so easy.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Libra

Compatibility of Pisces and Libra is not ideal, but they have every chance to build a lasting alliance. The first slopes fall into the world of unbridled fantasies, suffer from their own inventions and become disillusioned with illusions. A partner who himself aspires to balance, will help to find it and Pisces. They begin to descend more often from heaven to earth and will perceive reality as it is. Libra, in turn, most fully reveal the emotional side, will learn to sympathize and better understand the feelings of others. Having common goals and interests, the partners get along very well.

The air sign refers to the cardinal, that is constantly moving forward, thinking up something new. Pisces is a mutable representative of the horoscope: they are ready to adapt to their partner, faithfully following him. They are not vain, and they are not so important honors, unlike the sociable Libra, who crave recognition.

Ruling-planets of these signs have similar energetic and therefore can interact favorably. Pisces are managed by two patrons at once. The first is Jupiter, giving his sign a philosophical approach to life, a craving for knowledge and a place among the favorites of Fortune. The second planet is Neptune, responsible for all non-standard, fantastic. He gives Pisces an endless imagination and a tendency to see what is not, that is, create illusions.

Libra is under the influence of the forces of sensual Venus, and therefore they try to bring love, beauty and doing good deeds to the world. Horoscope of compatibility of Pisces with Libra can be very successful, because both want good, kind relations and are ready for this to be true.

Pisces and Libra Business Compatibility

Again, they are helped by the ability to avoid conflicts inherent in both. Therefore, the compatibility of Pisces and Libra in the work is at a high level, because they are getting on well as a team. The logic and rationality of the air element in the compartment with the intuition of the watermark will serve partners enormously: their projects will be successful, although they do not differ globally. After all, both are not slopes to risk and are ready once again to be reinsured in decision-making.

But the compatibility of Pisces with Libra in friendship is not so rosy. The sign of the air element looks at friendly relations too superficially, and Pisces need a warm and caring friend. The first does not know how to open, the second in connection with this can not be imbued with confidence. Their common passion will be the love of art in its various forms, but the connection between them will be, most likely, a friendly character.

Pisces and Libra Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Libra in love is initially high. Both are big romantics, so their dates are beautiful and unusual. Pisces, being excellent dreamers, idealize the image of the chosen one and do not want to see the existing differences. They are ready to follow him to the end of the world and gladly give him leadership and responsibility for the couple. The sign of the air element attracts the depth and mystery of the partner, and he, as a lover of everything unusual, seeks to unravel all his secrets.

But the more lovers recognize each other, the more they discover shortcomings. Therefore, the level of compatibility of Pisces with Libra in the relationship begins to decline rapidly. Conflict-free, low requirements to the partner this time bear negative consequences. They will have to learn to understand the needs of a loved one, make concessions and compromises. Libra is important peace, order and balance, it is difficult for them to understand the conflicting and overly emotional Pisces.

Pisces and Libra Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility horoscope of Pisces and Libra in bed is complicated because of their different temperaments. The representative of Neptune is ready to please the lover in everything and does everything to ensure that he remains satisfied. Such excessive care will plague freedom-loving Libra, because they also do not like to take over the leadership, in sex, including.

Both love experiments and constantly bring to bed something new. They do not tolerate harshness and rudeness, their love of joy is filled with caress, sensuality and romance. But Pisces still will not have enough spiritual affinity with Libra, due to the fact that the latter are closed. If between them there are real feelings, then over time the air sign will become more accepted and given away.

Pisces and Libra Family Compatibility

Compatibility Pisces with Libra in marriage is more complicated than in a romantic relationship, where there are not so many mutual duties and responsibilities. The family assumes a clear division of roles, mutual agreements and the obligatory observance of them. Joint living allows the couple to see each other even closer. Their differences become more obvious, but the spouses avoid conflicts, and therefore mutual discontent will grow day by day. Libra — a very friendly and very sociable nature, they need a wide circle of friends and just acquaintances. Pisces prefer solitude, but the frequent absence of the spouse removes them from the emotional balance, which can turn into a sign of water protracted depression. Also, both are not very concerned about the conditions of common life and try to transfer these obligations to the spouse, which causes additional difficulties.

Compatibility of Pisces and Libra in family life is unsatisfactory because of the low sensitivity and coldness of the air sign, which causes the emotional partner to suffer and beg for care. All this is angry, tiresome representative of Venus and forces to increase the distance. They will have a long hard work on their relationship, in order to learn not only to listen, but also really to hear the beloved person, and also to make concessions to him. And this is possible if their love is real, and the desire to make their marriage sound and happy is sincere. Also, their rapprochement will be facilitated by the existence of common goals, on the way to which they will have to interact.