Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius strikingly differ from each other in character, outlook on life, interests, however, this does not prevent them from creating quite successful unions. Such pairs are often found in life, maybe because on the belt of a horoscope these signs are located side by side. Their elements — water and air, respectively — in the astrological world are considered unfriendly.
Pisces are endowed with all the qualities of their natural power: their inner world is deep, like the ocean, they are emotionally unstable and give way to excitement, as ripples appear on the water surface from the gentle breeze of the breeze. As a large pond admits any objects, so the Pisces feel everything very sharply. Liquids take any shape of the vessel into which they are placed. Similarly, the sign of water adapts to external changes, adapts itself to life situations and surrounding people.

Aquarius also has all the features of its elements: first of all it values ​​freedom, because it is impossible to clamp the wind in a fist. If you do not breathe a room for a long time, the air in it becomes stinking and heavy. Similarly, Aquarius will become despondent and melancholy, if you limit its external or internal freedom. He moves spontaneously, sometimes chaotically, but it allows him to learn a lot of new things. His leading motive is self-improvement, constant development.

Aquarius dreams of doing a heroic deed, leaving a trace in history. The difference between him and Pisces is obvious: the first thinks of no one in particular and about all humanity at once, the latter seek to establish emotional ties with specific people. But both lead selfishness: Aquarius is guided by vanity, Pisces the need for security.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Aquarius

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius can be successful if their relationship is built on the basis of complementarity. The air sign has a developed intelligence — this sphere they have the strongest. The main advantage of Pisces is a deep emotional world. Both signs are creative personalities, but the former is more often based on logic and rationality, the second more appreciates imagination and fantasy. Being engaged in a common cause, they could develop it simultaneously from two approaches. At the same time, partners have a chance to grow in the personal plan: Pisces will not hurt more confidence, firmness underfoot, and for Aquarius it will be useful to learn to show interest, compassion and empathy.

Each of them is patronized immediately by two planets. Pisces is Jupiter, giving them a philosophical mindset, luck and a desire for everything new, and Neptune, giving a sign of dreaminess, a wide imagination and a tendency to build illusions. Aquarius is led by Saturn, responsible for discipline, firmness and diligence, and Uranus, through which his ward knows how to think unconventional, creates innovative ideas.

These planets interact successfully, exchanging energies among themselves, so the horoscope of compatibility of Pisces with Aquarius has all the chances to be beneficial. The representative of the air element seems strange to many because of his non-standard thinking, a man not of this world. But the Pisces, who know how to penetrate deeply into the inner world of another, become in his place and understand the motives, easily accept the partner as he is.

Pisces and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in work is satisfactory, provided that their interests coincide. Practical and rational Aquarius along with the intuition and imagination of Pisces is able to create a strong team that will come to good results both. The air sign refers to fixed, that is, it can fully concentrate on one project and completes it to the end. In his decisions, he is often stubborn, but partners will not interfere, because the Pisces are volatile and ready to follow another if, of course, they trust him.

Compatibility of Pisces with Aquarius in friendship can also be good. For this, the signs need to have common interests and interests — this is necessary for the representative of Saturn, because he can not make friends just like that. Fish can do without common activities. For them, the important thing is the presence of intimacy with the person: Pisces behaves in friendship very sacrificially, they are always ready to help, constantly try to please and expect the same reciprocity in return.

Pisces and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility in love will please them, but only at the very beginning of the relationship. Acquaintance, recognition of each other, romantic courtship — all this fascinates both. Mutual passion obscures the eyes and prevents lovers from seeing other people’s shortcomings. Pisces sincerely admire the partner, because he is smart, and his fantastic stories are really impressive.

Aquarius, in turn, impresses the good nature and softness of Pisces: a warm, disinterested attitude and ability to listen. Their meetings are interesting, trembling and inspiring, but, unfortunately, it will not always be so. Over time, they will recognize each other closer: they will get acquainted not only with the merits of a loved one, but also with his shortcomings.

Pisces take a long look at the person, and, having chosen him to their chosen ones, they become attached to him firmly. They want to patronize a loved one, to be around him everywhere, but in the case of Aquarius it is impossible. At the candy-bouquet stage, he will still try to pay enough attention to the partner, but as soon as the relationship becomes permanent, the air sign returns to its habitual life and does not change it for the sake of another.

The vulnerable representative of Neptune will plunge into the experience because of the cold attitude of the close, and the wide range of Aquarius communication and his increased need for communication will cause Pisces to feel jealous and resentful. Therefore, at this stage, the compatibility of Pisces with Aquarius in the relationship will dramatically go down, and to raise it again, the signs will have to be done with a lot of personal and joint efforts.

Pisces and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in the bed is ambiguous. Both love sex and seek to diversify it with the help of various experiments, romantic receptions and things from sex shops. But their relationship to each other does not match: Pisces sees themselves just a person, they want to please him, are concerned that their partner is well. Aquarius thinks about himself, namely about his feelings and emotions. The bed for him is the stage where he realizes his creative talent. In this regard, the watermark lacks the soulfulness, which means so much to him.

The requirements of Pisces will cause Aquarius to sense the limitations and pressures. This contributes to the fact that he will begin to move further away first morally, and then physically. To ensure that an intimate life satisfies both, the signs need to understand each other’s needs and seek a compromise.

Pisces and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Compatibility Pisces with Aquarius in marriage is low, and the prospects for living a long and happily minimized. Aquarius will never give up its freedom and will not put the family in priority. This fact will bring much suffering to the spouse. But while Pisces, inclined to fantasies, idealize the beloved and hope for a brighter future, their union will exist. It will collapse exactly at the moment when the water sign realizes the illusory nature of its ideas about a happy life together.

To ensure that the compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in family life was, if not ideal, at least satisfactory, the spouses need to change a lot in themselves: the former must give up claims to spiritual intimacy, and the second from freedom. In fact, this means a complete restructuring of the individual, which in principle is impossible. In this regard, we can conclude that their marriage is doomed to failure.