ARIES: Your character is defined by having an intuitive personality, in addition to be very determined when making decisions for any eventuality, they are coquettish by nature and like to stand out; go unnoticed is not an option for them. At an emotional level are very passionate women.

TAURUS: Are characterized by being women of strong character, act blinded by anger, but then they repent of their decisions, emotionally they get depressed easily and have altruistic feelings, are dedicated and always give without expecting anything in return.

GEMINI: They are obsessed with order and cleanliness, are nervous people who like everything in place; in respect of money, they tend to overspend without save, in certain circumstances tend to have an explosive character, are very protective and pampering to their children.

CANCER: They are characterized by being insecure people, act instinctively, try to prove they are strong, but inside are very fragile women. They are very eloquent when they are taking decisions regarding love and are often very dreamers about the future.

LEO: They have a very peaceful and impartial personality, most of the time like being alone and need that their space being respected, live in the present and don´t plan for the future. They are very diplomatic. At a feeling level, people often can manipulate them.

VIRGO: Virgo women are very “fashionable”, besides being sexy when they choose their clothing. They love to be praised, most of the time living in a fantasy world; those who are mothers, act like wild animals when defending their children.


LIBRA: Wherever they go, they are the life of the party; they are funny and very sociable. Libra women are very receptive and always have an answer for everything, but most of the time hiding her emotions. Like the decor.

SCORPIO: They are very serious women and take things to heart. When showing their qualities; they are very talented and devoted when want to learn new things, besides being very persistent and disciplined in everything they do. Like new challenges

SAGITTARIUS: They express love to your partner through cooking, do not have a defined personality because they are unpredictable, however, are characterized by being ambitious and somewhat mysterious when you tend to know them well.

CAPRICORN: They are enterprising and enthusiastic women, set goals and not faint to achieve their objectives; they are very diligent in studies and all that every purpose. They are outgoing and always act with reason. They are not easy to bend.

AQUARIUS: They are very spiritual women, and curious by nature, like to know the origin of all things and are idealistic and clever. Enjoy the water, especially going to the beach.

PISCES: Sentimental people, have noble feelings, tend to be perfectionists and obsessive with her partner and children. In addition, they are very dominant women and do not like being contradicted. They love reading.