Past, Present and Future Spread


Another easy spread that you can do with the tarot cards is the Past, Present and Future spread.  These cards deal with time.  The Past, Present and Future spread shows that you are starting out the reading for someone besides yourself.

When a person comes to you for a reading, or if you are doing a reading for yourself, you must start with an open mind and then shuffle the deck in front of you.  Believe in the universe and in the cards.  Draw three different cards and place them in front of you, face down.  Take the card on the left and this is card number 1.  The middle card that is laid out is called card number 2 and the card on the right-hand side is card number 3.

Card Number 1

The first card, card number 1, on the left, shows the past events and emotions that you have had up until the present, which is now.  The person will know from this card why they are in the position and situation that they are in now, and this will be because of how they lived in the past.  This card will show some things about their past.  Everyone needs to be open minded.

Card Number 2

The second card, card number 2, the middle card, will show you where you are right now. It shows the state of mind that you are in and will show you why you are acting and feeling a certain way.  This card can tell a lot about what is happening in your life at this time.

Card Number 3

The third card, card number 3, the card on the right, deals with what will happen in the future.  This card can change because free will is available to all people.  The path that you are on now is the way that this card will show what path in life you are on.


Take time to look up the meaning of these suits:

  • Suit of Swords
  • Suit of Pentacles
  • Suit of Cups
  • Suit of Wands
  • Major Arcana

Write a short paragraph about the spread that you have in front of you and keep it in a personal journal that you have.  This will help you to remember the cards and will help you to have a longer time to interpret what they mean for your past, present and your future.

Use your journaling to help yourself grow and to challenge yourself.  Write down all of the things that you have faced in your life and let the cards guide you and help you.

Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords is one that helps to tell thoughts and personal things.  The Swords are there to look deep into the mind and the element of the Swords is the element air.  These cards can remind you of what you have done and the fears and challenges that were seen in order to reach goals.

These are cards that are mainly represented in the Swords suit.  These cards can be associated with conflict and not all people are able to reach their goals or what they are working towards.  The Swords also represent personal intellect and how you are able to logically see things instead of how the emotions control you.

Suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is a symbolic card that has different symbolic meanings.  This can be satanic worship or Wiccan believes and is seen in different religions.

Pentacles represent wealth and the Earth element.  This deals with wealth, being materialistic, having possessions and income.  The Pentacles represent more than wealth, but they represent being grounded and taking care of your life.  You can take care of issues that can be fixed and have goals and obstacles along with desires.

Suit of Cups

The vessel and the element of water is represented by the cups.  There are different cups that show you different things such as the Suit of Cups is one that usually deals with female’s and emotional situations that come in life.

There are symbols that are used with these cards and the vessel is usually something that will hold liquid and this is considered a female (cup).  When looking at the Suit of Cups, it represents someone that will think with logic and someone that is strong in their spirituality.

If you see the cups a lot when a reading is happening, it probably means that you are someone that is very emotional and that you are personal to what the reading is telling you.

There are times when your emotions will be good and time when they will be bad so if there is a reading that you get and it has a lot of cups in, chances are it can be either a good reading or a bad reading.

Suit of Wands

The Wands cards are also known as the rods and they are part of some of the Tarot decks that you can buy.  This are part of the magic part of the tarot reading.  A Magician will have a wand and so do witches and wizards.  They use the wands to cast spells.

The wands will show when there is energy in a reading and when things need to be accomplished.  The wand will show you that you can affect other people if you are around them.  Your desires affect others.

Major Arcana

The first set of cards in the tarot set is the Major Arcana and it is different than the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana is divided into allegorical symbols called the Journey of the Fool instead of suits, like a regular playing deck of cards would be.  Using tarot cards will be a journey that is a symbolic and it can help you to interpret all of the things going on in your life.

The Major Arcana will show you a scene that focuses on people and it will have different descriptions and different symbolic meanings.

If you want to understand the cards better, you can ask your psychic to give you a tarot reading.  This can allow you to learn to understand the meaning of each of the cards.  If you want to have a highly recommended expert to do your reading, contact someone at, for all of your tarot card reading needs.



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