You may be interested to know and learn from the experiences and the existence of past life. Who you were in the past life? How you were? What is sought in the present existence is to balance the negative with positive. The zodiac sign is a guide to know what must be compensated, and what are the pending debts to be amended.

Aries: the natives of this sign have more harmonious relationship with their past lives; and that allows them to feel accepted and loved, even when circumstances conspire against them.

Taurus: this sign lived a life attached to the conscious. As they were with all their debts. The world is a unfair place, but not enjoying life is more so.

Gemini: they have come into this life to realize knowledge acquired in past lives; these people bring a root of a lot of idealism.

Cancer: their work in the past involved the support of their home. Cancer is the master of detained water, and is their duty to make this water be crisp and clean, then live and grow in it.

Leo: Leo has a great debt to the past, but not from his heart, but from his enormous ego. I something comes between Leos and their best intention, it is their excessive vanity.

Virgo: the most spiritual of all the signs. In past lives they sought to restore spiritual balance, through their own efforts.

Libra: in the past lives they were arrogant and selfish. Therefore, they feel compelled in this lifetime, to somehow fix what didn’t in another.

Scorpio: these are people who come to establish their own scale of values, which, in other lives, was not given importance; as they preferred to emphasize the hidden parts of life. We must find the right balance in life!

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are people who love peace, silence and privacy. Perhaps in other lives, spirituality sued those born under this sign to depart from the world, but in this lifetime, is their chance to go out into the world.

Capricorn: in their other lives were people who lived in confinement due to religious reasons or persecution. Their task in this life is to break that isolation, and move towards a life with more contact with their time and society.

Aquarius: in past lives were beings who were subject to others, blurring their own individuality, so their mission in life is to find their real personality.

Pisces: to them correspond the vast spiritual experience. They have been experienced, all along their lives, encounters and challenges that give them a broader perspective, as far as spirituality is concerned.

Everything good or bad you’ve done in life, bring good or bad consequences for coming existences. Look for the balance between positive and negative!