Party Ice Breaker- The Psychic Reading Act


You just saw it in your future that you will be able to predict the future! It doesn’t matter if you are gifted or not. Doing some psychic reading in a party can be a good ice breaker. You have a lot of choices. The important thing is to be cool with your psychic reading and avoid any controversial topics.

Want to make them laugh with good old fashioned psychic reading? Go for a kooky psychic reader get up. There are costume shops that sell psychic reader costumes. If you don’t want to spend that much, try to look for some stuff in your home. With some sash and a towel for a turban, you can be a guru psychic reader. A crystal ball is also a must in a psychic reading. Stare at the crystal ball and start cracking your jokes. If you don’t have a crystal bowl, you can use the cup method. While still in your psychic reader get up, ask someone to drink a cup of tea or coffee. Afterwards, interpret the remaining coffee grounds or tea leaves. Try to include some quips about the drinker’s oral hygiene.

Another way to break the ice in a party is to be a tarot reader. Again, you can dress up for the part. Come as a flamboyant gypsy tarot reader. Stick with bright colors and sashes. To add a little bit of credibility as a tarot reader, brush up on the basics in tarot card meanings. Start off the whole trick by shuffling a tarot deck. Then have someone ask a question. Choose about 6 to 12 cards and lay it in a circle. When making jokes as a tarot reader, mix in some wacky puns and references about the cards you laid down. Examples would be the card of cups. You could say that someone will get drunk after x number of cups.

If you want some variety, try to pretend to be a psychic tarot reader. A psychic tarot reader is different because you don’t have to memorize the meanings of the cards. All you have to do is use your creativity and let your ideas flow with each prediction. As a psychic tarot reader, you can deviate from the card meaning. Make a joke that you know everyone will be able to understand. To maximize your psychic tarot reader routine, do some card tricks with your tarot deck.

Another way to break the ice in a party is to use astrology. To prepare for the ice breaker, download an astrology chart from Google. Make sure you have the astrology chart that has the Zodiac constellations. Then learn the birth dates and Zodiac sign of your friends. When doing an astrology prediction, include the stars, comets, asteroids and planets in your joke. Such as someone who’s Piscean will be get hit by a falling star.

Finally, do palmistry. You don’t have to prepare for anything. Just grab the hand of someone who wants their future predicted. While predicting his or her future, describe how dirty the hand is. You could also say where the hand was last used.

It’s fun to crack psychic jokes in a party, just remember to keep your jokes clean. Don’t hit below the belt and minimize lewd jokes and everyone will have a great time.