Page of Swords

Page of Swords
Page of Swords

The eleventh card of the suit of Swords is the Page of Swords.  This card is very positive and has energy behind it.  This can stand for a real person that comes into your lives and might even be younger than you.

The Page of Swords represents being restless and trying to hard to make things happen.


The past of the Page of Swords shows that you have past events that were focused and ambitious.  You had a vision what you wanted your life to be like and you were motivated.  When you went for this goal, it caused you to leave others behind that would have helped you get there.  Do you feel arrogant?  This is a time to reflect on who you are.


The present of the Page of swords shows that you have personal relationships that you need to look at.  You need to have an inner look and see if you are overbearing.  You have to tone your attitude down and not think that you are better than others because they have different values than you.  Not everyone is materialistic and some value wealth while others do not.  There is no one way that a person should live their life and there are different paths.


The future of the Page of Swords can show a man that is locked down and not able to do things.  Everyone wants freedom and sometimes you have to work for it.  Don’t expect benefits of your life to come without facing trials.  You need to act fast and not be alone.  Express your thoughts without being clouded by what other people say to you.


The work of the Page of Swords can show that you have to tone things down and do not be as involved in things in the future.  You are putting people off and making them not like you because you are being too overbearing.  If you want to be happy where you are, you have to know that you are not above the law and remember that you shouldn’t spread rumors to get ahead in life.


The love of the Page of Swords shows that you need to balance things out and that your partner is a good person just like you are.  The Page of Swords is not a good love card and so you have to give your partner time and treat them better.  You need to be happy and be happy around each other so you need to give each other space.  If there is problems, you need to not try and go back to your old ways and try to win the argument but settle it fairly.


The friendship with the Page of Swords shows that you will see things are hard for a while and you need to not argue or gossip.  If you do it will come back to you.  Don’t talk about people and don’t act differently than who you are.  Stop trying to deceive others.


The finances of the Page of Swords show that you are getting good and bad news.  If you are able to work hard then you will get rewards but if you let others do all the work, they will get rewarded instead of you.  Plan ahead and put in effort so you can do better in the future.  If you do a job bad, you will be rewarded with something bad.  If you want a raise, pay attention to how you are being and be honest when they ask you things.


The health of the Page of Swords shows that you will have a good state of mind.  Don’t hide or bury things and learn to know your limits.  Go to your own place and stop competing so you don’t damage others.  Try new things and boost your mental health.


The spiritual part of the Page of Swords shows that you need to focus on your spirit.  You need to look for inspiration in things in your life and if things feel missing, find out why.  Try new techniques and be open minded with yourself.


The Page of Swords can be a time where you are not prepared, and you are chasing after something.  If you have a new job, you have to work for it, it won’t just come to you.  Think of your goals and have a good mindset to reach where you want to go.


  • Energetic
  • Passions
  • Expressionism


The element of the Page of Sword is air.

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