Page of Cups


Page of CupsThe Page of Cups card shows a young guy that is holding a cup in his right hand.  He has a fish and is looking back.  It stands for being innocent and being curious.  This is like when you were a child.  You will not be logical and see things good.  This cup is positive and the fish coming out of the water can symbolize knowledge.

The Page of Cups is how you felt when you were a child and you have strong emotions that will come to you when you think of your past.


The past of the Page of Cups means that you are in a place where you were when you were a child.  You need to focus on your recent past and you will see that you will have curiosity like you did when you were a kid.  You will understand the information even though it could be a better situation or a worse one.  You will be creative and have passions for things.


In the present with the Page of Cups it will mean that you will have different interpretations.  If you have kids, this can be a significant event that happens such as them talking or learning to walk.  This will be a memorable time.  If you have someone younger than you they will show you new ways to look at life.  You will be able to give advice to those people that need guidance.


In the Page of Cups card, the future will show you that you are not understanding what you are doing.  You will not worry about the future and you will have time where you are able to be happy and relax.  You will have a chance to have a mentor so be open to all the advice that people will give you.


The Page of Cups will give you hope in your job and you will be considered a serious person in the workplace.  You will need change in your life and if you are doing what you want to do, you will be inspired in the strangest places.


The Page of Cups has love in life for you and you will want to find someone that is younger than you are.  You will have someone come along that will excite you and give you surprises.  If you are single, it might take time for you to connect emotionally with someone, especially if you are used to holding back.  It might be hard for you to express that you love someone, or to tell your partner when something bothers you.


Your friends with the Page of Cups is that you are used to being around people that are younger than you.  You will want to be around those that have no or little experience and this can mean that you bond with a younger sibling.  Talk to people that have come into your life recently and they will look up to you.  Mentor someone and give them your knowledge and tell them of things you have went to.  You might come into contact with someone that will be a new friend for you.


The finances in the Page of Cups is not always clear and it can mean that you will have a bank account but give it to your child.  Sometimes you will have children that see the world differently and you will make money soon.  You can make money from the hobby that you have and in the time, you have that is spare.  This can be something you loved to do as a child.


In your health with the Page of Cups, you will find that you will not complain as much as you did as a child.  You will know when your body is telling you something so listen.  If you are suffering physically and mentally, this can happen fast, just pay attention to what you are feeling.


The spiritual being of the Page of Cups can help you to find meaningful things in life.  If you are thinking about things and the outcomes of things, then you need to figure out what you are thinking about in your life.  Look for insight and figure out your spiritual believes.


The Page of Cups in reverse is when you lack inspiration.  You don’t allow yourself to have potential and you miss many opportunities.  When things are offered to you, you need to say yes and be excited to do what they are asking you to do.  If you are closed off, be brave and do what they want you to do.


  • Insecure
  • Knowledge
  • Gut Feeling
  • Youth


The element of the Page of Cups is water.

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