The word zodiac, and the constellation study, comes from more than 5000 years ago, when the Greek astrologists that study these, divided the blue fringe into 12 constellations, each one visible in a month of the year. Back a few years ago, specifically in the year 2011, an astronomic called Parque Kunkle, a “Minnesota Planetarium Society” member, reactivated the debate flame, between astronomers and astrologists that believed the zodiac was not composed by 12, but 13 signs.

But, what did change in stars? And where this new constellation come from? Or maybe past astronomers, made a mistake about the sun annual travel? How bad would this affect the horoscope, just the way we know it? And since when exactly the changes would be adopted?

Without doubt, these are so many questions that perhaps, just like you, many of us asked ourselves when listening about the subject. Reason why we will start getting familiar with the Ophiuchus story. The Greek mythology represents “Asclepio”, a Greek medicine forerunner, who was considered a huge hero and had abilities to treat snake bites and others medical capacities, because he had venoms and antidotes.

Because of this, this constellation is represented as a man surrounded by a snake, and is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Nonetheless, it was exclude from the zodiac because since many years ago, Ophiuchus was not completely shown but it was cut by the Earth’s orbital plane. However, according to professor Kunkle, an astronomic phenomenon, caused by the moon and sun gravitate field changes, result of the Earth’s precession movement, caused the earth to move from its axis, allowing seeing Ophiuchus.

For this reason, all the zodiac signs would be affected remaining the following way: Capricorn, from January 21st to February 16th; Aquarius from February 17th to March 11th; Pisces, from March 21st to April 18th; Aries, from April 19th to May 13th, Taurus, from May 14th to June 21st’ Gemini, from June 22nd to July 20th; Cancer, from July 21st to August 10th, Leo, from August 11th to September 16th, Virgo, from September 17th to October 30th, Libra, from October 31st to November 23th, Scorpio, from November 24th to 29th; Ophiuchus, from November 30th to December 17th and Sagittarius, from December 18th to January 20th.

Nonetheless, these changes will not be adopted in this moment, not even in a near future, because if it is correct, they only form a part of the theory, and by astronomic calculus, which astronomically demonstrate 13 zodiac signs; the final word comes from The Astrologist World Association, who do not confirm the truth on this theory yet. Given so, you can breathe deeply, knowing that if the Ophiuchus sign issue does not solved, the 12traditional signs remain.