October 9 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Uranus. 

October 9  Birthday interpretation.

The October 9 Libra birth date identifies with one who strives for harmony in life. They will like nothing more than being able to encourage activities that accomplish that of unifying, blending, bringing together and uniting in order to achieve balance and harmony.

As an October 9 you are likely to be quite subtle of mind, and will enjoy that inherent ability to be able to mediate between conflicting opinions, ideas and feelings.

You will certainly be a good person to call upon in order to resolve disputes among others, and you are likely to certainly enjoy taking the position as the arbitrator or conduit whereby you can encourage and generate peace, goodwill and happiness among the people that you known, love and value.

On the more personal front, the October 9 will find it difficult to let a matter, disagreement, or dispute remain unresolved and, especially so where it involves a family member or close friend. For you, even a matter that might have originated years back will tend to remain of constant concern to your mind until such time that it can be finally, and amicably settled.

With an astute mind, the October 9 is likely to enjoy the ability for a deep and intuitive understanding of complex and abstract concepts.

This also indicates one who is a very thoughtful individual by nature, and one who could well take an interest in arenas that involve matters of the mind and thought. As example, it would not be out of character for an October 9 to consider entering into a career such as psychiatry.

You have an inherent sense for balance and beauty in life, and will find yourself attracted to the decorative arts where you can find items of beauty in design and color that are set out, and displayed in a balanced and harmonizing manner.

As an October 9 you will have a great eye for color coordination and, in this respect, you are likely to one, who in the eyes of others, will be well dressed and turned out for whatever occasion you attend.

The October 9 can have a tendency to become somewhat over stimulated when socializing. Take time out on such occasions to withdraw to somewhere quite for a short while, in order to allow the mind to calm down.

As one born on this October 9 birth date yours is a path in life of diversity, and you will tend to seek diversity purely for the sake of being different. As example, you are inherent of a fervent freedom of spirit, and there will be those occasions in life when can feel like expressing a bit of rebelliousness if only for its own sake.

You have such an intense inherent desire to be original that you can literally approach the accepted limits of oppositional behavior.

You should look to utilize this quality for positive and constructive purposes, and in this respect for example, might consider applying your skills on a voluntary basis to an organization involved in the arena of fighting for social change and improvements.

The colors of gold, yellow, claret red, and bluish greens resonate well with this October 9 birth date.

The minerals of “rainbow jasper” and “apache flame agate” are gemstones that can help to support your robust sense for independence and diversity.

On the home front, the October 9 will need and environment that projects harmony, balance and beauty.

You will enjoy the visual lay out of beautiful furniture where each piece is positioned in a room to provide for a balanced effect. You are one who will certainly be quick to notice anything that is out of balance or fails to fit in and harmonize with the desired overall picture.

Geometric shapes, in the forms of circles, ovals, and pentagons can have the effect of inspiring your sense of imagination.

Your do like change and diversity, and in this respect you are likely to effect the regular repositioning of the furniture pieces in your home. You might also like to consider utilizing some moveable screens or dividers within the home to enable you to easily redefine the layout areas of your living spaces.

In the dining room, look to the round or oval shapes when considering your dining furniture design. As example, a round or oval dining table with chairs that feature round or oval back pieces.

Your can maintain that round influence within the bedroom with a bedroom suite that includes a dressing table featuring a large round mirror, or a wall mounted mirror of such round design.

On the out doors front, the October 9 will tend to like interesting and inspiring artistic scenic views that incorporate natural landscapes featuring the unusual or the unique. Mountains, volcanoes, and inland water areas are all likely to attract your interest.

In the garden or yard you will prefer not only some area for privacy, but also a layout of tidy and balanced design. A small wall or a fence around the garden will appeal to those of this birth date.

Some well-defined pathways in a circular pattern could appeal to your artistic sense and eye, with perhaps a central feature in the form of a small pond or display water piece.

Water energy can be important for you and you should look to maximize its influence where possible. The garden or yard provides for such a setting where you could incorporate a pond perhaps as mention earlier or, alternatively some large earthenware pots positioned around the outside of the house. These could house water plants such as water lilies. That water influence can help to inspire and develop your emotional needs.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 4. The ninth day of the tenth month reduces to one, and the number one means that of originality, singleness, and isolation.

The 283rd day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the significant element of reason and order to your life path. As example, while the challenging of convention may be appropriate at times, acts of serious disorder and lawlessness are not.