October 7 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Uranus, Saturn, 

October 7 Birthday interpretation.

A quality associated with this October 7 Libra Birth date identifies with an individual who will have the ability to, not only project a happy, joyful and pleasurable image themselves, but one who will also tend to inspire such qualities in the people who are close to them.

In this respect therefore, the arena in which the “balance” aspect of your Libra sign will become most apparent, is in that of your socializing activities.

Those of the October 7 birth date can tend be a little to over generous and over accommodating at times, and in this respect you can often find it difficult to say “No” to the requests and needs of others.

You tend to find it far easier to say “yes” rather than “no”, with result that at times you can find yourself considerably over committed in activities and responsibilities, with result that you can find yourself at a loss as to how you are going to deal with things.

It is important for you to learn to understand the scope of your limitations, and thereby be able to affect some value of balance between any commitments that you may take on. Seek to discover the center path that you can take, and then stay with it.

There can be the potential for the October 7 to take the alternative action of withdrawing, turning off completely, and hiding away.

There are some October 7 birthdays that will fall on a “critical degree,” and this can result in them experiencing much greater highs and lows to their life experience. This will place a greater call upon the Libra’s balancing qualities for those who fall into this category.

As an October 7 Libra you are one who will have a great deal of energy and a strong need for mental, physical, and aesthetic activities in order to maintain your flow.

You have a good creative imagination, and are more likely to spend your relaxation time reading or listening to music, rather than just sitting in front of the television.

The word “dream” holds an association with this birth date, and while this in essence points to your imaginative potential, it can also suggests that you should give attention and consideration to your actual dreams, and to record some note of them. Consider keeping a handy notebook alongside your bed for such purpose. The results might be quite surprising and potentially inspiring.

Born on this October 7 birthday, you have a life path of entering into the flow of the cycles of your own life, and of recognizing their patterns. This will necessitate that you delve deeply into your experiences in order to be able to understand their lessons.

As example, take the time out to reflect upon the significance of your many achievements and don’t succumb to the temptation of “resting on your laurels”- of just being satisfied with past glories and ceasing to strive for further achievements.

The colors of turquoise, peach (yellowish/pink), pomegranate (orange/red), white, and opaque colors resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “amber” and “aquamarine” are gemstones to inspire your spirit, and a finger ring in the form of a square-shape can help to enhance your gift for inspiring happiness in others.

One the Home front, the October 7 will, through the influence of Uranus, tend to prefer a home and interior furnishings in keeping with the more modern styles.

Designs in the form of geometric shapes, circles, ovals, and pentagons can have a stirring effect upon your imagination.

In addition, under that influence of Uranus there is a streak for eccentricity, and this might be reflected in the manner of what some might considered to be, some unusual in-home color scheme décor, or display object or items.

To maintain an association with your Liberian relationship to “balance” a set of old fashioned scales, postal scales for example, could form a great decorative item within your home.

A traditional mortar and pestle in the kitchen can help to encourage unity both within yourself, and in your family members and those around you.

In the bedroom, you might like remember that there can be beneficial results from dreams, so consider keeping a notebook nearby to capture and record them before you forget.

On the out doors front, the October 7 will tend to outdoor environments that provide for visual scenery of an inspiring and interesting artistic nature.

While you will gain pleasure and enjoyment from tidy and well-organized garden you do tend to have that aspect for eccentricity, and in this respect you are likely to want to incorporate some form of humor factor into your garden environment.

This could take the form of comical little gnomes peeping out from a rock garden area, some other form of weird and wonderful carvings or statuettes, or some stone castings of exotic birds, flamingos for example.

You are unlikely to be the most enthusiastic of gardeners so that a garden of clean-cut balance design that necessitates the minimum of   maintenance is the one for you.

Your flowerbeds should include roses, and in particular, white roses will tend to resonate well with those born on this birth date.

As a result of your artistic steak there is the likely hood that you could take an interest in, and cultivate plants of an unusual nature. These could take the form of orchids or rare lilies for example grown in a small, but contained greenhouse or conservatory.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 2. The seventh day of the tenth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of the cyclic ebb and flow of the cycles and energies of life.

The 281st day of the year reduces to two, and the number adds the ability to be receptive.