October 6 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Uranus. 

October 6  Birthday interpretation.

While certain aspects associated with this October 6 Libra birth date identify with unexpected changes in life, such as upsets and even catastrophes, they do, when related to you, tend to refer more to your tendencies to allow your plans or ambitions to become somewhat confused or muddled at times.

Having said that however, other more positive influences associated with this birth date will tend to temper, or counteract those negative influence effects by enhancing your ability to be decisive, and to be able to make firm decisions when necessary.

As an October 6, you have sound ability to carry out tasks or activities under circumstance where you are provided with clear directions, and parameters of operation.

Once you are given, and embark upon any such task, then you will generally respond by doing considerably more than your share in order to improve upon any such task or situation.

You can, as an October 6, have a tendency to hold yourself back from expressing yourself as an individual, and in this respect, you need to both make the time and be in a place where you can allow your imagination to fly freely.

You will find that you will respond very well to surroundings that are of an artistically pleasing nature, and should therefore take the opportunity whenever you can to position yourself within such environments.

As example, travel and visit somewhere that is out of the ordinary for you, or consider taking up some form of art such as painting, or writing.

There can be times where you are likely to avoid going to some social event or a place on your own because you have no one at the time to take with you.

Doing so can be the best thing for you at times, because you are by a nature a naturally attractive person who is likely to quite quickly encounter a person who will be more than happy to share life’s pleasures with you.

Beauty is an important quality to you, and for you, one aspect of beauty is represented in the form of harmonious personal relationships.

The dominant and powerful energy of Mars can hold an influence over this birth date with result that you could have the tendency to desire to take charge over your emotional relationships.

Where you have such inclination, you will need to conduct a measure of personal control in your approach when it comes to the making of important decisions that affect yourself and your partner.

A factor for you to remember is that if you try to live with people as they are, and not how you would like them to be, then the qualities of romance and marriage will be far easier.

Your October 6 path is one of learning to identify, and to gather up the inspiration and motivation for new and higher accomplishments from out of any disappointments or setbacks that you experience in your life.

The challenge associated with this day is to understand, and to accept that you are not a powerless victim of events, whatever form they may take. The human reality is, that out of failure, disappointment, or major setback, we always rebuild again, and with luck for better, wiser and stronger results.

Give time to allow your mind the chance to see the greater scheme of things, and to know that if something seems to have been lost or destroyed, then you can always create something that is better.

The colors of dark blue, medium green, and light blue resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral of “black opal” relates well for you, and clear quartz crystal can help to stimulate your mental clarity

On the home front, the October 6 under the influence of Uranus is likely to favor a home and interior design that is in keeping the more modern smooth styles.

Interior shapes and designs in the form of geometric shapes, circles, ovals, and pentagons can have a stirring effect upon your imagination.

Safety glass features could well form part of an October 6 home, and in this respect you could find feature pieces or settings constructed from glass bricks an attractive proposition.

While you home might well project that overall modern effect you will still appreciate having some representations of the past within it.

These might take the form of some old fashioned jars in the kitchen or a fine marble statue of ancient Venus in the hallway for example.

A small statuette of a lion made from iron positioned in an area where you might make major decisions will help to inspire your senses for sound judgments.

Consider a large circular table in the kitchen, to use as a base for all your personal and family discussions.

The image of cherubs can be good for you, so why not incorporate some representation of a cherub or cherubs within your bedroom.

On the out doors front, the October 6 is likely to derive great enjoyment and pleasure from being in country environments that provide for solitude, and inspiring artistic visual scenery. Such environments will be excellent centers for the restoration of your physical and mental balance.

You will take pleasure tidy and well-organized garden or yard that requires the minimum of maintenance.

With your strong appreciation for the artistic value it is likely that you will take a great interest in plants of an unusual nature, orchids or the more rare lilies for example.

You will certainly enjoy visiting a hot house filled with exotic tropical plants and, if you are fortunate enough to have the facilities of a greenhouse or more sophisticated growing system, could well engage in the growing of exotic plants and flowers yourself

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 10. The sixth day of the tenth month reduces to seven, and the number seven identifies with that of victory and relaxation after periods of concentrated effort.

The 280th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten brings with it a sense of authority, power and mastery to the closing of each cycle of event.