October 31 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 31  Birthday interpretation.

The October 31 Scorpio birth date identifies with an individual who will be a very passionate person, and one with a very set life program in mind. You are one who will want what you desire in life as and when you want it.

The October 31 can be extremely capable in dealing with the practical details in life, and the extension of such qualities can indicate a sound executive capability.

Your strength of will is an excellent quality to have. While others may have negative doubts you are likely to be positive in your thinking. While others hesitate and hold back you will move ever forward. The question for you will be, to what ultimate objective or purpose.

You are inherent of inner resources for wisdom, but may need work hard to access them. You should take time out each day to relax and, to allow your mind to interconnect with your inner feelings. Only then should you make your move when you are absolutely sure that it is your heart that is guiding you in your actions. Once achieved, this is an ability that will help you on the road to success.

As an October 27 you are by nature a very charitable person, and one who will have a strong inner desire to give help to others. You are certainly the type of person to hold concerns for those less fortunate than yourself.

There is a strong possibility that you could already be a member of some form of voluntary group that involves you in actively serving in some way within your community. Should this not be the case at the present time and, as you have that inherent desire to do something of value in this world, you might like to consider involving yourself in some such activity.

With your qualities for determination and strong will you can have a powerful campaigning spirit with result that, you are one who is likely to fight on every possible front for any form cause in which you have a solid belief.

You can excel where it comes to matters of planning and structure, however these same abilities can at times make you somewhat obstinate when it involves matters of actually carrying things out.

Quite frequently those born on this October 31 birth date can be endowed with considerable physical strength. Exercise is an important factor for you, and in keeping with the Scorpio water element, most forms of water sports should be of appeal – swimming, sailing, or scuba diving for example.

The October 31 may have a deeply religious streak, and you can be one who will be attracted and fascinated by the arena of magic, drama, pageantry, smells of incense, and the reverence associated with sacred objects and invisible forces associated with religious, and other types of ceremonial rituals.

On the vocation front, you have an inherent ability to be able to, quite quickly, identify and understand the extremes of a situation. In this respect you are one who can be a natural mediator.

You have the ability to naturally gravitate toward circumstances where you can comprehend every aspect and emotion held by the members in a group, and to then be able to come up with a workable scenario that meets the consensual needs of all.

Psychological, physical healing work, or other forms of professional counseling  constitutes some other career areas in which your talents can prove of value.

The October 31 has strong romantic and passionate traits, and you are likely to prefer being in long term stable relationships. Problems can arise out of your potential traits for being obsessive, jealous and possessive. Quite often your feelings in these areas can be quite unjustified, and result in an unnecessary unhappy environment for both you and the person the object of your attentions.

Natural remedies could be a particular interest for you. The study of herbs and their specific properties is a special talent to explore, and you could well enjoy preparing tonics, potions, and health-oriented concoctions at home.

As an October 31 you need to pay attention to details in order to maintain yourself in a sooth and balanced working order. This necessitates that you give due equal attention to all levels of your being, and requires that you remain in touch with all of your needs and responsibilities, both of a material and spiritual nature.

The colors of cream, turquoise, black, and dusky red resonate well with this birth date, and the mineral “topaz” is a gemstone to help to inspire your energy levels.

On the home front, it is likely that your sense of contentment in life will be highly dependent upon exactly the where you are living, and in the nature of your in-home surroundings. You will desire to create an atmosphere of stability, comfort, and a sense of security that comes from being within familiar surroundings

As an October 31 you are likely to favor the darker shades of wood for furnishings, and you could be quite a keen collector of antique items.

You are by nature quite a restless type of person, and one who will need to take time out on your own in order to avoid over stimulation. A comfortable black leather reclining chair or “Lazy-boy” chair with some form of subdued lighting could be just the place for you to sit back to relax, and re-gather your energies.

Having an aquarium in your home can be another measure to help to counter balance your tendency for restlessness. The water will help to dampen the fire energy inherent in your birth date.

As a Scorpio you are likely to derive great enjoyment from flowers and plants, and more so from living flowers than just cut flowers. Red is a good color for you, so consider having some potted plants in the home that will produce red blooms.

A waterbed could be something you will enjoy in the bedroom, and you could find that meditation music just before sleep, a great calming and inspirational tool.

On the out doors front, moor lands and heath type lands are likely to appeal to your nature, and night time can be of particular value to you because you will enjoy studying the heavens. Comets have a special significance for those of this birth date.

You have a great love of gardens, and will enjoy a well-tended garden that is laid out in a well-structured manner, with defined areas for particular plant growth activities – such as flowers, vegetables and herbs etc. You will tend to favor those plants that involve the minimal of maintenance so that plants such as shrubs, succulents, and bushes might well be the best for you.

You are by nature mainly attracted to the simplicity and beauty of plant life. So you might like to consider growing an almond tree or keeping some daisies in a small containers and keeping them in a convenient outdoor position or within your home.

A garden pond or pool area is a great facility to have as its water element can again help to temper the great rush of fire energy associated with this birthday.

Your special numbers are 5 and 8. The thirty-first day of the tenth month reduces to five, and the number five signifies that of mediation, adaptability, and accomplishment. The 305th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight supports this path with the ability to identify and establish a position of balance between to too-and-throws of life.