October 30 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 30  Birthday interpretation.

As an October 30 Scorpio you place strong consideration and focus upon your own life direction, and your emotions tend to regulate your outlook and the way in which you see the world.

You are by nature a hard and tireless worker, creative, have an excellent eye for detail, and one who seeks to transform things and make change.

Intelligence and determination are strongly featured within your character, and in this respect you are certainly one who will not refrain from delving as deeply as necessary in order to get to the bottom of things. As example, this might take the form of pursuing an in depth study to find the answers related to a personal interest or deep probing in relation to a social situation or personal relationship.

As a passionate, emotional and romantic individual you are one who places considerable importance on the feeling that you are loved. There are times however when this particular need can tend to lead you into relationships that will ultimately prove to be unsatisfactory.

With your strong romantic and passionate traits, you are one who will desire, and hold preference for relationships of a long-term nature.

Part of your October 30 Scorpio birth date characteristics however, can also relate to traits for jealousy, possessiveness, obsession and self-centeredness at times. Traits that require some measure of personal control, especially when related to your more personal relationships where, at the end of the day, your beliefs and actions could well prove to be totally unjustified.

Your birth date is connected to the passing of ideas, objects, people, and time. As example, consider the cycles of nature, birth, death and rebirth or the recreation and re-establishment of new life after a volcanic destruction.

You will be asked by life to allow the lesser within you to die – those less important desires, emotions, and life objectives.

If you follow this process and confront your natural fears and resistance, you will find that after a time of seeming emptiness, you will re-emerge with renewed vitality and vigor.

The October 30 is unselfish by nature, and has an inherent desire to provide help and assistance where needed. Principally, yours is a path of responding to the basic human need for fellowship, and this tends to direct you toward, and into, constant group interaction where you are required to promote any such relationship for the purposes of the common good.

As an individual, you can learn to discover how best you can contribute to the common good through your participation with others in a group scenario. This is a path of leaning how to combine your personal aspirations in such manner as to be able to fulfill your dreams and ambitions within the context of a community relationship.

As example, an outlet for artistic expression could be in the arena of a dram theatre group.

Colors of particular appeal to the October 30 are, white, blood red, black, brown, deep burgundy, dark green, Kelly green (a strong yellowish green), and caramel (yellowish brown) resonate well with this birth date.

Dress wise, black is a good color for those of this birth date because it tends to project an aura for solidarity and concealment. In your case black leather in the form of a top coat, jacket or slacks will not only look good, but can help you to conceal your feelings.

The minerals “lodestone” and “mica” relate well with your personality, and “Fluorite” is a gem that can help to counter balance intolerance. Pearls also associate well for those with this birth date.

On the home front, as an October 30 birth date there is a strong likelihood that that your personal sense of contentment in life will be very much dependent upon exactly the whereabouts you have your home life.

You have an inherent need for an atmosphere and environment that provides for a sense of comfort, stability, and the security associated with familiar surroundings – a place for retirement away from the hectic events of the day.

October 30s are likely to favor dark woods over the light, and such preference might be represented through some of your furnishings or home décor in the form of dark wood paneling. Some concealed lighting or dimmer lighting are facilities likely to appeal to your more sensuous side.

Antique items are likely to feature in your home as items that hold some form of historical story, secrecy or intrigue.

As a Scorpio you are one who likes to initiate change, to transform, to renovate or improve upon. Any image that infers change could form a good decorate feature for you. As example, this might take the form of a painting or print of someone like “leonardo da Vinci” at work in his workshop on a new invention or creation.

October 30 is a birth date that carries a lot of fire energy within it, and while this is a beneficial quality in getting things done, there can also be unsettling influences. A good counter balance could be to have a water feature within the home, an aquarium for example.

In the kitchen, your sense of smell can be quite fined tuned, and the smells and aromas of herbs and spices are likely to be of interest and appeal. You could well be quite a dedicate cook with a keen interest in utilizing those transformation qualities of your nature in the creation, and preparation, of new and exotic food dishes.

In the bathroom you can indulge both your sense for smell and affinity with water. Consider adding some “Witch Hazel” to your bath water as it can help to boost your self-confidence. A bathroom color décor that that projects some affinity with the sea can be very calming and relaxing for you.

Your bedroom should form a place for perfect calm retreat. When considering linen color co-ordination while white remains a good color for you, where you wish to adopt other colors you should look to the darker shades- green, brown or burgundy for example.

On the out doors front, the October 30 will enjoy exploring the wide-open spaces of heath lands and moors. Cave areas could be a particular attraction for you for their potential historic and antiquity values.

You can have a particular affinity of love for fine looking trees, and the pine tree could be a favorite.

An organized garden should appeal to your nature with defined areas for particular types of plantings i.e. flowers, vegetables, herbs etc.

An overhanging tree, with a seat beneath, and a garden pond or pool to provide that water element counter balance to your fire energies, could provide for a perfect setting for those summer afternoons or evenings.

Your special numbers are 4 and 7. The thirtieth day of the tenth month reduces to four, and the number four associates with that of reason, order, and measurement. The 304th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven identifies with that of victory and comfortable result. These form factors that in relation to your life path provides for a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.