October 3 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, 

October 3  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this October 3 Libra birth date indicate an individual, who in the main will enjoy a relatively smooth journey through life. In this context you are unlikely to face two much in the way of great challenges to overcome.

As an October 3 birth date, you are one who will have a strong desire to advance by learning, and to accumulate knowledge.

You will be one who is likely to be a great conversationalist, and will enjoy being able to engage in discussions with interesting and fascinating people.

By your October 3 nature you will always have the need to have something to say that will both grab, and hold, the attention of those with whom you become involved.

For you, the establishment of a connection or relationship with another on a mental level, will overshadow that of their personal beauty or attractiveness. If you just cannot inter-relate with someone on that mental level, then you will generally tend to lose interest in him or her.

The October 3 is a generous individual by nature, and one who will be quite enthusiastic in seeing others succeed and to do well in their lives. Wherever possible you will be quite prepared to capitalize on your own personal success in life as a way to give help, assistance and give encouragement to others. This is a quality that can be particularly applicable in respect of colleagues and associates within in your working environment

With that inherent thirst for knowledge, travel will provide a wonderful knowledge, and experience gathering medium for those of the October 3 birth date.

With your friendly, open and curious nature you can find great interest in the ways and lives of others, and as result you are one who is likely to take up as many opportunities as possible in order to travel, to see, to meet up, and converse with as many people from different cultures and backgrounds as possible.

As an October 3 birth date, you are inherent of a definite creative aspect to your personality, and this is a factor that would have been apparent from a very early age. Your creative qualities could indicate that you could be particularly skilled in a range of the artistic crafts.

As an October 3, yours is a life path of practicing and developing your abilities and skills for reason and logic. This can be a somewhat inconsistent pattern, because while on the one hand you are called to a life of responsibility, and you must do so without losing your childlike sense of wonder.

As example, consider that you have the job of carrying out an inventory of all the children’s toys created in a shop. Your life can be like that in that on the one hand you hold the responsibility for commercial organization and accuracy, then on the other you carry out the work without losing sight of the magic inherent in every toy you classify and record.

The October 3 tends to sway back and forth between their love of refinement and their love for risk. Where you can surround yourself with equal measure of objects and materials that represent both urges, then are you likely to find that happy medium.

The colors of green, malachite green, and saffron yellow resonate well with this birth date.

“Tourmaline” is a gemstone to inspire your sense for the wonders inherent in the simple thing in world about you, and a piece of malachite’ can help you to focus more clearly. To really inspire your imaginative energies consider acquiring and wearing a triangular pendant or earrings in bright green.

On the home front, the October 3 in-home environment will tend to reflect their love for refinement, harmony and flexibility.

A décor of white walls and furniture with brightly colored pillows can be a way to keep your home environment flexible. You might like to consider adopting different color accents in keeping with the changing seasons for example.

You are one who will like to gather things around that have some form of meaning, and in this respect you could gain enjoyment from having an hourglass, not only for display purposes in the home, but as something with a practical application of personal interest. The action of the sand dropping from one bowl to another can be both mesmerizing and relaxing.

The color and texture of white marble is likely to appeal to you and you might like to have some items of that material within your home. It could be represented in the form of a small tabletop or some artistic pieces such as a statuette of some form. A statuette of Venus representing your ruling planet might be perfect.

On the out doors front, the October 3 prefers a natural environment that provides for some atmosphere of control. In this respect you are likely to favor a small running stream or brook setting over that of a raging uncontrollable waterfall for example.

Likewise, in the garden you will prefer a compact well-defined garden layout with a range of flowers over that of, a large commercial acreage dedicated to the growth of only one flower species.

As an October 3 you will certainly appreciate a tidy and well-kept garden or yard area but are unlikely to be to keen on actual gardening itself.

A large outdoor compass in your garden could be an object to reminds you that that adventures depend on planning rather than upon chance or accident.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 7. The third day of the tenth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of categorization, recording, and naming.

The 277th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides for an inherent sense of peace and certainty of ultimate success and victory.