October 29 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 29  Birthday interpretation.

Although a passionate and emotional person by nature the October 29 Scorpio is unlikely to be one who will express their emotions too outwardly, and will much prefer to reveal their feelings in private.

A particular quality associated with this October 29 birthday is the ability to maintain a strong control over, and not reveal your thoughts and emotions when involved with others. In other words you are the type of person who can remain poker faced irrespective of whatever the situation or circumstances.

The October 29 is by nature hard working, intelligent, attractive, determined and very energetic.

Your qualities contribute to making you a somewhat magnetic type of person, and one who will have a way of instituting change in any environment in which you find yourself. This is an inherent quality, or a gift that you have, and it is one for which you will need learn how as to use, and apply it in an unselfish manner.

As an October 29, you have that inherent ability to be able to sense out those inner concealed feelings and emotions of others.

You can quite swiftly evaluate as to whether they are putting on a brave face when in reality they are distressed and unhappy within. Furthermore, you also have that ability to be able, with a just few chosen words, to completely transform a persons situation to that of smiles from tears.

On the vocation front, many people of this birth date are attracted to career environments that involve mental help such as, psychological and physical healing work, or other forms of professional counseling. These are career arenas in which your inherent qualities could prove of great value.

You are an unselfish person by nature, and endowed with an inner desire to give out help to others, and especially so to those who may be less fortunate than your self.

As a Scorpio you have a strong romantic and passionate traits, and are likely to be quite committed to a long-term view in any relationship. Give some caution however, because you can also carry the traits of jealousness, possessiveness and the potential to be quite obsessive with your partner.

Such actions can often be generated for totally unjustified reasons and result in unhappiness for both yourself, and the person who is the target of your attentions.

Mentally and physically the October 29 can be quite an aggressive lover.

Exercise is an important criteria for the October 29 Scorpio, and you will need to engage in some form of regular exercise or sporting activity to help counteract your mental and emotional activity.

As a “Water” sign, most types of water sports should appeal to you such as swimming, sailing, or scuba diving for example. Yoga could be an excellent indoor activity for both your physical and mental control.

As an October 29 you can hold an attraction for the more sinister and shadowy side of life. This does not mean that you are the type of person to become involved in anything, organization or otherwise, of a nasty, devious or wicked nature. Only that you are attracted to, and interested in reading, or hearing about such things, and often with the view to trying to understand the motivations of people involved.

You will certain enjoy reading or watching movies of old mysteries and complicated presentations of horror.

Born on this October 29 birth date you have a path in life of self-renewal through personal management and organization. This requires that you tend equally to all levels of your being, and necessitates that you remain in touch with all of your needs and responsibilities, both of a material and spiritual nature.

As example, the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your being must be kept at the best levels of operating order, and in this respect you need to both exercise and meditate regularly in order to maintain a connection with your inner being.

The colors of blood red, green, light fawn, and taffy brown resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “moss agate” and “rhodochrosite” (a rose-red colored stone containing iron and calcium ) can help to inspire your open-mindedness and strengthen up your self-discipline.

On the home front, the October 29 needs a home environment that provides for an atmosphere of stability, comfort, and the security of familiar surroundings to which to return to at the end of the day.

It is likely that your sense of contentment in life will be highly dependent upon exactly the where you are living.

Dark wood furnishings and/or antique items are likely to appeal to your nature, and you could be a collector of valuable antiques. As example, some ancient Greek vases could form an expensive but very valued possession for you.

To encourage a sense for stability in the home, consider placing either some lead figurines or, vases of a lead color, in places around your home.

Concealed lighting systems and dimmer lighting facilities are facilities that can appeal to the sensuous side of your nature

Your day has a lot of fire energy rushing through it, and while this is beneficial in terms of your ability to get things done quickly, it also can have a fairly unsettling effect on you. To help counteract such influence consider having a water feature such as an aquarium within the home.

In the bedroom, a waterbed could be something of great appeal to you, and you might like to consider having facilities to be able to listen to music of a meditation nature, as a lead up to sleeping.

A bathroom decorated in colors that are reminiscent of the sea can help to provide an environment that inspires a sense for peace and contentment. You will enjoy fine smell, scents and perfumes, so make sure to include plenty of your favorites for those relaxing times in the bath.

On the outdoors front, you will generally favor the more rough, wild and natural low-land outdoor environments. Wandering over moors or heath lands can be both an invigorating, and a contemplative activity for you.

The October 29 will enjoy a well-tended garden laid out in a well-structured manner, and with defined areas for particular plant growth activities.

A garden pond or pool area is a great facility to have as its water element can again help to temper the great rush of fire energy associated with this birthday.

Your special numbers are 3 and 6. The twenty-ninth day of the tenth month reduces to three, and the number three identifies with that of development, growth, and multiplication. The 303rd day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the aspect of balance and the harmonizing activities. These influences assist you to uphold your viewpoint and to be able to manage your priorities.