October 28 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 28  Birthday interpretation.

As an October 28 Scorpio birth date, you will be one who will have a boundless optimism for the future, and hold a strong idealistic view of the world. You will always have that “never-say-die” attitude whatever setbacks, external pressures, or adverse influences you may encounter in your life.

The October 28 is endowed with exceptional powers for recovery with result that, you are one who will be determined to survive and to prosper from whatever challenges that life might throw up at you.

This does indicate that that you should expect a life that will always be problematic. Only that you must learn to be able to cope with those harsh realities of day-to-day life that occur at times.

Qualities associated with this October 28 birth date indicate that you are likely to be called upon to face a number of life-altering changes during your life. In the main, these are most likely to relate to your emotional relationships and, while you are likely to find them difficult to deal with at the time, they will in the main, result in a beneficial outcome in the long term

While you can expect your fair share of success and happiness in life, you are, unlike many other folk, one who seems to function at your best when involved in times of trouble, upset and chaos.

As an October 28, you seem to have a gift in that you are able to find that light shining at the end of the tunnel, and be able to lift both yourself, and others close to you, up and back onto course. In this respect you are well skilled in leading and lifting others from out of any quagmire of emotional confusions or inner mix of problems, and will generally do so very successfully.

October 28 has that inherent ability to be able to balance many talents and practical necessities, and as long as you keep expressing yourself, you will avoid turning your energies in upon yourself.

Another aspect associated with this birth date suggests that you are one who can be quite talented as an originator of new concepts and ideas. Your challenge here is to be able to convert your plans and ideas into practical realities.

Give consideration therefore to maintaining a record of your thoughts, concepts, and ideas in the form of written notes so that you can quickly refer to them if or when an opportunity might arise to take action on them.

The October 28 associates with quite a sexy and sensual individual so when considering your dress ware well fitting clothes are for you. For the girls consider those smooth stretchy fabrics that enhance the figure and don’t hesitate to take the view that “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

With your high energy levels you should consider involving yourself in some form of regular exercise regime, or sporting activity. In keeping with that “water” element aspect of your sign, most forms of water sports should be of appeal – swimming, sailing, or scuba diving.

Should you prefer an internal activity then the practice of “yoga” will be an excellent way in which to keep your body and mind in trim.

Yours is a path in life that involves the pursuit of the magic and enchantment that is present in ordinary things. This involves the natural recognition of the potential attraction and connection that is possible between two twin souls. At the greatest depth of your inner being, you yearn for such a union.

This is the sort of idealistic joining that lifts ordinary human beings from out of their habitual responses to something that is more inspirational.

The colors of dark green, pale yellow, persimmon medium orange red, and deep yellow resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “jasper” and “moonstone” are gemstones that can help you to clarify your thinking.

On the home front, the October 28 will favor a soft or muted color scheme décor combined with the contrasting effect of some dark wood effects.

Dark wood paneling for example is something that is likely to appeal to your nature, as it can tend to add an effect of elegance to your in-home surroundings.

In keeping with your somewhat secret, mysterious and self-possessed character an old carved sea trunk of teak or mahogany, or things such as a secret drawer in a cabinet, concealed doors or hidden staircases are likely to appeal.

As an October 28 you are likely to have a particular likening for the effects and atmosphere generated by candle lighting. The burning of some jasmine-scented candles can help to enhance your receptiveness for changes when they occur.

A water feature in the home will resonate well with your Scorpio water element, and this could be in the form of an aquarium or decorative indoor fountain.

You are a sensual individual and will enjoy nice fragrances within your home environment and you might like to generate pleasant smells by way of fragrant indoor pot plants, fragrant sticks or other fine scents. Mimosa could be a favorite scent for you.

In the bedroom, soft or muted color décor with plush linen ware and dark wood furnishings should fit the bill. An iron-framed mirror sited over your bed head will enhance your flexibility, and some fine scents or perfumes will enhance your sensual processes.

On the out doors front, the October 28 will tend to favor environments that project a rough and raw atmosphere.

You should be at your most peaceful and contemplative frame of mind where sitting and looking out upon views of nature’s raw grandeur such as, wild rugged landscapes, mountains, forests, impressive waterfalls and great high rocky cliff formations for example.

In your garden, you are likely to love nothing more than sitting back with a book, and relaxing beneath a shady tree. You can have quite an affinity with trees so having one or more in your garden can be a great bonus.

A garden layout featuring geometrical design, with lawns, tidy hedges and a small pond sited in the middle should be comfortable to your eye.

Your special numbers are 2 and 5. The twenty-eighth day of the tenth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of reflection, polarity, and the subconscious mind. Two enhances ones ability to be able to maintain a conventionality in ones surroundings or relationships.  The 302nd day of the year reduces to five, and the number five help to enhance your path with a flexible responsiveness toward change.