October 27 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 27  Birthday interpretation.

Energy, intelligence, attractiveness, and the ability to work hard are some of the qualities associated with this October 27 Scorpio birth date.

Your family and home environment will tend to have a strong effect on your sense of security and stability.

As an October 27 birth date you will have a deep sense for attachment toward your family members and, where you have children, you will be one who will give the highest consideration to your responsibilities as a parent.

As an October 27, you are by nature a very unselfish type of person, and one who will a strong inner desire to give help to others. You are certainly the type of person to hold concerns for those less fortunate than yourself.

You are one who will be attracted and fascinated by the arena of magic, drama of pageantry. The smells of incense, the reverence associated with sacred objects, the potential powers of invisible forces, and the emotional intensity of religious and other types of ceremonial rituals.

For you it will be important that you learn to establish a balance between that of your interest in such matters and an equal understanding and appreciation of the philosophy and beliefs inherent within such rites.

With your aforementioned interests, and your inherent desire to give consideration to those in need, you are drawn toward those people in life who have lost their way and then subsequently managed to rise and overcome their problems through an association with the world of the ritual, and the mystical.

Your life is not led on shallow or insincere levels. You understand compulsion, appreciate the healing power of love, and have an in-depth insight into the real meaning of human existence. As result you are one who can be counted upon to provide good advice and counsel drawn from such depths of understanding.

As an October 27 you are endowed with a campaigning spirit within, and you are one who will fight on every front possible for any cause that you may support and have great belief in.

You are one with a stubborn and determined mind that can excel where it comes to matters of structure and planning, however, these same abilities can well lead you to become a little obstinate when it involves matters of actually carrying things out.

Like the biblical “David and Goliath” story, the October 27 (David or Daniel) is unlikely to shirk, or to back down from any challenge that they believe in whatever the immensity of the opposition, be it a multi-national or government body for example.

Your consideration for others will also extend to the smaller creatures of our world, and you are likely to have a soft spot when it comes to animals. You will be the first to feed any poor strays you may encounter.

As an October 27 Scorpio, you are brimming with emotional intensity, and to help to counteract this aspect of your make up, you should consider involving yourself in some form of regular exercise regime, or sporting activity.

In keeping with that “water” element aspect of your sign, most forms of water sports should be of appeal – swimming, sailing, or scuba diving where you can discover the magnificence of the underwater world, for example.

An image for those of this birth date is a double triangle that, in more ancient times, was the symbol for the magician. This could indicate that you might like to consider learning some of the arts of illusion and magic.

Born on this day, yours is a path in life of testing the limits in all matters. This necessitates that you explore in great depth, and to probe and to penetrate each experience in life for every aspect and detail of significance.

The colors of dark blue, crimson red, dappled gray and a light brown caramel color resonate well with this birth date, and on those particular days when you feel that you need a lift in spirits, consider wearing something that involves a touch of the deep crimson.

“Pearl” and “aquamarine” are mineral gems that can help to strengthen your resolve and cultivate your inspiration.

On the home front, the October 27 will find comfort in a home that provides for plenty of open space and one that is likely to project a somewhat Spartan imagery.

The double triangle forms a symbol for the October 27 birth date so that you might like to incorporate such design within some item or décor in your home. Some deep piled rugs with such design for example could help to encourage a cozier atmosphere.

You are likely to enjoy decorative objects and effects that project an imagery of nature. Old prints of a botanical nature, birds or animals are all subjects that can be of appeal for you.

A water feature in the home will resonate well with your Scorpio sign water element. This could take the form of an aquarium, small fountain or indoor garden setting incorporating a small pool.

You are likely to enjoy the atmosphere of candle lighting in the home, so consider having a variety of shapes and colors set out in your room and utilize them regularly.

On the out doors front, you will generally favor the more rough and ready vigorous type of environment where you can spend your time among natural environments of a breathtaking nature.

When it comes to your garden, you are likely to love nothing more than sitting back with a good book, and relaxing beneath a shady tree.

You can have quite an affinity with trees and the ash tree in particular. Where possible try growing an ash tree in your garden, it will help to encourage that charitable aspect of your personality.

A well-tended lawn area with a small pond, fountain or birdbath should further help to provide an atmosphere of outdoor comfort for you.

Your special numbers are 10 and 4. The twenty-seventh day of the tenth month reduces to ten, and the number ten signifies that of the perfection achieved on the completion of a cycle. As example, if nine represents the completion of a goal, then the number ten represents the perfection that arises from out of such goal.  The 301st day of the year reduces to four, and the number four provides support to your path by the essential quality of order and organization.