October 26 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 26  Birthday interpretation.

Ambition is a quality that is strongly associated with this October 26 Scorpio birth date.

As an October 26, you are inherent of excellent instincts where it comes to identifying the success potential of projects and ventures.

What is more important is that you will have both the initiative, and the strong determination necessary, in order to see things through to a final conclusion.

You are endowed with a powerful intellect that is superior to most. This is quality that could well lead you into the vocation arena of the academic and/or into an environment where you can head up some form of specialized research program.

Other professions or vocation areas in which you will do well will be those involving investment in things that are both beautiful and valuable – art works, jewellery, antiques and even real estate for example.

Justice and fair play are important elements to the October 26.

As an October 26 you will like money, and have a strong desire to make money. You will be more than prepared to invest the time and energies needed to achieve your goals, and will certainly take enjoyment from sitting back and reaping the rewards from your efforts.

A danger associated with this life path can be the potential for over enthusiasm resulting in the illusion that somewhere there really is an easy way to free riches or success.  Where you remain practical in your thinking however, and take care in the management and utilization of your resources, then you are likely to enjoy many benefits from your insights, concepts and ideas.

You will by nature, find yourself attracted to the inherent qualities of others and, in this respect, you can be very helpful and supportive in assisting others to being able to make the most out of their talents and possessions. This can often result in your being invited to join, and to share in, their enterprises, pleasures, and opportunities.

A major key to your success in life can be by providing your help and cooperation to others in an unselfish manner. Ensure however, that what you want is a choice and not an obsession or compulsion, so that in the event that things do not turn out as you expect, then you can still be free in order to get on with life.

The October 26 is a genuinely helpful person by nature, and with the abilities for both listening, and intense thoughtful consideration, you should not be surprised if you gain a reputation for the solving of the problems of others.

When it comes to emotional relationships, qualities associated with this birth date indicate that you may well tend to feel things somewhat more intensely than most other folk.

You are certainly a romantic, passionate, and emotional person by nature, and one who will enjoy those more sensual activities of kissing, cuddling and whatever.

Attractive both in image and personality wise, you may have to guard against a tendency to be a little somewhat self-centered at times.

As an October 26 Scorpio, you are brimming with emotional intensity, and to help to counteract this aspect of your make up, you should consider involving yourself in some form of regular exercise regime, or sporting activity. In keeping with that “water” element aspect of your sign, most forms of water sports should be of appeal – swimming, sailing, or diving for example.

The colors of medium orange, bright blue, dark brown, and violet resonate well with this birth date.

Dress wise you should give consideration to wearing some items that involve shades of crimson and dark green.

When considering mineral gemstones, the moonstone, pyrite and golden beryl are for you. Furthermore, a red stone in the form of a polished bloodstone or garnet carried about you occasionally can help to inspire your energy levels

On the home front, the October 26 can often tend toward a more Spartan home environment décor and may need call upon help from a good friend to organize a more cozy and homely atmosphere.

Dark wood paneling is something that is likely to appeal to you as it can add an effect of elegance to your surroundings.

Recessed lighting and a lamp with an amber-colored shade would suit your contemplative nature.

Things such as cubby-holes, secret drawers, concealed doors and hidden staircases or a safe behind a wall picture, are likely to appeal to that more secretive side of your nature.

Some form of water feature in the home will resonate well with your Scorpio water element. This might take the form of an indoor garden with pool or a simple aquarium for fish.

Where you like to have growing plants in your home then go for Orchids because these are the perfect indoor flower for you.

On the outdoor front, the October 26 will like spending short time frames in the more rugged environments. Short nature trips are likely to appeal to your nature where you can take pleasure from the peace and tranquility of the natural outdoors.

Since photography can be an attractive art form for the October 26, don’t forget to take your camera to capture those wonders of nature.

In your garden, you are likely to love nothing more than sitting back with a book, and relaxing beneath a shady tree. You can have quite an affinity toward trees so having one or more in your garden can be a great bonus.

Add a running water feature in your garden to complete your environmental picture.

A garden design that features a layout of geometrical design, with lawns and tidy hedging, should be satisfactory to your eye.

Your special numbers are 9 and 3. The twenty-sixth day of the tenth month reduces to nine, and the number nine identifies with that of the attainment and accomplishment of goal. As example, the finalization and closing of a cycle. The 300th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides for the additional element of growth and development. This assist the generation of good returns from the seed work invested into your endeavors.