October 25 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.



October 25  Birthday interpretation.

The October 25 Scorpio birth date identifies with an individual who has a natural strong personality, and one who can be quite stubborn at times.

Another quality associated with this birth date is a certain uniqueness of outlook that might be described as, a personal peculiarity of temperament or mental constitution. There will be times when, although it may not come easily to you, you should look to tone back your particular unique approach, and attitude to life.

As an October 25 Scorpio, you are a very intelligent and hard working individual and at times can take that stubborn approach whereby, you can be a very difficult person to disagree with. Personal success is one thing, however you should endeavor to make sure that you do not lose your own sensitivity along the way.

Although you are a by nature the type of person who can be a well trusted friend, you do have a secretive side to your nature with result that you can be quite reluctant to open up, and to let anyone really get to know your inner thoughts.

Those whom you do count within your inner circle must continually prove their loyalty. Once betrayed however, the October 25 is capable of holding onto a grudge for a very, very long time.

Those of the October 25 Scorpio birth date will inject a great, and penetrating power, into whatever avenues they pursue in life.

Timing can be everything to the October 25, and you are capable of hold yourself back until you nearly burst. When you do finally release, you can burst forth with such a great flood of energy and drive that it can allow you to achieve a great deal.

Romantically, you carry the characteristics inherent in those of this Scorpio sign in that you can be quite jealous, possessive, and even obsessive in your relationships.

As an October 25 Scorpio, you are likely to be quite an attractive personality and you are certainly a romantic, passionate and emotional person by nature. You can have a little tendency to be a somewhat self-centered at times. Kissing, cuddling and the more sensual engagements, are certainly activities of appeal for you.

While travel is a factor well associated with this day and something that will provide you with great enjoyment in life, you are one who needs a stable home base of familiar surroundings to which to return to.

As an October 25 Scorpio you are brimming with emotional intensity, and to help to counteract this aspect of your make up, you should consider involving yourself in some form of regular exercise regime, or sporting activity. In keeping with that “water” element aspect of your sign, most forms of water sports should be of appeal – swimming, sailing, or diving for example.

Perhaps your greatest talent is in being able to express conflicting feelings and to transform that basic material into a new creative reality. As example, the art of photography could be a great hobby for you, and one in which you could, with your artistic appreciation and eye for detail, well excel.

The unseen and unknown hold appeal for you so that it would not be out of character for you to take quite an intense interest in such subjects as alchemy, tarot card reading, rune stones or the older herbal medical remedies.

As an October 25 you have a keen sense and appreciation for smell. You will enjoy fine fragrances extending from those of Mother Nature through to perfumes and scented oils.

The subjects of massage and beauty could be activities of considerable interest to the October 25.

Yours is a path in life of learning how to maintain a central reality throughout the ups and downs of your personal experience. This requires that you learn to stabilize your inner self-assurance.

As an October 25, you have an inherent strength of personality that will assist you in your path in life. The one danger associated with this path is that of stubbornness. Remember that everyone has their own outlook to life, and should be free to progress in their own way.

The colors of russet red, dusky red, aquamarine, and charcoal gray resonate well with this birth date.

The “bloodstone” is a perfect gemstone for you, and that of “amber and “turquoise” can help to influences a steadying effect upon your emotional nature.

On the home front, the home is a very important factor for the October 25. It is a place for stability, comfort and familiar surroundings.

Furnishings of dark woods are likely to appeal to your nature as they can associate with an aura for traditional elegance in your home environment.

To accommodate that “secretive” whim of your nature, you might take a subtle pleasure in having secretive places within your home. These might take the form of a secret drawer in furniture piece, a concealed passageway to the loft or basement, or a private lift system between floors.

When considering your lighting, then recessed or concealed lighting systems with dimmer facilities will be of appeal. Amber is a color to incorporate into your in-home lighting, as it is a color that is compatible with your contemplative nature.

To support the “water” element inherent in your Scorpio sign consider having some form of water piece within the home – a fish tank for example.

In the bedroom or bathroom, a pearl inlaid mirror can help to encourage, and to inspire a sense for peace and contentment within the environment.

On the outdoors front, while the October 25 takes delight from the peace and tranquility of the natural outdoors, they also have a strong tendency to enjoy the more extreme environments. These could take the form of safari in Africa, a desert trip or visits to high mountains and glacial arena.

These types of travel scenarios are both inspirational and motivational for the October 25, and also a great way to relax.

In your garden, you are likely to love nothing more than sitting back with a book, and relaxing beneath a shady tree. Where your garden has running water feature within it, then so much the better.

A garden design that features a layout of geometrical design, with lawns and tidy hedging, should be satisfactory to your eye.

As an October 25, you could take a particular interest in the growing, and the study of, plants of a medicinal nature.

Your special numbers are 8 and 2. The twenty-fifth day of the tenth month reduces to eight, and the number eight, implies the back and forth flow of the repetitive changes and disclosures of nature. The 299th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two provides the component of reflection, the ability to be able clarify ones thought process through the medium of reflection. As example, sitting quietly and gazing into the still, clear water of a pond or lake.