October 24 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

October 24  Birthday interpretation.

Wisdom is a powerful quality associated with this October 24 Scorpio birth date, and where born on this date, it is something that you are likely to have in abundance.

Other qualities associated with this October 24 birth date indicate an individual who can be both benevolent as well as quite authoritative by nature.

The October 24 has a very agile mind, plus the tendency to have a strong piercing gaze when looking at others. You are gifted in the manner that very little will escape your mind, and you have that inherent talent to be able to size up a situation very swiftly, and then to be able to work through the parameters of any problem in order to arrive at the best possible conclusion.

With such inherent qualities you are likely to have a deep understanding when it comes to the matter of relationships, will be an excellent trouble-shooter, and are likely to often be the one, who will save the day in relation to some situation, event or occurrence.

You are born on the very first degree of the sign of Scorpio, and this is a position that is symbolized by the image of the highflying eagle. The eagle is a bird known for its exceptional sight, and this in turn associates with those intense piercing bright eyes related to those of the October 24 birth date.

You are by your very nature one who will feel at their most happy stage of freedom on those occasions when you can disconnect from the intensity of your feelings and desires, and be free to be able to climb up above the general overall pandemonium and confusion of life.

This inherent aspect for detachment is quite possibly your most valuable gift in life as it enables you to be able to see, and to identify the real strengths and true weaknesses of those people who are around you.

The October 24 is by nature a very sociable person, and one who will have a strong need for both sensual passion, and faithfulness in their relationships.

Loyalty is an important factor in your life whether in relation to your romantic relationships or of those in respect of your closer friends. You tend to have a need for others to continually prove their loyalty to you, and where they don’t, and you feel betrayed, then you are unlikely to forgive them, if ever at all.

Harmony and balance are elements that mean a lot to you with result that you desire to have an atmosphere of communal affection within your environment. You will find that any form of fundamental ongoing dispute or conflict can be upsetting and disturbing, whether it involves your work place or at home.

As a Scorpio born on this October 24 birth date, you have a path in life of responding to the light of your inner inspirational thoughts and ideas, and of bringing forth such thoughts to the world.

This is a quality that endows within you a very strong awareness of the realms that exist beyond that of the physical. As example, there is the strong likelihood that as a child you may have had, and engaged in conversations with what some refer too as, “an imaginary little friend”. A little friend or companion, a little fairy perhaps existing in those dimensions unseen by most.

As an October 24, you have the ability to understand the interconnectedness of all things, and you have an inherent respect for all creatures and matters related to nature and the natural environment.

Dress wise you should consider incorporating shades of dark green and crimson. Other colors of particular attraction to those of this birth date,  are those of deep reds and purples

On the mineral front, the “watermelon tourmaline” is a gemstone that is multicolored, and extending from pink through to green. This is a gemstone that can help you to keep in mind the levels and faces of varying expression.

On the home front, the October 24 can often tend toward a more Spartan home environment and may need some assistance from others to help to cultivate a more homely atmosphere.

Dark wood paneling is something that is likely to appeal to you as it can add an effect of elegance to your surroundings.

Under the influence of both Mars and Pluto the October 24 will tend to take some delight in a home that includes some image of secrecy. This can take the form of secret hideaways in furniture, a concealed passageway to the loft or basement, or a private lift system between floors.

When considering your lighting, then recessed or concealed lighting systems with dimmer facilities will be of appeal. Amber is a color to incorporate into your in-home lighting, as it is a color that is compatible with your contemplative nature.

Bold and intricate designs tend to appeal to your nature so consider incorporating some such features in the home. These could take the form of rugs or carpets with such designs, object, or visual images in the form of picture or paintings.

You could well be interest in the collecting of items of age such as antiques, and in this respect items of a medical nature could well be your particular forte.

In your bedroom, a crystal vase of a pale blue color can help to encourage, and to inspire a sense for peace and contentment within the bedroom environment.

On the out doors front, the October 14 is comfortable, and at peace when in a natural environment. Spending time in the countryside or a wilderness environment away from general civilization can prove highly revitalizing for you. The sights and sounds tend to reverberate within your inner being.

The October 24 has a particular affinity with the sensual and visual effect of the lead up to winter darkness.

You hold a great interest in designs of an arithmetical or geometrical nature and in this respect you could well enjoy a garden environment set out in such fashion. Lawn areas surrounded by box hedging and bold angular feature garden ornament or structural pieces.

The apple tree holds an affinity with this birth date, and with your natural attraction toward the colors of dark and deep reds and purples, consider incorporating some rose plants of such colors in the garden.

Your special numbers are 7 and 1. The twenty-fourth day of the tenth month reduces to seven, and the number seven signifies that of victory, security, safety and a period of rest following a period of creation. The 298th day of the year contributes to a sense for satisfaction upon the completion of an endeavors and that inherent desire to start yet again.